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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Here we have Form 5 Arts 1, of Anderson School Ipoh. The year was 1975, and their Form Teacher was Puan S Koshy (seated, centre). The donor of this picture is Othman Sabirin (seated, second from left).

Here’s a list of names….just to help you out (click to enlarge).

Calling all Andersonians! Do you recognise your classmates? Where are YOU in this picture? Do share with us your fond memories……and perhaps tell us more about your Teacher too 🙂

  1. Ed says:

    I entered Anderson in Year 1975 in Form 1. Mr Koshy is a very brave man as discipline master. He was instrumental in creating order in very mixed school. Unfortunately he served out his heart and died young. Never had a chance to be taught by Mrs Koshy.

    Wonder where is George now?

  2. ipohgirl61 says:

    Dear Fellow Andersonians,

    The late Mr Koshy was my GP teacher who taught us about “potted thinking,’ and other ideas. I scored very well in his exams but failed to get a distinction in my HSC.

    I have him to thank for in my career which required lots of thinking outside the “pot” and demanded rigorous critical thinking skills.

    His son George was in my year. I remember seeing his daughter Sheila’s byline decades back.


  3. mah kin fatt says:

    iwonder where is george nowadays.he has a younger brother i think its owenw which i don’t mix much.hope ther are all doing fine.

  4. Rapatsetians says:

    Yes. Remembered Mr. Koshy. “Hate” the sight of him those days. But now I realised that we do need disciplinarian like him that creates ‘fear plus respect’ among the students. Tribute to Koshy and the like of Mr. Lee Cheng Poh. Salute…

  5. HomesickforIpoh says:


    Hi, I understand how you feel in regards
    “hate the sight of him {Mr. Koshy) those days”.

    To be honest, one can instill discipline and respect without
    having to strike or beat a student. Those were the days when
    Mr. koshy’s borderline abusive behavior will no longer be tolerated in schools. Sometimes he would hit students even
    without knowing the truth first.

    In America, no matter how you discipline a student, a teacher
    C A N N O T strike NOR touch a student.

    All disciplinarians and school counsellors do is talk, counsel,
    advise and let the students seek therapy if they are problem
    students. I applaud such an approach rather than the approach
    of hitting students with the false brainwashing line of
    “spare the rod and spoil the child”.

    I like to hear stories from the students and parents of the
    80’s and 90’s who were brave enough to report and stand up
    against such teachers that finally brought and end to such

    If you remember movies like “Mary Poppins” in regards the
    perfect nanny – “if you never be cross or cruel, we will never
    give you cause to hate us”.

    If you remember the movie “Sound of Music”, there is another
    example of “firm but kind” that will instill discipline,
    respect and liking, you have every reason to hate the sight
    of him.

    Incidentally, a few teachers who have been kind to me and never
    even hit me once were the once I kept in touch with and became
    friends even many years later. The ones who were mean like
    Mr. Koshy or Mr. Au never got my respect anyway.

  6. mah kin fatt says:

    another one fierce tiger mr.lee cheng poh,its like looking at a ghost.the mr.nice guy would ,to me is the pink phanter anybody remembers him and the toilet janitor with his scooter mr.ali utek.

  7. Ebramsha bin Kadir Mohideen says:

    I was in Anderson school Ipoh from 1976 to 1980.Class 1M4, 2M4, 3M4,4A2 and 5A2. Played Hockey U-15. Hockey master was Mr.Koshy. Coach was Sukhdew Singh. Maths TEacher was MR.Aria. Can anybody recall me.

  8. Elwin Tong says:

    Elwin Tong61,hi ipohgirl61,Mr Koshy’son George is my classmate…i was in anderson school fr 1974 to 1978…i was a librarian and also join the students welfare society and science n maths society in 1977 n 1978…how abt u?

  9. Mano says:

    Reading this blog again, it is quite amusing to note Collin Madhavan, right after Mah Kin Fatt remarked,”Collin, you seem to be everywhere!”, is nowhere to be seen after that!

