Database Gallery

The images in this short slideshow are taken from the ipohWorld searchable database as examples of the several thousand documented images available therein. These include: historical artifacts, published articles, audio clips, details of books, e-books, a wide range of documents, scans of photographs and postcards and a range of videos all relating to the heritage and social history of the Kinta Valley and beyond. New database entries are added on a regular basis.

Featured Video

These short clips courtesy of Filem Negara Malaysia show, in order of sequence: dulang washers; open cast mining and the use of a monitor; collecting the tin from the palong; transporting bags of tin to the smelter along the Kuala Kangsar Road; the finished ingots ready for shipment to New York from the Butterworth smelter; A series of clips showing the carnival procession through the streets of Ipoh to celebrate the declaration of Ipoh as a Municipality in 1962.