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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

August 2023

May 2023

The London to Sydney Marathon

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This is a photograph of one of the cars which was participating in the London to Sydney Marathon. The drivers were Rick Bates and Jenny Brittan. The cars were gathered in the centre of Ipoh, near the Municipal Building (Dataran Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh) before they took off on the next stage of the rally. One of the sponsors was Trans World Events…..(read more here)



March 2023

Perak Academy Talk – “Perak Royalty & Nobility – Its History, Succession, Etiquette and Decorations”

By |2023-03-01T16:03:58+08:00March 1st, 2023|Categories: Events, history, Perak Academy Talk|

Mark your calendars. Perak Academy will be hosting a talk on The Perak Royalty & Nobility, on 20th March 2023.

The talk will be at 8pm, at Mamut Meeting Room (1 Jalan Lasam, 30350, Ipoh).
Light refreshments will be served at 7pm.

For more information, call Perak Academy at 016-412 3742

or email contact@perakacademy.com


November 2022

October 2022

…no easy feat…

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No, this isn’t part of a circus troupe. Neither is this a Chinese New Year celebration (yes, I know some of you spotted the ‘lion’ in the background).

This is actually part of the Nine Emperor Gods Festival parade. We thank our donor – Ann Kesselring Hamon – for sharing this with us.

Here’s another picture from that parade.

June 2022

The Aeroplane Comes to Ipoh!

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The people of Ipoh had an opportunity to witness an aeroplane for the first time on July 1 1911! G P Kuller – one of the earliest aviators – staged a 4-day flight exhibition in Ipoh.

Thousands congregated at the race course, with 150 Europeans occupying the 1st and 2nd class seats. The 3rd and 4th class ticket-holders were largely Asian, while an even larger crowd assembled outside on Tambun Road. (read more here)

Do you recall the first time you boarded a plane?

Gone…but not forgotten…

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The Gurkhas from Nepal were an integral part of the British Army as they fought side by side during the difficult periods of Malayan history, which included conflict against the Japanese troops in World War Two, the communist insurgents in the emergency era and the Confrontation Period with Indonesia in Borneo.

Each year on the second Saturday in June, a remembrance service takes place at this well kept cemetery where around 100 Gurkhas (soldiers and families) are laid to rest. Of these, 28 were from the British’s Second Royal Rangers Regiment.


We thank Ramadas G. Retnam for sharing this picture with us.

May 2022

April 2022

Make Way!

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No, this is not a scene from the floods 😉

It is in fact an entourage crossing the Perak River. This picture was taken in 1913, and can be found in the G.C.V.O. booklet. The booklet records the celebration week that to place to mark the award of the Sultan of Perak with the Royal Victorian Order (Grand Cross of the Victorian Order, or G.C.V.O.), which carries the title Sir.

The second elephant, the Sultan’s Elephant, carried Captain Oliver – who conveyed the Insignia to His Excellency the High Commissioner.

March 2022

October 2021

Ipoh’s Twin City

By |2021-10-15T16:26:17+08:00October 15th, 2021|Categories: Events, history, ipoh, tourism|

This year on 21st March 1989 marks another milestone in the history of Perak. It was the signing of the declaration to accord twin-city status to Ipoh and Fukuoka of Japan.

The declaration is expected to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Japan and Malaysia. It paves a new era of strong economic and industrial cooperation and social, cultural and youth exchanges.

The declaration of the twin-city status was signed by Datuk Bandar(the Mayor) Datuk Haji Umar Abu and Fukuoka Mayor Keiichi Kuwahara at a special function in Japan. It was witnessed by Perak Sultan, Sultan Azlan Shah, the Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ramli and top officials in the state. (read more here)

August 2021

A test of strength

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We have here Mrs Southwell, ‘flexing her muscles’ as it were. She must have been really strong, to attempt pushing a Triumph Vitesse Six! Looking on is her husband R. J. Southwell.

This picture was taken back in 1966, during the Triumph Owners’ Club (TOC) Gymkhana. 

July 2021

June 2021

“seated in style”

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Here’s another picture from a magazine. This was taken during the Triumph Owner’s Club AGM, back in 1966. The meeting was held at the Century Motors Ltd Showroom in Ipoh. Do you recognise anyone here? Guests aside, what really caught my eye were the chairs; they don’t make chairs like these anymore, do they?

“pulling a stunt”

By |2021-06-11T13:21:57+08:00June 11th, 2021|Categories: Events, Identify Photographs, ipoh, Memories|

This photo was taken during the 1980 HRH Sultan of Perak’s Castrol-TOC Motorkhana. The ‘stuntman’ is none other than Adrian Boudville, who drove his Citroen BLINDFOLDED!

For those who a suffering from boredom during this MCO, PLEASE DO NOT try this.

May 2021

March 2021

Celebrating Women!

By |2021-03-08T15:55:10+08:00March 8th, 2021|Categories: festivals/celebrations, Identify Photographs, Memories, Sports|

Today being International Women’s Day, we’d like to extend our wishes to all the amazing women – both in and around Ipoh, as well as the rest of the planet. Our featured post today is about women in sports:


Here is S P Seenivasagam, presenting trophies to Yeow Phaik Poh and Doreen Seow. This photo was taken around 1964. (picture courtesy of Angie Yeow, Ipoh)



Pearly Tan (right) and M. Thinaah (photo courtesy of Star Online). These ladies won the Swiss Open title yesterday. 

January 2021


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This photograph, taken on 7th January 1919, shows Dr A C Kathigasu and his 19 year- old bride, Sybil Daly on their wedding day at St John’s Church (now St John’s Cathedral) in Bukit Nanas, Kuala Lumpur. The page-boy is Eric Jeremiah, the 6 year-old son of a family friend Iris Jeremiah.

A little history lesson for you…

By |2021-01-04T16:31:52+08:00January 4th, 2021|Categories: Events, history, Memories|

The Battle of Kampar broke out on the night of 29 December 1941, the day after the Japanese occupied Ipoh. The British battalion, under the inspiring leadership of Lt.Col. Morrison, defended the town very well, inflicting heavy losses on the Japanese. When New Year was ushered in, many soldiers, both Japanese and British, had been killed or wounded.

Read more here.

