This photo was taken on 17 December, 1967 during SMJK Poi Lam’s school visit to Nanyang Siang Pau office. The two lady teachers were dressed in their traditional Chinese cheongsam. The girls were wearing their white sleeveless blouse and black skirt uniform while the boys were all attired in their white short-sleeved shirts and shorts. This was the uniform common for all Chinese secondary schools then. The new school uniform policy was implemented in 1969. From that year onwards until today, female students from all types of secondary schools in Malaysia are required to wear the white blouse and turquoise pinafore uniform while the boys their white short-sleeved shirts and olive green long pants.

We thank Veronica Woo for the picture and the short story.

To all our Poi Lam Alumni out there… you remember this school trip? Do share some of your memories with us 🙂

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