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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow


According to Wendy Lewis (the donor of these photographs), 
her father Alfred Simon (left) was the Superintendent 
of the Perak Hydro Power Station in Malim Nawar. 
On his right is none other than the Sultan of Perak.


These 1966 photographs bring back lots of memories 
- especially for Wendy and her sister, since they 
stood at their gate to watch the entourage. 
Wendy also recalls Peter Channer being the General Manager. 
Do you recognise anyone else in these pictures? 
Perhaps, YOU might be one of the crowd too!
We'd love to hear your thoughts...
  1. Cy says:

    I lived in New Wah Loong in Kampar (see my posting in Life of Eu Tong Sen) until my Form 5 in ACS in 1966. Behind my house is the Perak Hydro staff quarters, separated from my house by a fence. On weekends the club house in the Perak Hydro quarters showed open air movies with the screen erected on the open field. Everybody sits on the grass to watch. Those were the good old days. After Form 6 at Anderson in 1968 I was called for an interview to join Perak Hydro as special apprentice engineer at the Malim Nawar Power Station but I declined.

  2. Charlie says:

    Mr Douglas Hemnell, who married my Aunt was stationed at Malin Nawar at the time the above pictures were taken. He looks like the person in the dark suit to the extreme right in the second picture above. He was the last DGM at Perak Hydro and Mr Medlycot the last GM. After that Perak Hydro was absorbed into TNB.

  3. Sybil says:

    Hi Charlie,

    I am Kok Sang’s and “Yee Chair’s” daughter. Auntie Hung Fah and Douglas were very good friends of my parents. Recently, I was shown a photo of Hung Fah and Douglas when they were very young at the wedding of the sister of Dr. Ho Tak Ming who is in fact my second cousin. “Little Philip” was in Culford School, Bury St. Edmunds with my borther, Philip.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Sybil, it was through Uncle Douglas’ influence that my brother, Victor and I also went to Culford. In fact, at that time, during the seventies, there were quite a few “Ipohites” attending Culford School. I was there with Big Philip for three years. I am two years his junior.

    • Linda Lessler says:

      Hi Sybil, I was born and bred inBatu Gajah and a product of the IJ convent, St Bernadette’s. Also a parishioner of St Joseph. My Father was an HA at the BG hospital.

      Would be most obliged if you could give me info on Jasmine Violet Brown. Her Father was in the finance side at Malim Nawar. We were good friends during our primary education. Continued corresponding when Jasmine continued her studies in England. Corresponded avwhile until we got caught up with life as we took different paths.

      Should anyone reading this and know how to help me reconnect, please assist.

      Thank you one and all.

  4. sk says:

    Hi Ipohites,
    I am a remnant of Uncle Ong Kah Kin.
    Anybody knows him ?
    Was at Malim Nawar as a Visitor & Chenderoh Dam
    back in early 70’s.
    Were there 2 companies ?
    One was Perak River Hydro Co & the other
    Malim Nawar Electricity Co. Something like that.
    I cant remember.

  5. Anna Wong says:

    I can recognise Alfred Simon, father of Wendy Lewis. She is definitely the Wendy Simon I am referring to. The Simons were then residing in Perak Hydro Quarters in Batu Gajah (next to MTD quarters where I reside). My brother Anthony Wong Siak Choo was working in Perak Hydro, Batu Gajah and later in Malim Nawar. We were all from St Joseph’s Church, Batu Gajah. Hope she reads my comments. I hope to get in touch with her after all these years. I left St Bernadette’s Convent in 1968 after my Form 5. We lost touch after the Simons left Batu Gajah.

  6. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Anna,
    Its great to hear from you. Presumably we were at school together at St Bernadettes – were we in the same class? I cant picture your face, but I am sure I would recognise you if I saw a photograph. I remember a Catherine Wong, Margaret Freeman, Sarojinny, and a few others but it is a long time ago. I would like to keep in touch as well. Are you still in Malaysia? Do you remember my sister Judi? I did return many years ago to visit Batu Gajah but was disappointed to see how it had changed. Thank you for responding to the photograph I sent in.

