YMCA Building, Ipoh

Yes, folks...believe it or not, this is what the YMCA building looked like back in 1954. Pity the beautiful garden is no longer there today :(


The (not so) New Village...

How many of you out there lived / grew up in Simee? We'd love to hear some of your childhood adventures (or, misadventures...especially the funny ones ;) ). Maybe someone out there may also know HOW Simee got its name?


Abandoned building?

No, this was said to be the temporary building for the Anglo Chinese Girls' School, back in the 1950s. For those of you who don't know, Anglo Chinese Girls' School (or ACGS Ipoh) later became Methodist Girls' School (MGS). Of course, the MGS building now looks nothing like this one pictured above. MGS Alumni, we'd love to hear from you! :)


Remember Emporium Perak?

We've all heard (and seen videos) of shopping-adventures (and misadventures too). For those of you who've been to Emporium Perak, do share some stories with us ;)


All in a day's work...

Perhaps this was once a familiar sight in Ipoh town - dulang washers walking through the town, either going towards or coming back from the river. Anyone wants to guess which part of town these ladies are passing through?