  10. T Toh says:

    I totally agree with Homesickforipoh comments on Mr Koshy’s borderline abusive behavior.My favourite teachers were Mr Tan Eng Hock and Mr Aria.I remember Mr Au from Cator Avenue Primary School.He will lose his temper at a drop of a hat.I would strongly recommend him for an anger management program.These behavior will definitely not be tolerated in these day and time.

  11. mahkinfatt says:

    mr.Au would also demonstrate a few tae kwan do movements during class assembly at the school field .i think he got married to one of the teachers in cator avenue.i’ve forgetten her name.but not my headmaster mr.Sundram who rides a bicycle to school.my secondary principal is mr.Lam kok hon. anybody recall the pink phanter.{a punjabi teacher who always spot a pink turban}

  12. T Toh says:

    Mr Au must have an ego problem if he did demonstrate his TKD movements during class assembly.A class legal action should have taken place against old Mr Au for his unacceptable sadistic behavior.I do remember Mr Lam.He was transferred to Malacca High School.I can’t recall the pink panther.Could it be Waryam Singh,Shams Singh or the late Maan Singh ( alcoholic).

  13. T Toh says:

    The use of force against someone of a smaller stature is definitely prohibited. Mr Au had used excessive force against his pupils half his size.This is view as a strong case of assault and of course ” bullying”.Shame on you.I have been informed many times by my old classmates to forget what he had done. Just take the case of the Catholic priests in Ireland, USA,and Australia.They have been investigated and will inevitably be prosecuted for child abuse. Class of 68 (Std 6A)was like a ” Gulag” ( North Korean Concentration Camp ).No one dare to speak up except for the very few of his favourite pupils ( usually the very bright or from a higher social economic group).Another teacher from Cator Avenue- Mrs Chan ( wears a sarong kebaya ),who has a violent temper behavior.She would scream at the top of her voice when she loses her temper.More so at a certain time of the month- Pre Menstrual Tension ??? All these behavior should not be tolerated.It does not bring out the best in a child. Instead it affects their confidence as they are physically, mentally and spiritually developing into their adolescent ( teenage)years.

  14. Khairuddin Ariffin says:

    I have put in all the 1975 form 5 picture into the Anderson School and the old Andersonian facebook. Pls look into it for yr referance. Tq.

  15. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi T. Toh,

    I am glad you can speak up in regards what Mr. Au did
    that is so abusive. I hope you get to read some of my
    comments in this thread as well.


    I believe the woman teacher with a violent temper is
    Mrs. Chung and not Mrs. Chan. I am glad that someone has
    guts to say “shame on you – referring toMr. Au”.

    ActuallyMr. Koshy is just asabusive.

    I saw him simply slap one of the boy in 1974, an innocent
    who did nothing wrong. And he did it not once but twice.

    I wish theboy hashad the courage to say:

    “wait a minute, I did nothing wrong by just turning my head.
    Disciplining someone does not mean you can simply slap
    someone at random, that is abuse”.

    Actually, I would say “shame on you too Mr. Koshy”.

    Bravo to all the brave people who speak up against the
    abusive teachers.

    By venting it our here is our means to seek closure to
    the past.

    Thanks for your support. Amen!

  16. T Toh says:

    Hi HomesickforIpoh. Mr Koshy abusive behavior was not as frequent as Mr Au or Mrs Chung. Though, the year was 1973, when I witnessed Mr Koshy tore the history book of one of my classmate, hit him and threw him out of the classroom. The reason was, the student was trying to look for the correct spelling in his history book and that was enough to trigger that violent behavior.He accused the student of not paying attention to his lecture. That poor student could not find replacement for that torn book as he came from a lower social economic class. What a shame. Mr Au behavior was absolutely horrendous. It was a nightmare. He would shout, stood over you, and use excessive force when he slapped a pupil- his favourite punishment technique. No matter how small or petit they are.I will reiterate again ” Shame on you”. I will have to diagnose him as severe chronic psychopathic illness ( sado-machoistic).I would akin his behavior to the likes of ” Ivan the Terrible” or ” Henrich Himmler” (Nazi Officer – holocaust).As for Mrs Chung, well for her appalling behavior,I once witnessed her admonishing her pupils in front of their parents.Luckily for her, three quarter of the parents could not understand/comprehend the rudimentary English language.Her favorite technique of punishing was to use her palm to hit the back of the head of her pupils.That was absolutely ” Criminal”.She was definitely a ” Manic Depressive” or a ” Bipolar Illness”.Abusive teachers are a thing of the past just like the dinosaurs.Mr Au should have been trial by the Commission of Human Rights at the Hague in Netherland for child abusive.An old English saying ” Thats how the cookie crumbles”.

