Homemade Sewing Kit

Back in the day, many of us were 'recycling' old tins and boxes. Like this W&R Jacob & Co biscuit tin - which was turned into a sewing kit. What else did YOU 'recycle' or 'reuse' back then?

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A Memorable Performance?

Does anyone remember these lovely ladies and their hula hoops? Well, I'm sure some of you do. These ladies performed at the Lido Theatre; at one time, it was common to see such performances at cinemas.


'Shopping bag'

Not a fashion-buff, but perhaps Kian Fatt was one of those modern-day clothing stores back then. Does anyone remember this place?


Bullock Park?

Have you heard of 'Bullock Park'. No, I'm not making it up...this is what it says on the back of this photograph.


A machine to clean knives!

Before the invention of stainless steel, knives were very hard to keep clean and shiny. If they got too wet, they would get rusty and water could leak down into the handles, which were made of wood or bone. After simply wiping the knives after use, Victorian maids would use this special knife-cleaning machine to polish them up...(read more here) Yes, such a thing actually existed - see the picture below.