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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

This grand old picture dates from 1894 when a bull elephant gallantly refused to move off the rail tracks, close to Teluk Anson (now Teluk Intan) in defence of his herd against what he saw as an intruder into his domain. Unfortunately the train, which had previously killed a calf elephant in the same place, was doing some 80 kilometres per hour and the driver could not stop in time. The two therefore met head on.

The net result was one dead elephant, three coaches derailed and two dead railway workers who died from their injuries sometime later. A number of businesspeople and other passengers were also injured.

This event is marked by a signboard at the spot of the collision, erected by the British Government.

  1. louis says:

    Poor elephant, all he was doing was what he saw was right. And then someone seems to want to walk all over his dead body! Where is the respect? What happened to his body?

  2. cheah kok yoon says:

    Everybody wanted a piece of the heroic elephant.If I am not mistaken the skull is displayed at the taiping museum and its tusks in the national museum, kuala lumpur.
    A concrete plaque to commemorate the incident still stands. Check this out.

    • Hoo Chiong Tik says:

      Want to get in touch with u to know more about the Teluk Intan history. R u live in Teluk Intan or elsewhere ?
      I can be contacted by this no : 013-284 9229


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