In response to the below appeal we have unusually agreed to publish this. Please help if you can but remember  – pets are not toys to be discarded when you are bored with them. They are for life.

“TheNoah’s Ark Ipoh is managing the ISPCA cattery. We have lots of kittens at the moment, around 20! We also have around 40 adult cats looking for a good home. Can you help us get the word out about adoption as the only option? We have cute pictures and descriptive pharagraphs of the cats personalities. We would like to reach as many people as possible.

We are open on weekends from 10-12 for adoptions.  We are also looking for some volunteer helpers/play mates/groomers at the Cattery. If you know anyone who loves cats, send them my contact info please.
Thank you,
Jenna Murray

My name is Snowball. I am mostly white, with a short tail and quite rotund like a ball. I have awfully cute marble-grey eyes. I am also very playful and cute. I am just a few months old and super cute. I am already done (neutered/spayed) and cute too. I am ready for adventure and would be good with a family that has children.

As you can see.. I am just all cute. Come and visit me at the cattery. Pray and hope that i get a nice family to go home to soon. Will you take me home please? I can be good… and i am cute you know.

A little history about Garfield. I am not sure how long he has been in The Cattery, but his owner abandoned him as he lost almost all his fur and didn’t look good anymore. Fur loss was probably due to stress … like how we lose our hair when stressed. Nothing a little TLC couldn’t solve- you should see his handsome self now. Very calm temperament. He would be a perfect lap cat for Grandma. He would make a WONDERFUL friend. Anyone want to adopt him? He’s neutered and very, very SWEET!

Now here are three more lonely feline friends looking for new homes.

Sunshine tells us.  I am a ginger and white kitten with a very round face. They all call me big face because my face is as round as the mOOn. I am most playful and full of energy as i’ve been confined in a condo (most of the time) with another smaller ginger and white with a small face (who is not as cute as me). Snowball used to live with me. Now that he has found a good home, I wish to go home too. I need a good mama to wipe my face for me, a warm bed to sleep in and lots of hugs and snuggles. I will be the sunshine on your shoulders if you bring me home as my fur lights up like the sunshine. I will light up your life and make you very happy. Take me home, Please?

Lavender’s tale (sic). I was rescued from the Turf Club way back in June this year. I was heavily pregnant and about to pop. I gave birth to 5 lil’ sweet kittens safely in the cattery and they named my babies the Smallies

Each and every kitten of mine has found a forever home and its time that I should leave the cattery too. I am a very sweet cat, gentle and just love minding my own business. I don’t get into fights and I can mix very well with other cats. I’ll make a very nice lap cat and a wonderful companion for some senior folks as I am not noisy. I just love a good cuddle and a good home.

Give us adult cats a chance and share your home with us. I am already neutered and am ready to go home anytime you are ready to pick me up. We are all litter trained and we just need someone to love. Come and get me soon, ya?

Blue the Siamese – her story. Blue was rescued two months ago with severe mange and a burnt back… she has been treated, vaccinated and spayed and ready for her new home. She is a beautiful Siamese and extremely affectionate. The person who adopts her is extremely lucky. She loves human company and is like a shadow….she gets on well with other cats and is an absolute gem.

Her bad past is behind her now. All she needs is a loving home. Does anyone want to have a beautiful Siamese?



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