  17. Mano says:

    When Koshy taught history, we paid our utmost attention out of fear (not respect!). I was in ACS Kampar prior Anderson where when Chye Kooi Loong taught, the class was all ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ as history came alive! As criminal as it may be, the behaviour of some of these teachers in the past, the present ‘politically correct’ approach towards students misbehaviour does create ‘monsters’ who deprive the right of a good student from learning without disruption. So how or where do we strike (pardon the pun!) a balance?

  18. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi Mano,

    The correct approach to telling a student who is distracting
    the whole class is to tell him politely to stop and not use
    force or ask him to excuse himself to go outside to finish
    his/her own business.

    That’s how it is done in other countries.
    That’s how you teach adults.
    That’s how it is today.

    You earn respect by giving respect and not by using force.

    Hi T. Toh,

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, I feel that Koshy was abusive
    in his actions. He can politely ask the student to leave
    first and if he persists in disobeying, then only take the
    next step.

    I don’t see how looking for the correct spelling of a
    subject that the teacher is teaching can be depriving others
    a chance of learning. Nowadays people mutli-task.

    In the professional adult world, when an instructor is
    lecturing, sometimes students who cannot catch on fast
    enough to what the instructor is saying do indeed flip
    back a few pages to catch up while listening. That is
    not much different from an involuntary cough when the
    teacher is talking.

    I don’t understand why Mano would think that is depriving
    others of learning. Of course if one is talking out loud,
    that is distracting and warrant punishment.

    I think there needs to be an evaluation form that each
    student fills up at the end of the year to evaluate a
    teacher or instructor just like they do in other countries.

    Yes, I agree with you in regards “shame on Mr. Au, shame
    on Mr. Koshy, shame on Mrs. Chung.

    I really love to hear from students who grew up in the
    late 80’s and 90’s whereby teachers gradually stop
    abusing the students and what they did to stop it.

    There is a saying “if you treat someone as a sinister,
    they will act as a sinister”.

    Another example, in the movie “My Fair Lady”, Eliza tells
    the professor that she will always be a lady to Colonel
    Pickering because the Colonel always treat her as a lady.
    When the professor always treat her as a flower girl, she
    will always be a flower girl.

    Likewise, if Koshy treatss the students as evil by losing
    his temper and striking them, they will always disrespect
    him. The student may comply out of fear but in the long
    run, he/she will disrespect that teacher.

    FYI, I heard that Mr. Au was reported in the early 70’s to
    the education department and was fired. Well, it served
    him right.

    Yes, I really like to hear from the brave students of the
    80’s and 90’s who stopped teachers from gradually being

    Thanks again for sharing.

  19. T Toh says:

    I do agree with Mano that when Mr Koshy conduct a class, we paid our utmost attention out of fear.The student mentioned whose book was torn by Mr Koshy was the least disruptive.Anyway that was history as far as I am concerned.The issue here is that you have no right what so ever to tear someone book for its their own property.He could have chose a least restrictive option by removing that student from the class.Mr Koshy does suffer from what we in the west called ” a small man syndrome”.This is trying to compensate for his short stature.Well coming back to good old Mr Au,I was flabbergasted to hear that he was fired as a teacher.As far as I know its very difficult to fired someone in the government service unless they commit murder.He would have been transferred to another location or state.Not surprise if he would have been promoted.I was talking to a psychiatric doctor friend of mine yesterday regarding Mr Au aggressive behavior towards his pupils.He reckons that Mr Au would have been bullied as a student when he was a kid.Or he was ill treated by his own parents.The worst scenario would be he suffers from impotence.Thats a way of expressing his Sexual behavior. Thanks again for sharing- HomesickforIpoh and Mano.

