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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

courtesy of: Michael Ho

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This photo was taken on 8th December 1954. It was taken during the Marian Year Pageant. Were you part of this pageant? Recognise anyone in the group?

  1. sk says:

    Its my 1st time coming across this Marian Year Pageant. Picture is still very clear for a 1954 take. Nope, no idea where. If school, it could only be SMI or Convent.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Were you part of this pageant?


    But a question: I believe a different Pope declared a second Marian Year in the late 1980s. Does anyone know if it was celebrated in Ipoh?

    • ika says:

      Yes there was a Marian Year nominated in 1988 and again this year, 2017 but I can find no reference to the churches of Malaysia taking part. Perhaps someone out there will tell us different.

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