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Othman Sabrin kindly sent in this photo for publication. Thank you Sir!

He said:

“This is a picture of Persatuan Kedet Bersatu Malaysia from Anderson School, Ipoh in 1975. I studied at the school from 1973 until 1975. Our School Principal was Mr Lam Kok Hon (sitting in the centre with the moustache).”

Now Old Andersonians, a challenge for you, can you name any of the others in the picture? So far on this blog SMI have led the field by providing us with lots of names and dates. Now is the time for Anderson to catch up!

Incidentally, we are always delighted to receive photographs for publication, either in hard copy or if possible as 600dpi scans. Hard copies will be returned promptly if required.

  1. Ken Chan says:

    I am an ‘old’ Andersonian but none of those faces look familiar to me because I left school in the 60’s. When I first enrolled in the Anderson School, Martin Ogle was the Principal and he was the last British expatriate to hold that position. In the later years, the process of ‘Malaysianization’ was implemented and the two subsequent Principals, Tagar Singh and Tan Seng Chye were recruited locally. Within the span of a few years, the school’s character and environment had undergone some noticeable changes and baby boomers like us were there to witness the transition. Any discussion about Anderson School would be incomplete if the much revered and respected Ang Khek Cheow is not mentioned. This Math wizard was the Senior Assistant and with a cane in hand, he spares no effort in maintaining discipline in school. Nevertheless, he had a heart of gold and most of us owed him a debt of gratitude for keeping us out of trouble. Even to this day, his words of wisdom still resonate loud and clear in my ears.

  2. Othman says:

    In 1973, my favourite teacher was Mr Sharma Singh. He was our BM teacher in our class o Form 4 Art 1. Very dedicated teacher.

  3. sk says:

    Hi Felicia,
    No problem, got this ipohworld link from an Oversea Andersonian.
    Nostalgic trip for us.
    I came from Jalan Pasir Putih National Type Primary School.
    So far nobody has written about this school where I left 45 years ago.
    There is one favourite teacher, Mrs Hew Chai Kee where I like to keep in touch.
    Hope some of your readers can shade some light.
    There is also a very sophisticated teacher, Mdm Chow.

  4. felicia says:

    Hi SK. the name Hew Chai Kee does sound rather familiar….perhaps some of our readers out there know who she was. we’ll wait for more feedback 🙂

  5. sk says:

    Hi Felicia,

    Sounds familiar maybe because she is featured in Lat Cartoon
    as the horn-rimmed, beehived & feather duster teacher.

  6. Rosebud says:

    Hi SK
    I also left National Type Primary School[NTPS]Jalan Pasir Putih about 45 yrs ago too.Our schoolmate Lat has immortalised a few of the staff of this school like Mrs Hew,headmaster Bhagwan Singh & even the skinny old Malay woman rice seller in his cartoons. I do not know Lat personally & he was 2 yrs my senior I think.I also remembered that glamourous Mrs Yeoh Chow Yung Yu. I secretly had a crush on her.

  7. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud buddy & fellow Pasir Putehians,
    Yes, who wouldnt – have a crush on Mdm Chow.
    You must have really stuck on her ( singing Lionel Ritchie – Stuck on You ) as you could still remember her full name !
    Wow, that’s fantastic memory .
    She would come in a “mink” coat
    french perfume ( can still smell it ) and a foreign slang which is out of this world. She was driving a grey coloured car, I think.
    Cant remember what model. Gosh . so many eons ago.
    She is very accommodative as I heard she would bring her pupils for coffee and snacks at her home & bringing up her 2 kids.
    I didnt know she is Mrs Yeoh –
    We only know her as Mdm Chow.
    Was wondering if she is any relation with the James Bond girl ?
    If she is, another wow – Mdm 007, reporting for duty.. Sir..
    Well, Rosebud buddy. good to keep in touch after all these years
    as we are coming to be a relic heritage and an endangered extinct species.
    (nb ed – how do I edit my previous post as typo error.)

  8. felicia says:

    Hi SK & Rosebud! it was a pleasure reading both your comments – especially about the teachers!
    by the way, is the lovely Mdm Chow still around? wonder if she’s still having her ‘mink’ coat and french perfume…. 😉

  9. ika says:

    sk, send me an email at info@ipohworld.org and tell me what you want to edit. It will be done the same day. Alternatively just write the amendment as a comment and after editing as required, we can delete the comment. Always glad to help.

  10. sk says:

    Hi Felicia,
    An early bird catches the worm. Dont you ever sleep ?
    Using Blackberry ?
    Wonder if Rosebud has blossom into a lovely red rose on a rainy
    Friday morning….
    Yes, I have been wondering where these two teachers are.
    Let’s wait for our secret agents 008, 009 …. to report.
    Dont seem to remember the skinny Malay rice seller whom Rosebud wrote.
    Hey, rosebud, can that picture be replicate here ?
    An ancient relic finds difficulty going through the archives.

  11. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk and Rosebud ,

    I was very amused to see NTPS Jln Pasir Puteh ( it was also referred to as GES for Government English School) gaining prominence in this “Calling All Old Andersonians” posting .

    But it was understandably so because it was a feeder school to Anderson School which did not have its own primary school . I wonder whether Putehians did dominate the population of each and every form , year after year .

    In my particular year , 10 of us were however assigned to ACS Ipoh . No reason given , no appeal .
    Just an arbitrary decision . Nevertheless , we “pendatang” in ACS assimilated well and thrived in that setting .

    Don’t get me wrong : I have nothing against Anderson . Yes , there were very intense rivalry between the boys’ schools . However , my best primary school friends went to Anderson . I also made some good “Andersonian” friends and my 3 brothers all went to study in Anderson .

    “Rosebud” ? My year, all my classmates were boys . But I know in some years , there were a sprinkling of girls . I could see what it did to one of my brothers who was privileged to have some roses for company .

    Did the teachers there have “longevity” ? Did they stay in school for a long time ? I still remember Yeoh Chow Yung Yu , a petite and most elegant lady . I have not come across too many such ladies of quality since .

    Was Yeoh Seng Choon (the scout master) there during your time ? As the senior assistant , he occupied one of the 2 single storey houses next to the soccer field . I used to visit him during Job Week as I was a scout .

    Underneath a beaming face , he was a strict man . I had been at the receiving end of his “grinder” .
    It didn’t matter even if you were top 3 in class- once my arithmetic test score was in the low’90s and for that i had the privilege of the wooden back of the blackboard duster being rolled over my fingers with some pressure exerted . I harboured no ill feelings against him and remember him fondly to these days for his encouragement though i might not have completely agreed with his method .

    Then there was Chan Chee Yuen , very kind , very good-looking and very gentle . He married a fellow teacher who cut a very motherly figure in contrast t . In that , there was some message about true love and marriage being made in heaven .

    What about Zainal Abidin? Another gentle , slim and very well groomed teacher . He made me the class monitor in Standard 3 . One of my “responsible” duties was to go off a few minutes before recess break every day to buy him his favourite chee cheong fun , liberally sprinkled with chillies and fried shallot , and deliver it to the staff room . To me , he was a nice man . This duty helped to cultivate a service-orientation aspect , very useful later in life , when I had to make a living and make my way in life .

