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May 2019

Do You Recognize Them?

By |2019-05-03T10:53:57+08:00May 3rd, 2019|Categories: Identify Photographs|

photo courtesy of Mike Wild

The photograph in this post was likely taken in 1956 at the wedding of James (Jim) Gardner, a rubber planter and Joan Marjorie Joseph (3rd and 4th from left). Mike Wild, who is the son-in-law of James wrote to us in April wanting to know if anyone could recognize the caucasian man at the far right, who was the Best man from his father-in-law’s wedding.

Do write to us if you recognize the man or the caucasian lady (2nd from left) in this photograph.

April 2019

An 80th To Remember…

By |2019-04-10T23:47:42+08:00April 10th, 2019|Categories: Identify Photographs|

On the 6th of April, we celebrated the 80th Birthday of our founder, Commander Ian Keith Anderson at the Dome in Meru. With the theme “80 Years of Undetected Crime”, the birthday was definitely one to remember as guests wore cowboy checks and prisoner stripes in matching the theme of the party.

Mr. Anderson being led to the dock by two county officers

Under lock & key

The “accused” and his family 

Once again we’d like to wish you a very happy 80th birthday Mr. Anderson! 

*photographs are courtesy of Tan Mei Kuan 

January 2019

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

By |2019-01-27T11:34:37+08:00January 27th, 2019|Categories: Identify Photographs|

15 Clarke Street is looking for someone to set up: 1. Food & Beverage counter and 2. Marketplace for Social Goods. We charge very low space rental or even zero rental for certain social enterprises. Please leave your messages at WhatsApp 019-5730536 and expect a call from us.

December 2018

The Sheriff Will See You Now…

By |2018-12-24T11:39:11+08:00December 26th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|

It’s the day after Christmas or as its better known in the west, Boxing Day. After going through our presents this year, we found this interesting set which didn’t come with any figures. Part of the wild west set of toys, have you played with one of these before? Do let us know…

November 2018

Spearheading Into The Weekend!

By |2018-11-23T19:07:26+08:00November 23rd, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Said to have originally belonged to a Village Chief (Penghulu), this particular spear has a simple forged blade about 10 inches long with a wooden shaft. Overall it is around 56 inches long.

Have you seen one similar to the one we have? Or have you wielded one before? ūüėČ

Dirgahayu Tuanku

By |2018-11-02T11:31:10+08:00November 2nd, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Merafak Sembah Setinggi-tinggi Tahniah

Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Perak Darul Ridzuan
Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah
Ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Al-Maghfur-Lah
Sultan, Yang Di-Pertuan dan Raja Pemerintah
Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan

Selamat Menyambut Ulang Tahun Keputeraan Tahun 2018

from all of us at Ipoh World Logo

September 2018

Auxiliary Police During The Emergency

By |2018-09-07T14:45:48+08:00September 7th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


1948 to 1960 proved to be troubling times as Malaya had to experience attacks within its borders in the form of Communist insurgents. The brave men in the photograph above did their part in helping to keep their towns safe through patrolling the streets at night, they were the Auxiliary police and for that we are truly grateful for their deeds.

Do you have any stories you could share with us about the auxiliary police? Was your father, grandfather part of the force or¬†were you¬†part of the force yourself? Let us know…

Continuation Classes At ACS

By |2018-09-04T13:44:57+08:00September 4th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


The donor of the photograph above attended continuation classes at ACS in 1946 and graduated in 1948. The principal, Mr. Wong Wai Lam is seated (4th from left). How many of you attended ACCS? What were your fondest memories there?

August 2018

61 Years On…

By |2018-08-30T20:12:37+08:00August 30th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


61 years ago, the Union Jack was lowered signalling the end of the British administration in what was then Malaya,

61 years ago, a new flag was raised and a new anthem was played signalling the dawn of a new age,

61 years ago, one word echoed throughout the Selangor Club Padang as the crowd chanted,


A New Hospital Cometh…

By |2018-08-28T15:53:48+08:00August 29th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


The photographs above was taken on the opening of the Fatimah hospital which was officiated by the Late Sultan of Perak, DYMM Sultan Idris Shah on the 6th of December 1974. Were you there on the day of the opening of the hospital? Do you recognize anyone from the photographs?