August 2020

June 2020

Express Mail

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Remember when the Perak Postal Service started a special express letter service between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur? It wasn’t that long ago; apparently, there were two dispatches daily (except Sunday and Public Holidays). And the letters would reach the SAME DAY!

VIP visit

By |2020-06-25T09:41:25+08:00June 25th, 2020|Categories: childhood, Events, history, Identify Photographs, ipoh, Memories, People|

Back in 1952, Countess Mountbatten visited St Michael’s Institution. As President of the St John Ambulance Association in London she toured Malaya, visiting centres where St John Ambulance activities were organised. In this photograph, she’s addressing an assembly at the school hall – where she declared a half-holiday (much to the students delight!).

Robin Hood in Malaya?

By |2020-05-29T11:42:43+08:00June 1st, 2020|Categories: Events, history, ipoh, Memories, People|

When the 1939-45 war in Europe ended, in which Police Lieutenant Dick Villiers had visited the continent more times than a peacetime tourist, he was dropped into Malaya as a member of Force 136. When the Japanese capitulated in 1945, Dick left the jungle in Lower Perak and by accident met the Loh family at Telok Anson (now Telok Intan). This was the beginning of an enduring friendship.

With nourishment in short supply at the end of the war, the Loh’s three month old daughter, Diane, was facing a bleak future. Dick began to feel peckish too when the army refused to put him on rations due to his ‘unofficial’ status. Similar situations had cropped up in Europe when he had ‘dropped in unannounced’ and so, like Robin Hood he solved the problem by using his special skills. (read more about his story here).

Yes, we had a ‘Robin Hood’ here in Malaya too! 🙂

May 2020

Opening of the New Library

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This photograph was taken during the official opening of the new ACS Library and wing, on 11 June 1955. The gentleman unveiling the tablet is said to be the Perak Deputy Menteri Besar. Does anyone know who he was?

Also in the photograph are: Methodist Bishop Raymond Archer (left) and school Principal Ralph Kesselring (right).

Special thanks to our donor – Ann Kesselring Hamon.


April 2020


By |2020-04-23T13:54:51+08:00April 24th, 2020|Categories: Events, history, Ipoh Town, Memories|

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, and is commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year. It now more broadly commemorates all those who died and served in military operations for the country. The picture shows a remembrance parade in Ipoh, back in 1957. 

A Grand Birthday…

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Here we have a ceremony at the Ipoh Town Hall, to observe the Japanese Emperor’s birthday. It is said that Emperor Showa (better known as Hirohito) was born on 29 April 1901; and the Emperor’s Birthday celebrations are always carried out on the actual day of birth. We estimate this photograph was taken in the early 1940s.

On that note, we’d like to extend birthday greetings to all of you out there who are turning a year ‘younger’ this month of April 🙂

March 2020

“Gone but never forgotten”

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No, we’re not in a morbid mood this Friday. In fact, tomorrow (21st March) will mark 71 years since the burial of WW II heroine Sybil Kathigasu (nee Daly).

We have here a photograph taken at St Michael’s Church, way back in 1949. The hearse can be seen arriving at the tree-lined Church Road. Also note the crowds of well-wishers and altar boys lined up on both sides of the road.

January 2020

Next on Sharpened Word…

By |2020-01-22T17:08:21+08:00January 22nd, 2020|Categories: Events, ipoh|

Zunar’s session in January was just as exhilarating and we have a full crowd to  start the new year.
Taking about star power ! Not to be outdone, our theme for February will be equally exciting i.e. Local Animation.
Sharpened Word is proud to bring in the creator and director of the multi-award winning short animation movie BATIK GIRL , Irwan Junaidy, to Ipoh to share his experience and journey with us. The 9 minute animation has certainly created a lot of publicity since launch last year and received rave reviews, not to mention that the animation has been shortlisted in multi film festivals across the globe. 
And to add icing on the cake, Hassan Muthalib, Malaysia’s Father of Animation, will join us as the other panelist and both  of them will go the whole nine yards and give us an overall view of the local animation industry.
It will be interesting to hear their respective takes on the evolution and development of the local animation industry as both of them come from a different era of visual story creation, with the more senior Pak Hassan now establishing himself as an renowned movie historian and reviewer.
This is a session especially suited for those who are keen to get involved in the industry and those who want to know more about animation. Again,the topic will be centered on storytelling and creativity, or perhaps creative storytelling?

December 2019

November 2019

The Teacher…and his students

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We thank Barat Kumar for sending us this picture. In his own words, Barat explains:

“As we bear witness to the passing of a great man I would like to share this picture of Our beloved Mr Selvamany. Picture was taken on 14 July 1972 at a farewell assembly. This was when he went on transfer. From left Thian Hock (?) and Chong Kee Seng. 
Accompanying Mr Selvamany is Principal”

August 2019

The year was 1957…

By |2019-08-26T16:00:32+08:00August 26th, 2019|Categories: Events, Ipoh Town, Memories, movies|

…when Lido Theatre had its grand opening. Thanks to Hong Soon Keong, we have here a photograph taken outside the cinema before the opening. It shows the Band of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment of Taiping by the kind permission of the Commanding Officer, Lt Col S G Doulson performing outside the Lido Theatre.

Merdeka Tournaments

By |2019-08-08T15:37:23+08:00August 9th, 2019|Categories: Events, Identify Photographs, ipoh, Sports|

These are the Champions and the Runners-up, the Yoke Hong Blue and Yellow teams, of the Perak Table Tennis Merdeka Trophy Tournament. The photo was taken on 22nd September 1957. Were there other such tournaments held in conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence Day?

May 2019

A Protest in Grik

By |2019-05-03T16:32:46+08:00May 5th, 2019|Categories: Events, history, Memories|

Where were you in May 1974? Do you remember an incident, whereby a hundred members of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) guerillas gathered and planted explosives which blew up earth-moving equipment along the East-West Highway at Grik, North Perak? Well, we’re not going to show you some graphic photos of what happened; instead, we have one of a protest which was held the following month…

April 2019

Ipoh Food Festival

By |2019-04-25T15:45:57+08:00April 25th, 2019|Categories: Events, festivals/celebrations, food, Ipoh Town, tourism|

Heard about the Ipoh Food Festival? Check out the posters below:

Here’s a message from the organisers:

We have many exciting workshops and experience for tourist to sign up. Some are also free.