  20. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi T. Toh,

    I agree with you that Mr. Koshy could have used a less
    restrictive option by asking the student to leave the class.

    That boy whose book was torn is the least disruptive
    just like the boy who was slapped just for turning his head
    a little bit briefly -> not at all disruptive and harmless
    as well.

    As a disciplinary teacher, he should be focussing on the
    bigger picture of students who might be gangsters or extort
    or cause harm to other students.

    The friends who told me about Mr. Au’s situation said that
    a few boys had challenged him outside of school and also
    reported him. Yes, it is hard to fire someone in the
    government. The way Mr. Au punched and slapped some
    students to the point where they get dizzy etc are serious
    enough. Perhaps he was asked to quit which many interpret
    as a way of being fired.

    I agree with you that these teachers do have psychological
    problems, insecurity on their own.

    It’s too bad that in Malaysia that bona fide teachers were
    not subjected to a background check and some evaluation
    of their mental stability.

    I really love to hear first hand from students of the 80’s
    and 90’s who can share us stories of what they did and how
    teachers gradually became less abusive.

    I only heard it second hand from a friend in Ipoh that when
    teachers tried to abuse students, the parents would come
    confront and embarass the teacher and also report them to
    the education department with letters.

    Too bad the students of the prior to the 80’s were unable
    to report these teachers. I guess we were poorer then and
    some of our parents didn’t know as much English to write
    such letters.

    Thanks again for your analysis of the teachers.

  21. Mano says:

    HomesickforIpoh, by disruption I meant bullying, assaulting, wilful damage to school property and so on. For instance, a 15 year old kid, already suspended from school, broke the nose of another kid. Reason: “Just felt like punching someone”! My argument is, coaxing and cajoling does not always work. When teachers have tried every means possible within the ‘spare the rod’ framework and suspension is the final resort before expulsion, guess what? In Queensland alone, there were more than 60 thousand suspensions meted out in one year! I certainly detest the actions of some of the teachers we have discussed. However, I would like to highlight one Mr Marshal back in the days when I was in Sg. Pari. He was a friend to the students. He joked and he laughed with us but when one stepped out of line and I mean seriously out of line, he will have that student over the desk and have him caned. However, this man had the saddest look on his face when he carried this out after which he would apologise to the student and explain why he had to do what he did and the consequences if he didn’t. Invariably, whilst rubbing his sore bum, the student would thank him!
    Lets face it, if discussions and dialogues can solve everything, why do we need a defence force?

  22. Steven Lee says:

    Teachers in the past have used fear, intimidation and physical punishment to keep students in line. Similar physical punishment also happened in other schools, like in SMI. We got slapped, pinched, punched, caned, tortured, etc. Just the mention of these teachers’ names struck fear into the hearts of students. Present method of reasoning would not have worked. However, few boys who got punished bore any ill-will against the teachers. Later when out of school, most of them became good friends with the teachers. Many of my former schoolmates relish recounting to the teachers punishments they received from them, just to make them feel uncomfortable.

  23. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi Mano,

    Thanks for clarifying the part about “disruption”, meaning,
    if one boy uses violence on another, then he should be
    punished whether by the teacher or the police. I am sure
    these kinds of student violence happens outside the classroom.

    However, what T. Toh and I were discussing are students
    who are innocent such as the one going through the pages
    of the book to find the correct spelling and then had his
    book torn with the accusation of “not paying attention in
    class” —> this to me or T. Toh are HARMLESS ACTS
    and hardly DISRUPTIVE. It is not like the boy was causing
    others not to be able to learn.

    I was rebutting your phrase
    “who deprive the right of a good student from learning without disruption”
    in the CONTEXT of the discussion about students paying
    attention in class out of fear.
    “When Koshy taught history, we paid our utmost attention out of fear (not respect!). ”

    I was NOT at all referring to student violence outside the
    classroom on school compound.

    Also, my example of an innocent being slapped over and over
    just for turning his head around is what I consider
    ABUSE of power. There was nothing that the student did
    that was out of line just by turning his head.

    Also, there was nothing out of line in regards T. Toh’s
    witnessing of the boy who just turned the pages of his
    book and had the book torn by Koshy.