June 2018

50th Anniversary of the Perak Chinese Physicians & Druggist Association

By |2018-06-27T09:37:13+08:00June 27th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|

This photograph was courtesy of Lian Kim Keong, whose father (2nd from left) was a practicing chinese physician

Held at the town hall, this photograph was taken on the 50th anniversary of the Perak Chinese Physicians & Druggist Association between 1970 and 1980. Dr. Ho Kai Cheong, the founder of Ho Yan Hor tea can be seen in the photograph (8th from right).

To see more photographs from the 50th anniversary celebrations, click here.

May 2018

A Throwback To The First Election

By |2018-05-11T12:10:28+08:00May 11th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


After a history-making election, here’s a throwback to the first general election that took place in 1955.¬†The photograph above is that of a Bomoh in Pasir Salak, who with his sheep’s head and other paraphernalia of his trade, keeping the crowd in suspense.

A Little Effort Required…

By |2018-05-04T11:42:12+08:00May 4th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


Manufactured by Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd and distributed by Taiwo Trading (Penang) likely before Independence, this manual paddy treadle thresher definitely requires a bit of effort or footwork to say the least. Those who have used threshers like these will tell you it’s no easy task. Have you had to work for your meals (literally) in the past?

The Story of Nephew

By |2018-05-02T14:21:39+08:00May 2nd, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


A book written by Lee Weng Onn and published in 2006 is the story of Nephew and the FMS Bar & Restaurant. To all those who used to frequent the FMS Bar & Restaurant I’m sure you’ll remember Nephew, the barman well. Do share with us, what’s your fondest memory of Nephew and the FMS bar.

April 2018

March 2018

Eu Tong Sen Finance Ltd.

By |2018-04-02T15:04:41+08:00March 30th, 2018|Categories: Identify Photographs|


The form above is that of a Hire and Purchase Agreement issued by the Eu Tong Sen Finance (Malaya) Ltd. for the purchase of an Austin 7 Super Saloon in the year 1962 at the cost price of $4338.25.

How many of you¬†have heard of the¬†Eu Tong Sen Finance Ltd?¬† We’d like to hear from you.

Austin Seven 1959

Courtesy of one of our blog reader and contributor, this advertisement for the Austin Se7en was provided to us by Ipoh Remembered.

January 2018

December 2017

Recognise Her?

By |2017-12-29T09:31:47+08:00December 29th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

blog_29 Dec

For those who are still wondering, her name is Lin Dai. Here she is featured on a Shaw Brothers Calendar – for the month of January, 1963.

What we’d like to know is: if YOU had a chance to produce a calendar with pictures of celebrities, who would you feature? You’re allowed to have more than one celebrity-crush, of course…come on, tell us…don’t be shy ūüėČ

All Aboard!

By |2017-12-23T13:57:35+08:00December 27th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

blog_27 Dec

Our donor Alan Steel shared the following story with us: “Xmas day, we entertained the children from the local Dr. Barnados home. Staff Battersby turned this jeep into a train to take them on a tour.” According to Alan, the one dressed as Santa (in picture) was Battersby himself!¬† ¬†

Famous Names (5)

By |2017-12-20T16:37:43+08:00December 20th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

blog_20 Dec

Our featured celebrity was educated at ACS, Ipoh. He studied medicine in Singapore and subsequently spent his entire working life in Ipoh. In recognition for his contributions to the medical profession, this gentleman was given the highest award of Honorary Membership (in 1984) by the Malayan Medical Association. Besides his dedication to his job, he also played cricket, rugby, and hockey.

By now some of you may already know WHO our featured celebrity is. He’s none other than Dato Dr. A. W. E. Moreira; the picture shows him (seated on the left) together with his wife Mavis. As you all know, there is a road named after him too!

We Wish You A Merry…You’re 3 Weeks Early!

By |2017-12-04T09:46:24+08:00December 4th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|


Oops, I guess the decor in the malls must have gotten me in the Christmas mood early this year. This here is a photograph taken in 1956 of the soldiers from the 12th Infantry Workshop REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) organizing a Christmas party at their base in Ipoh for the orphans and the helpers of the Main Convent orphanage.

They’ve Surrendered!!! They’ve Surrendered!!!

By |2017-12-01T11:04:24+08:00December 1st, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|


Photo courtesy of the late Bro. Vincent Corkery

After the Japanese surrendered in 1945 many Victory Parades were held, in Malaya as well as other parts of the world, to mark the occasion. The largest was said to have taken place in London, on 8th June 1946. Our featured photograph today is that of the Army Cadet Force of St Michael’s Institution, marching through the streets of Ipoh. We believe this parade was held on 6th January 1946.