1) Dine in the Dark (rm15 per pax)
Register via WhatsApp name > 012-4128038

Rattan Basket Weaving Workshop [1 seat left]
27 Apr | 4:30pm (2 hours)

Fruit and Vegetables Bouquet Workshop [8 seat left]
27 Apr | 7pm (2 hours)

Cultural Dining Experience – Malay | Chinese | Indian [28 seat left]
28 Apr | 6pm (1.5 hours)

Ipoh Echo Food & Heritage Trial with Vivien Lian (Halal and Non Halal) [13 seat left]
28 Apr | 7:30am (5 hours)

Liberica White Coffee Roasting Workshop [8 seat left]
4 May | 4:30pm or 8:30pm (1 hour)

Malaysia Local Coffee Roasting Workshop [9 seat left]
4 May | 4:30pm or 8:30pm (1 hour)

Bees Wax Wrap Workshop by A Bit Less Bulk Store [7 seat left]
4 May | 4:30pm (2 hours)

Coffee Scrub Workshop [10 seat left]
4 May | 7pm (2 hours)

Ipoh White Coffee Story & Heritage Tour [57 seat left]
4 May | 8am or 4pm (2 hours) | English & Chinese session

More info is at Ipoh Food Fest Facebook page


Well, what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun 🙂

March 2019

“for your eyes only”

By |2019-03-07T13:20:40+08:00March 7th, 2019|Categories: childhood, Events, ipoh, Memories, People|

courtesy of: Hong Soon Keong

In the 1960s, a magician by the name of John Calvert drove from the Ipoh Airport to Lido Cinema…blindfolded! No, I’m not kidding; the above picture was taken at Cockman Street showing Calvert in an Austin Gypsy..with his eyes covered.

We’re not encouraging you to try this stunt…but we’re wondering if anyone out there remembers John Calvert and his magic show 🙂

January 2019

November 2018

Fast cars and Pretty girls ?

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picture courtesy of: Royal Perak Motor Club

Do you remember the year these Alfa Romeo cars came to Malaysia? Perhaps the car-lovers might be able to tell us more. Maybe someone out there was standing in the crowd watching this promotion.

And…if you were one of these pretty girls in the photograph, we’d love to hear from you too 😉

October 2018

Let the music play…

By |2018-10-01T16:34:51+08:00October 1st, 2018|Categories: concerts, Events, Identify Photographs, ipoh, Memories, People|Tags: |


courtesy of: Charlie Choong (click to enlarge)

We believe these musicians were part of the Perak Hui Zhou association. While we try to find out more about this, perhaps someone out there could help us out. Does anyone remember this public performance? And if you do, do you recognise the buildings in the background?

September 2018

August 2018

Tourist Trails of Old Ipoh

By |2018-08-15T16:49:06+08:00August 15th, 2018|Categories: Events, Ipoh Town, Memories, Natural Heritage, tourism|Tags: , |

“Fancy travelling down the memory lanes in Ipoh?

Commander Ian Anderson would bring you through the tourist trails of Old Ipoh, to allow you to relive the good old glorious Ipoh. 

The speaker will guide the audience along the first published tourist trails of Ipoh in 1914, continuing with a look at the differences created by development in the trail of 1921.

The lecture will conclude with a look at the development of today’s Old Town Heritage Trail.”

Mark your calendars, folks. Come by to STG Ipoh Old Town this Sunday 19th August 2018, from 2.30pm – 5pm.

For more details, check out the link below:



July 2018

The ‘beer can test’ ?

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Following your enthusiastic comments on an old blog post, we decided to put up something else from the Triumph Owners Club (Perak) Magazine. These are from the Driving Tests at the Military Square, Ashby Road, Ipoh (back in 1975). The car on the right was said to be a Triumph Herald 1200 saloon. Car lovers care to tell us about the car on the left? 🙂

On another note, what IS a ‘beer can test’?

June 2018

Table Tennis Winners

By |2018-06-13T15:36:16+08:00June 13th, 2018|Categories: Events, games, Identify Photographs, Ipoh Town, Memories, People|Tags: , |


picture courtesy of: Haji Musa & family

Yes, those in the leading car in this parade were the Perak State Table Tennis Team. Incidentally, the team won the National Table Tennis Championship back in 1967. The winners went on parade through Hugh Low Street – passing the premises of the Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation. The President of the Perak Association, Towkay Chong Kok Lim (later Tan Sri) was said to be in the leading car. Does anyone remember this parade?

Sports Day, at the Anglo-Chinese Girls’ School

By |2018-06-11T15:25:12+08:00June 11th, 2018|Categories: childhood, history, Identify Photographs, Memories, People, Sports|Tags: , , |

Yes, you read it right – Anglo-Chinese Girls’ School. Maybe you’re more familiar with its current name – Methodist Girls’ School (MGS).

Anyway, here is a nostalgic photograph taken during the sports day. The guest of honour is none other than Mrs Florence Kesselring.


photo courtesy of: Ann Hamon (nee Kesselring)

May 2018

Perak Academy Talk

By |2018-05-19T11:21:55+08:00May 19th, 2018|Categories: Events|Tags: |



In the best of philosophical tradition, the speaker is not an academic philosopher, and he is not in academia.  He is, however, a philosopher in the sense that he is extremely curious and inquisitive about the vast diversity of human nature, the concern and search for a meaningful and purposeful life, and the varieties of thoughts and experiences and his own reflections on these matters. 

 By profession, he is a lawyer, but in his legal practice he brings with it a certain dose of philosophy.  “I have often been asked how my studies in philosophy have helped me in the practical application of the law and the cut-and thrust world of corporate business. I do not cut or thrust; I practice law with a heavy dose of philosophical persuasion, compassion and detachment.”

 In this sense, the speaker is a philosopher of the workplace, of the marketplace (the agora) and of the community; in this way, the speaker is engaged in public conversations.  It was in the marketplace – the Agora of Athens – that Western philosophy was birthed, whose nurse-maid was Socrates.

