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May 2013

A Day of Smiles at Falim House

By |2013-05-26T19:55:30+08:00May 26th, 2013|Categories: About Us|

Today, Sunday 26 May 2013 really was a day of smiles 885 of them! Yes 885 people registered at ipohworld's exhibition mounted at Falim House and good humour was the [...]

April 2013

March 2013

Where Is It?

By |2013-03-01T17:19:45+08:00March 1st, 2013|Categories: About Us|

We'd like to thank Keith Nelson for this photo. Does anyone know where this place is? Could it be Ipoh or somewhere in Perak? Or, could it be another state [...]

February 2013

What It Used To Be…

By |2013-02-04T17:07:25+08:00February 4th, 2013|Categories: About Us|

This is what the above Ipoh street looked like back in the 70s. Yes, all of you know this one.....as well as what is at both ends of the street! [...]

January 2013

…Miss who?

By |2013-01-09T11:19:33+08:00January 9th, 2013|Categories: About Us|Tags: , |

Anyone know who's the pretty lady in the picture? I'm guessing she's a contestant from a beauty contest (note the sash) and perhaps this was one of those promotional photo [...]

December 2012

November 2012

Traders on the Bridge

By |2012-11-28T08:36:19+08:00November 28th, 2012|Categories: About Us|

We've had past comments about Burmese traders selling precious stones on the Hugh Low Bridge at weekends. Here's a rare picture of one such scene from 1971. Have you encountered any [...]

Some Help Needed Here

By |2012-11-22T14:20:33+08:00November 6th, 2012|Categories: About Us|

In response to the below appeal we have unusually agreed to publish this. Please help if you can but remember  - pets are not toys to be discarded when you [...]

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Episode 6: Schooling in Ipoh

By |2011-04-19T09:17:55+08:00April 19th, 2011|Categories: About Us|

Here it is, the long awaited Episode 6 by UV. He describes the photo thus:   The photo of the Methodist Youth Felllowship of Ipoh Wesley Church is made up [...]

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December 2010

2011 Calendar

By |2010-12-29T09:41:18+08:00December 29th, 2010|Categories: About Us|Tags: |

Good news for all ipohWorld fans! 2011 calendar is now available! Click on the calendars below to download in high res! And now, how many of you can guess correctly [...]

Merry Christmas!

By |2010-12-24T09:11:52+08:00December 24th, 2010|Categories: About Us|

On behalf of ipohWorld, we wish you all Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Have a great weekend ahead! P/S: Stay tuned for our 2011 Calendar wallpaper which will [...]

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Welcome to ipohWorld’s Heritage Trail

By |2008-12-13T00:49:01+08:00December 12th, 2008|Categories: About Us|

Welcome to ipohworld’s first blog. This is your site to share information and photographs of Perak’s heritage and social history for recording in an online database archive, currently being produced [...]