Fancy A Game Of Carrom?

How many of you remember this game? What about the rules? Care to give us a 'demonstration'?


Something For A Scorching Day...

  Ais krim potong anybody? The weather in Ipoh has just been crazy for the past few weeks, scorching hot in the afternoon, heavy thunderstorms in the evening. We remember seeing a man on his motorbike selling ais krim potong near the roundabout of Persiaran Greenhill a couple of years back, we haven't seen him since. What's your fondest memory of this sweet treat? Do tell...  


"I'm a Century Old!"

No, not our website....but this beautiful icon of Ipoh is said to be turning 100 years old this year!   This special heritage building was even mentioned in the Star recently (read the article here).


The "Ice man" Cometh!

No, this is not a treasure chest that you'd find in a cave. This is an ice box that the ice man would load on his bicycle where he'd then go round selling. Two whole blocks of ice covered in sawdust to keep it from melting any quicker than it should, on a hot day. How would he cut the ice you ask? Here's your answer, a huge saw. Do you remember the ice man that cycled around on his bicycle selling ice? Do let us know if you do.    


Grocery Shopping

We have here a postcard from V. Radnell, showing an Indian trader at the wet-market, former Super Kinta. Anyone remember him..or this stall?