 One of the great hallmarks of philosophy is that it is less mindful and respectful of traditions as opposed to Law.  Every philosopher seeks new grounds of ideas of the mind in the mental universe and called it a system, a philosophy, school of thought or “baptized” it with an ‘ism,’ which is a code for “territory” – a territory of the mind.  Therefore, a philosopher is one who has a sense of adventure, exploration and discovery, a miner of thoughts and ideas.  He goes out to “conquer ideas” and stake it an ‘ism’ and then he defends this new found “mental territory” by arguing about it, usually with his fellow philosophers.

 In this lecture, in the speaker’s attempt to answer the questions:  Why do philosophers argue? How do philosophers argue?  What philosophers argue about? and “What is the purpose of philosophy?  The speaker hopes to paint the broad outlines and evoke flashes of what philosophy is, who is a philosopher and what kind of a “creature” we call “philosopher” through examining certain key divisional aspects of philosophy and philosophers in the history of Western philosophy.

 In the history of philosophy, many binary distinctions have been applied: nominalist/realist; empiricist/rationalist/transcendentalist; materialist/idealist.  There are, of course, giants in philosophy such as Kant who straddled the divisions, but these divisions have not been removed.  One of the dualisms which runs deeply through philosophy’s history is that between a view of philosophy which sees its task is to understand the use of concepts and the meaning of words, and a view of philosophy which sees its task is to understand the world and the good life. 

 The speaker contends that it is the business of philosophers to argue, debate and to tease or force out the fundamental truths that Nature continues to guard jealously and to engage in public conversations.   Philosophers like to poke their noses not just at people but also at Nature.

December 2017

More Royal Visits!

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courtesy of: Charlie Choong, Ipoh


This was not taken in Ipoh, but we thought of sharing this rare find with all of you. These photos were part of a series, taken back in 1956 (some were faded, some were damaged).

Here we have HRH the Duke of Edinburgh visiting a dredge in Jinjang. The gentleman in the dark sunglasses is George Seddon – the General Manager of Anglo-Oriental. We know the photos are not as clear as they should be, but can you recognise any of the other gentlemen?

November 2017

September 2017

Come meet the badminton heroes!

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Thanks to SK, we have the following photograph – which was taken at the BWF World Senior Badminton Championships 2017.


From left to right: Foo Lai Loon (MS 70+ ); Chan Wan Seong (MS60+);  Loo Ah Hooi & Ching Kon Kong (MD70+)

SK also shared the following message from Chan Wan Seong:

BWF World Senior Badminton Championships 2017 – List of Malaysian Medalists :

In MD50+, Sarawakian Ting Wei Ping ( not from BU Dragons group) & Indonesian Bobby Ertanto ( 1982 Indonesia Thomas Cup Partner of Liem Swie King) won Gold Medal.

In MD40+, Kah Kok Cheong & Lum Chee Meng ( not from our BU Dragons group) won Silver Medal.

In MS60+, Chan Wan Seong, and Ong Then Lin ( Ong is under MBA Group) won Bronze Medal.

In MS70+, Foo Lai Loon won Bronze Medal.

In MD70+, defending champions Ching Kon Kong & Loo Ah Hooi won Bronze Medal.

So Malaysia has won a total of 6 medals :
1 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze .

He added:
“This is the official BWF World Senior Badminton Championships 2017 held once every 2 yrs.
In the 2015 edition, he won a Bronze Medal in MS60+ and in 2017, he won another Bronze Medal despite being 2 yrs older now and facing younger opponents who have migrated to the 60-64 years age category.”

In the 2015 edition, Malaysia won only one Gold in MD70+ through Ching Kon Kong/ Loo Ah Hooi, and one Bronze in MS60+ through Chan Wan Seong.


SK would also like to extend an invitation to ALL the Andersonians

Date: 23 Sept 2017 , Saturday

Time : 12.00 pm to 4.30 p.m. Hi Tea

Venue :  Swez  Brasserie East In Hotel Petaling Jaya

Cost: About RM 63 for Seniors Discount.

Contact Person: Darren Teh – darrenyft77@gmail.com


ps: You’ll also have a chance to meet our badminton stars Chan Wan Seong and Loo Ah Hooi – both former Andersonians – in the flesh!

July 2017

May 2017

Man of steel?

By |2017-05-19T16:30:31+08:00May 19th, 2017|Categories: Events, People|


According to the caption of this photo, the man being rammed by a tree trunk (right) is Khoo Way Poon. Perhaps this was a martial-arts demonstration. Do you remember the event? More importantly, do you know Khoo Way Poon?

Cheers to our brave Fire-fighters!

By |2017-05-05T11:25:56+08:00May 5th, 2017|Categories: Events, history, Identify Photographs, Memories|Tags: , , |

In 1893, an actual Merryweather was ordered from London and delivered to Ipoh. Horse-drawn and manned by Sikhs (under Police supervision), it was capable of pumping up to 600 gallons of water per minute. It was also said to be the fastest vehicle (at that time) in the country!

What does a Merryweather look like? Well, here’s a toy model to give you an idea:



In case you didn’t know, yesterday – 4th May – was Hari Bomba (Fire-fighters’ Day). Kudos to all our Heroes!!

March 2017

A Round of Golf anyone?

By |2017-03-20T16:42:44+08:00March 20th, 2017|Categories: People, Sports|

We thank Ruth Iversen Rollitt for the photograph (below). She told us that her late husband Donald Baxter was rather fond of the game of golf. We believe that the gentleman posing with the golf club is Donald. Now, does anyone recognise the others in the group?


Calling All Movie Buffs!

By |2017-03-07T15:50:38+08:00March 7th, 2017|Categories: Events|

SW 170318 Pak Hassan Workshop Poster_EDITED


“Hassan Abd. Muthalib, Toko Seni and Bapa Animasi, was with SW last August,and he agreed to come back and conduct a workshop on movies in Ipoh. This is also the first workshop conducted by SW and if the response is good,Pak Hassan has agreed to conduct five more, as an extension to the first workshop so that we can get to learn as much about movie making making and appreciation from the local legend. For those who are keen, please message us for further details and registration. WHO SHOULD ATTEND ? Anyone with a keen interest in multi media and visual arts.

