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December 2019

November 2019

The Teacher…and his students

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We thank Barat Kumar for sending us this picture. In his own words, Barat explains:

“As we bear witness to the passing of a great man I would like to share this picture of Our beloved Mr Selvamany. Picture was taken on 14 July 1972 at a farewell assembly. This was when he went on transfer. From left Thian Hock (?) and Chong Kee Seng. 
Accompanying Mr Selvamany is Principal”

August 2018

Lower Six Science 2, Anderson School

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from Gurpal Singh Bhuller (click to enlarge)

We received this via email from SK (who sent it to us on behalf of the donor). According to SK, Gurpal is looking for his former classmates.

Anyone out there from Lower Six Science 2? Gurpal is looking for you. Incidentally, SK told us that this picture was taken in April 1967 – Gurpal’s last day at Anderson School; apparently one of his classmates lent him a coat to wear – yes, the young man in the dark coat is none other than Gurpal.


February 2017

April 2014

February 2012

Something for the Andersonians!

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The top picture is said to be Form 5 Science, back in 1967. The bottom one is the Anderson School Library Prefectorial Board, also from 1967. Do you see yourself in any/both of these pictures? We’d like to hear from you – perhaps tell us a tale or two about your years at Anderson School, Ipoh 🙂

We’d like to thank Lai Wai Mun for these two pictures.

January 2012

The Staff of 1967

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We have here a 1967 staff photo from Anderson School, Ipoh. Were YOU in this group? Do you recognise the teachers? We’d be glad to have some names (and perhaps a few fond memories too!) 🙂

We thank Chan Weng & Lim Kok Sin for this photo.

to get a better view, click the photo 😉

This photo was first published in http://p21chong.wordpress.com/?s=anderson+school+teacher+1967


November 2011

Anderson School, Ipoh – Class of ’75

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Here we have Form 5 Arts 1, of Anderson School Ipoh. The year was 1975, and their Form Teacher was Puan S Koshy (seated, centre). The donor of this picture is Othman Sabirin (seated, second from left).

Here’s a list of names….just to help you out (click to enlarge).

Calling all Andersonians! Do you recognise your classmates? Where are YOU in this picture? Do share with us your fond memories……and perhaps tell us more about your Teacher too 🙂

March 2011

Badminton Hero from Ipoh

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This is a picture of Chan Wan Seong, a former student of Anderson School, Ipoh. This former Perak Junior Champion (badminton) was featured alongside the Veteren Men’s Doubles Pair of Ong Sin Oong & Woon Tong Yeong – in the Metro Sports section of the Star newspaper (dated 14 August 2010).

We thank S K Ong who highlighted this to us via email. According to S K, Chan has achieved World No.3 status in the Men’s Senior Category. He has also trained with another badminton legend – Datuk Tan Yee Khan. We were also told that Chan will be taking part in a number of upcoming events, such as: the All England Men’s Senior in Milton, Keynes, London (April 2011); the BWF Men’s Senoir in Richmond, near Vancouver, Canada (August 2011); and the World Chinese Badminton Championship, Shunde near Guangzhou, China (November 2011).

These two extra pitctures courtesy of SK.

March 2010

Calling All Old Andersonians

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Othman Sabrin kindly sent in this photo for publication. Thank you Sir!

He said:

“This is a picture of Persatuan Kedet Bersatu Malaysia from Anderson School, Ipoh in 1975. I studied at the school from 1973 until 1975. Our School Principal was Mr Lam Kok Hon (sitting in the centre with the moustache).”

Now Old Andersonians, a challenge for you, can you name any of the others in the picture? So far on this blog SMI have led the field by providing us with lots of names and dates. Now is the time for Anderson to catch up!

Incidentally, we are always delighted to receive photographs for publication, either in hard copy or if possible as 600dpi scans. Hard copies will be returned promptly if required.

April 2009

Images 1909 to 2009 – The Centennial Anniversary Anderson School

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Just published, this book includes a history of the school, recollections of years gone by and some thoughts on the way ahead for the next century. It is available from the Old Andersonians Association who can be contacted via the Old Andersonians Club, Ipoh. It is priced at RM130. The scan does not do justice to the cover which is actually much nicer than shown with the lettering blocked in gold. My scanner apologises for the poor result.

Should you need any contact details etc please ask via this blog.

Happy reading!

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