    In America, it is even worse when students bring guns to
    school and shoot others, think of the Arizona school
    shooting in 2000.

    We still believe that when student violence occurs that
    the school administrator calls the police to take care of
    it instead.

    I agree with T. Toh that these violent abusive teachers
    have a lot of mental insecurity and instability themselves.

    The friends that I know never became friends with the
    abusive years later. They only became friends with the
    teachers who were nice.

    Yes, in our hearts, it will always be
    “shame on Mr. Koshy from Anderson” and
    “shame on Mr. Au and Mrs. Chung from Cator Avenue”.

    I still love to hear from students of the 80’s and 90’s
    and what they did to stand up for themselves when
    teachers acted out of line that eventually ended the
    abusiveness of teachers.

  24. Mano says:

    HomesickforIpoh, I totally understand where you’re coming from but I thought I’d share this in regards to discipline in school these days: Recently, a 16 year old student threw a sandwich at the Prime Minister on a visit to the school. What did he get? 2 weeks suspension (yippee!)

  25. HomesickforIpoh says:


    Thanks for sharing. We in the US also have students that
    bring guns to school to shoot people and that is very sad.

    If a student throws a sandwich at the Prime Minister,
    he ought to go to jail or a juvenile rehabilitation center.
    That kind of discipline would be the jurisdiction of the
    police or FBI or Secret Services in the US and not of the
    school teacher.

    If a student is that bad just like those
    in America that bring guns to school to shoot at people,
    all the corporal punishment in school is not going to
    change him because such students really have very serious
    problems that involves the police, jail, FBI and/or
    secret services because such acts are like terrorism.

    When a student is that bad, the school stays out of it
    and let the police, FBI deal with it as they are considered
    terrorists of some sort.

    You are bringing up examples that is kind of like comparing
    apples and oranges.

    What myself and T. Toh have been discussing are students
    being simply beaten by teachers for reasons that do NOT
    justify it, example,
    – the case of the boy who merely turns his face and got
    slapped when he is so harmless and innocent.
    – the case of the student who was trying to check the books
    for the correct spelling and have his book torn.

    These 2 students are hardly disruptive and are harmless
    and should not be simply abused like that.

  26. T Toh says:

    Hi Mano and HomesickforIpoh.Thanks for sharing. The Prime Minister that Mano was referring to was the ever unpopular or worst Prime Minister, Australia ever got to have – Rt Hon Julia Gillard.The incident occured at the Marsden High School, Queensland.Discipline in the Australian schools are appalling,especially in state schools (Govt schools).Thats the reason why I spent tens of thousands of dollars each year educating my children in private schools.We in Australia are very lucky as we have stringent gun laws (tight control). Unlike in the US – Second Amendment- the right to bear arms.
    There are 3 issues to these debates.
    (1) There should discipline,which I totally support.That is totally lacking in Australia.
    (2) Excessive use of force on students when applying disciplinary procedures.
    (3) Inappropriate abusive behavior of some teachers.
    Every school should have a disciplinary procedure when disciplining its students. Example – In severe cases like assault – Jurisdiction of the police – Imprisonment and a hefty fine.Less severe cases like theft – Expulsion from school. I must also add that when a student is discipline by a teacher, it should be follow by a written incident report- Why,What,When and How the student have been discipline.I have been in the past disciplined by teachers in Anderson and Cator Avenue.The discipline was carried out in a justify way and not in an inappropriate sadistic way.
    As for Mr Au and Mrs Chung( Cator Avenue),it was an absolute nightmare. Shame on them as I dare say.Sometimes I feel it was lateral violence,sexual dysfunction or deprivation.That was the underlying cause for such a behavior. They themselves might have been oppressed and took it out on those poor innocent students.Such behavior are the extreme end of the scale as far as disciplining students are concerned.These idiosyncratic abusive/aggressive behavior should be completely eradicated in all schools.There should be a STRICT SELECTION CRITERIA for teachers ( beside qualifications )- Strict police check,Psychological Assessment by Psychologist before they are allow to be employ.There must be regular communication channels between parents and teachers.-Parents Teachers meeting.
    I once witnessed Mrs Chung spoke in a patronizing manner to a parent. That is absolutely unacceptable.” The Teacher is never right” Old English saying ” If you cant stand heat in the kitchen , Please get out “. Thank you for reading these comments. Have a good day.