I’m sure some of you can guess WHICH famous street in Ipoh this is!

November 2017

October 2017

“Look At The Camera!”

By |2017-10-30T11:32:29+08:00October 30th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20171013-006a (blog)

This is the Meikai EL, a camera introduced in 1963 by Togodo, a minor japanese camera manufacturer. This simple and cheap camera was targeted at a young audience and was often sold in toy and stationary stores back then.

With that said, what was your memory of your first camera? Come and share them with us. =)

September 2017

Jubilee Transport Company

By |2017-09-13T17:47:44+08:00September 13th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20170801-002b (blog)
Photograph courtesy of Irene John

Have you ever heard of the Jubilee Transport Company or rode on their buses before? The company was running a bus service from Lumut to Ipoh from 1932 to 1935. Incidentally, an article from The Straits Times dated 24th of July 1937 read “Ipoh To Have New Bus Service. If Transport Board Approves Scheme”, ¬†which is basically about the company requesting approval for a scheme to run a bus service in Ipoh which would expand to Ipoh’s suburbs.

July 2017

June 2017

Back To Days Of Manual Fanning…

By |2017-06-14T12:37:21+08:00June 14th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20160720-009b (14th June)

Who needs an aircond when you have your own personal fan?!

But since Ipoh has been ‘Crazy Hot’¬†for the past couple of months, I take that back. Hehe…

These are handheld rattan Punkahs, not to be confused with the large swinging fans that were fixed to the ceiling and pulled by a coolie. The word Punkah / Pankha is Hindi and originates from the word Pankh which means the wings of a bird which produces a draft when flapped.

Have you seen one of these before or even better, have you used one of these before? Let us know…¬†

May 2017

Where Have I Seen This?

By |2017-05-26T12:01:48+08:00May 26th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Kindly click on picture to enlarge.

Some of you may recognize this bridge, most of you pass it driving up North. With the caption Sg. Perak Bridge, July 1984, we believe that this is the Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Bridge located on the northern part of the North-South Highway.  

April 2017

Something For A Scorching Day…

By |2017-04-19T14:08:42+08:00April 19th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|


BlogAis krim potong anybody? The weather in Ipoh has just been crazy for the past few weeks, scorching hot in the afternoon, heavy thunderstorms in the evening.

We remember seeing a man on his motorbike selling ais krim potong near the roundabout of Persiaran Greenhill a couple of years back, we haven’t seen him since. What’s your fondest memory of this sweet treat? Do tell…


The “Ice man” Cometh!

By |2017-04-14T10:48:16+08:00April 14th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20170322-002a (blog)No, this is not a treasure chest that you’d find in a cave. This is¬†an ice box that the ice man would load on his bicycle where he’d then go¬†round selling.¬†Two whole blocks of ice covered in sawdust to keep it from melting any quicker than it should, on a hot day.

How would he cut the ice you ask? Here’s your answer, a huge saw.

20170322-002b (blog)Do you remember the ice man that cycled around on his bicycle selling ice? Do let us know if you do.



March 2017

The Next Time You’re Heading To Buntong

By |2017-03-29T15:53:08+08:00March 29th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

blog 1

The next time you’re on Jalan Tun Perak (formerly Conolly Road) and you’re heading to Buntong via Jalan Sungai Pari, keep an eye out for this long-ish building after the turn. This particular building believed to be more than a century old was once the quarters for staff members of the ‘Public Works Department’ or what we call today as the JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya).

Blog 2

There ¬†also used to be another similar looking structure across the road but has been demolished since late 2013. Has any of our readers out there stayed here in the past? If so,¬†we’d love to hear from you.

Click here to read an article written by Star Metro Perak on the structure.

A Pot The Size Of A Fist…

By |2017-03-10T14:34:25+08:00March 10th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20170301-007 (blog)“Have you ever seen a pot the size of a fist!?”. Wait a minute. I didn’t get that quite right, let’s try that again, “Have you ever seen a fist the size of a pot!?” is a Cantonese phrase often used by actors like Stephen Chow in movies when trying to scare someone into not getting into a fight with him.