  12. felicia says:

    Hi SK….just to let you know: at 8.21am i was at the office, and no…i don’t stay up all night to surf the Net (though i almost became a night-owl during my days in Uni…hahahah….)
    yes, school-memories would not be complete without the mention of some OUTSTANDING teachers – who were more like friends / mentors 🙂

  13. Rosebud says:

    I hv many good memorable years growing up in this school.My classmates were mostly from nearby Pasir Puteh & there were even 2 Singaporeans.Certain episodes followed by Lats Town boy bring them back clearly.I finished my std 6 in ’66 & in ’67, my entire cohort were relocated to a new God forsaken secondary school called Sg Pari at Silibin. Never knew why but I was there for a year & in ’68, my dad managed to get me a transfer to ACS. In ’64 Mrs Chan Chee Luen was my form teacher in std 4. She & hubby both lived in a teacher quarters outside the school.As for Mdm. Yeoh Chow(she had a double barrelled surname), I had wished my future love would look like her. In my young eyes I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful & she looked like a Goddess. I cant forget her sashaying around in her tight cheongsams with slits on her thighs & her sweet smile from her lipsticked pouty lips. Sorry I got carried away describing her. Hey I can wish cant I? SK- I’d like to replicate the skinny Malay rice seller from Lat’s Town Boy.Any copyright issues here?

  14. sk says:

    Hi LMS136,Rosebud,Felicia & Fellow Ipohites,
    ( Surprised to get Face Lift from IpohWorld ? )
    Looks like a bad weather ahead.
    Last night there was a strong gust of wind that dangerously swayed overhanging electric cables….
    LMS136 – Looks like you are the last remaining few of Force 136.
    I salute you , sir.
    I didnt know NTPS was known as GES.
    Its new to me.
    I was also transferred to Sri Kepayang but had to fight tooth & nail to get a place in Anderson.
    I dont know what was the rational as we protested vehemently since my brother was there, I should get a place there. The rest is history.
    All schools are always a rival to each other especially in sports.
    I think Yeoh Seng Chuan, the art teacher was still in Anderson when I was there.
    Yeoh Seng Choon is his brother.
    Chan Chee Yuen & Zainal Abidin doesnt ring a bell but Mrs Satgunam,Ms Wan, Mrs Calliph (HeadMistress), Mrs. Yap, Ms Kaur,Mrs Hew Chai Kee, Mdm Chow, Mr Charlie Foo were the few teachers I can remember.
    My brother’s batch had a handful of roses whom they still like to keep in touch.
    Rosebud – Yes, you have a razor sharp mind. Could have a copyright
    issue here for Lat cartoon.
    Can ika confirm it ?
    The canteen food if I can remember correctly costs us only 5 cents & it would be considered a bonus if you have 10 cents in your pocket.
    Most of the time, my pocket is empty as I put my coffee in a Ketchup bottle which at times, spilled onto my books.
    Cheers & have a nice day

  15. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    No , regretfully , I was far far too young to have the honour and to be around even
    to qualify for Force 136 .

    Yes , Force 136 , particularly what it stands for , has my admiration and has
    provided me inspiration from time to time . But , actually “136” has significance
    in terms of a part of my life in NTPS JPP , hence it was chosen as a suffix to
    distinguish from other possible “LMS’s” .

    All government schools were either GES or GMS . It was just that some politico in
    charge of education (which probably he was ill suited for) thought that it was a
    smart contribution to policy just to come out with NTPS . In line with the theme on
    national development (?) . The schools’ sign board change to reflect and publicize
    the new brand came later when it was time to spend money .

  16. sk says:

    Hi LMS136,
    Another bright & chirpy bird … Good Morning.
    When the Star hit the street this morning, I read
    of another Bus tragedy.
    I have written a couple of times to the Ministry on these
    and it seems its just another futile effort.
    We hope as the Education Ministry goes, with the introduction of
    BM in Maths & Science and the abolishment of PMR, it would change for the better.
    I shall revisit NTPS -JPP when I return.

  17. ika says:

    Good morning all. It is definitely against copyright law to reproduce any of Lat’s drawings as those in “Town Boy” for example, are the property of New Straits Times Press. I know this from personal experience having gained Lat’s permission to use two of his cartoons for a one-off exhibition some time ago.

  18. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    Good morning and a little bit more on newsy exchanges ….

    Canteen food during my time there probably set us back 20 cents for a plate / bowl . I didn’t have money to spend at the canteen but this was the money Zainal Abidin entrusted me with .

    Today , one would need a fistful . I hope the time will not come when it will cost a bucketful of ringgit . It was good then to feel that one could buy a fair amount with very little money (actually it was then a fortune to us) hence the expression to describe a stingy person , “His five cents is like a bullock cart wheel !” .

    From descriptions and accounts related much later to me , Mdm Chow was certainly not the mother of Dato Kung Fu . Mdm Chow lived in the Fair Park area and her daughter was a year my junior in Sixth Form in ACS .

    Rosebud mentioned that she has a double barreled surname . This is still very fashionable in Hong Kong , married ladies add their husband’s surname before theirs . A form of “marking territory” and possession ( note that I didn’t exactly say ” possessiveness ” ) 🙂

    Anyone knows the whereabout of Mr Chan Chee Luen ? Some years after I commenced work , I was most surprised to receive a letter from him addressed to my office in KL . As i wasn’t able as yet to give him an affirmative answer , I set the letter aside meaning to reply later when I was in the position to do so . Unfortunately , it came at a time in my career when things were very hectic (this was one of those times when fate seemed to want to test us severely) and I could not locate his letter 2 weeks later .

    I remember his home address as stated in the letter , pointed to a location somewhere in Fairpark / Kampong Simee but I didn’t have the exact particulars . The matter has since troubled me greatly . Does someone know of his whereabout ? I would like to meet up with him and apologize for handling the matter so poorly and to assure him that this was no reflection of my regard for him .

    Can we locate these teachers ? It would be nice to see them again .

  19. Rosebud says:

    Dear SK – Like I said certain episodes of my life is screen printed in my mind.Let me share what I can remember to those interested. NTPS Pasir Puteh was an English govt school. Those days in early 60s English means English. No one must speak any other language/dialects other than English. Those caught will be fined.The maingate of the school is at Jn Pasir Puteh & a single tarred road leads to the inside.The other 3 sides faced Rose Garden,Sam Chai Chinese school & Happy Garden. At the Happy Garden side, there was a hostel where Lat used to sneak out in one of his cartoons. A unique feature of this school was there was facilities for a ‘deaf & dumb'(not special needs students, they were quite insensitive in those days) class right behind the office of the principal, Mr Bhagwan Singh, a white bearded Sikh. His assistant was a Eurasian lady Mrs Caleb.There was a young khaki uniformed office boy named Samy.I like to refer to Lat’s Town Boy(if you have it,its all there) to depict the following:- In one page,he drew the school stage scene accurately & Mr Bhagwan Singh was seated on the left. This stage was where I performed as a background singer in a play called ‘Old King Cole’ back in ’63.In anothe page, his Chinese pal Frankie(a politically correct fictionous character I suppose) called out to Lat ‘Oi Mat!!’, the skinny Malay woman rice seller was depicted on the right.I hope by me doing this, I skirted round the copyright issue. Going to school was by foot, bicycles or school bus.I rode a Raleigh bicycle myself. Outside the Jn Pasir Puteh gate there was a big tree & under it, hawkers of all types would gather there. One of them, a bespectacled skinny Chinese man in his 40s we nicknamed ‘Sei Ngan Loh’ or 4-eyed man. He operates a toys & ‘tikam’ stall spread on a ground sheet. One of the ‘tikam’ gadgets he used was a battery operated squarefoot sized box looking like a clock. In it were numbers maybe from 10 to 50 with a single dial. For 5 cents one could have a go by pressing a button. The dial will spin round & where it stops will depict how many marbles you get. It was fun but illegal. Many a times I saw cops chase him away.I liked his stall as it was quite well stocked with must have toys of the day like colourful anime type picture cards featuring Marineboy,Gigantor etc,marbles,wooden tops and HK made water pistols. For marble playing, I was notoriously good & I used to go home with both my pockets full of marbles I won from other kids. Yes we were allowed to play marbles in school grounds. Any dry & flat sandy area will do.I could ramble on & on on those good old days. Remember I am depicting my young life when there was no TV yet.My only window to the world was a valved Philips radio at home.Regards

