Remember Her?

We're talking about the lady on the left (in the glittery outfit). Recognise her? She's none other than Sakura Teng - the Go-go Queen from the 1970s. Do you remember her? Were you a fan?


Not what you think it is...

Anyone want to make a guess as to what this is?  


Pekan Getah?

Heard of a place called Pekan Getah? It is said to be about 2km from Tapah town. I'm sure some of you out there have a story or two to tell us about Pekan Getah. This photo shown above was probably taken in 1958, during the time the New Village was set up.  


Unique Hair Accessory

At one time, putting your long hair up in a bun was a popular style. Coloured pins, hair nets, fancy clips and alike were a rave. But have you ladies ever used something like this (pictured above) to secure your bun? A rather unique accessory, don't you think?


The Red Cross Society

After the Second World War and the Japanese occupation, parts of Malaya were devastated and the need for a similar organisation spawned the introduction of the British Red Cross into Malaya. The earliest Branches were set up in Sabah (then North Borneo ) in 1948. The first Red Cross Branch in Peninsular Malaysia was established in Penang in 1950. By the end of 1952, Branches had been formed in Perak, Terengganu, Selangor, Malacca, Johore and Pahang...(read more here)  ps: Any Red Cross / Red Crescent members out there? We'd like to hear from you :)