    • Larry sawyer says:

      Hi Wendy
      I think of you from time to time .I am sorry for something you may not remember but we share lots of memories of times gone and places shared

    • Susheela Loh nee Ponnudorai says:

      Hello Wendy I wonder if you remember the Ponnudorai family? We used to come to you every Christmas when your Mum had a lovely party specially for us.
      Mum and dad were lovely people. Are they still around? Where are Roger and Michael. I have managed to find Judi. She’s inherited Mum’s artistic abilities I see. Do you remember your Mum giving my sister Shanta art lessons?
      Would love to chat sometime.

      • Bathamani says:

        Hi Susheela,

        Do you remember the Suppiah family? My brothers Murugaiah and Manoharan were also attached to Perak River Hydro. Was your father the HA back then? Would like to keep in touch.

        Bathamani Suppiah

    • pritam Blackstock ( Kaur ) ( Singh) ) says:

      Hello there dear Wendy
      This is Pritam, we were childhood friends in BG. We lived in MTD. My father Mr. Naranjan Singh ( now deceased ) was Engineer at Perak Hydro Power Station, your Dad was his boss. The Rowlands were there too…..remerber Audrey Rowlands ? We all went to St Bernadette Convent school. My sister Nimmi lives in K.L.
      I am now living in Somerset in UK, am married to James and have 2 sons, I left Malaysia in January 1972 to do nursing.
      If you get this please, please get in touch……it’s been too long.
      Your friend Pritam

      • felicia says:

        Hello Pritam.
        We’ve tried to pass on your message to Wendy. However, the email keeps bouncing back. 🙁

        Wendy, hope you’re reading this..Pritam would love to get in touch with you 🙂

  7. Anna Wong says:

    Hi Wendy

    You may not be able to picture my face as I was 1 year your junior with Audrey Rowlands, Cecilia Boudville, Jacinta D’Cruz, Agnes Wong. I left St Bernadette’s Convent in 1968 to continue my 6th form in St Michael’s Institution, Ipoh. I would not know your younger siblings as I am much senior to them. You were in the same class with Catherine Wong,(my cousin now residing in London), Margaret Freeman, Sarojinny. What year did you leave Malaysia? I am still in Malaysia residing in Ipoh and I still have my roots in Batu Gajah. It will be great to reconnect again after almost 44 years! I will get your email from Felicia of Ipohworld to get in touch with you and send you some photos for you to reminisce. God bles!

  8. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Anna

    We left Malaysia in about 1968 for Uk and I was very homesick, so I joined the Womens Navy in the hope of getting a draft to Singapore, but other events took place and I never made it. Are you married and have children?

    I remember Catherine Wong, your cousin and also Jacinta and Audrey. Great to hear from you, and hope you get my email address. I dont really want to post it on this site but would like Ipohworld to give it to you.

  9. Anna Wong says:

    Hello Wendy,
    I do understand your not wanting to post your email address on this site. That is why I am attempting to get it from Felicia of Ipohworld.
    I am married with 2 working children in Kuala Lumpur..a boy and a
    girl. It is ok, you can correspond with me via my email address: annawongsh2011@hotmail.com.
    Hope to hear from you.

  10. Lizzie Slothouber says:

    Hi there…

    My name is Lizzie and I live in Perth, Western Australia. Our close family friends are Ainslie (80yo) & Barbara Haslegrave (Engineer who worked for Perak Hydro) and they’re still in touch with Ian Medleycott (turned 90yo 2 weeks ago) who also lives in Perth.

    I have told them about your site and will be giving Ainslie your information when I see him on Sat 3rd August. I’m sure he’ll be in touch to see how he can assist 🙂

    Good Luck – Lizzie Slothouber ..
    m: +610421181451

  11. ika says:

    Hi Lizzie, thanks very much for your kind thoughts. Ian Medleycott is in touch with us occasionally and I recently connected him with his old friend Ruth Iversen Rollitt, daughter of the famous architect. We shall ne very pleased to hear from the Haslegraves. Thank you again.