  20. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud,
    Hey, hey, you just nip something in the bud.
    I was at the play with Little Bo Peep, Little Boy Blue, Old King Cole, the Queen & the rest of the crew. Mrs Yap was playing the piano. You mean this was drawn in Lat’s cartoon ?
    What a blast from the past. See if an ancient relic can dig up his old treasure box for that picture.
    In fact I just met old king cole a couple of months back after over 40 years !
    I also acted at a play for a “Brylcream” advertisement which goes like ….” laki laki yang pandai, pakai Bryl—–cream ”
    Now you have partially rekindled my memory on the roulette machine but not on the Sei Ngan Loh.
    I remember playing it and losing it most of the time and that was the first Genting lesson we learned including going home with an empty stomach.
    Remember the time when we had to go to the dental clinic ?
    It was real scary with the dentist pulling your teeth but I have no regrets because out from that episode, my teeth now are in perfect condition. Who have heard of braces, then.
    You must be luxuriously equipped with a Philip valved transistor radio. I remember I have to watch ” The Saint” ( Black & white) outside a bicycle shop in New Pasir Puteh.

  21. Rosebud says:

    SK – All Ipohites esp true blue Pasir Putehians & Andersonians(I was ACSian) should own a copy of Lat’s Town Boy.It speaks volumes of what I’ve been trying to say.I regret & have been kicking myself for losing my one & only copy of 1964 NTPS Pasir Puteh school mag when I relocated from Ipoh in 1992.That year, I still remember flipping through it. Inside, all over the magazine were priceless doodlings by Lat aka Md Nor B Khalid when he was still a schoolboy & of course a staff photo of our dear dream girl, Mdm Yeoh Chow. Any ex-Pasir Putehians here can put us out of our misery by posting a 60s photo of her?. Regards

  22. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud,
    Sorry, Rosebud. Cant help you on the NTPS -JPP mag. My brother found his Anderson School mag but not mine.
    I have a manuscript article inside that NTPS mag.

  23. Mano says:

    Unbelieveable! I was feeling rather nostalgic when I chanced upon this!
    I was at NTPS JPP from 1963 till 1966 and I recall being at that play too! I was one of the background singers for the part “Oh! Soldier, soldier won’t you marry me?…” I remember the entire lyric to this day!
    Yes, Mr Bhagwan Singh was the headmaster and I recall Mrs.Caleb too. If I remember correctly,when I was in Std 1, the teacher was Mrs.Chew, Std 2 was Mrs.Ng, Std 3 XA(they had an ‘express’ class then)was again Mrs.Ng, Std 5, Mrs.Hew and in Std 6, Mr.Leong.
    Rosebuds description of the school is to the ‘T’. That large tree was where we picked ‘red seeds’.
    Another luminary from NSTP JPP is Sabah General Operations Force Commander,Dato’ Paramasivam.
    I visited the school a couple of years ago(I now reside in Australia)and the tree was still there.
    I will rummage through my sisters place in Ipoh where all my old photos are kept the next time I’m there.
    Thanks for the memories, guys!

  24. Azizul @ Pai says:

    I am on the right of Saiyuti & on my right is Mohd. Zaki..on the left of Mr. Menon is Zulkifli & on his left is Raja Jamulalil aka Wak.

    Behind Zaki is Ghazalli & behind him is Azmi & on Azmi’s left is Tajul.On your left is Rosli & on his left is Mohd. Hashumi who is now a Colonel with the RMAF..I remember the rest but I cannot recall their names.

    Much regards

  25. Rosebud says:

    Hi Mano – let me have the pleasure & continue with that song “Oh no fair maid I cannot marry you, for I have no clothes to put on.” Yes I can still remember the lyrics to this song after nearly half a century.You cant be my classmate in std 3 as there were no Indians in my class. My teacher was a Miss Wong. The red seed trees were all round the school but at Sam Chai Chinese school side there were loads of them. Do you remember that glamourous cheong-sammed teacher Mrs Yeoh-Chow Yung Yu? 2 other friends here who have never met each other before still remember her. She must have that something extra to be so memorable, do you agree Ika?

  26. ika says:

    Hi Azizul,

    Thanks for the names, we can update our archive now.

    Mano – agreed, but I remember “all the girls I’ve loved before” as the song goes!

  27. Mano says:

    Sorry, Rosebud, but I think it went ” Oh no sweet maid I cannot marry thee..”
    That play was staged at the end of 1963 when I was still in Std 1. It was a mix of kids from all classes. Perhaps you were in Std 2 or 3 then?
    I finished std 6 in 1967 and went to Sg Pari for three dreadful years of afternoon classes! I did however end up in Anderson from 1972 till 1973. So here I am, an old Andersonian as well!
    By the way, what’s LMS136 or Force 136?
    SK, you mention watching “The Saint’ outside a bicycle shop in NPP, I lived in one of the houses along the same row, No 7 it was, till 1963. TV came to Malaysia towards the end that year. When I went there a few of years ago, the bicycle repairman was still there! No 7 had become a motor mechanic shop.

  28. Rosebud says:

    Mano-You & I seem to be the only ex-students from Lower Secondary School(LSS) Sg Pari, an obscure Govt school where I spent an unhappy year there & you 3 unhappy years. Why dont you & I both share with those interested here what we can remember about this school. In 1967 after my std 6 at NTPS Pasir Puteh most of my schoolmates were posted there for our lower secondary education. My std 6 form teacher Mrs Chong was also tranferred to this school at the same time. That year there were similar LSS schools constructed throughout Ipoh & nation wide. One Ipoh example I remember is LSS Seri Kepayang. I believe there were others around. A LSS is only for Forms 1 to 3. At LSS Sg Pari, I have to drop at the main road [Silibin Rd?] & walk about 200metres inside. The school was not visible from the main road. There was a huge perimeter fence ringing the school . Within the same fenced compound, on the left of the main gate, there was the LSS Sg Pari girls school building. It was seperated from the boys school by a huge sports field. I had no idea from which primary school the girls came from. In 1967, the school was spanking new, new tables, chairs, fixtures & it was not bad. I was unhappy because it was far by bicycle from my house. It was 2 storeyed & the exterior walls were naked brick type. One particular dish I enjoyed eating from the school canteen was stewed cuttlefish. It came in some dark brown gravy & it was delicious. It was sold by a skinny old Chinese lady & I have not seen it anywhere else since. My uniform was a white shirt with dark blue shorts. At one side outside the school fence, the Sungei Pari with its muddy water flowed. I studied there for only a year & in 1968, I got a tranfer to ACS. Sad as I had to leave my mates whom I knew from Std 1. In 1970, after my LCE, I found most of the Sg Pari LCE graduates came to ACS for Form 4. I was very happy to meet back my old mates again. I wonder if anyone has any new info about this school. Mano – over to you to post whatever you can remember. Regards

  29. Mano says:

    Pretty accurate, Rosebud! There was also the other access to the school from Conolly Road nearer to the girl’s building. Then there was the monsoon drain that ran beside the field into the Sg. Pari. And the toddy shop at the entrance to the school you mention! In all fairness, the teachers there were good but what really effected me was the afternoon sessions and the smell from the toddy shop and the sad plight of the ragged Indians who frequented it! I suffered frequent bouts of migrane those three years! There were some Chinese who frequented the toddy shop but you could see them seated at their own camper table down the ravine on the other side of the road mixing it up with Guiness which I discovered later made a fine creamy bittersweet brew!
    Speaking of ACS, were you there when a few rock bands were organised to perform at the hall there one night in 1973?

