Some of you may already recognise this person. For those who don’t, here are some fun facts about him: he was an architect and developer he once worked for the Ipoh Town Board as a draughtsman he also owned Caxton Press (along Belfield Street) he and his family lived at Dulcieville Lane Yes, he is […]

Hypothetical scenario: Imagine you’ve just inherited a LOT of money…and you’ve decided to build a beautiful mansion. Well, let us ‘help’ you with some interior decoration ideas 😀 We have here some photographs of what the inside of the Kinta Kellas Estate bungalow once looked like. Yes, this wooden bungalow once belonged to none other […]

The picture is not that clear, but I’m sure you can more or less see what our featured celebrity looks like. Born in 1884, he joined the Malayan Civil Service as a cadet in 1907. In 1932 he was appointed British Resident of Selangor and the following year as British Resident of Perak, a post he […]

At 18 years old, this gentleman started working in a tin mine under the guidance of his uncle. Years later, using his accumulated savings, he managed to buy the Chung Thye Phin Villa and helped convert it into a private hospital. Ever the philanthropist, this same gentleman also set up Shen Jai High School. I […]

…from tomorrow, anyway. Yes…tomorrow – 20th January – will mark 144 years since the Treaty of Pangkor was signed. Unfortunately we do not have a photo of the Treaty signing. This photograph was taken on Pangkor Island, 9 months after the treaty was signed, in September 1875 when Sir William Jervois visited Perak. At that time Perak […]

This was not a posed photograph. In fact, this was a common scene during the Second World War – when expatriates stopped at the Ipoh Railway Station, on their way to Singapore. When Penang was invaded by the Japanese in 1941, all European Service Families had to be evacuated. It may not be clear, due […]

We’d like to thank Vivien Lian for this photograph. She found it at an abandoned building along Tambun Road (a stone’s throw away from Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah). Do you recognise the people in it? Or, perhaps you recognise the building in the background? We’d like to hear your thoughts…

No, they are not part of the cast from the Whoopi Goldberg movie 🙂 The only thing we know about these nuns is that one of them is Rev. Mother St. Jeanne. The question is which one is she? This picture was taken in the 1950s at Batu Gajah Convent…we need your help, Convent Girls!

This lady needs no introduction….I think EVERYONE knows who she is 😉 Rose Chan was born Chan Wai Chang in Soochow, China, in 1925 to acrobat parents. She arrived in Kuala Lumpur at the tender age of six. Despite having no formal education, she demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit at an early age of 12 by […]

Today’s famous person was also known as the ‘Protector of Chinese’. One of his main duties was to monitor the Chinese Secret Societies. The Protector also held the responsibility for the registration of Chinese brothels, the owner, the Mamasan and the working girls, and inspecting the premises to maintain laid down standards of hygiene and accommodation. Still […]

Today’s celebrity was born in 1880 in Fuzhou (Fujian Province, China). Considered to be one of the elite Chinese in Ipoh, he became the Secretary and Attorney of Towkay Foo Choo Choon. He was also very influential in the Perak Chamber of Commerce. In 1924 he joined the Kinta Sanitary Board; 3 years later he […]

According to the caption of this photo, the man being rammed by a tree trunk (right) is Khoo Way Poon. Perhaps this was a martial-arts demonstration. Do you remember the event? More importantly, do you know Khoo Way Poon?

  Our featured Celebrity was born in Wuhua, Guandong, China. He began as an apprentice in the Menglembu Tin Mines. His hard work eventually paid off when he could afford to run his own tin mines. He was also quite a philanthropist. Among his many good deeds include: Treasurer of Yuk Choy High School, and […]

We thank Ruth Iversen Rollitt for the photograph (below). She told us that her late husband Donald Baxter was rather fond of the game of golf. We believe that the gentleman posing with the golf club is Donald. Now, does anyone recognise the others in the group?