  12. Wendy Lewis says:

    Have just read your posting and was pleasantly surprised to hear you know the Haslegraves. We knew them very well in Malim Nawar and they lived in a bungalow just down the road from us. They were a lovely couple. I did not know they now reside in Australia but I hope they read this page and remember me – I was then Wendy Simon and my sister Judi. My parents were Alfred and Hazel. Will look forward to them leaving a posting. Also cant believe Ian Medleycott is 90. How time flies!

  13. Ignatius Francis says:

    I can still remember this place. My grandfather the late Mr MK Daniel used to work as a bolierman in the station from the late sixties. I was born in 1969 GH Ipoh but used to spend my childhood days which I fondly remember. The pictures here actually reminded me of the wonderful years and nostalgic ones too that has gone by. After retiring from the station they moved to Taiping and my dear grandfather died in 2004. These pictures brought tears as I remebered how he used to take me for cycling on his bicycle. Loved the trees the big ones near the bungalows opposite the railway track. Really a journey back to the old days.

  14. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Dear Wendy Lewis (Simon),

    I hope you can still remember the NG family from Batu Gajah and later Malim Nawar in the late 1950s and late1960s.

    Your father, Alfred Simon (Station Superintendent Engineer) and family used to live at Number: 1 Bungalow (which was next to the Company River) at Perak River Hydro, Batu Gajah.

    My father, Ng Nam Sang (Assistant Superintendent Engineer) and family resided at Number: 4 Bungalow (which was next to the area Bus-Stop & ‘Coffee-Shop’.

    According to my father’s 1960 Diary, while he was spending six months in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, he visited your parents-Hazel & Simon at Westcliff-on-Sea/Southend on 28 May 1960.

    My parents later moved into your Number: 1 Bungalow (which was next to the Company Security Gate) in Perak River Hydro, Malim Nawar, Perak, when your family finally left for England. Beside the property, there was a medium size Swimming Pool which was well secluded from the public.

    My brothers and sister are now scattered all over the world from Australia, Singapore to England.

    I have now retired as a Ward Nursing Manager & Departmental Co-ordinator at my local Eye Unit/Clinic, Herts & Essex Hospital, Bishops Stortford, CM23 4JH, England. I still do ‘Bank Work’ to cover sickness and annual leave.

    Well, I hope to hear from you through the website.

    Best wishes,

    Raymond NG

    • Lesley Moore says:

      I’m a little earlier in my memories of Malim Nawar.
      I lived with my family in the first bungalow you came to on the approach to the area.
      My father worked at the power station in 1948,1949. We returned to the U K in 1950.
      I believe the bungalow behind us had the swimming pool.
      I had to give my little brother a piggyback through the bamboo hedge as it picked his feet. There were a lot of snakes in that bam boo!
      My father’s name was Roy Kirman.
      I wonder if anyone reading this was there at that time?

    • pritam Blackstock ( Kaur ) ( Singh) ) says:

      Hello Raymond
      You do not know me but I am old childhood freinds of Wendy Lewis nee Simon. I ma Pritam Blackstock nee Singh….my father worked for Perak Hydro Power station, Wendy’s dad was his boss. We loved a a big house very close to the Station….in MTD. I really would like to get in touch with Wendy, I see form the blog that she has mentioned me and my sister, Nimmi. I now reside in Somerset, UK.

      I do hope that you get this messge and maybe through you I might get to contact Wendy again.
      Thanks so much for your help.
      Pritam Balckstock nee Singh.

  15. T Toh says:

    Hello Raymond NG

    I have met you before, about 30 years ago in Essex,England. By the way, do you have a brother by the name of Joseph Ng and sister in law, maiden name P C Tan? Well, he was a very close friend of mine.We were working as nurses at South Ockendon Hospital, Essex back in the mid 70s. In the early 80s, we together with your sister in law were working in the same group of hospitals ( East Surrey Health Authority ).I was working at the Royal Earlswood Hospital as a Unit Nurse Manager. Both Joseph and PC were working at Farmfield, Surrey.I do recalled clearly that they were residing in Pound Hill,Crawley and had a daughter by the name of ‘Kimberley’???
    Both me and my wife ( Margaret ) used to reside in Redhill, Surrey. We had a close friend by the name of Logan and Ruvina who used to live in Horsham, West Sussex.
    We used to have regular social gathering with both Joseph and PC when we were living Surrey, England. That was 28 years ago.
    Both me and Maggie have resided in Melbourne, Australia since 1986. We would like to get in touch again after those long lost years.
    They can get my email address through Ipohworld.
    Other friends residing in Australia are Alan Lee, Tony Ong, Rayan Pillay, Tean Yeoh and Peter Lim.
    Well, I do hope to hear from you or Joseph again.

