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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Some of you may already recognise this person. For those who don’t, here are some fun facts about him:

  • he was an architect and developer
  • he once worked for the Ipoh Town Board as a draughtsman
  • he also owned Caxton Press (along Belfield Street)
  • he and his family lived at Dulcieville Lane

Yes, he is none other than C H Labrooy!

  1. sk says:

    He was none other than Mr .Claude Henry LaBrooy (CH). Have heard of Caxton press when I was young. His name is quite significant In Ipoh & Sounds very British. If I am not mistaken, his son or grandson was an Andersonian.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Yes, that’s C. H.

    The family were so-called “Dutch Burghers” from Ceylon: in their case of mixed Indian and French ancestry. While still in France the family name was “La Broyes.”

    A little bit older than C. H. — and not closely related — was a different Henry Labrooy, who was already working with Herman Muhlinghaus before James Sword showed up and the Straits Trading Company was formed.

  3. Ipoh Remembered says:

    I should perhaps clarify that the Henry Labrooy who worked for Muhlinghaus — and then the Straits Trading Company for decades — was not based in Ipoh: he lived in KL and died before the first war.

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