Another puzzle for YOU

  Familiar area? Yes? No? Well, I don't blame you if you can't recognise this place. It is SO VERY DIFFERENT now. For those of you who know the answer, feel free to drop us a comment (or two). By the way, this place is in Ipoh...

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'Be Prepared'

Let's hear from the Boy Scouts. What were your favourite memories back then? (Or, maybe you have an interesting campfire-tale or two to share?)


A school at Canning Garden

Remember this school? It started out as a primary branch of ACS. The building is still there today, in Canning Garden. You may know it as SK Ho Seng Ong Methodist.



We've had lots of similar advertisements over the years. But what I would like to draw your attention to is the fine line below the picture of the camera - "Prices: Singapore $ 24.75; Penang $ 25.50; Malaysia $ 30.45" Did we always pay a few dollars more than folks from Penang?


Another 'universe'...

It's not Universal Studios...rather Universal Cars Ltd. Yes, I'm sure some of you remember this building. Last I heard, it functioned as a nightclub for a while. Now, it seems to have been abandoned. Unless...there is something going on behind the scenes, which we don't know about; in which case, we'd like to hear from anyone who could tell us more :)