  27. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi T. Toh,

    I agree with you that:
    – we do need discipline in schools which is lacking in the
    US which is why children get out of control and even
    bring guns to school.
    We cannot be at the one extreme of no discipline NOR the
    other extreme whereby the discipline is abused.
    – excessive use of force and abusive behavior of teachers
    is bad and should not be allowed.

    The example you quoted about the student whose book was torn
    by Mr. Koshy is indeed ABUSE. There is nothing wrong while
    listening and trying to search for something related to
    the same subject at the same time. Adults do that all the
    time in the corporate training sessions.

    The example I quoted about the student who got slapped for
    no reason just for turning his face is another example
    of ABUSE.

    These students are hardly disruptive nor causing harm
    nor violent nor misbehaved.

    Of course the example that Mano quoted about the student
    breaking the nose of another kid or of the kid throwing
    a sandwich at the Prime Minister –>
    –> these should NOT be tolerated.

    The punishment for violence should be jail time and the
    punishment for throwing a sandwich at the Prime Minister
    should be arrest and restrains by the bodyguard of the
    P.M. and could include up to jail time and be branded
    as quasi terrorism to threatening the Prime Minister.

    If students are that bad, the discipline and punishment
    would be out of the jurisdiction of the school because
    a smart teacher would not risk his life playing Rambo with
    the student as the student could beat up the teacher too.

    I know of cases in Sam Tet school whereby the students
    actually beat up the teacher.

    It is all about respect. Discipline starts with a good
    scolding, cajoling, detention and other
    non violent punishment. The final resort of the cane should
    be avoided if at all possible because if the student gets
    that violent and out of hand, the police should be involved
    rather than the teacher using force.

    I agree with you completely in regards:


    “These idiosyncratic abusive/aggressive behavior should
    be completely eradicated in all schools.There should be a
    STRICT SELECTION CRITERIA for teachers ( beside
    qualifications )- Strict police check,Psychological
    Assessment by Psychologist before they are allow to be
    employ.There must be regular communication channels
    between parents and teachers.-Parents Teachers meeting.”

    –end quote–.

  28. Rapatsetians says:

    Dear T.Toh, Homesickforipoh and Mano. I think we were from the same era, Cator Avenue and Anderson. Btw, its Mrs Chan not Chung. Thought I was “free” after Std 2A but when the same Mrs Chan became my Form Teacher (Std 3A) – as if its Armageddon. Remember her liking to strip naked our classmates – remember on H…… (name withheld) Singh (hope he is still alive and well) striped. And one Mansur Darus screaming to avoid being stripped – kudos to Mansur for being able to protect his dignity (met him in Putrajaya in 2010) now in Kulim doing well. So Mrs Chan why this liking to see and fondle young boys cocks ??? Yes the great Mr Au – remember him banging our 6A classmates’ heads to the blackboard – macam gangster – and he makes Hong Kong movies triads looked like kidergarten kids…

    Anyway, to homesick and t.toh (we were Greentown friends, if i still remember) – gone are the days but never forgotten – . Regards to all of you conttemporaries – if you ever get homesick of Ipoh why not we meet up one day in Old Town or the famous durian street – Taman Kanak Kanak for Satay Endut..the last time to Ipoh was in 2009 – for the 100th anniversary ASI. See ya all.

  29. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi Rapatsetians,

    Thanks for your comments and invitation to meet.
    First, I am not even in Malaysia.

    Second, when I was in Malaysia, I did not live in Greentown.
    Perhaps you mistook us for someone else.

    Third, I am a woman (female). It was my beloved brother
    who went to Cator Avenue and Anderson and was abused
    by these sadistic Mr. Au and Mr. Koshy.

    He cried a lot when he comes home from school and I was
    his sounding board for him to unload all his sad feelings.

