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  1. sk says:

    Looks like a Coconut Flesh Scrapper. If yes, you certainly need a lot of strength.
    Have not seen before as in early60’s there was stool coconut scrapper where you can sit on it like a stool. At the front end, you can scrap the coconut with round sharp pointed teeth flat metal piece. Have not seen that either for a long tome.

    • ika says:

      I saw a lady using one of these in Sri Lanka last year. It took her and her son tremendous effort to make it work. She held the coconut on the blade and he (10 or 11 years old) turned the handle with difficulty. It might have been better used for torture as suggested by Ipoh Remembered.

  2. Edward Nathan says:

    Yes, I have used that for scrapping coconut ages ago. If you do it correctly its easy to scrap the coconut, the secret being that the base has to be secured firmly.
    It was a common tool among the Sri Lankan Tamils.

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