No, we’re not exposing any celebrity or political scandal 😉 Instead, we have here original press photographs from The Telegraph Newspapers Co. Ltd. These photos date back to 1950, during the fight against Communists. Flight Lt. A J De Saville and co-pilot P3 W J Sullivan, flying over Ipoh just before the bombing run A […]

picture from: Rosemary Palmer Remember the Home Guards? Here we have troop-in-training. The gentleman in white shorts is our donor’s father – M L Bernacchi. I’m sure some of you remember seeing the Home Guards on patrol, especially if you were one of those who lived in the New Villages during the Malayan Emergency.

We received this photograph from Harchand (one of our Readers) some time ago. However, we do not know the names of these gentlemen. Do you recognise them? We were told that this photograph was taken somewhere in Perak (where in Perak, we haven’t the faintest idea 🙁 ). Come on, History-buffs….put those thinking caps on! […]

Sometimes, families make day trips / weekend trips during school holidays and such. I wonder if this how these children found themselves posing next to the canon (picture below). Do you recognise the building in the background? I’m making a wild guess and saying it’s probably part of a museum. But I could be wrong […]

source: NSTP Back row, L-R: T.John, Foong Kam Choy, Ahmad Nazari Centre row, L-R: Chan Tuck Choy, R. Anthony, Wong Kim Seng Front row, L-R: Liew Fee Yuen, Loh Kam Fook, Ramadas Rao, Wong Kong Leong and Cheong Weng Leong Remember these young men? It was October 5th 1957 when this team – Perak XI […]

We thank SK (one of our Readers) for sharing this with us. The gentleman in the tracksuit is Chan Wan Seong – who won the Bronze Medal in Men’s Singles 60+ category at the recent BWF World Senior Badminton Championship held in Helsingborg, Sweden. Posing with Chan is the BWF President Poul-Eric Hoyer Larsen (himself […]

I’m sure many of you recognise the gentleman in white (with a walking stick). Yes, it’s none other than Bro Vincent Corkery! He recently celebrated his 70th anniversary as a La Salle Brother at St Michael’s Insitution, Ipoh. To read the full article published by The Star Online, click here

    This book provides a fresh perspective and deepens previous studies of his [Charles Compton Reade] town planning ideas…..Charles Reade’s obscure and unattributed position in the history of Malayan town planning is now accorded its due recognition…a pioneer and founder of the town planning service in British Malaya (1921-1929).   Here’s a book by […]

For those of you who remember, we featured this photo in our Falim Exhibition two years ago. What’s fascinating about this hawker on wheels, in that he’s determined to peddle his wares – in spite of the traffic along the road 🙂 I wonder what he was selling. On another note, does anyone recognise the […]

Click to enlarge We thank Charlie Choong for this photograph. As written on the photo itself, the year is 1970. What we’d like to know is where this photo was taken. If anyone could help us translate the Mandarin, we’d be grateful. Perhaps, some of you out there may even recognise the people in the […]

Have you heard of the Hopoh Association? The Hopoh Association is formed by members from the Hopoh area of Guangdong, China. They speak the Hakka dialect but with the Hopoh intonation which is quite different. The picture below shows the Perak Hopoh Association, celebrating their 9th anniversary. The building in the background is along Jalan […]

Farewell Party for Fr Ciatti, April 1970 (click to enlarge) Christmas Party, Nazareth Kindergarten. Catholic Centre, Ipoh. 10th November 1970 (click to enlarge)   These photographs were taken from Michael Ho’s collection. It wasn’t that long ago, so I’m sure some of you might remember this kindergarten. Today, this building is still standing….but it’s no […]

picture from Larry Sawyer Here’s another one from the same donor who sent us those Malim Nawar photos. Looks like these men (and women too!) are in the midst of an interesting conversation. Note also the table layout – I see some teacups and some fancy glasses. Not forgetting the rather unique floral arrangement too […]

When we talk about meeting up with old friends, more often than not we end up at a local cafe/restaurant. Can’t help it, we Ipoh folks love our food, don’t we? 😉 Hence, we at ipohWorld also decided to start a little ‘food-section’…to highlight some all-time favourites which are both tasty and affordable. We’ve decided […]

