Weblog (Ipohworld’s World) is an interactive set of pages that feature interesting images of Ipoh and the Kinta Valley, both old and new. Our target is to upload at least three images per week and this may include old photographs and postcards, interesting documents or notices of forthcoming local events from non-commercial organisations.

This is your site to share information and photographs of Perak’s heritage and social history for recording in our online database archive. Donors will be credited by name or pen name unless they state otherwise, but please remember that the laws of copyright apply in Malaysia and that anything that breaks those laws cannot be used. You should therefore state that you have a right to publish the photographs or information (if you have).

Contributions of articles for publication are always welcome (preferably with images). Individual images (particularly old photographs) are also very welcome. All contributions for publication should be sent to info@ipohworld.org with images at high resolution (say 600dpi) where possible. We are also pleased to accept donation of original photographs, documents or artifacts which once featured on the blog will be added to our extensive collection of such items used for public exhibitions.

Logging in to the blog prior to making comments requires insertion of an email address. We guarantee this will not be used for any other purpose than to identify you in order that we may communicate with you if necessary.

The primary language used in the blog is English as experience has shown that we boat a world-wide audience, many of whom only speak English. However comments in Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese are welcome. Readers are invited to comment freely on these images or other comments providing such comments do not infringe the laws of Malaysia s or the sensitivities of the people. Nonetheless there are very few limitations imposed by the editors, but their decision on what to allow is final.

We reserve the right to use any of the weblog published images or comments in our database, with the donor being credited as such.

Our database archive covers almost any aspect of ‘past Perak’, but particularly targeting the Kinta Valley. We have stories of the Towkays, the cinemas, mining, rubber, food, hawkers, the Japanese, the communists, the Emergency, Orang Asli – even Rose Chan – and more, so don’t hang back, we need your help.

Our objective is to record every fact we can for use by students, authors researchers and most important our young people of today and tomorrow so that they will understand what made our State tick over the past 150 years. No subject is too insignificant to be considered for use.

However, this blog is not only about collecting data, but it is also for you to express your opinion on any matter pertaining to local history and heritage in Perak. So let’s hear from you; what do you think about the state of our heritage in Perak. Is heritage important? Can it make the community any money? What can we do to preserve our heritage? We need your thoughts on this blog. So now is time to sit down and write. Just do it! You know it makes sense.

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