Those who wish to participate, kindly contact:

Pak Peter [019-5743572], or

pspaipoh@gmail.com or

visit the Facebook page – www.facebook.com/sharpenedword.kinta

February 2017

November 2016

The ‘Other Festival’ is back!

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Of late, Ipoh old town has been getting increasingly popular — it’s great, but everyone also goes to the same spaces for the same experiences.
We know there is plenty to learn of Ipoh old town, many more places and stories to explore and uncover. So we’ll be working with Doodle Malaysia to draw out a map — let’s bongkarkan all the secrets the place may hold. 

Read more here.

 So, mark your calendars, folks….this 13th – 20th November 2016 is going to be exciting!

October 2016

August 2016

July 2016

May 2016

Kultar’s Mime

By |2016-05-11T10:06:57+08:00May 11th, 2016|Categories: concerts, Events|


Kultar’s Mime is a devised play that blends painting, poetry, theater, and music to tell the stories of Sikh children who survived the 1984 Delhi massacre organized in the wake of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination.

As part of their Malaysian tour, the troupe will be performing in Ipoh on 25th May 2016, at the ACS Auditorium. The show starts at 7pm.

Tickets are by donation of RM50, with all proceeds going to local community projects, and can be purchased at  www.kultarsmime.asia (Malaysian contact = S. Autar Singh, 012-2055011). The show runs about an hour, followed by a talkback with the cast and “Kultar’s Mime” poet, Sarbpreet Singh.

Tales from the Ho Yan Hor Museum grand opening…

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On the morning of 30th April 2016, Treacher Street was all abuzz with activity. That day marked the grand opening of the Ho Yan Hor Museum – a museum which tells the story of Ho Kai Cheong, who began as an operator of a humble tea stall and later became a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist.

People from all walks of life were there, some even came from overseas. As can be seen from the picture, many were fascinated with our vehicle collection 🙂 We were happy to have helped in one way or another for the restoration of the Ho Yan Hor Museum. More about this event can be read at this link.

January 2016

Team Perak XI, 1957

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MERDEKA feature004editedsource: NSTP
Back row, L-R: T.John, Foong Kam Choy, Ahmad Nazari
Centre row, L-R: Chan Tuck Choy, R. Anthony, Wong Kim Seng
Front row, L-R: Liew Fee Yuen, Loh Kam Fook, Ramadas Rao, Wong Kong Leong and Cheong Weng Leong

Remember these young men? It was October 5th 1957 when this team – Perak XI – defeated Kelantan 6-1, before entering the finals of the Malaya Cup!

The Finished Product!

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Sometime last year we gave all of you hints about a project of ours – at No. 1 Treacher Street (Jalan Bijih Timah) in Old Town. Yes, the blue building next door to Han Chin Pet Soo.


The story is in today’s Star Metro (15/1/2016) – “Telling A Tale Of Tea”. This new exhibit will be fully open to the public by Chinese New Year. Stay tuned for more updates!

November 2015

A Memorable Photograph

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We thank SK (one of our Readers) for sharing this with us. The gentleman in the tracksuit is Chan Wan Seong – who won the Bronze Medal in Men’s Singles 60+ category at the recent BWF World Senior Badminton Championship held in Helsingborg, Sweden. Posing with Chan is the BWF President Poul-Eric Hoyer Larsen (himself badminton legend!).

SK also shared this video link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1hhMSyvKMI&feature=em-share_video_user

According to SK:

Chan Wan Seong won a Silver in the combine MD 120+ category partnering  Ong Sin Oong  in Changsa  Hunan China. Chan WS also  won a Gold  medal in MS 60+ category in Changsa, Hunan, China held from 29/10/2015 to  1/11/15.
Right now, Chan Wan Seong is in Pattaya competing in the MS60+ category in the Pattaya Sawasdee Cup from 13/11/2015 to 15/11/2015.


October 2015

Let’s Go For A Run!

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If you look closely, you’d notice the pipeline on the far left of the picture. That should clue you in on the location. The men running belong to the HHH – yes, the popular Hash House Harriers! This picture was taken off their 650th Run Souvenir Magazine, 1977. Any members of the HHH reading this? We’d like to hear about your running (and drinking!) adventures 🙂

Sports Day at ACGS

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Nellie High jumpsource: Janet Ferguson & Nellie Cumming

This was probably taken at a school sports day – most likely the ACGS (Anglo Chinese Girls School) Sports Day! I do wonder is the girl in the picture broke the record for the high jump event……

I vaguely remember the annual sports day at my school. But I’ll never forget the good ‘ol Milo van with the free Milo in paper cups (yummy!). What were YOUR school sports memories like?

Calling All WRITERS!

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Flyers A4 ver 3 edited


The 1st Sharpened Word Literary Matinee will be held at the Sepaloh Art Centre (Hugh Low Street / Jalan Sultan Iskandar) this Saturday 17th October 2015, from 2 pm – 5 pm.

Thereafter, they will meet every 3rd Saturday of each month. For further information, contact:

Pak Peter – sharpenedword.kinta@gmail.com / or visit their Facebook page – www.facebook.com/sharpenedword.kinta

September 2015

Tapestry at Sarang Paloh, Ipoh

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Tapestry performs for the first time in Ipoh at the Event Hall of the Sarang Paloh Heritage Hotel. Come experience an evening of songs in this beautiful and striking heritage space.

Friday, 9 October 2015 @ 8:30 PM

Tickets are priced at RM35 (free seating), and can be purchased from Sarang Paloh, and also from our website:


or, you can follow us on Facebook:


August 2015

Motor Sports, 1956-61

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motor sport

Rally control in 1957 Mobilgas Economy Run. Collin Dowset extreme right. Loris Goring (donor of photograph) co driver with folder checking in at one of the control

Any motor sports fans out there recall the good ‘ol days of rallies and racing? Our donor Loris Goring shared the following with us (via email):

I was  heavily involved in the  Singapore Motor Club  in this period overseas with the British Air Ministry and thoroughly enjoyed our Rallies and the Mobilgas Economy Runs of that period. In particular though I remember the rallies where we were not allowed to even have a boiled sweet in the car in case Chin Peng popped out of the jungle to either shoot u or lob a hand grenade into the car.