It’s Party time again! ~ Come & CELEBRATE! our fun & wonderful years of Life & Friendship Together! – *Saturday, August 2nd, 2014* *@ Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh.* This year will see the debut of our Alma Mater’s magnificient Bagpipers & Wushu Drummers!  Get ready to be tickled and entertained by the professional […]

It is with sadness that we advise of the passing of Chye Kooi Loong who left this world on Wednesday 23 April 2014. Chye Kooi Loong, is a renowned war historian and former Home Guard warden during the Malayan Emergency. He is a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE), awarded by the Queen […]

I’m sure some of you have seen this shop….some of you may be regular customers too! This shop, located at Jalan Mustafa Al Bakri, is said to be famous for its Kaya Puff – a light and fluffy pastry with egg-jam filling. Ideal for those with a sweet-tooth, don’t you think? Have you eaten one […]

“Chan Sue Meng, the author of “Road to Revolution – Dr. Sun Yat Sen and His Comrades in Ipoh”, is the great-great-granddaughter of Lee Guan Swee, leader of the Tong Meng Hui (Chinese Revolutionary Alliance) in Ipoh, Malaya, during the 1911 Revolution. Two years ago, upon learning about the great deeds of her ancestor and […]

You’ve heard his name many times – there’s even a road named after him – so today, we’d like to show you what he looked like! Yes, that’s him on the right…and on the left is none other than His Royal Highness Sultan Idris Murshidul’adzam Shah. According to what we know, back in 1877 Sir […]

Ipoh folks have heard (and seen) the De Silva building in Old Town, but not many know about the man himself. Here’s a picture and a short description taken from the book 20th Century Impressions of British Malaya. Few Eastern jewellers can honestly claim to have received the partonage of royalty as often as Mr […]

…St Bernadette’s Convent (in Batu Gajah) had a charity event for the victims of the Turkish earthquake? Here’s a photograph to jog your memory (see below) We were told that this replica of the Malaysian flag was made entirely of JELLY! Can anyone tell us more about this event? Do you recognise the official cutting […]

Truth be told, I have never seen nor met a snake charmer. But I’ve always wondered HOW he makes those reptiles ‘dance’ to his music 😉 Have YOU seen/met a snake charmer?   Since the above photograph was not taken in Ipoh, we have another one – a different snake charmer but this time from […]

Remember him….your friendly neighbourhood Postman? He used to go around on a bicycle with a large brown bag full of mail. Take note of his uniform too! What else do you remember about him? We’d love to read your comments and memories – especially those (like me!) who are more familiar with electronic mail 😉 […]

Whether they’re quiet, noisy, cheeky, hyperactive, or even the book-worm types… will always have a special place in our hearts 😉 Today, we’d like to share this photograph with you. We don’t know what these boys were up to when this was taken, but I would like to guess that they were probably playing hide-and-seek […]

We thank Ong Kor Leong for sharing this photograph with us. Yes, this is indeed the Home Guard – set up by the (then) Government of British Malaya in countering the threat of Communist Terrorists. Once the threat of the CTs lessened, the Home Guard was eventually disbanded and the Malayan Territorial Army took its […]

Here’s a nice one from a family album. We thank Alexander for this gem. According to him, the girl (standing) is his grandmother Madam Ursula. Behind her are her parents Mr Arokiasamy and Mrs Iruthayamary. The little one on the car is Ursula’s sister Kolanda Theresa. Incidentally, Mr Arokiasamy was involved in the textile & […]

I’m making a rough guess and stating that this picture is from the 1960s (if I’m wrong, let me know). I found the designs of these cheongsams quite interesting. Personally, I’ve tried looking around for a simple one at the malls…..and found that the ones sold are rather costly (especially since they are embroidered or […]

[front] [back] Suriya Sankaran sent us this picture, along with an interesting email. According to Suriya, his grandfather – T.N. Balakrishnan – is the Inspector (with a pistol at his waist) standing in front of his troops. T.N. Balakrisnan was part of the Perak Homeguard, and this picture was taken at the stand off area […]