  30. sk says:

    Hi Mano,
    Welcome back to NTPS.
    Fantastic memory like –

    “Taken from an Old Andersonian”

    “The Sound-Of-Music was playing in one of the
    cinemas in Ipoh. And you must have seen it too.

    45 years hence, the entire cast – Julie Andrews,
    Christopher Plummer, and the seven “Von Trapp”
    children reunited on Oprah’s show just ten days ago.

    Go here for the first of the three YouTube clips.
    You will be delighted with the nostalgia.”

    Sorry, just discovered the link was taken off due to infringement.

    Please search other link for Oprah with Sound Of Music casts.

    Now back to the bicycle shop. I also watched the historical landing of the moon there. ( If I can remember correctly )

    No. 7 ? Dont recall but there was also another house where they opened the doors for us to watch.

    Along that row, there was a Kueh Teow factory, a Chinese medicine shop and a few friends houses.

    Yes, I can still remember the tree because one of my classmate
    got hit by a stone and bleeding profusely there.

    I can still remember him crying for help ( Kow mang ah, Kow Mang ah , Help help in cantonese ) and he was holding onto his head with blood spewing from his fingers.

    Nobody seems to move as we were all frozen but later on I heard
    he passed away. What a pitiful ending for a childhood tragedy.

    I think the school canteen was renovated and built in front where the monkey bars were. It was previously located elsewhere.

    Those food, as I mentioned earlier, only costs 5 cents.


  31. Rosebud says:

    Mano, No I wasnt there. I left Ipoh in 1972 but I journeyed back at least twice a year mostly Chinese New Year time to see my folks & for the food of course. Used to put on at least a kilo each time I go back.I have not been back since 1995.Regards

  32. sk says:

    Nope, Mano, cant recalled.
    Cant even remember the Arch over Hugh Low Street.
    However, can remember the “Lau Lin Kai” or Durian Street or Osborne Street where many durians were sold.
    There was this building Ipoh Turf Club where tiga ekor was sold . Later Foh San took over & now some other business.
    Over on the other side, there was this place called Cold Storage
    where we bought Roasted Turkey, which was a once a year affair.
    Near the central market, there was this Telekom building where we made our outstation calls.
    We would enter a small cubicle when the call was connected by the operator for calls made to Spore and for outstation calls, we have to to dial “0” to get the operator & to insert the correct amount of coins into the black box when connected.
    Press “A” to connect & press “B” to return your coins if not connected or cancelled. I remember it was thrilling to hear
    “ting ting ting to denote the denomination.
    There was once we inserted a 50 cents coins expecting to hear ting ting ting ting ting 5 times but got scolded by the operator foe letting her wait so long because the 5 times didnt come but a “thud”. To those who have been using this device, you would understand.
    Ask the kids of today, they would be blurred as they have handphone or blueberry to play with.
    Remember the Dick Tracy cartoon 2 way radio & tv watch?
    Its a reality now.
    The person who drew this must a have a pretty far foresight.
    If he is still alive, he would be marvelled.
    He could be a rich man if he had got his cartoon device patented.

  33. Rosebud says:

    SK-Recalled the tiga ekor or 3D sold at this building in pre-Foh San days. In the same building was a flight of grey concrete staircase where many 1950’s wedding couples including my parents had their wedding photo taken. Later the 3D shifted to nearby Caspian Hotel 2 streets away. At “Lau Lin Kai” or Durian Street there were many Muslim stalls & thats where I get my ‘Kambing’ or lamb soup fix. I think Cold Storage is located further away opposite the main market.

  34. 5candles says:

    hehehe…sk…it’s Blackberry, not blueberry 😛 And yes, as a kid of today, I am blur about your experience with the operator but it does sound quaint. My kids will never experience analogue telephones where we had to dial the numbers instead of pressing them. I wonder what the future holds?

  35. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud & 5 candles,
    Was just reading the Lam Building which Mano gave and it did not occur to me that there was a F & N Bottle up there.
    But I know opposite that building,
    they sold chicken feet which I can remember my parents taking me there
    once I returned on a midnight train.

    Yeah, 5 Candles. Once an old relic was told to let my children teach me to use the digital camera.
    I dont know if the sales person deserve a slap or a kick .

    Anyway, the salesperson lost my sales for that day.

    He He He

  36. Mano says:

    Ika, thank you for the site with that photo. That’s the one of the Sarsi bottle. I do believe there was another one of the Orange. I sadly recall the F&N Sarsi of those days. When you poured into a glass, it was so rich, you could not see through the glass and it had a head of foam. I am not exaggerating but one could hardly tell if it was a glass of Guiness Stout! There was also the Indian soda fountain stall along Hugh Low St. He used sell a mean glass of Sarsaparilla as well! If I’m not mistaken, there was only two of it’s kind in the country, the other being in Kampar.
    Now, can someone shed some light on the huge Mercedes sign on the hill along the main road heading towards KL? Was it true that was put up there as Ipoh had sold the most number of Mercedes cars in the whole of South East Asia?

  37. felicia says:

    Hi 5Candles. believe it or not: as a kid growing up in the 80s, i do remember having to dial a number on our old phone. i remember my (then) tiny fingers getting stuck in the loops…hahahaha….
    our old phone probably ‘called it a day’, and we had to get a new one – the one with the ‘press-buttons’.

  38. sk says:

    Recalling the black dialling phone, during our younger days,
    we would try to get free calls by tapping the hook & one smart
    alec ( now a high ranking Police officer ), tapped on the
    ” B” button.
    Later these phones were replaced by the Blue Box where you need to pay upfront to get connected & no refund. You get a credit instead and usually some kind soul will leave the phone hanging.
    Now, I think it is replaced by phone card or some even credit card.
    I havent been using a public phone for a long time.
    Is there any new innovation ?
    For the kids of today, you can go to a telephone museum to view these relics.
    Couldnt recall the Sarsprilla man but the Big Mecedes Benz Neon sign has gone. It used to be the lighthouse from the south that you have reached Ipoh.

  39. Mano says:

    Just out of curiosity, who are the respodents to this site who still reside in Ipoh? Are there any ‘get togethers’ planned?
    Rosebud, where do you live now and why did you stop visiting Ipoh after 1995? You brought tears to my eyes when I read your continuation to the lyrics of “Oh soldier, soldier..”!
    As for me, if I ever have to go back to Malaysia, no prize for guessing where I’ll set my roots! With great humility, I’ve been around the world but there’s no place like Ipoh and nostalgia is not the only reason!