This cast iron pot (bigger than one’s first of course but smaller than one’s head if anyone wanted to know how big it was) was likely used at home for soups and herbs, how many of you have used this in your homes back then and do you have any interesting experiences or stories which you’d like to share with us? We’d like to hear from you.¬†


Farewell Mrs. Hew…

By |2017-03-09T16:33:03+08:00March 9th, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

unspecified 2¬†Dear all, we are saddened by the passing of Lee Siew San better known as Mrs. Hew, one of Dato’ Lat’s iconic characters in his Kampung Boy series.

A wake will be held tonight and tomorrow night at the Our Mother Of Perpetual Help Church’s (Ipoh Garden) Funeral Parlour and her funeral will take place on this Saturday,¬†11th of March at 1pm.

Click here to read the coverage done by New Straits Times.


NTPS dinner (edited)Mrs. Hew, seated in the second row, the second person from the left

The photograph above was taken in 2015 at the National Type Primary School (NTPS), Jalan Pasir Puteh’s reunion, where the students met up with their primary school¬†teachers.

February 2017

On A Treacherous Path Into The Highlands

By |2017-02-22T10:58:29+08:00February 22nd, 2017|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Tom Eadie - blogPhotograph courtesy of Tom Eadie

This was taken in 1955 as the ‘A’ Troop rolled out of the Old Convent (Taiping) and was headed for the Cameron Highlands via Tapah.

“The climb beyond Tapah with its claustrophobic intimidating high-rising jungle crowding the eternally bending narrow roadway was enough to make everyone feel vulnerable and on high alert, though failing to prevent the Troop Leader from charging on in front standing in the turret of the Dingo armoured car making a perfect target for any watching Communist Terrorist (CT).”, described Tom.

To read more about Tom’s ‘A’ Troop experience while serving in Malaya, click here.

January 2017

December 2016

Around The Town Hall We Go!

By |2016-12-28T13:50:17+08:00December 28th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|


The picture above was taken from a postcard, on the back are the words “Enclosure surrounding Town Hall”. Our guess is that this was taken in the early 1900’s, before the railway station was built. What do you think photo¬†detectives?

Fancy A Cup Of Coffee On Boxing Day?

By |2016-12-26T14:17:01+08:00December 26th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|


Located in Kroh (known as Pengkalan Hulu today), a town in the northern district of Perak bordering Thailand is Cheun Fong, a coffee shop where this cup and saucer originated from. With that said, has anyone been to this particular coffee shop or Kroh lately?

I Owe You First Ah…

By |2016-12-21T19:10:20+08:00December 21st, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|


I’m sure many¬†of you are still engrossed with the picture in our previous post but here’s something to give your detective minds a break. The iconic 555 notebook, we know this small little notebook was used for a lot of things but what did you use this notebook for back in the day?

Here’s Something For You Mr. Holmes…

By |2016-12-19T15:22:02+08:00December 19th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Here’s something to start-up your week. The building in this particular picture is said to be a hotel in Ipoh, Federated Malay States (FMS). Anyone recognizes the building or knows where this hotel might have been?

P. S. We’re not too sure of the name of the hotel or where this building was located.

November 2016

Looking To Fill Something Up?

By |2016-11-28T16:30:32+08:00November 28th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20161123-008a Ever wondered how people back then managed to fill up tin bags without spilling the contents? Believe it or not, this simple looking funnel played a key role in keeping the tin ore in the bags. These work similar to how an oil funnel would work.

20161123-008bHere’s how things work: First you¬†insert the funnel into the bag, pour in the dried tin ore until it reaches the designated level (the top of the tube), remove the funnel carefully and “VOILA”, you’ve filled a bag of tin without spilling any.

Have you seen one before? or better yet, used one before?

October 2016

Everybody Loves Kung-Fu Fighting!

By |2016-10-17T09:56:48+08:00October 17th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

leong-fu-blog The photograph above is¬†part of a¬†set of¬†Leong Fu’s, ‘The Chinese Kung-Fu Karato (Atado)’ which was generously donated to us by Dato’ Lim Si Boon. The entire set consists of a promotional booklet (small booklet in the centre) and a 21 part¬†series of¬†illustrated loose sheet instructions.¬†According to peterharrington.co.uk, no copies have been recorded by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) in any libraries internationally, and no trade records in the usual channels. So tell us, were you a big fan of Kung Fu?? Click here to see the¬†front covers of the complete set.

The “A Troop Experience”…

By |2016-10-06T11:56:14+08:00October 6th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20160902-002d 20160902-003b
The photographs in this blog post  are from the collection of photographs that were generously donated to us by Tom Eadie, who served throughout 1955 to 1956 in Malaya.