In this days motorways were not even though of and the main roads though they had well maintained surfaces by the Public Woks department were narrow and tortuous. In particular, a rally that took us through Slim River was a drivers nightmare  encompassing I think some 26 miles of hairpin bends with a huge drop on one side and high jungle cover on the other.  If taken at a leisurely pace it was no problem but in our rallies we were give precise speeds and expected to arrive at any hidden checkpoint within plus of minus  fifteen or thirty seconds,  The problem was the speed we were expected to complete those miles. Not, I may say a frantic racing speed but  modest but extremely difficult to keep knowing that breaking on every hairpin added time and accelerating out onto yet another short straight made navigation  a nightmare. Often these rallies involved not only night driving but  twelve hour stints before any food or sleep. Quite hard when you remember that cars in those days were not air conditioned the first ones only appearing in Malaysia  around  1960.

The Mobilgas Economy event drew excellent entries but the rallies far less but perhaps because they were too grueling and folks still had to go to work on Monday.

July 2015

June 2015

Attention all ACS Alumni!

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ACS1click to enlarge


The above is a programme (sent via email) from LeanMS. As you can see, the ACS Alumni have many events scheduled for the next few months. Lean also told us:

“In order not to in any way affect attendance at the Festival of Performing Arts, we have decided to reschedule the Musical Concert to 5th August 2016 (next year).”

So, mark you calendars, folks! Here’s a chance to catch up with all your former school mates (and teachers too!).



May 2015

Book Launch: Redoubtable Reformer – The Life and Times of Cheah Cheng Lim

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Cheah Cheang Lim_book launch_edited

Want to know MORE about Cheah Cheng Lim? Get his book now!

This book will be launched at the Flemington Hotel, in Taiping, on 15th May 2015.

Admission is free; however there is an optional dinner priced at RM 38 per pax.

For more information, contact Yeap Thean Eng (President of the Taiping Heritage Society) at 012-5382743

or, email Areca Books arecabooks@gmail.com

March 2015

Book Launch: Iversen – Architect of Ipoh and Modern Malaya

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Iversen_Ipoh launchclick poster to enlarge


For those of you who have been waiting patiently, well keep this Sunday 22nd March 2015 free!

The Iversen book is finally out and will be launched at:

Venue: Sarang Paloh Event Hall,   No.16, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh

Time: 2.30 pm


Come meet the author – Ruth Iversen Rollitt – in person!


‘Girls Just Want to have Fun’

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20100124-004bpicture from: Ho Hoo Wan, Ipoh

These lovely ladies are part of the Form V batch of 1958 – from Sultan Yussuf School, Batu Gajah.

They were some of the many youngsters who attended the Farewell Dinner.

We have the names of these beauties….

Standing from left to right they are:  Thong Mee Len, Poh Ching, Nelly Maniksha, Leelavathy, Tessie Perira, Anna Yoong.

Sitting from left to right:  Lim Yoke Siew, Ho Kuan Thye, Cheah Soo Har, Chan Yoke Heng, Choong Chin Choo, Wong Choong Yoon and Loh.


If you are one of the above ladies in the picture, do share your memories with us!

February 2015

Perak Academy Talk – ‘Challenges for Malaysian Botany & Conservation’

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PowerPoint Presentation

For those interested, do come for this talk by Datuk Seri Lim Chong Keat, on 28th February 2015. The talk is at 4.00pm, and will be held at:
Perak Academy
No. 71A, 1st Floor,
Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Ipoh
(opposite Maybank)
Registration is RM 10 per person. Please contact Ms Jaya or Ms Jasvinda for reservations (05-2545293)


January 2015

Presenting – ipohWorld@Han Chin Pet Soo!

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To all our fans, thank you for being so patient with us 🙂


Here we have the e-flyer of our latest project – ipohWorld @ Han Chin Pet Soo!

This private exhibition opens on Thursday 5th February, by appointment only. Reservations may be

made at www.ipohworld.org/reservation


We look forward to welcoming you to this fascinating exhibition. Entry is FREE, but we welcome

donations – which will go towards the upkeep of this unique building.


Book NOW to avoid disappointment!

Winners of the Singing Contest

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We all know Elvis Presley had his share of impersonators; some were almost as good as the ‘King’ himself  – with the deep voice AND the gyrating hips!

Frank Sinatra (or Ol’ Blue Eyes, as some know him) had his share of impersonators too. Speaking of which, does anyone remember the Frank Sinatra singing contest back in 1959? It was held at the Lido Theatre…perhaps this picture might refresh your memory!


If you’re one of those in the photograph, do share with us your memories!

International Speech and Table Topics Contest 2015

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Contest 2015 version

Speech contests are an important part of Toastmasters education program.

  They provide an opportunity for Toastmasters to gain speaking experience as well as an opportunity for

other Toastmasters and Guests to learn by observing proficient speakers.”

Venue : YMCA Ipoh ,No 221 Jalan Raja Aziz

Time: 7.45 pm

Day /Date : Wednesday 14 January 2015

Contact : Pak Peter –  H/P 019 – 574’3572

December 2014

Anderson Road in Ruins?

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Much has been said about preserving our heritage buildings in and around the Kinta Valley. But alas, profit always seem to over ride conservation efforts.

The following photos (taken this afternoon) is yet another incident whereby pre-war shop houses are forced to make way for more modern structures….




One of our local dailies covered this story too. I’m sure some of you would have seen the demolition taking place – along Anderson Road (Jalan Raja Musa Aziz).

Brushing up on history…

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The history-buffs out there would know this fact: that King Edward VIII ascended the throne of England in January 1936, after his father George V passed away. However, in November that same year, there was “a constitutional crisis” when Edward wanted to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson (a divorcee). Eventually on 11 December, Edward abdicated; and his brother Albert succeeded him, taking the name George VI. (more can be found here)

Times of Malaya 1936

As seen in the main title British Popular Opinion Veers Towards King, this front page highlights the meeting between Prime Minister Baldwin and Britain’s ministers, as well as statements from Churchill, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Mrs Simpson herself; all these happened before the actual abdication.

