Famous Names (7)

The picture is not that clear, but I'm sure you can more or less see what our featured celebrity looks like. Born in 1884, he joined the Malayan Civil Service as a cadet in 1907. In 1932 he was appointed British Resident of Selangor and the following year as British Resident of Perak, a post he held until 1939 when he returned to London as Head of the Malay States Information Agency. He is none other than Sir Geoffrey Edmund Cator, CMG. And yes, the famed Cator Avenue was named after him :)


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Wishing all our muslim followers and readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir & batin. Be safe on the roads to all travelling back to your kampung this weekend! Don't forget to save us some lemang and rendang ;) 

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Table Tennis Winners

Yes, those in the leading car in this parade were the Perak State Table Tennis Team. Incidentally, the team won the National Table Tennis Championship back in 1967. The winners went on parade through Hugh Low Street - passing the premises of the Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation. The President of the Perak Association, Towkay Chong Kok Lim (later Tan Sri) was said to be in the leading car. Does anyone remember this parade?


Sports Day, at the Anglo-Chinese Girls' School

Yes, you read it right - Anglo-Chinese Girls' School. Maybe you're more familiar with its current name - Methodist Girls' School (MGS). Anyway, here is a nostalgic photograph taken during the sports day. The guest of honour is none other than Mrs Florence Kesselring.

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Fancy a game of Footie?

Anyone remember this comic/magazine? Was Roy named after a famous football star? If you were one of those who followed this series, did he make it to Mexico? [ Yes, FIFA World Cup is upon us! ;) ]