  40. sk says:

    Good suggestion, Mano, The Andersonians do their reunion every now & then.
    It will be good to see all NTSP – JPP Pupils including the Std 6
    girls ( I think they only joined in at Std 6 level about 1960’s – Dont know why – My Aussie citizened relative would be thrilled if there is such a gathering).
    In my recent OZ & NZ trip, I met a few of them whom I havent seen for over 40 years ! It was a good memorable reunion.

  41. LMS136 says:

    Hi Mano and sk ,

    Good idea that one ! If ex-Pasir Putehans who did not go on to join Anderson School , are not excluded then please count me in . My 3 other brothers joined Anderson , two are living overseas but visit regularly , so if the timing is right , you might see all four of us there . I am within commutable distance , most times .

    I remember that there was a 2-storeyed wooden structured Malay medium school next to NTPS JPP , with a big field in front . Ond morning during my year in Standard One , I was walking by . Suddenly , a heavy , fully pumped up soccer ball flew through the air and cannoned into my rather thin chest , completely knocking the wind out of me . Excrutiating pain ! I could recall saying to myself , “why did it only hit me and on my chest when there were 3 other possible targets alongside me ?” . Somehow , I rolled the ball back to the much older Malay boys playing on the field and went on to school as the bell rang it’s strident summon . Couldn’t afford to be late for school .

  42. sk says:

    Yes, LMS136,
    The Malay school has a very luxurious big school field which we
    all envied.
    Remember once they were throwing their boomberang for practice.
    Relating to your football incident, I nearly broke my neck
    when I headed a very high leather football plummeting in my direction.
    I dont know if I am simply naive or what but at that age,
    we just did something stupid and I wouldnt be relating here this incident !

  43. Mano says:

    Yeah right! I was swinging in the monkey bars infront of the canteen when I lost grip and fell flat on my back. As I groaned in pain and struggled to get my breath back, I to this day remember those nameless faces surrounding me to watch me die! “Ayeah! Sei ya!” Perhaps one of you might have been those there!

  44. cheah foo fooi (david cheah) says:

    OK, its Ole King cole here, fellas, remember me, I am now in canberra Australia and I did remember that play, god! I had to kiss sombebody in the cheeks, I remember, nearly died when I had to do that ( I think the queen was Tan Chin Bing, don’t know what happened to him).
    I was one of the few who did ventured to Mdm Yeoh Chow Yung Yu’s house with a few kids on bikes and spent a few afternoons there. Boy she smelt nice!.
    She had a picture of her husband, a lawyer, a son who was learning french and a young baby, i that she was Michelle Yeoh, but maybe its a different person we are talking about.
    I often wonder what happen to this very generous lady who touched so many boys hearts with her kindness Ah what fond memories,


  45. Rosebud says:

    Mano-I never wanted to leave Ipoh. I wanted to live, work & die there if given a choice. In my heart it is still home. In the beginning it was so difficult to leave home,friends & family behind & take the big step out to make a future for myself.I almost gave up because of loneliness, hunger & homesickness to return but I perservered.No one knew how much tears I shed.I believed I do not have a future in this country if I returned even though I loved this country very much.I also believe this country do not love or care about me because of who I am & I believe I am right. I will never want my 3 sons to live under such circumstances & go through what I have gone through.The above about this country is strictly my view.

  46. Mano says:

    First of all, can someone explain what Force 136 is and one of the bloggers has a pseudonym LMS136? Secondly, Rosebud, I applaud your perseverence and sacrifice to give your three sons the very best but can you please tell us where the heck in the world do you live now?! Thirdly, we have yet another one who has crawled out of the woodwork as having been part of the great play! Finally, compared to all the schools in the entire country, past or present, NTPS JPP has become immortalised thanks to the most famous student, LAT!

  47. sk says:

    Mano, your curiosity really kills the cat,
    see the URL for Force 136
    our Post 21 & 22 comments.
    David Cheah Foo Fooi – Welcome – the king himself. after 47 years !
    Ampun Tuanku, Beribu ribu ampun
    I cant remember the songs but all our friends did.
    So must gather one day & sing the song together & enact the scene
    once again.
    Tan Chin Beng ? Yes Queen Queen, where art thou ?
    Where art thou all these yonder years ?
    Your king & his subjects are finding his fair maiden..

  48. Rosebud says:

    Mano-I’m in Spore.The cast of Old King Cole 1963 almost alls here. Perhaps in the next few days hopefully, a further few more will crawl out of the woodwork. We won the best act of that year & a prize was handed out by the headmaster Mr Bhagwan Singh.I lost my 1964 school mag which had a photo of the cast receiving the prize. In that photo my face was seen quite clearly. The pieman is a classmate of mine & his name is Chung Yoke Meng. He’s quite an rotund guy & the role suit him to a T. Mano & I were the background singers & we put on pyjama pants as our costume.The top was a normal long sleeved white shirt. David Cheah also remembers Mdm Yeoh Chow Yung Yu. If only one of us still have a copy of the school mag. It will satisfy the curiosity of a lot of people wondering how Mdm Yeoh Chow looks like & why after 50 years on, the ex-Pasir Putehans still remember & talk about her.

  49. sk says:

    See if I can lure Little Boy Blue back. He is also in Australia.
    Have lost touch with him for decades.
    I didnt know we won any prizes at all.

  50. Mano says:

    Thanks SK, I salute you too! Rosebud, if ever there is a get together, Singapore is not too far away. I wish your sons all the success!
    I will get in touch with my sister in Ipoh and get her to dig up whatever photos she can of my days in NTPS JPP. Gotta go now! Cheers!

  51. Mano says:

    I close my eyes and still recall the heady smell of the Venus and Staedtler pencils and colour pencils. Remember the erasers, the white with the sweet smelling green strip. How about the translucent erasers that smelled so sweet, that some us actualy chewed on them! Of course back then we all called them rubbers. The Oxford instrument set box and other pencil boxes. The one that intrigued me most of these was the wooden one with a sliding roller shutter! It even split into two levels of compartments. I wonder if anyone has any of this type still.

  52. sk says:

    sorry folks,

    Picture couldnt come out from here.

    Ed, How do I send some pictures here ?

    & Ed, Please delete Posting 62.

    Serves no purpose putting there.


  53. sk says:

    Thanks. What a pity as I am not good in downloading.
    I read that you needed 600dsi ( I dont know what it is ).
    I have 2 original photos & the other 2 are also from another source. I may need a permit to print the other 2 in case I
    in a libel suit.

  54. Mano says:

    Alright! Before everyone here (including yours truly) gets off on a tangent, now that most of the participants of that great play of NTPS have surfaced, how about a concerted effort to track down the rest of the players? The name Tan Chin Beng rings a bell, I’m almost certain he was my classmate! I was on the phone with my sister last night to dig up those photos which I’ll have put up here for clues. Then we’ll see if we can hold a reunion! This will all take some time but, hey, it has been more than 47 years!

  55. sk says:

    Hi Mano,
    Are you my brylcream advertisement partner – Kesubalan ?
    If not, have you heard of him ? Its been 47 years I have not seen him.
    Thers are Aaron, Ganapathy, Guna,……..
    I have found my old king cole picture –
    Have to figure out how to send it here.

  56. ika says:

    All pictures can be emailed as scans to us at info@ipohworld.org. We ask where possible if scans can be high resolution. 6oodpi (dots per inch) is perfect but if the scanner you are using does not go that far (most do these days) then take the highest setting you have.

    We shall certainly put the pictures up if they do not break any laws.