Ask me what SEAL is, and I’ll relate it to the US Navy SEALs 😉 But, here we have another type of SEAL – apparently this SEAL is a name of a factory (picture above). This was sent to us from Ko-chi Wai, along with this message: School Visit to S.E.A.L Corporation Ltd factory – […]

  The Grandchildren of Chong Soon Fan’s eldest daughter lived in the  “old house” at Main Road, Menglembu.  They were all studying in the English schools in Ipoh.  At the break of dawn, they all got up, brushed their teeth and started to walk towards the Chong Family bungalow opposite the Wan Hua Primary School.  […]

Here’s the 4th installment in IpohBornKid’s series. The picture (circa 1958) shows a little boy in brand new clothes – specially worn for Chinese New Year. In the background is the Man Hua Primary School. Episode 4 -The 12 Grand Children of Chong Soon Fan Celebrating Chinese New Year & the Ang Pow trail  By IpohBornKid  […]

IpohBornKid shares his 3rd installment with us. Happy reading 🙂 The picture showing the first 12 grandchildren of Chong Soon Fan was probably taken in 1957, during the Chinee New Year. The location is the bungalow, the family residence of Chong Soon Fan.  The background building with the tin roof is the Nanyang Picture Theatre […]

Here’s to all of our fans out there – regardless of the trials and tribulations we’ve faced as a nation, we’ve pulled through and have come out stronger! Happy Merdeka 🙂 The above picture is from Alan Wanless. This was taken at the Ipoh Padang back in 1957 (about the same time Tunku made his […]

With this photograph of another Hari Raya Celebration just 100 years ago the staff at ipohWorld wish all our Muslim readers, friends and families across the world, “Selamat Hari Raya.” And to all Malaysians, wherever you may be best wishes for your future and please drive safely.

This photo was taken on 17 December, 1967 during SMJK Poi Lam’s school visit to Nanyang Siang Pau office. The two lady teachers were dressed in their traditional Chinese cheongsam. The girls were wearing their white sleeveless blouse and black skirt uniform while the boys were all attired in their white short-sleeved shirts and shorts. […]

These pictures were taken from the St Michael’s Church Centenary Magazine. Shown below are members of the church choir – from the 1930s and 1990s. The Choir, way back in 1935. A 1990 picture of the new Choir. Anyone familiar in either of the groups? Perhaps some of you may know them; maybe there were/are […]

We thank Merrill Leong for these pictures 🙂 Anyone remember this food stall? To what we know, it was somewhere in Ipoh Garden South – but the question is WHERE! To the food-lovers: I know you’re dying to tell us about your culinary-adventures… feel free to ‘make our mouths water’ 😉

Do they look familiar to you? (Or, perhaps you may be one of the children in the picture?) This picture was said to be taken in Kampar. In the background is Weng Heng Aerated Water Factory. Is the factory still there, maybe under a different name? Or, has the premises been bought over by another company? […]

When we stumbled upon this picture, I couldn’t help but wonder: WHERE have I seen this place before? Could this be somewhere in New Town? Old Town? Or perhaps even Ipoh Garden? The interior of the store (especially the display case in front) look so familiar…anyone care to make a guess?

I received the following picture and message by enail. I know many of you tried to help Nicholas find his grandfather’s grave. Well done everybody particularlu Law Siak Hong who did a great service for Nicholas and his family. Dear Ian: Some good news. Thanks to Siak Hong Law, my grandfather’s tombstone was not only […]

This picture (from Thomas Lee) needs no explanation. Steamboat restaurants have mushroomed around the place (there is one barely 1 km from my house!) and at a glance, these restaurants are often packed. What I’m curious about though is HOW/WHEN this dining experience began in Ipoh.

