These pictures were sent to us by IpohBornKid.

IpohBornKid also wrote the following:

The attached photos were taken in the late 1950s, during the local primary school’s song and dance performances.

It is a tradition in Chinese schools to perform traditional song and dance as opposed to the Western arts performed in English schools.These performances were well attended by the school children, teachers and parents.  Many teachers spent hours of their free time teaching the young to sing and dance.  Unlike today where you can buy colorful costumes from China, most of the costumes were locally made by parents and volunteers.   The dancers should be in their 50s and 60s now.  I believe that the “old girls” who left the primary school were asked to perform on these occasions.  It is more like a town performance ratherthan a school performance. As a kid, I did attend all these performances as my family members were involved in the stage production and performance.

To what we know, these pictures were taken at Man Wah Primary School, in Menglembu.
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