  57. sk says:

    Hi ika,

    I have send a few picture via email to you, ian & ipohworld members.
    As a coumputer illiterate, you have instructed us to to put
    600 dpi which I did but unless you have a magic wand, the picture
    size is very very big. I have to send in 3 parts.

    You have also asked to put a higher resolution which this scanner can go as high as 1600 dpi.

    If I had, the picture is going skyrocketing high.

    All of you are doing a fine job promoting Ipoh & all over the world & out of the world ( I mean asronauts who are in space ) are reading it.


  58. Mano says:

    Sorry sk, but i’m not your Brylcreem partner. My name is Manoharan which used to be ‘murdered’ by the Chinese kids back then especially in Std 1. Here in Aussie land, when I mention my name, they just looked at me incredulously! Hence, the short and easy on the tongue, Mano!
    Looking forward to seeing those photos!

  59. sk says:

    Hi Mano,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Your name doesnt ring a bell.
    I Understand how the OZ feel
    about names.
    My classmate who went to NZ land
    40 years ago, they couldnt pronounce the surname ” Ng “.
    Talking about name, the whiteland
    people seem to chop off your surname.
    Example in a computerised Form
    in whiteland
    James = First name or Christian Name
    Brown = Surname
    No problem but in Malaysia
    Wong = Surname
    Ah = Middle Name
    Kow = Last Name
    So in that form, most of the whities put our surname as Kow
    This could be a problem when you booked an overseas airline ticket
    as the surname would not tally with your passport.
    It gets complicated when a/l, or
    Binti, or Bin or when you have
    a title DYMM, Tun, Tan Sri, Dato’,
    When a Form has been filled, the end result report may not appear what you wanted to be.
    Any problem with yours ?

    By the way, I got an interesting
    old saying “Saved by the bell” –
    There is a widespread notion that the phrase is from the 17th century and that it describes people being saved from being buried alive by using a coffin with a bell attached. The idea being that, if they were buried but later revived, they could ring the bell and be saved from an unpleasant death. The idea is certainly plausible as the fear of burial alive was and is real. Several prominent people expressed this fear when close to death themselves:
    Source :http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/saved-by-the-bell.html
    Have a beautiful Sunday –
    Can sing along with Daniel Boone
    Beautiful Sunday

  60. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    Those leather soccer balls were very hard. I suspect that it was due to a combination of reasons . The ball was fully pumped up and probably the Malay boys who frequently played even in the rain , did not allow the balls to dry before using them again . They did leave muddy patches on our white shirt which required some explaining to our parents .

    Anyway , judging from your spritely blog , the header lft no damage on you except perhaps a stiff neck .

    Mrs Caleb was my class teacher in Standard 1 A , a year in which 10 of us were given double promotion to Standard 3 – I really don’t know what this was based on . I was pretty slack on art and drawing . One day she was checking my book and the moment she was distracted , I turned the pages quickly so that she would not notice the unfinished pages .

    Another time , whilst standing up to address her , one of the boys disturbed me and I stuck out my tongue . She promptly admonished me , quite rightly , for putting on a monkey face .

    Her husband , Mr Caleb , was earlier on the HM of NTPS JPP before Bhagwan Singh . They were probably Anglo-Indians .

  61. ika says:

    Hi SK, the pictures downloaded fine and we will get one or two up next week. Tomorrow’s (Monday) blog is already prepared. Thanks for sending them.

  62. sk says:

    Thanks, Ika,
    So you have waved your magic wand & the picture came out OK.
    I thought it was a disaster like the Titanic.
    I supposed that is your forte.
    I remember posting an article to Malay Mail abut my sister’s Life Saving Neighbour’s cat – Siti.
    I send a small picture but somehow they managed to enlarge
    the Life Saving Cat picture.
    Imagine a Python in an Urban Housing Estate.
    I wonder if it was an escaped Pet as it would not only had
    Siti easily for its meal but any young child who would be playing
    around the playground as it was near the monsoon drain.
    Source { Hope it comes out on this site )
    Source URL: http://www.mmail.com.my/content/8245-siti-lifesaver
    Say, LMS136 – The leather football that came towards me was very high up towards the sky hurling down.
    It would easily broke my neck, instead of just a stiff neck !
    I supposed a wise footballer would not have headed it but used
    his chest to block it.
    I am no footballer as well as a football fan.
    Cant imagine to see myself watching 24 crazy people kicking here & there.
    Hey Mano – I suddenly remember another lyrics with Kesubalan.
    At that time, I was in Std lV and that Class Teacher Ms Kaur ( that time I called her Kaur Singh ), she paired me with Kesubalan
    both running around NTPS-JPP school stage hand in hand singing
    Hey Ho, Nobody’s At Home,
    Eat Nor, Drink Nor,
    Money Have I none,
    Yet will I be married,
    Yet will I be married…….(Repeat)
    Little that I know, the lyrics became a reality in my later life.
    Anybody remember that song ?
    OK let’s wait & see Ika finishing touch to my pictures…

  63. sk says:

    LMS136, remembering our schoolboys pranks,how many of us remember an incident where Mrs Hew Chai Kee profanity & obscenity were scrawled on the toilet wall?
    The next thing we knew, we were all lined up outside the classrooms and
    we were all given a certain text to write.
    Little that we know, that was CSI
    in the making.
    In the end, I wonder if they caught the culprit.
    Anyone out there can share a light ?

  64. sk says:

    LMS136 – Sorry, an old relic cant recalled his thoughts free flow like an aged prostrate.
    Yes, congratulations on your double promotion. It takes a ‘bright’ kid to get promoted. I remember one of my classmate suddenly got this promotion & he was crying away to his new class led by one of the teacher.
    This is an advantage
    I should say he he would be laughing himself later on to the bank, ( like your goodself) as he got to retire later and got to sit your exam earlier & etc.
    Some of my senior friends were in this age group.
    In terms of age classification on sports division, its an added advantage as you got to mix with the younger age group.
    I was once of those, but not the ‘bright elite’ group but because
    I was born towards the end of the year. I benefitted from this age group as I was a Victor Ludorum runner’s up from this process. Hope you know what I am babbling about.

  65. ika says:

    Hi sk, as you have probably noticed I have put up two of your photographs on the blog today. We had a bit of a hiccup with today’s planned item and so yours got in early. We shall put up all 4 of your pix on the database archive before too long. By the way, there is no magic in what we do it is just a case of having the right software.

    Just keep sending pix at 600dpi whenever possible everybody. We love to receive them.

  66. Othman says:

    Hello Pai, how are you. im residing in KL. Do you have any contact number of all the name mentioned. What I know that Ghazali (GP) is still staying in KG Temiang, Ipoh. How about you.

  67. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    I remember that Mrs Hew was quite a tough cookie . Sorry , wasn’t quite aware whether that bit of detective work paid off . Perhaps there was some difference between the handwritings done vertically and those , horizontally .

    But in those days , even in a primary school , some of the incidents that happened could be somewhat beyond the limit of schoolboys pranks . An odd few of the older boys did look quite thuggish with their spiteful and craggy faces , a head taller than most of us and at least twice our body weight .

    The school system was quite brutal in those days , sending out of school into the streets those who failed to clear the Standard 6 exams . Unemployment was high those days , thus it was not surprising if some of them filled the ranks of the fighters in the Pasir Pinji gangs . I hope they survive and have become rehabilitated into society .