The “A Troop Experience” is an 8 part series which we have recently put up on our database, the entries are of¬†Tom Eadie, a retired Bombadier (Bdr) of the ‘A’ Troop and his experience when he served throughout 1955 to 1956 in Malaya.

Click here to read the first part of The ‘A’ Troop Experience.

September 2016

On Top Of The World!

By |2016-09-29T16:30:11+08:00September 29th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

ipoh-world-tripadvisor¬†¬†Yes! Tripadvisor travellers worldwide have voted¬†Ipoh World at Han Chin Pet Soo¬†into the Top 1% of Attractions Worldwide. Ipoh’s Number 1 attraction since April 2015 continues to go from strength to strength and is also voted the 4th Best Museum in Malaysia!

With a Certificate of Excellence and voted the Traveller’s Choice, isn’t it time you visited? Visit www.ipohworld.org/reservation¬†to book your visit today!

August 2016

The Disappearing Act At The Railway Station…

By |2016-08-23T16:20:48+08:00August 23rd, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

DSC_0747 The majestic view of the railway station has often left many of us in awe over the years and even more so today after the landscaping of the garden.

DSC_0752 Around the Ipoh tree are plaques that tells the story of Perak and its districts, upon closer inspection we found that most of these plaques are either damaged or have faded away over time.

DSC_0731The map of Perak pulling a ‘Houdini’

With most tourists utilizing the convenient and easy services of the ETS to come to Ipoh, we find these fading plaques worrying as nothing seems to have been done to maintain them. If you were a tourist, what would your impression be upon seeing this?

Guess Guess Guess…

By |2016-08-15T11:48:32+08:00August 15th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Taiping 1955 (1) - blog 15 August 2016Picture courtesy of Tom Eadie

Here’s something to start your Monday engines, this is a picture of a sort of busy street taken in 1955. Take a wild guess where this could be, not the street but the place. I’ll give you a clue, it was named the capitol of Perak after the assassination of J. W. W. Birch, the British resident at the time.

Happy guessing! ūüėČ

June 2016

Festival Of The Fifth Month A.K.A The Dumpling Festival…

By |2016-06-09T10:26:58+08:00June 9th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Blogpost 9.6.16


The festival of the Fifth month which is also known as the Dragon Boat Festival or commonly known as the Dumpling Festival which is held on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese calendar is said to have originated from dragon worship according to Wen Yiduo, a Chinese poet and scholar. Dumplings may have originally represented an offering to the dragon king.

What is your version of the history of this festival?

May 2016

One For The History Books

By |2016-05-30T09:46:35+08:00May 30th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Blog 30.5.16¬†Anyone remembers this handy stationary? Despite being more than 60 years old and less glossy than its modern day counterpart, this machine marked The “Hazel” still packs a “Punch” or two as good as its grandchildren, but the question is do you know what it is?

April 2016

Searching For A Long Lost Amah

By |2016-04-19T14:59:43+08:00April 19th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Tania looking for ah leen (2)

Tania Gotzes (nee Fairnington) whose family once lived at Godwin Close and Canning Gardens back in the 60s is trying to locate the amah who took care of her when she was younger. She remembers her full name being Tho Leen Ho, who’d likely be in her 80’s and that she also has a daughter called Ah Choo. If you happen to recognize Ah Leen and have information of her whereabouts, we’d be grateful if you could kindly drop us an e-mail at info@ipohworld.org.

Once Upon A Time In Greentown…

By |2016-04-15T12:45:43+08:00April 15th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Blog post for 15.4.2016


A familiar sight once upon a time, a forgotten memory over time. The building in the picture above, consists of 4 residential units linked together. It is located on a plot of land behind the Syeun Hotel known as Lot 32630 of Jalan Idris, Greentown. According to the donor of this photograph, the image in this picture is what’s remaining of the Old Greentown before it was extensively developed to what it looks like today.

What is your memory of the Old Greentown?

March 2016

The Passing Of Brother Vincent Corkery.

By |2016-03-22T15:36:25+08:00March 22nd, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

10398670_10204477107406400_3693611060626492114_nPicture taken from Tin Phil Sinnappan’s Facebook Post

Dato’ Brother Vincent Corkery passed away peacefully today at 12:18pm. Wake services tonight, 22nd of March and tomorrow night, 23rd March is at 8pm. His funeral will be at 10:30am on Thursday, 24th of March at St. Michael’s Church.

