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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

August 2011

Wang Gungwu: Junzi – Scholar – Gentleman

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This new book is now available in all the usual bookshops at around RM80 to RM100.

This book of interviews with Professor Wang Gungwu, published to felicitate him on his 80th birthday in 2010, seeks to convey to a general audience something of the life, times and thoughts of a leading historian, Southeast Asianist, Sinologist and public intellectual. The interviews flesh out Professor Wang’s views on being Chinese in Malaya (he grew up in Ipoh); his experience of living and working in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia; the Vietnam war; Hong Kong and its return to China; the rise of China; Taiwan’s, Japan’s and India’s place in the emerging scheme of things; and the United States in an age of terrorism and war. The book includes and interview with his wife, Mrs. Margaret Wang, on their life together for half a century. Two interviews by scholars on Professor Wang’s work are also included, as are his curriculum vitae and a select bibliography of his works.

What comes across in this book is how Professor Wang was buffeted by feral times and hostile worlds, but responded to them as a left-liberal humanist who refused to cut ideological corners. This book records his response to tumultuous times on hindsight, but with a keen sense of having lived through the times of which he speaks.

NOTE: For those not skilled in Chinese, Junzi  was a term used by Confucious to describe his ideal human. To Confucius, the functions of government and social stratification were facts of life to be sustained by ethical values; thus his ideal human was the junzi. Often translated as “gentleman” or “superior person” and sometimes “exemplary person”.

NOTE 2: Wang Gungwu was an Anderson School student before and for a while after, the Japanese Occupation.

The Memorable School Trip – by IpohBornKid

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Here’s another little sharing by IpohBornKid, about a school trip to Penang with his friends!

This picture was taken in the 1950s where Mr Quah Kuan Teik took a bus load of ACS boys to Penang.  It was a most memorable trip and of course, we gave the old boy heaps but he remained firm and show exceptional tolerance to all of us.  For example, when you go to sleep at night, someone will squeeze some toothpaste in your mouth.  On the journey to Penang and back, there were no toilets in the bus (an old ACS school Bus) and the boys would literally go to the back of the bus and “washed” the windscreen of an unfortunate car following behind the bus.  If any of you recognised yourself in the photograph please own up.

Mr Quah also told us the story of how some of the boys were lost during the night on a trip to Emerald Island, an island west of Pangkok.  Those adventurous ACS boys decided to venture across the island through the thick growth and into the other side.  There was a big panic, alarm bells were raised and search party was organised.  The boys were finally found safe and sound.  Any normal teacher would have said ” I had enough of the buggers, no more trips for you fellas”.  No, Mr Quah totally forgotten what had happened and continue the next excursion as if nothing had happened..

On an excursion to Cameron Highlands, Mr Quan took us to visit a vegetable farm.  One is supposed to ask the farmer to cut the cabbage if you want to buy it (only 20c each).  No, ACS boys were different.  Several boys gave a swift kick at the cabbage and it rolled down the hill until it hits an embankment.  I cannot remember whether they eventually bought the cabbage.

Nicky Chin, Mano, Me and Z.. : off to Penang we go on an ACS Excursion,  if you see yourself in the photo, please hands up.


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