Have any of you seen this product before? I wonder if such products are used by Martial Arts students/instructors today – perhaps they use a different brand? This one was produced and distributed by F & L Medical Hall and the bottle bears the warning. “For external use only. Keep away from FIRE or FLAME.” […]

Remember these tiles and the hours of fun you could have with them? It is believed that this game originated in China, during the 12th Century. In the early 18th Century, it was introduced in Italy and eventually the rest of Europe became engrossed in the game. Dominoes are played today all over the world […]

This, the fifth book in the Scorpio Series covers the period of the second Malaysian “Emergency” from 1970 to 1990 and Special Branch operations that not many people are aware of. By 1970,  the Communist Party of Malaya had re-grouped in southern Thailand and trained about 2,400 reserve troops. They were ready to make a return to […]

We know him as Rocky Teoh – a Taiping-born lad who loved singing and entered many talent contests. Shown here is the front cover of his album, which features two of Rocky’s famous songs: ‘There’s Always Me’ and ‘Crying In The Chapel’. Rocky and the Fabulous Falcons have performed in Cathay Organisation Theatres throughout the […]

To the alumni of NTPS Pasir Puteh: does this (picture below) ring a bell? The lady seated in the front row is none other than the ‘elusive’ Mdm Chow. How many of you remember her? As SK (our donor) told us, Mdm Chow keeps a ‘low profile’. Nevertheless, I’m sure her students will always remember […]

…..folks in Ipoh witnessed the 9-Goddess Celebrations. The procession passed through one of Ipoh’s busiest roads, back in 1982/83. As you can see in this picture, they are passing by the Perak Chinese Foundry Association (building on the left). Anyone have any idea about the other building in the background – the one under construction? […]

We received these interesting pictures from Ralph Khaw (from Perth, Australia). He also emailed us a short explanation for the above pictures: “I can’t remember the date of the singout organised in MGS , involving students from MGS,ACS,SMI. I played a small part as a member of Choir. The teacher singing is Eddie Chin,teacher of […]

What is so special about the GLCM that it deserves a write up?  Well, among the Christian churches in Ipoh, the Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, and other denominations all have Anglo-Celtic influence but the Lutheran has German influence.  Secondly, GLCM carried out its missionary work in the tin mining villages south of Ipoh.  Thirdly, they […]

We have here a 1967 staff photo from Anderson School, Ipoh. Were YOU in this group? Do you recognise the teachers? We’d be glad to have some names (and perhaps a few fond memories too!) 🙂 We thank Chan Weng & Lim Kok Sin for this photo. to get a better view, click the photo 😉 […]

IpohBornKid shared this little story with us through email. Here’s his take on a memorable outing. Happy reading 🙂   Convent Girls by demand – at Kledang Hill   Many teenagers walked up the Kledang Hill in the 1950s (see previous blog).  It was a good natural outing where a big group of Menglembu neighbours […]

Here’s something for the football fans out there! Did any of you watch this game? Who were these two teams? Where was the match held? We suspect that (given the trees in the background) perhaps this was at the D R Seenivasagam Park…..but we could be wrong. If one of the players from either team […]

Here’s a little History lesson for you! picture courtesy of Mohd Asri bin Rosdi THE BUILDING OF A MALAYAN JUNGLE FORT FORT KEMAR 1953 By Dennis Wombell ____________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION Browsing one day recently on my computer, I happened to look up Fort Kemar and found a site which describes it as it now looks. I […]

These two photographs were taken on the 60th birthday of Chow Yoon Soo at Kam Loong Restaurant, Ipoh in 1962. Chow Yoon Soo is featured on our database at The photographs are part of a set of eight we have recently received from her granddaughter, Sybil, togetherl with the details below: Both photos were taken on […]

We have here the 3rd installment of UV’s account….about his teaching experiences in and around Ipoh. Happy reading 🙂   the waterfall at Buntung Teaching In and Around Ipoh Episode 3 Teaching is not merely the passing on of knowledge to students.  It involves and interaction that is rather complicated.  A student learns through various ways.  [This […]

