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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Today, if you want to know the schedule at your local cinema all you need is the Internet ;) Yes, everything is available online now – you can even buy your tickets online too!

What about back then in the 1930s? Here we have a flyer from 1938, advertising movies showing at the Sun Cinema and Isis Theatre.



  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Thanks, felicia.

    Some of the American films were shown in Ipoh before they were shown in the UK.

    “Hing Man Press” is credited with the printing of the flyer (see lower-right corner). Does anyone remember it?

    PS: felicia: What are the physical dimensions of the flyer?

  2. homesickforipoh says:

    Yes, I agree that cinema flyers are obsolete today.
    However, there are EXCEPTIONS in the US at historic theatres such as
    Stanford theatre in Palo Alto and Castro theatre in San Francisco.


    Even though Stanford do not send out flyers, they are actually available
    to be picked up at their box office counter.

    It is ironic that Stanford theatre is owned by the son of David Packard Jr.,
    son of founder of the 2nd biggest computer company (largest is IBM) that
    the theatre is very LOW TECH.

    This means, no digital ticketing, no digital projectors as they still use the
    classic 35mm projectors as an art venue.

    They really wanted to preserve the era of movies the way it was meant to
    be exhibited with the organ player before the show.

    Likewise, Castro theatre has a schedule that you can also pick up at their
    box office.

    Even though we have to advance, once in a while, we need to preserve the
    past for historic purposes.

  3. NCK says:

    Individual cinemas have long gone down the history. Nowadays, cineplexes reign supreme and their operators have obviously learnt something or two about authoritarian rules. You must buy the overpriced food and beverages from their stalls. If you carried a bag, you must let their staff inspect the contents of your bag before you go in. If you went shopping first and you had food in your shopping bag, you must leave your bag behind with their staff to be allowed entry. Then, after the movie, you must take a long detour out by a back door so that you and the other patrons do not cause crowding in the lobby. This is why I never go to the movies now.

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