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November 2012

The S.E.A.L. Trip

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Ask me what SEAL is, and I’ll relate it to the US Navy SEALs 😉 But, here we have another type of SEAL – apparently this SEAL is a name of a factory (picture above).

This was sent to us from Ko-chi Wai, along with this message:

School Visit to S.E.A.L Corporation Ltd factory – This was a school visit by my mum’s class to a S.E.A.L Corporation Ltd factory located in Perak (might be Tasek). The company that owns the factor is now known as SEAL Incorporated Bhd, and the registration of the “Sealply” logo/trademark of a seal was last renewed by the company in 1991 (http://www.trademarkuk.info/tm/1214169/sealply). Taken in Oct 1964.


ps: is this factory still there?

August 2012

SMJK Poi Lam Visit the Nanyang Office in 1967

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This photo was taken on 17 December, 1967 during SMJK Poi Lam’s school visit to Nanyang Siang Pau office. The two lady teachers were dressed in their traditional Chinese cheongsam. The girls were wearing their white sleeveless blouse and black skirt uniform while the boys were all attired in their white short-sleeved shirts and shorts. This was the uniform common for all Chinese secondary schools then. The new school uniform policy was implemented in 1969. From that year onwards until today, female students from all types of secondary schools in Malaysia are required to wear the white blouse and turquoise pinafore uniform while the boys their white short-sleeved shirts and olive green long pants.

We thank Veronica Woo for the picture and the short story.

To all our Poi Lam Alumni out there…..do you remember this school trip? Do share some of your memories with us 🙂

January 2012

A Day at the Waterfalls!

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IpohBornKid shared this little story with us through email. Here’s his take on a memorable outing. Happy reading 🙂


Convent Girls by demand – at Kledang Hill


Many teenagers walked up the Kledang Hill in the 1950s (see previous blog).  It was a good natural outing where a big group of Menglembu neighbours and their Ipoh friends would joined in for a group picnic, exercise, dancing and friendship.  Food and sandwiches were locally prepared at home (not bought) and they would be taken uphill by strong young men (or those who wish to impress the girls how strong they were).    Most of them would be in their junior high school (Form i to III) with some in Form Iv and V.  My friend Captain (or Major in the Malaysian Army) Teoh Hoot Aun, an ex-Ipoh ACS boy and queen scout, would be one of the leaders. He  has probably retired by how.  Yes, he did married a Convent girl.   I was only junior but had an eye on all my elder sisters’ classmates. 

Here is a group photo of convent girls, some from Falim and Ipoh who ascended the Kledang Hill for a picnic dance.  This group of people were very keen to learn modern dances (cha cha & the rest) and they used to go to Ipoh YMCA or YWCA on Saturday nights. I can name a few, viz. Poh Yin, Soni, Yoke Fong and hope your readers might be able to identify themselves or others.  The location was the first waterfall in Kledang Hill (note the water rushing out of the bridge tunnel.  Happy Memories.



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