Written by Paul Callan, this book can be purchased at MPH at RM 39.90. Set in 1890 Malaya, this book recalls some interesting encounters between the Dulang Washers and Miners, as well as the British folk, in the Kinta Valley. The summary (on the back cover) is as follows: Malaya, 1890 … in the tin-mining […]

I wonder when THIS fashion trend began! The picture was taken from the bountiful collection of the late Percival Moss (some of which can be found on our database, under the title ‘Moss Collection’). Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this picture – two locals dressed in Western clothing 😉 To our male readers out there….did […]

Here’s a short tale, from a Teacher’s point-of-view! Special thanks to UV for sharing his story with us 🙂 MGS Staff, 1968 Teaching in and Around Ipoh – Episode 1  Prologue There are many major schools in Ipoh.  The famous ones being the Anglo-Chinese School, Ipoh, The Saint Michael’s Institution, Ipoh, Anderson School, Ipoh, Methodist […]

These pictures were sent to us by IpohBornKid. IpohBornKid also wrote the following: The attached photos were taken in the late 1950s, during the local primary school’s song and dance performances. It is a tradition in Chinese schools to perform traditional song and dance as opposed to the Western arts performed in English schools.These performances […]

We seem to be getting quite a few old photographs to identify recently and therefore decided to give you all a treat today with an extra Tuesday blog. This well-worn photograph was taken somewhere here in the 1940’s. Just look at the fashion of the day! The question is – where is it? The owner thinks […]

We thank Ignatius Chew for these pictures – taken at the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Ipoh, in the 1930s. Perhaps Ignatius or any of the other ‘Old Salts’ (as they call themselves) could tell us MORE? 🙂    Looking forward to your comments! We did better than just comments for AP(at)IpohBornKid sent us the following picture […]

Here’s part 4 of our series, written by UV. A photo of the Author, in a Boys’ Brigade uniform during a Methodist Intermediate Fellowship programme.  The American boy in the picture is the son of Bishop Lundey (Lundey was the pastor of Ipoh Wesley Church then).  Episode 4 – Schooling in Ipoh I crossed over into secondary school education at […]

Here’s the 2nd Episode from UV-Valiant Knight.    Episode 2   The Central Mental Hospital, TR. This picture was taken in 1952; the Writer’s mother is seated next to the Matron (an English Lady).    Aerial view of the ACS School, Ipoh   Transferring to another location is usually traumatic for some people.  I had to […]

We have here a contribution by one of our readers – UV -ValiantKnight. He would like to share with us his childhood memories, especially from his schooling days at the Primary branch of ACS (in Ulu Kinta).  Below is his story, together with a couple of pictures. Happy reading! S.K. Methodist, Tanjong Rambutan T.R. Methodist Church   […]

The Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) was the first English school (and first Christian mission school too!) in the Kinta Valley. This school was established by the Methodist Episcopal Mission in 1895. It was said that just five days after his arrival, Rev W E Horley opened ACS in a small attap-roof Malay house rented from Datoh Panglima […]

Calling ALL Convent-Alumni!!! As stated in the flyer, there will be a Christmas Party on 11th December 2010, organised by the Convent Old Girls Association (COGA). This party will be at the Convent Primary Hall, from 4 pm till 7 pm. Besides good food and some fun games, this is a chance to revisit your […]

With all the recent blogs about beauty contestants and pretty girls I thought we ought to have a look at some! This photo was very kindly sent in by our good friend Hong. It was taken in our very own Lido Cinema in 1962. They are the final contestants for the Miss Perak competition run […]

Yes here it is and I am sure that the Hong family were overwhelmed when it was officially opened by Michelle Yeoh just recently for I know how much Hong senior has put into this project. Congratulations! And here it is in all its glory! Submitted by Hong Soon Kheong, there are more photos on […]

This is an invitation for you all to the opening of a solo art exhibition in the Garden Villa No 5 Gopeng Road Sunday 3rd October at 11am. The exhibition is entitled Love, Dream and Hope 2010 and the artist is Budi Utama Siagian. The exhibition is on from 3rd to 10th October and is open […]