    Wow, he had never told me about Mrs. Chan (or Mrs Chung)
    stripping boys naked despite the fact that I have heard
    it through his friends but I guessed I forgot about it
    until you mentioned it now.

    Hmm, there is a name for Mrs Chan’s (or Mrs. Chung’s)

    It is called P E D O P H I L E.

    Hmm, now it makes me agree even more with everything
    T. Toh has said about these sadistic teachers and in
    fact shame on them all – shame on Mrs. Chan (or Mrs. Chung),
    shame on Mr. Au, shame on Mr. Koshy.

    What she did in regards stripping and fondling the genitals
    of young boys is indeed C R I M I N A L.

    It is too bad that the Malaysian educational system
    did not do the background check and psychiatric evaluation
    of these teachers prior to hiring them.

    Take a look at the description of these 2 links and
    you will understand exactly what I mean.



    Hmm, these sadistic and abusive teachers had hurt my
    brother’s psyche. I wish they turn in their graves for
    their crimes.

  30. Rapatsetians says:

    Dear HomesickforIpoh. Thanks for the comments. My guesses are true…your are not in Malaysia. Whatever, I too miss Ipoh and all the memories. Whatever, when we mentioned the same familiar individuals, we are from the same era..four decades ago. Maybe they are alive and well or dead. Whatever. T. Toh (I think) is my best friend from the Greentown days. Those days we are “true” One Malaysia in thinking – No You China, I Melayu, thingy. Post May 1969 was “so beautiful” we ridicule in the most racist tone but every thing boils down to Fun Fun Fun. Where have all the firnds gone – Chew Yeun Lin, Loo Yee Kong, Ho Hung Lee, etc etc. and off course my Toh Eng Seng Downunder…ok regards to you. Salam.

  31. zam says:

    Hi, i was in anderson from 74 to 78 ie. English medium 4 in lower secondary and in Arts 1 in upper secondary.

    I had my encounters with mr koshy but knowing how to handle him save me from his slappings. Basically dont stand too close. And when he as a disciplinary master fails to keep his words i promptly complain to mr lam.

    He would grumble the next day but he has no excuse to slap me.

    This particular incident, george will definately remember….

  32. Bornean says:

    Hi all, I discovered this site and forum yesterday, and seeing the discussions about the late Mr Koshy and other abuses in Anderson School, I read on. I attended Mr Koshy’s History class in 1972-3 in Form V, and I attribute my love of this subject to him. I was the studious type, so I guess there was no reason for Mr Koshy to punish me. I even earned a distinction in this subject.
    I’m not sure what subject will be of interest to all, but it’s really great sharing memories of life forty years ago.
    Keep chatting! Regards.

  33. Dasmond Das says:

    I was a former student of Anderson from 1976 till 1982. One of the teachers there Mrs. Underwood was my favorite. Was wondering if there is an info on her and photos of yearbook during that era especially the tear 1982 in which it was my Upper Six year in which she taught me Science & Biology. Thanks

  34. HomesickforIpoh says:

    I have seen some some nice feedback from others sharing their experiences of abusive teachers.

    Thanks for the supportive statements from T. Toh and a few others.

    Recently after witnessing how Dr. Dao, a Vietnamese American physician who was brutally beaten by security and United staff through no fault of his and noticed
    how a recorded video of his beating went viral, I just wish that 40 years or so ago
    we had Smart Phones and video recorders.

    For everyone’s information, United made a public apology after days of denial and also settled privately with Dr. Dao’s lawyers for millions for his family.

    It would be amazing to have recorded what these abusive teachers such as
    Mr. Koshy or Mr. Au or Mrs. Chung had done.

    Then today, I am sure even their childrem would be ashamed so see their abusive
    parents/teachers had done.

    But I am glad we can all vocalize it out here freely as we seek closure and moved
    on with our lives after harboring the hurt for so many years.

  35. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear HomesickforIpoh … Thanks for sharing your brother’s, and your family’s, experience, even the painful and humiliating aspects. It’s disgusting that children were — and in many places, still are — subjected to physical and mental abuse by individuals and a system collectively entrusted with their care. Your speaking out about such abuse can only be helpful. Thanks again.

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