    Kind Regards
    Terry Toh.

  16. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Hi Terry Toh & family

    Thank you for responding to my ‘memory-lane’ message to an old Batu Gajah friend,through the Ipohworld’s org.website.

    Yes, Joseph Ng is my younger brother who now lives in Crawley, West Sussex,UK. with Tanny (P.C.Tan) and family.

    I will definitely pass on your message to him who will probably read it himself. That way,he can respond to your request.

    It is a ‘small world’ when you think about what Ipohworld’s org. and can do for us.

    Best wishes,

    Raymond NG

  17. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Dear Terry Toh & family again,

    Joseph Ng was trying to contact you via Ipohworld’s org. website a few minutes ago but, unsuccessful! So, he has requested me to forward his email address to you for reply, as follows:


    They will be very happy to hear from you again after all these years without contact.

    Best regards

    Raymond Ng

  18. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Raymond Ng

    Great to hear from you. Yes, I do remember your Father’s name and I remember vaguely your parents coming to visit in Westcliff. My Father had a great respect for Mr Nam Sang but I think he gave him a hard time as well in Batu Gajah! I felt quite nostalgic when I read your email especially when I knew you moved into our house in Malim Nawar (with the swimming pool and the playroom under the house)There was also a cage at the back of the house where we used to have a gibbon called Coco. I still have clear memories of Batu Gajah as well as my sister Judi and I went to school there and made many friends. How is your father?


    • Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

      Dear Wendy Lewis (Simon),

      I hope you can still remember the NG family from Batu Gajah and later Malim Nawar in the late 1950s and late1960s.

      Your father, Alfred Simon (Station Superintendent Engineer) and family used to live at Number: 1 Bungalow (which was next to the Company River) at Perak River Hydro, Batu Gajah.

      My father, Ng Nam Sang (Assistant Superintendent Engineer) and family resided at Number: 4 Bungalow (which was next to the area Bus-Stop & ‘Coffee-Shop’.

      According to my father’s 1960 Diary, while he was spending six months in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, he visited your parents-Hazel & Simon at Westcliff-on-Sea/Southend on 28 May 1960.

      My parents later moved into your Number: 1 Bungalow (which was next to the Company Security Gate) in Perak River Hydro, Malim Nawar, Perak, when your family finally left for England. Beside the property, there was a medium size Swimming Pool which was well secluded from the public.

      My brothers and sister are now scattered all over the world from Australia, Singapore to England.

      I have now retired as a Ward Nursing Manager & Departmental Co-ordinator at my local Eye Unit/Clinic, Herts & Essex Hospital, Bishops Stortford, CM23 4JH, England. I still do ‘Bank Work’ to cover sickness and annual leave.

      Well, I hope to hear from you through the website.

      Best wishes,

      Raymond NG

      Hi Wendy Lewis

      Sadly, my father passed away in Kuala Lumpur (November 1988), followed by mum in Crawley (August 2011).
      All my sister and brothers are now retired except the youngest, Jeffrey who works in Singapore as a Veterinary Surgeon in private practice.
      My sister, Ivy was educated at St. Bernadette Convent, Batu Gajah (the same school as you). She came to England in January 1971 (the same time as me) after gaining her University of Cambridge O Levels Certificate in 1969. She now resides in Maidstone, Kent (England) and enjoys her Nursing retirement.
      Your descriptions of Number: 1 Bungalow in Malim Nawar, bring back happy memories (nostalgic events). As for Perak Hydro in Batu Gajah, it is now a vast barren land with no building in sight. The whole area is overgrown with tall coarse grass. The Malayan Tin Dredging Company Limited beside your old Number: 1 Bungalow, is non existence and is now history.