The picture we have here (sent to us by Nicholas Jennings) is the front page of the Times of Malay, dating back to 7 December 1936 – four days after the death of the Times’ Editor – J A S Jennings. We thank Nicholas for this historic piece 🙂

“Old Memories of Ipoh”

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new exhibition1

new exhibition2

We at ipohWorld are proud to announce our latest photographic exhibition – at 12, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, Ipoh (opposite Secret Garden). This is part of the Family History Week organised by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This exhibition will be from 2 – 6 December 2014, from 10am till 6.30pm at the above mentioned venue. Admission is free!

November 2014

Afternoon Tea?

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afternoon teapicture from Larry Sawyer

Here’s another one from the same donor who sent us those Malim Nawar photos. Looks like these men (and women too!) are in the midst of an interesting conversation. Note also the table layout – I see some teacups and some fancy glasses. Not forgetting the rather unique floral arrangement too 🙂

The Woes of Flooding…

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In the early 1900s, floods in Ipoh were rather common – possibly due to the silting of rivers because of mining. Later, plans were made to straighten the sharp bends of the Kinta River and divert the River Choh. This would allow the waters to flow into the Pinji River instead of directly flowing into the Kinta River.

But Ipoh wasn’t the only town with flooding problems. At one time, Kuala Kangsar suffered from it too. Below is an aerial view of part of Kuala Kangsar town, way back in 1967.

KK1967floodpicture from: Larry Sawyer

September 2014

Do you know them?

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Image (7) new2_edited-1

Larry Sawyer sent this to us. It looks like the inside of that famous power plant (which caught everyone’s attention on the blog!). What we don’t know is: Who are these people in the front row? Could it be the Manager and a guest (with their respective wives)?

I’m also curious to know who the lady in white is…..I do love her ensemble – very stylish, don’t you think! 😉

August 2014

June 2014

A Stamp Fair & Exhibition in Ipoh

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stamp_exhibition(click to enlarge)

Attention all Philatelists! There will be a Perak Stamp Fair & Exhibition from 20th – 22nd June 2014 at UTC (former Super Kinta), Ipoh. Opening hours are from 9am – 10pm. There’s also a chance for you to vote for your favourite One-Page Exhibition 🙂 Don’t miss out on this exhibition.

April 2014

Did you see the Merdeka Float Parade?

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From the pictures, we think that this float was one of the many at a Merdeka Parade back in 1967. Does anyone remember this parade? If you do, where was it held – at the Stadium, or along the main streets of the town?

Also notice the old Malay used in the description and the labels on the float.

March 2014

December 2013

Here Comes Santa Claus!

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Here’s something to put you in the Christmas mood! We thank Alison Cotterill (nee Caldwell) for this one. According to Alison, this was taken in 1962 at the Lower Perak Club in Teluk Anson. On the far left is Trisha Caldwell, holding Fiona.

Well folks,  it looks like Santa arrived on foot instead of coming down the chimney! 😉 I do wonder what was in those large sacks…..


Not wishing to have Teluk Ansom beat Ipoh, Ruth Rollitt sent us this one and said:

The Christmas party at the Presbyterian church was in 1963! Wow – 50 years ago. The little fair-haired boy is my brother Per’s son Morten – he is with his mother Vivi (Iversen). The lady in the batik dress on the other is my mother and the smiling lady is Dutch: Marian Voorhoeve – her husband was with Lindeteves Jacob and we are still much in touch.

Thank you Ruth for keeping Ipoh in the picture.

What’s Happening at Sam Tet?

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We’re hoping some alumni from Sam Tet, Ipoh, would be able to help us out with this photograph (see below).

St Mikes050

This was taken from the 90th Anniversary Magazine of St Michael’s Church (which is next to Sam Tet School). Does anyone remember when this photograph was taken? We don’t seem to have a caption for this photo, so we’re hoping someone out there could fill in some details for us.

We look forward to meeting some former Sam Tet students on our blog 😉

November 2013


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In our previous post, we had a reply from the brother of the pretty lady sitting on the sports car. We now know her as Joan Lau. After some searching, we found a picture of Lawrence Lau (see below).


The caption for the above picture is as follows: “Adrian Boudville looking on, Barry Jansz acting as Time Keeper and Lawrence Lau acting as Starter.”

This was taken on 18th August 1971 at the Ipoh Railway Station. Anyone remember this event?

Fear Of Public Speaking?

By |2013-11-15T08:28:44+08:00November 7th, 2013|Categories: Events|

Fret not, the Toastmasters Club is here to help you!


Those interested, please contact the following:

YMCA of Ipoh Toastmasters Club; We meet every 2nd. & 4th. Wednesday at 7:45 pm

Contacts : Pak Peter 019- 574’3572 / Cheah Tong Kim 017 – 487’3980/ Nur Aida Ahmad Nazeri 013 – 363’9490

‘Voices from Vienna to Broadway’

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To all music lovers out there, keep 16th November 2013 free. Be at Tandoor Grill before 8pm because Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) presents:

PSPA_flyer-web-1 (2)

For further information, please contact the following:

PSPA (05-5487814) or email them at pspaipoh@gmail.com / Musicprints (017-5153612) / City Ballet Sdn Bhd (05-2537114)

October 2013

Something for the Car Lovers

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car_show This photograph (from Charlie Choong) was taken in the early 1960s. We think it was at one of the car shows by the Triumph Car Owner’s Club. Do you remember the car show? Do YOU own a Triumph? photo This is the Triumph that  Dr Jeya was referring to. We are not normally into car sales at ipohWorld but we make an exception in this case as it suits the blog comments. If you are interested in the vehicle we can pot you in touch with the owner.

It is a very rare classic Triumph 2000 Mk1 :)

September 2013

Remember that time when…

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St Bernadette’s Convent (in Batu Gajah) had a charity event for the victims of the Turkish earthquake? Here’s a photograph to jog your memory (see below)


We were told that this replica of the Malaysian flag was made entirely of JELLY! Can anyone tell us more about this event? Do you recognise the official cutting the jelly?


Happy Malaysia Day, Dear Readers! 🙂

Now Here’s a Sight for Sore Eyes!

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1968SKCAI (2)


This great old photo came with the following message:

“Picture of me with the team 4x100m relay Cator Avenue school ipoh 1968. Hope my old friends in the picture memory of our history together.

from: Alaudin”.

So come on friends, tell which one is you.  And for those not in the picture, we always love to hear more about your schooldays.

Many thamks to Alaudin for sharing.