Dato’ Brother Vincent has been associated with St. Michael’s Institution, in one role or another for more than 50 years. To read more about the twice Brother Director of St. Michael’s Institution, click here.

Farewell Brother Vincent, you will be missed.

An Unfamiliar Fragrance

By |2016-03-18T15:31:53+08:00March 18th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

20160301-022a This here is a fragrance manufactured by Firmenich, a Swiss fragrance and flavor manufacturer founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1895. We were wondering if any of you could help us shed some light to this fragrance (Chettiar Kathambam) in particular. Anyone?

February 2016

Oil-ing Up The Past…

By |2016-02-26T15:20:25+08:00February 26th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

DSC_0022Above is a type of Vehicle lubricant manufactured by Shell but we are not too sure which category it falls under. From the design of the logo, we believe that this particular lubricant was manufactured between 1955 to 1961. The unique design of the canister is reflected through the spout at the top as well as the wooden handle that can be seen in the picture below. Any idea which category this lubricant would fall under?



Happy Hokkien New Year!

By |2016-02-16T11:06:58+08:00February 16th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

Hokkien New Year
A simple altar with offerings to the Jade Emperor

Hokkien New Year is celebrated every year on the Ninth Day of Chinese New Year. Some may wonder, why the ninth day, why not the first day?

Legend has it that during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Hokkiens were attacked by bandits and to save themselves, they hid in a sugar cane plantation until the ninth day when they were sure it was safe to return home. Coincidentally, it was also the Jade Emperor’s birthday; they had been saved by his divine intervention and the protective cover of the sugar cane stalks. (which explains the significance of the Sugar Cane stalks during this celebration)

Having missed the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, they celebrated their salvation that day and ever since then, the Hokkien dialect group have regarded this date as a symbol of their survival and a time for major celebrations every year.

It’s New Year’s Eve!

By |2016-02-07T23:50:51+08:00February 7th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

CNY blog

Not much longer now til the sound of fire crackers fill the skies marking a New Year in the Chinese Calender. Reunion dinners are where most families are at on this New Year’s Eve and the dish above is a traditional yet unmissable one on this auspicious occasion.

The “Bangkuang Char” sometimes also called the “Jiu Chu Char” (if dried squid is added) is a traditional nyonya dish where thinly sliced radish / sengkuang is stir-fried with carrots, onions and pork. Wrapped in Chinese Lettuce is often how this traditional dish is eaten. Is “Bangkuang Char” one of your favourite New Year dishes?

Hope you all had a good New Year’s Eve dinner with your family members and have a very Happy Chinese New Year!

January 2016

And So It Begins…

By |2016-01-27T17:11:40+08:00January 27th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

blog aIt’s beginning to look like Chinese New Year, everywhere you go. You hear songs of prosperity, at every mall that you go, its the cheerful kind that sets your hearts aglow. With Chinese New Year being less than two weeks away, preparations for the auspicious celebration would have started for most. Traditional cookies like “Kuih Kapit”¬†are often served to guests on the day of the celebrations. What’s your favourite type of traditional cookie served during Chinese New Year? blog c¬† blog b

Students At An Open Cast Tin Mine

By |2016-01-25T14:50:51+08:00January 25th, 2016|Categories: Identify Photographs|

nellie open cast mine Picture courtesy of Janet Ferguson & Nellie Cumming

Field trips are usually educational and fun.¬†Visiting an open cast tin mine? Couldn’t have been more educational and fun could it? A picture of Nellie and her classmates on a field trip to one of the open cast tin mines (unnamed). Where have you been for your field trips? Do share with us…

Fancy A Ride?

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Ar0YwOEYXH-6ye1uZ-oJV6IAJ41M1xsx2WyoYKlgBK2tIt was definitely a pleasant surprise to have the boy and gals from the Ipoh Classic Car Club in Old Town this morning. They parked their beauties at the corner of the Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea museum which is of course right next to our very own Han Chin Pet Soo. Guess I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves, enjoy. ūüėČ


Sharpened Word is back!

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Flyers A4 (20160107) (1)

Interested in connecting with aspiring writers? Sharpened Word is back and they are meeting at the Sepaloh Art Gallery on the 16th of January at 2:30pm. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/sharpenedword.kinta

December 2015

Waist-Deep Waters

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mr au_1930 Ipoh
Picture courtesy of Mr. Au

On a hot and scorching day, who wouldn’t love a dip in the pool. As pictured above with waist-deep waters was¬†one of the floods that hit Ipoh in 1930.

