Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation
Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

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November 2013

‘Voices from Vienna to Broadway’

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To all music lovers out there, keep 16th November 2013 free. Be at Tandoor Grill before 8pm because Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) presents:

PSPA_flyer-web-1 (2)

For further information, please contact the following:

PSPA (05-5487814) or email them at pspaipoh@gmail.com / Musicprints (017-5153612) / City Ballet Sdn Bhd (05-2537114)

August 2013

December 2012

September 2011

A Concert Not To Be Missed!

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For those of you who are wondering about what to do this Friday evening….how about¬†sampling some Korean pop music? Yes, tonight at 8pm at Dewan Leong Wan Chin (Perak Girls’ School Hall) there will be a K-Pop Concert put together by a group of young and gifted Koreans!

This concert is in aid of IPOHBUG – an organisation ‘dedicated to encouraging sports amongst the youth’. As IPOHBUG President William Chang explains, the funds raised will “give Malaysian youths the opportunity to enjoy football, basketball etc. besides building healthy lifestyles and developing good morals through sports”.

For more information, you may contact Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) at 05-5487814 or e-mail them at pspa2011fest@gmail.com

July 2011

June 2011

The Perak Choral Festival

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In conjunction with the Perak Choral Festival 2011, the following events will be taking place:

  • A Choral Training Workshop, by Susanna Saw, on 18 June (Saturday) at Garden Villa from 1pm-6pm
  • A Choral Performance by Perak’s Promising Choirs, on 19 June (Sunday) at Dewan Leong Wan Chin (Perak Girls’ School) from 2pm-5pm
  • An evening with the German Youth Choir, on 20 June (Monday) at the Syuen Hotel, 8pm


For further enquiries/reservations, do contact PSPA: 05-5487814 / pspa2011fest@gmail.com

May 2011

Our “Shiny Black Gold” Exhibition – Last Day

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PSPA’s Brand New Musical Show, “Shiny Black Gold”¬†depicts the life of an imaginary¬†coolie¬†who came to Ipoh from China to make his fortune from tin mining. In order to support¬†the show,¬†ipohWorld put on a small exhibition of artifacts which stressed the main aspects of the musical. Above you can see the story of the coolie at work and the dulang washer’s life.

The show is very true to life and also featured the coolie’s 4 Evils from which he suffered – The Triad Brotherhood, Gambling, Opium and Prostitution. This table features the last three, with old gambling tokens, a full opium smoker’s outfit and a book about local Japanese Prostitution – in 1921 there were at least 50 Japanese prostitutes resident in Ipoh.

Of course the coolies lived in the kongsi and here we feature communal eating by the light of an oil lamp.

Today, Sunday, is your last opportunity to see the show and visit the exhibition. There are two shows today at 4.00pm and 8.00pm and if you would like a ticket then there may be a chance if you phone 0125088818. Do it NOW.

Your ipohWorld hosts IKA and Felicia will be there to welcome you from 3.00pm.

‘Shiny Black Gold’

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Perak Society of Performing Arts presents their very own in-house production titled Shiny Black Gold – a story recalling the ‘glory days’ of tin mining in Perak. Interestingly, the cast of this production are fellow Perakians!

This musical will be held at Taman Budaya (along Tambun Road), from Friday 20 May till Sunday 22 May 2011. Show times are 4pm (Saturday and Sunday matinee) and at 8pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The above brochure is an old version and will be replaced by the new one as soon as we get it.

For further details/reservations, please contact PSPA (05-5487814) or email them at pspa2011fest@gmail.com

March 2011

“…and the Oscar goes to…”

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Perak Society for Performing Arts (PSPA) together with Soroptimist International presents “Ipoh Oscar Night”. This charity dinner (accompanied by Broadway Entertainment) is funded by two charities – The New Horizaon Society & Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Setia.

Want to get a feel of what an Oscar-night is all about? Join the party at the Crystal Ballroom, Impiana Hotel; on Saturday 19th March 2011 at 7.15pm.

For more information, do call PSPA at: 05-5487814 / or Witzi at 012-5088818

‘Reaching out Through Art’

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The Perak Society for Performing Arts would like to highlight¬†a unique fund raiser – with the help of Ipoh Architect and Author Theresa Lim. Theresa always had a keen interest in art and eventually went on to become Perak’s first woman architect. Together with the Perak Autistic Society,¬†she will be sharing her paintings and writings as part of a fund raising project.

This fund raiser encompasses:
an Art Exhibition (and Dinner) at Citrus Restaurant, on Friday 11 March at 7.30 pm.
and, a Storytelling & Painting demo by Theresa Lim, on Saturday 12 March at the YMCA. This demo starts at 3 pm.

Those interested can forward your enquiries to: PSPA (05-5487814) / pspa2011fest@gmail.com

February 2011

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