August 2013

Broadway, Here We Come!

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I was about 8 years old when I took part in a school concert (in the early 90s). The concert was for the Hari Anugerah (Prize Giving Day), and I recall being absolutely exhausted after every practice. I had to wake up early since practice started at about 8 o’clock in the morning. It went on past lunch time. I also had extra homework to do because practices were during school hours. What I hated most was when the music teacher told us that we girls had to wear make-up on the actual day of the concert…..sigh!

This picture was taken back in 1963. Were school concerts any different then? Like me, I’m sure the rest of us are wondering what happened to these ‘stars’ 😉

Anyone remember what this stage play was about? Did the ‘couple’ live happily ever after in the end?

NTPS Pasir Puteh Take Off For Penang

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6 (2) blog mano


Here is a bit of nostalgia if ever there was one! Sent in by Mano it is a photo taken on a bus on the way to Penang from the famed NTPS Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh in 1967.

Mano tells us: At the rear is Semret Singh, SEA Games Gold medallist at the Hammer Throw in 1985 and 1989. He is the son of the equally famous Ghenda Sing (deceased) who donned the national colours for the Hammer Throw as well till he was 55!

To the left of Semret is Suhaimi who, together with his brother, formed the band Apple Jam and went on to open Ipoh’s first Discotheque – Apple Jam.

In the right half of the photo, in the middle, wearing a zippered shirt is Suhaimi’s brother, none other than Wah Idris – Musician extraodinaire from the Berkeley Scool of Music.

As for me, I’m the other Indian kid looking out the window, behind the Indian kid smiling at the camera.

Cheers to all at Ipohworld!

Thank you so much Mano – may

July 2013

June 2013

Specially for the ‘Foodies’ out there!

By |2013-06-17T16:29:41+08:00June 17th, 2013|Categories: childhood, Events, ipoh, Memories, People|

1965 ISC

Our thanks goes out to Ruth Iversen Rollitt for this one. Yes, it’s a barbeque party. And for those of you who can identify the venue, you’ve probably guessed it right!

This was taken around 1965. As a food lover (especially when it’s barbeque!), I do wonder if such parties still go on. When was the last time YOU enjoyed a nice cook-out with family and friends?

Book Launch – “My Days in the Sun: A Memoir”

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My Days in the Sun Invitation

Perak Academy and Areca Books invite you to keep 5th July free, for there will be a book launch at No. 41, Lapangan Symphony Business Park.

My Days in the Sun – A Memoir will be launched by Tan Sri Prof Khoo Kay Kim; plus, those of you who purchase this book will have a chance to meet the author too!

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the author – Mark Yoi Sun Soo – presents in his book:

In ‘My Days in the Sun’, a distinguished radiologist presents a candid self-portrait of his first 40 years. Mark Y.S. Soo was born in 1933 into a Cantonese family who divided their time between business interests in Malaya and Hong Kong. As a precocious child, Mark was an eyewitness to the Battle of Kampar, the Japanese occupation of Malaya and the post-war trauma of the late 1940s.

A graduate of Hong Kong University in 1957 and the Lysholm Department of Radiology in London in 1967, Mark Soo reflects on his intimate acquaintance with mentoring surgeons, eminent professors and pioneering radiologists, and offers privileged glimpses of the work practices in prestigious teaching hospitals in four different countries.

The humanistic philosophy of the Chinese sage Mencius, memorized at a young age under his grandmother’s watchful eye, made him a compulsively ethical practitioner in a moneyed profession. Ever the keen observer of life’s subtleties, Mark recounts many of the lessons he learnt, both moral and practical, during his time as a young medic in the Colony’s hospitals, a struggling general practitioner in Ipoh, a mature student of radiology in London and the first Asian Head of Radiology at University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, just before the riots of 13 May 1969.

Married with four children, Mark moved to Australia in 1971, where he still resides. From his traditional Chinese upbringing to his embrace of modern life as an immigrant of Australia, Mark Soo’s memoir conveys the sense and sensibility of an overseas Chinese who has lived in interesting times and memorable places.

In case you are unfamiliar with the area, here’s a map:

Location Map

Those interested, kindly RSVP before Friday 28th June 2013. Reservations can be made through –

Mrs Lee, of Perak Academy (605-5478949 / 016-5518172) contact@perakacademy.com [if you’re in Perak]


Ms Kooi Nee, of Areca Books (604-2610307) arecabooks@gmail.com [if you’re in Penang]

The Perak Hydro Power Station, Malim Nawar

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According to Wendy Lewis (the donor of these photographs), 
her father Alfred Simon (left) was the Superintendent 
of the Perak Hydro Power Station in Malim Nawar. 
On his right is none other than the Sultan of Perak.


These 1966 photographs bring back lots of memories 
- especially for Wendy and her sister, since they 
stood at their gate to watch the entourage. 
Wendy also recalls Peter Channer being the General Manager. 
Do you recognise anyone else in these pictures? 
Perhaps, YOU might be one of the crowd too!
We'd love to hear your thoughts...

May 2013

My Favourite Group

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3 generations blog

No, it is not the Beatles nor is it the Famous Falcons.

It is actually 3 generations of one family visiting our exhibition. These are truly my favourite as Grandpa tells the grandchildren all his old stories and the children listen and learn. And that is what we strive for, the children to learn a little history while having fun in the family unit.

So why not bring your 3 generations and put a big smile on my face as well as theirs!

“Be Alive! Unleash the Magic in You” – A Motivational Talk

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Be Alive - Ipoh

Here’s an opportunity to meet Krushna Prabaskar – who is ‘no ordinary speaker’. Being visually impaired has not stopped him from living his life to the fullest, as he ‘was determined to use his handicap as a springboard for action’. Krushna will be sharing his ‘memorable experiences’ at a motivational talk, which will be held at the Tower Regency Hotel on 15th June 2013. The talk is from 9am-12 noon and entrance fee is RM 34. Come and be inspired by Krushna as he is said to have a remarkable way of connecting with the audience ‘through practical incidents’ and a ‘fine sense of humour’.

For reservations, do contact Ms Nandhini (016-3626225 / 017-2393847) or email her at info@globaleducationvillage.com

You may also register online at www.globaleducationvillage.com


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