Here’s one for the album! This picture was given to us by our friend Charlie…..yes, that’s Charlie on his tractor 😉 As children, we played with toy soldiers, match-box cars, teddy bears, dolls, board games, etc. But I do wonder: how many of us had such toys (picture above) when we were little? Certainly Leong Cheok Loong had a […]

We refer to a previous posting about a traditional Malay-type house in Gopeng (here). Our good friend Charlie brought to our attention the following NST article, as an update on this Gopeng mystery (see pictures below). Azim Abdul Aziz, an architect, had decided to restore his grandfather’s 80-year-old house. Since the main road was being widened, the house […]

Noting the response to our previous posting, we’ve decided to put up two more pictures of the said family: Peranakan or Chinese? We don’t know…maybe someone out there knows…. Here we have a better view of the house. Note also the number plate on the vehicle – PK 3226. That should give you a rough […]

All the last rites performed for the dead in the funeral parlors along Hume Street were a fusion of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism beliefs. The core belief is that death is universal. When a person dies, the soul will leave its body. But it will not realize immediately that death has occurred upon itself. This […]

While we’re still on the topic of schools, here’s a picture from 1963 – showing the cast of *Les Sylphides (a ‘white ballet’ or ballet blanc). Our donor, Sybil de Roquigny, says this ballet was performed in Ipoh. We think the cast could be from Main Convent – but we could be wrong. Does anyone […]

A stone’s throw away from #188 is Hume Street, now known as Jalan Mesjid. Along this short but interesting street, one can find many traditional trades co- existing harmoniously with modern ones. Let’s start with this building at the junction of Hume Street “ 谦街 ” and Jalan Yang Kalsom. This building once housed the […]

Recently the subject of Perak’s vehicle registrations cropped up and as we have a great photo that demonstrates the situation perfectly I thought it was worth putting up to dispell the entirely untrue tale that Perak has the ‘A’ because we had the first cars in Malaya. Absolute rubbish!. Here we have two vehicles side […]

Ladies and Gentlemen, Above is the first draft cover of a new book that will be published as soon as we can fill the blank pages with your reminiscences of growing up in Ipoh. Text will be in the English language. ipohWorld will take on the task of collating, editing and dealing with the publishing and […]

   Dad, as I kept a lonely vigil beside your hospital bed Stroking your soft white hair, caressing your fatigued face Holding your wrinkled hands, never wanting to let you go I could hear your pale lips murmuring my name softly My heart bled to see your body so weak and frail Tears rolling down […]

Nephew of FMS fame was not only the well loved barman of the FMS, but he was friend and confidente of literally thousands of people from all over the globe who dropped in the FMS for a ‘quick one’ over his sixty years behind that famous old bar. Sadly he passed away this week and […]

              Bush Radio                       Marble Table                           Wooden Chairs   Besides being a home to my family, 188 Hugh Low Street was also once a coffee shop. In 1945, an English man who was working and staying in Batu Gajah, retired and planned to return to England for good. He has a collection of marble tables and wooden […]

…she may have been no more than 20 years old when she left her family (back in  the Fujian or Kwungtung Province) to work overseas as a “combination of cleaner, cook, seamstress, nurse and general factotum”. In Ipoh, these Black and White sisters “had their own temple where men were not allowed”. This picture we […]

In 1929 my dad was just a young lad of 9, staying in the little tin mining town of Batu Gajah. According to him, cinemas and televisions were unheard of then. Chinese operas (called tuk tuk chiang in Cantonese) were popular instead, especially during festivals, mostly held near the Kuan Ti Temple ground, near the […]

                             As I was growing up, dad used to tell me about the Japanese atrocities. In his twilight years, while I was taking care of him, he told them to me all over again.  When the Japanese came to Malaya in December 1941, dad was just a young man of 21, staying in […]

Heartiest Congratulations Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzudin Shah  Ghafarullahu-lah D.K., D.K.M., D.M.N., D.K.A. Sultan, Yang Di-Pertuan Dan Raja Pemerintah Negeri Perak Darul Ridzuan On the occasion of His Royal Highness’ Birthday from

