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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

picture courtesy of: Haji Musa & family

Yes, those in the leading car in this parade were the Perak State Table Tennis Team. Incidentally, the team won the National Table Tennis Championship back in 1967. The winners went on parade through Hugh Low Street – passing the premises of the Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation. The President of the Perak Association, Towkay Chong Kok Lim (later Tan Sri) was said to be in the leading car. Does anyone remember this parade?

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    I don’t have any clear recollection of the parade but, having looked at relevant database entries, I can offer a few additional memories about Chong Kok Lim:

    1. In the ’60s he lived on Tambun Road, close to the fountain. The house is still there, I think, but I don’t know who owns it.

    2. His offices were on Cowan Street for years, then moved to Jalan Che Tak when larger premises were needed.

    3. Not only was “River of Money” a favourite theme in his life, and not only did he call one of his KL properties the “Sungei Wang Plaza,” he also once owned a horse named “Sungei Wang.”

    4. His enemies kept sending him packages containing venomous spiders and snakes.

    5. He was once convicted of assaulting a police officer.

    If I had to sum up: In the beginning his ambition and drive were impressive; and yet, in the end, his financial troubles were insurmountable.

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