    There were 2 particular instances that i remember . Once , in Standard 4 , after the morning assembly , we were returning to our classroom adjoining one of the toilets which was the first room in the row . I saw a few large faces peering out of the high louvre glass ventilation window at the top of the bathroom wall . They obviously hid away escaping the assembly . Before i knew it , there was a very loud squawk and a disgusting glob of phlegm landed on my left lapel collar . I quickly washed it off at the stand pipe and wished him well in life !

    The other was a Standard 3 classmate . He used to terrify us with his stories of demons and spirits and would often bring talisman written in blood to class . He had the making of a charlatan and he did attempt some form of psychological and emotional blackmail with his warnings of impending disasters affecting loved ones , which however could of course be warded off by paying him a fee for prayers . Not exactly a good start to a promising life for him !

  68. LMS136 says:

    Hi , again sk ,

    I am not sure whether the double promotion given was in recognition of anything at all . But it does mean that one only have to do 5 years instead of 6 in the primary school , a 16 odd % savings of time and money .

    I was conscious that I was yanked away from classmates whom I had became familiar with and thrown into a sea of new faces . Some of those promoted had indeed cried for a few days not so long ago when they were placed in our Standard 1 class , separated from their parents .

    But I survived that and more . In fact that kind of separation and going it alone featured much later in my working life . That was an early realization in life that one needs to break away from one’s
    comfort zone to move on .

    Retirement ? Is there such a privilege for those who are not entitled to pension ?

    About 12 years ago , I deliberately walked through the Wan Chai District very early in the morning on the way up to Victoria Peak . I have this habit of doing the hike for morning exercise whenever I am on holiday in Hong Kong . I loved the morning street scenes .

    I came across a couple of very old men in their ’60s to early ’70s , each pulling a wheeled cart to take away the debris and discarded items . They were wearing little clothing despite the wintry condition , each straining to pull the weight and perhaps this kept them a little warm . Then it dawned upon me that there might be little by way of social security support available to them and that they might also be deprived of family support . But at least there is dignity in work rather than giving in to the temptation of being a street beggar .

    The moral of the story for those retirement-minded is : keep well , keep working but work smart and manage well – savings might not last enough to match the increasing life span !

  69. sk says:

    Have been running in & out of hospital the whole day.
    Thanks Ika for your tremendous job
    of springing back the 60’s back to Life, Can singalong to the Bee Gees
    “Staying Alive”. Am letting others a chance to air their comments.
    Yes,LMS136, I knew of one pupil who turned hard core. ( How sad)
    If you could remember, he was publicly caned by our headmaster
    Mr Bhagwan Singh at the school hall.
    His mother was there to witness the canning.
    Re: Std Vl exam, I thought it was an auto promotion whether you passed or failed.
    No wonder they were so many ending up with “08”.
    I agree totally with you on retirement & the moral story.
    If we are not too careful, we can end up in the “Homes”.

  70. LMS136 says:

    Hi sk ,

    HMs those days , I suppose , developed strong arms by playing either hockey or cricket , or better still both .
    I also witnessed a public caning ceremony when I was in Form One in ACS .

    The culprit was on stage facing the boys and girls lined up on 3 sides of the quadrangle , facing him . He must have been seething with the humiliation to come and even quivering in apprehension of the pains to come . Six of the best were given without any restraint . Although he bit back his cries , one could be sure that he won’t be able to lie on his back for quite a while .

    Still on retirement , I know of some who actually stopped working full time at a fairly young age , 40s . I suppose the skill lies in getting a lot done without putting in very long hours , overly tied down to a desk . And to pace oneself to go for the long haul . These days , even the fairly young could succumb to work stress and have to rest in a hospital .

  71. Mohan says:

    I am an “old Andersonian” also from the year 1955(ancient?). In the picture, Mr. Menon the physics teacher is on the left of the principal. The maths teacher name was Mr. Ung Khek Cheow and he was fondly called “uncle”.

  72. ZALI MOHD HUSSAIN ( GP ) says:

    Salam, MAN, In the military cadet photo, seated beside Mr. Menon is Zulkifly, he is a retired police officer and now playing music at the Tower Regency Hotel in Ipoh. On your right is Rosli, a retired FAM football referee and now working as a Postman in Ipoh.I do remember most of them but could not get in touch. Me Zali, is standing on the second row far left, now me attached to JKR Ng. Pk.in Ipoh in the Architect Unit.In front of me is Zaki,Pai and Sayuti. Behind me is Azmi, beside Azmi is Tajol. Thats all I can recall. My H/P No. 0195957699, Zali.

  73. ZALI MOHD HUSSAIN ( GP ) says:

    HI Felicia, It’s me Zali, This teacher Hew Cai Kee is male or female, what subject does this teacher teach. I do remember some of the teachers those days. Me a committee member of The Andersonians Club, so me have met Mr Raj Sharma. Me form teacher those days is miss Kalamati. I have met cikgu Michael who teach me History,I have met the shorty cikgu Salleh our Bahasa Malaysia teacher. The teacher me really want to meet is Puan Fadilah Merican, she teaches me English. And the most hilarious incident happen, me, were caught with long hair by our dicipline master the late mr. Koshi, who comb me hair in front of me class in 1975. It was the talk of the school those days.Bye for now.

  74. Saiful Anuar says:

    Back to School ” BBQ Nite”.
    Venue: Anderson School Arena Square
    Date: 12th Nov. 2011 ( Saturday)
    Time : 8.00pm
    Ticket: RM 35.00
    Kindly contact ‘Old Andersonians’ Club” for the tickets ..
    Ghazalli (019-5957699) , Khairuddin (016-5234035), Saiful (016-5589948) ,
    Cikgu Ros Saidon (013-5212890), Prof. Jamel Basha ( 012-4921300)

  75. HomesickforIpoh says:

    I am happy for all of you who are able to re-connect with your
    classmates and share stories of the good old days.

    So for those who chooses not to re-connect, please wish us
    well as well.

    Some of us would like to re-connect but decided not to because
    we did not click very well. Some have felt teased, humiliated
    and disrespected and that’s why we stayed out of touch in the
    first place or are no longer friends.

    We don’t mind re-connecting and burying the hatchet by forgiving
    as long as there is a

    R E A S S U R A N C E

    that we will NOT be re-teased, re-humiliated, re-DISrespected all over again.

    Otherwise, it is just better to stay out of the woodwork and
    just read this site for amusement just like reading the
    comics section in the newspaper with our morning coffee.

    Counsellors have taught many of us that when we have a negative
    past, we should either forget about it and move on if we
    cannot reconcile the sadness.

    Remember the movie “Forest Gump” –> Jenny’s father had abused
    her. So as an adult, she disconnected with him and was happy
    to see her father’s house torn down.

    I am sure many of you who have been divorced or separated that
    when you try to re-connect/reconcile with your ex that you
    quickly realize the reasons you DISCONNECTED in the first place.

    On behalf of the many friends I know, the saddest ones were
    the ones females who had had sex change to be males and the
    males who had had sex change to be female.

    In Malaysia, they have been teased and disrespected with words
    like “gay, lesbian, pondan, sissy” etc etc etc.

    These unfortunate few however have become very happy adults
    in their new lives, new identities and very successful in the
    corporate world.

    They would be very unhappy to reconnect here only to realize
    why they disconnected with certain people in the first place.

    In America, it is against the law in the corporate world or in
    schools to make remarks of someone being ‘gay or lesbian” or
    anything related to their gender or sexual orientation.

    One can be fired and/or sued for being racist and discriminatory.

    But too bad that in Malaysia, the students and/or some teachers
    got away with calling names like “gay, lesbian, pondan, sissy,
    effiminate, tomboy” etc.