The International Day for Monuments and Sites (informally known as the World Heritage Day) was created on 18th April, 1982, by ICOMOS and later approved at the 22nd UNESCO General Conference in 1983. This special day offers an opportunity to raise public’s awareness concerning the diversity of the world’s heritage and the efforts that are […]

In the month of June 2010, the Warriors’ Association, Kinta , Perak is organising a number of events in remembrance of those heroes who fell in defence of freedom and democracy. In chronological order they are: Friday 11th June, 8:45 to 10:15am, Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph, Ipoh (opposite the railway station). Saturday 12th June, 10:30am, Memorial Service […]

The Qing Ming Festival, the Clear Bright Festival, Ancestors Day or Tomb Sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival which falls on the first day of the fifth solar term. It denotes a time for people to go outside and enjoy the greenery of springtime and tend to the graves of departed ones. This year […]

The picture, taken in 1964 by an official photographer shows the then Sultan of Perak, Sultan Idris Shah II (1963-1984), when he visited Fort Tapong. He is in discussion with members of the Police Field Force who were billeted there and conducted anti communist patrols in the area. This fort, the last to be built […]

The Home Guard was part of a defence strategy during the Malayan Emergency. Their role was a ‘static local defence’, and ‘manning of checkpoints’ to cut of supplies to CTs, particularly in the area of the New Villages. The Home Guard were said to release the police and military for counter-terrorist ops. Here we have […]

I’ve heard of the “Hell’s Angels” and other such motorcycle enthusiasts in America, but this one was quite a surprise – The Perak Lambretta Club! We don’t know WHERE these ‘fans’ lined up for a pose but we think the date was 1960. To what we know, the club was founded by (naturally) a motorcycle enthusiast William […]

This very attractive picture was taken in a studio in Ipoh in 1966. She was just two years old and definitely enjoying posing for the camera. We dedicate this to all the children who today are anxiously waiting for the onset of Chinese New Year and their Angpows. May they get many and spend their […]

Sports Day at St Bernadette’s Convent, Batu Gajah, was quite eventful in 1954 – the Teachers had their own little race. This picture was taken at the school’s new grounds (Jalan Pusing); the school was previously sharing its premises with the St Joseph’s Catholic Church. Far in the background are some curious spectators, probably wondering […]

In 1956/57 there was a great deal of student unrest relating to the communist insurgents and the forthcoming Merdeka. Surprisingly, this even spread to laid back old Ipoh. The situation was described by one of the Special Branch officers at the time as “a compelling problem of student subversion developing in the middle schools in Perak, particularly Ipoh”. […]

The photograph shows the view from the gate of the Matang Historical Complex which was originally Ngah Ibrahim’s fort built in 1865. It was initially simply a home for Ngah Ibrahim, who after his elephant went tin mining became a powerful and wealthy tin miner, but he fortified it to save himself from the Chinese triads […]

Lip Po left China, with a Catholic priest, and came to Malaya at the age of 5 in 1877. Having completed his education, he later went into mining. He however lost his mine in Falim and then ventured into selling cold drinks on the street. With that, he saved up some money and bought a 10-acre […]

This little environmentally friendly Soya sauce factory lies just behind the police station in Gopeng. Here the elderly couple have been producing thick and thin sauce and fermented bean paste for most of their lives, but sadly have no children to take over this thriving business. However, there is hope that it will continue as a […]

During the Malayan Emergency from 1948 to 1960 Communist attacks on roads and railways were a regular part of living in Malaya, particularly where transfer of cash was concerned. Consequently the railways introduced the Wickham Armoured Railcar as protection, but for the military and police isolated from the rail service it became normal to fly […]

The photographs, taken by a Japanese tourist, show Ipoh’s famous Beef Noodle Stall in operation in Theatre Street in 1968 where it served the people of Ipoh for more than 50 years, until they were forced by legislation to move to a central hawkers area, known locally as Rainbow City. They have been at this […]