Monster Of The Mines

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marea smith malim nawar
Picture courtesy of Marea Smith

A picture of the dredge in Tanjung Tualang¬†taken in the 70s. You can still see this ‘Monster of the Mines’, Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No. 5 (TT5) ¬†along¬†Jalan Tanjung Tualang when you travel from Batu Gajah to Tanjung Tualang.

Can you hear the ‘Ting-ting man’…

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Curious onlookers surrounding the “Ting-ting Man’s” bicycle

The man and his “Ting-Ting”

As I was on my way for an appointment, a sound that would have been very familiar to the older generation could be heard along Jalan Panglima (Panglima Street). Out of curiosity, I looked around and I saw this man on his bicycle.

According to patrons nearby, he’s does his “Ting-Ting” at the end of Concubine Lane where Thean Chun and Kong Heng are at.

What’s your memory of this sweet delicacy? Do share with us.

November 2015

NTPS, Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh: At Last, We Meet!

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NTPS dinner (edited)
Picture courtesy of Poh Choo Lim

Thanks to Ipoh World, our plan for organizing a reunion with our primary school teachers has finally materialized. From the few postings in their blog, exactly five years to the date after the first posting, Nov. 22, 2010. We were able to gather about 30 former students to participate in this low-key but yet auspicious occasion.

Former students of NTPS, Jalan Pasir Puteh, were able to honour their teachers to a dinner at the Eurasia Cafe on 21 November, 2015.

Annual dinners among alumni are very common but none can lay claim to organizing one for their primary school teachers who are already in their eighties. The 30 or so students who turned up for the hurriedly organized occasion are mostly retirees themselves in their sixties. Tears and cheers of joy flowed freely when the students and teachers met, some for the very first time after almost 50 years! Another surprise in store for the organizer was that some of the attendees, unknowingly to him, were from the same class way back in the late 50s and nearly 60s.

Everyone was so engrossed in catching up with each other that the MC had a difficult time controlling the crowd and gave up after a few attempts at restoring order before the start of dinner. In fact, he had to take a back seat for the rest of the night as everyone, teachers and students alike, took turns to introduce themselves as well as taking centre stage unannounced at the karaoke session.

Among the distinguished attendees were Dato A. Paramasivam, the newly retired deputy CPO of Perak, Dato Dr. N. Raman, former Director of Hospital Bahagia, Datuk Lean Meng Seong, retired banker, Prof. Dr. Mohd. Jamil Basha, retired university lecturer, Ir. Oon Eng Hock, a consultant, several doctors and many others, who were all former students of this school. They paid tribute to their all time favourite teachers Mr. Charlie Foo, Mr. Yeoh Seng Choon, Mdm Joycelyn Aw, Mrs. Kamala Ramanathan and Mrs. Hew Chai Kee (who is immortalized in Lat’s cartoon) by playing the song “To Sir, With Love” to these few dedicated and selfless teachers.


NTPS lunch with Mdm. Chow (edited)
As Mdm. Chow was unable to be present for the dinner that night, a special lunch was organized for her before she caught the flight to Singapore with her grandson. This was another last minute arrangement and only the initiator, Datuk Lean Meng Seong and a small group of former students were able to attend the lunch. It was another warm and emotional gathering for all present.

Beef-ing up some Hakka mee for breakfast

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Ipoh has so many places we can go to for breakfast that we sometimes miss out the good stuff. Sin Kong Meng, a coffee shop along Jalan Bandar Timah is often overlooked by hungry patrons as they drive past to get to Sin Yoon Loong and Nam Heong, located at the end of that particular street.

Little do people know that the stall operating in Sin Kong Meng with their famous Beef noodles or ngau lam fan (Cantonese) and also Hakka mee had actually appeared in The Star a couple of years ago.

Click here for the article.

Announcement: Informal Reunion Dinner with Former Teachers of NTPS

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*Hurry! Hurry! Seats are running out, due to overwhelming support. Seats will only be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Old Boys / Girls of NTPS, Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh are honouring their former teachers with a Halal Buffet Dinner at EURASIA CAFE, No. 28, Jalan Medan, Ipoh 3, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh on 21 November, 2015 (Saturday) at 7:00 p.m.