    I sincerely hope that this site will BAN the usage of such words
    when referring to old classmates.

    Thank you on behalf of my once unfortunate friends and I am
    happy that they are now successful happy people in their
    new identities and new lives.

  76. Old Salts and Mermaids says:

    Hi HomesickforIpoh,

    I am all for REASSURANCE, in fact, I request to ensure RESPECT for All who enter ipohWorld. Thank you for broaching an important aspect of interaction with others.

  77. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Thank you Old Salts and Mermaids.

    It is nice to know that they are people who will respect my
    friends. They love to come forward to share the good old days.

    Some are afraid that if they didn’t click last time, they may
    not click this time. Some are afraid to come forward to say
    “hello” because of their sexual orientation (gay, lesbian,
    transsexuals of both male to female and female to male
    sex changes etc.).

    They worry that Malaysia is still unable to accept them for
    who they are as a nice person and worry about being called
    names (sissy, pondan, tomboy, effiminate etc) and be re-taunted
    and disrespected all over again.

    It is very refreshing and nice to know that they are sensitive,
    nice, tolerant and understanding people as yourself.

    Thank you and I shall convey that message to these friends of

  78. Old Salts and Mermaids says:

    Dear HomesickforIpoh and friends;

    “Sticks & stones may break my bones, but words, will never hurt me”! Your friends have gone through much, much more and I’m sure are wise enough and old enough to take their stand, now. Good Luck to all of them and Don’t Give In! There’s are Rainbows all over the world!

  79. Mano says:

    Except for a few who cling to the dark ages for whatever reasons, from experience, I think majority of M’sians are quite accomodating in such matters. However, there is a general tendancy to put someone down due to their ‘abnormality’. perhaps out of jealousy. For instance, if one was tall, they would be refered to, insultingly, as ‘panjang’. Which brings me to a t-shirt worn by a friend who was over 6ft tall. On it was the caption,”No, I don’t play basketball. Are you a jockey?”!

  80. Older and Wiser says:

    Perhaps not so much jealousy. I’d say, Ignorance, Disrespect, Insensitivity, Oafish and Tactless (spells “idiot”) and such general tendencies generally come from same.

  81. sk says:

    Calling All Old Andersonians

    Kindly be informed that
    there will be a Reunion for Old Andersonians
    from April 13 – 14, 2012.
    Details can be obtained as appended ….


    The lead organizer is Caroline Wong Mee Yong (caroline.eankeong@gmail.com) class of 68-69, USS3. She is assisted by Yim Poh Wah (pwah.yim@gmail.com), class of 69-70, USS2. Please feel free to contact them for more information and latest updates. Event news will be posted at this web site and on Facebook under “Anderson School Ipoh 1967-1970”. The URL is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anderson-School-Ipoh-1967-1970/261781738597537
    Contact Information From Facebook
    ASI Grand Reunion for Class of 1967-1970, friends and loved ones.
    Venue: Back to school – ASI. Date 13th-14th April 2012.
    Organized by class 67/69:
    Head Honcho: Caroline Lee (for class 67/69)
    Yim Poh Wah (for class 68/70)
    Darren Teh (for class 66/68)
    Merlyn (for class 65/67)
    Anwar Hassan (for class 60/62 ).
    Lots of activities planned. Meet the teachers. Walk the corridors, have fun!

    Thank you

  82. sk says:

    Hi Mano,
    Went to Ipoh for my Dragon Chinese New Year Holidays.
    Your posting in No. 35 on 7, New Pasir Puteh Road.
    I was standing in front of it waiting to see some live
    but no, it was closed for the holidays.
    I went to the back & the zinc roofing of some houses
    are still there.
    I have a laundry woman & a daughter staying there in the 60’s but cant remember which particular unit.
    Most of the houses there are already abandoned.

  83. Ebramsha bin Kadir Mohideen says:

    I was in Anderson Ipoh From 1976 to 1980. Class of 1M4,2M4,3M4,4A2 and5A2. Played hockey U-15 in 1978. Hockey master Mr. Koshy. Coach was Sukhdew Singh. Can any one recall me.

  84. Lucus Asirvatham says:

    I was in ASI from 1966 to 1970/1971

    I would like to organise a reunion dinner/get together for
    year 1970/71/72 sometime in nov 2013.
    so plse contact me and also help me to locate the other classmates
    for the big meeting of the old boys.
    Contact no. 013-5101210/05-5271210

    at present i m the sectretary for the TAC ( The Andersonions Club)


  85. sk says:

    Hi Ebramsha bin Kadir Mohideen,

    Just read your 2 postings in Ipohworld.
    Sorry, brother in arms, cant help you as
    already left many years ago & was in college cum part time work.
    Cant even recalled the teachers name you mentioned.
    Let me wish you, and all Muslim Ipohworld readers
    a Selamat Hari Raya Adil Fitri.

    2) Lucus Asivatham – Have informed your seniors to help spread the word around.

    All the best to both of you for your re-connection to your class/schoolmates.

  86. ZALI MOHD HUSSAIN ( GP ) says:


  87. Baljit Singh says:

    Hi Mah Kin Fatt. Pun Kai Lok and me were from Cator Avenue .My mother was Mrs Gill in Cator Avenue teaching English. Be great if you could provide Pun’s whereabouts. I was another silly idiot 1978 form 5. My school mates were Selvaratnam (UK) , Lim Keat Boon ( I met him recently), Rumesh Sharma , George K. and I miss my friend Paul Ponnudurai (form 3, 1976) who passed away last yr July. Remember our Teachers Day in school. I loved the band who always played APACHE instrumental by Shadows in the school hall. then some played cricket with Mr Kanesan and the rest will throw eggs from one corner of the field to the other . Some eggs would not break – another science project by ASI. One of the lead guitarist was a Chinese guy with dark glasses. Any one recall

  88. Ho Eng Kam says:

    I completed my form 5A in 1959 and I would like to attend any dinner for old Andersonian as I hoped to me someone from our class(Form 5 art).

  89. sk says:

    Hi Ho Eng Kam,
    There be 2 Old Andersonians Meet next year 2017 but they are your Juniors
    1) Form 5 1971 Date 25 Jan 2017 – Oversea Restuarnt – 45th. Anniversary
    2) Form 5 1967 Date 8 or 9 April, 2017 – Old Andersonian Club.
    all Meet in Ipoh.
    This is their 50th. Anniversary Meet.
    If you are interested, you can pass your email to Ipohworld & I can pass to the organisers.
    You would probably know all these schoolmates
    Top Scholars
    1956 – Chew Kong Seng
    1957 – Chin Yoon Hiap
    1958 – Teng Leong Hong
    1959 – Yoong Kok Hoong
    1960 – Lim Lean Soon
    1961 – Ho Wai Ping
    1962 – Lo Kwang Wei
    School Captain
    1956 – Chim Min Liang
    1957 – Yeong Seng Leng
    1958 – Chin Pak Jon
    1959 – K Anandarajah
    1960 – Mohd Suffian Bin Desa
    1961 – Yeong Kok Hoong
    1962 – Loo Ah Hooi
    If you know Loo Ah Looi, he was recently featured in Ipoh Echo & he is still a Top World class Double’s Badminton player

  90. sk says:

    Andersonians for Form 5 Year 1967 & Friends are having their 50th. Anniversary Reunion
    Date 2nd. April, 2017
    Venue : The Andersonian Club House
    To those interested, I can let you know the contact.

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