Familiar faces?

As you can guess, the tall gentleman in the middle is none other than D R Seenivasagam. Do you recognise the others in this picture?

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Something from Po Gardens

We can't offer you flowers from this famous florist...just a receipt ;) On another note...did you notice the 6 cents stamp?


Princess Theatre

Yes, there was once a cinema hall named Princess Theatre. No, not in Ipoh...but in Kampar. Remember what it looked like? Here's a picture (courtesy of Charlie Choong) to jog your memory   :)


"Birch and I"

In this 1959 photograph, our donor (Charlie Choong) can be seen posing on the steps of the Birch Clock Tower. Note the bust in the background ;)


"what to eat?"

Back in the day, if you didn't know what to eat on a Saturday night you could just head to the Station Hotel. Their dinner menu on 15th October 1955 would definitely NOT leave you hungry ;)