Teachers invited are:

Mr. Charlie Foo, Mdm. Chow, Mrs. Hew Chai Kee, Mr. Yeoh Seng Choon, Mdm. Joyce Au and others.

Those interested to join the party, kindly contact the following before / by 17 November 2015:

  1. Choo Lim  (Ipoh) Р012 -5016118
  2. Seng Hoay (Ipoh) – 017 – 5738983
  3. Seng Koon (KL) – 013 – 3095836

October 2015

The Other Festival’s in town!

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festival book001
The program book for ‘The Other Festival 2015’

The Other Festival, a festival of Arts, History and Food organized by Kakiseni kicked off in Ipoh on the 22nd of October and would be active until the 8th with fun filled events over the course of 3 weekends. A couple of famous Ipoh-ites would also be involved in the festival namely, Patrick Teoh and Bernice Chauly, who would be taking participants on their respective trails.

More information on The Other Festival can be found on Kakiseni’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/mykakiseni?fref=ts

September 2015

Fire Along Hume Street

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Burnt shoplots

About a month ago, a mysterious fire broke out at the shop lot behind the former Rex Cinema and razed the two vacant lots (top picture). The lot across the street was also razed by another fire, 3 years prior. This lot has since faced major re-development and the first picture at the bottom left shows how the lot looks like today.

The third and final picture on the bottom right is one taken along Anderson Road (Jalan Raja Musa Aziz) where another major re-development is taking place after the pre-war shop houses were knocked down and according to comments from one of our readers, a fire broke out at one of the lots prior to it being knocked down.

Could we be seeing another major re-development of these lots behind the former Rex Cinema?

Hot or Cold, how do you like yours?

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Hot or Cold

Coffee is an essential part of breakfast for most people and no, this isn’t the famous Ipoh White Coffee if that’s what you’re thinking. Our photographer had this at Wah Nam Coffee Shop this morning. All you coffee lovers out there, where would you recommend that serves the best coffee?

P/s. not White Coffee but just normal Coffee

August 2015

Saving La Salle from Nippon

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Saving La Salle

The statue of Saint John Baptist De La Salle on the gable of St. Michael’s Institution

A reporter from The Star newspaper, Christina Koh wrote about the story of how the brothers at St. Michael’s Institution rushed to save a large bronze statue of Saint John Baptist De La Salle by removing it, loading it onto a bullock cart and taken to the St. Michael’s Church where it remained until the end of the war.

To read the full article, click here.

July 2015

For The Trumpet is Sounding, The Legacy Lives On!

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for blog

Written by an alumni of the band, Master Tan Wei Shern is a book about the St. Michael’s Institution school band or popularly known as the Michaelian Military Band (MMB) which includes history of the band and more. The book also includes an array of photos from¬†various years, you might just find a picture of yourself in the book.

Those who wish to order a copy of the book kindly e-mail: mmbhistorybook2014@gmail.com

June 2015

Have you joined the “Naan” side yet?

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After featuring mostly Chinese dishes in our previous blog posts, we thought of doing something different this time by featuring the ‘Garlic Naan Set’ which usually comes with a huge piece of¬†tandoori chicken from “Restoran Kapitan Briyani Claypot”, located between Jalan Kledang Utara and Jalan Lahat.

Over the years quite a number of Northern Indian restaurants have opened up in Ipoh, what is your favourite dish?

May 2015

I Spy With My Little Eye…

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I Spy With My Little Eye..

Picture courtesy of Yeoh Lam Swee

Here’s something to kick-off your week, can anyone guess the location of¬†bungalow in this picture is? I’ll give you a hint, ¬†it’s a place where travellers meet to go somewhere.

Happy guessing!

April 2015

Trivia Friday!

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'Ngai'donated by Lim Soo Ken

Did you know that the character in the¬†picture above does not exist in the Chinese dictionary? The character ‘Ngai’ which means ‘Me’ in Hakka.

The image above was on the wall of the Hakka museum of¬†China (Meizhou). Any other Hakka characters you know of that doesn’t exist in the Chinese dictionary?

House Champs

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Blog (today)photo from: Michael Ho


By looking at the background, you’ll probably guess¬†that this was taken in St. Michael’s Institution¬†and the man in white is none other than Brother Ultan Paul.From the¬†short description at the back of the photo¬†we only know that this is the “Champion House for Swimming”¬†in 1970, any idea which ‘House’ this¬†was and if you could recognize any of them in this photo?

Do let us know.

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