      I received a Christmas Card from Mr Edward W. Proud on 11 December 2013. He was a former Assistant Station Superintendent Engineer on two sites- Malim Nawar (in 1952) and Batu Gajah (1953 to 1956). He is now a famous international Philatelist and Author of many books and magazines. I met him several times in London Stamp Fairs. He mentioned to me about his former colleagues in Malaya; Mr Stuart Dundas (Station Superintendent Engineer) in Chenderoh; Mr Bailey and Mr Shine in Malim Nawar.

      Well, I take this opportunity in wishing you and Judi (and families), Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – 2014.

      Raymond Ng

  19. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Raymond

    Thank you for all the information – brought back happy memories for me too. I remember my father talking about Mr Proud but I dont remember him. (think I was about 3yrs old) Really sad to learn how Batu Gajah Perak Hydro and MDT sites are now bare and barren. They were such thriving communities when I was young. Stewart Dundas and his wife Pat were very good friends of ours and we often used to stay at his bungalow in Chenderoh.

    Sorry to hear about your parents. Mine have also gone now. My sister and brother Roger are the only people left to whom I can chat over old times in Malaysia.I have now retired after working at Rochford Mental Hospital as a secretary.

    Did you know the Freemans and the Cheongs (they may have lived quite close to you in Batu Gajah)also the Rowlands?

    Thank you for your good wishes and I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. It would be good to meet up some time as I now live in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

    Keep in touch


  20. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Hi Wendy Lewis

    Glad to hear from again.
    Yes, I still remember Mr Rowlands & family who lived in Number: 3 Bungalow, Perak Hydro, Batu Gajah and which was situated opposite my father’s Bungalow: 4.On the right side of Mr Rowlands’ residence, was the entrance to the Power Station and the high Security Fence. Beside the fence, was the big British Co-operative Provisions Store which catered for Members & Employees and not for out-siders. One needed to present the personal ‘Ration-Book’ which ended in 1957 after Independence (post war era), before being served. That was the old days of getting fresh food supplies at short notice!

    Mr Rowlands’ son used to go out with my eldest brother (Chong) who is now retired and lives in Brisbane, Australia. Our family lost touch with the Freemans & Cheongs in the early 1970s.
    I remember spending my School holidays in Chenderoh Perak Hydro when my father was stationed there in the late 1950s, before he went to England in 1960 for 6 months, to further his engineering updating and experience. The Chenderoh Bungalow site had two hugh sweet mango trees covered with big fruits.

    I have added some nostalgic events to the 3 Perak Hydro sites here so as to attract our old classmates, friends and neighbours to contact us via the Ipohword.org website. You may hear from them one day if lucky.
    I used to work as an Acting Charge Nurse in the Mental Health – Claybury Hospital, Woodford Bridge, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8BY, in mid-1974 before moving over to the Eye Unit at Princess Alexandra General Hospital Trust, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1QX, till I retired in July 2003. I am trained and qualified in 5 nursing fields including Ophthalmology at the famous London Moorfields Eye Hospital. I still work ‘Bank Shifts’ whenever the boss (Matron) requires me to cover sickness and annual leaves only.
    My full working address at present is: Mr. Ng, Eye Clinic/OPD Staff, Herts & Essex Hospital, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 5JH. England, for those who wish to correspond with me. Most hospital staff-members call me Mr. Ng for politeness.

    We shall arrange a meeting in the near future as suggested in your email. At present, my 2014 Diary is packed with appointments and events, including hospital working schedules. I am a member of eight Philatelic International & National Groups & Societies, including ‘The Malayan Study Group’ which Mr. Edward Proud (elite RDP title to his name) is a Life Member too. The meetings take up most of my leisure time.

    Well, have to stop here for the time being.

    “Merry Christmas & Happy Peaceful New Year 2014” to everyone.

    Raymond Ng

  21. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Hullo to all old and new residents of the three Perak River Hydro sites (Batu Gajah, Chenderoh & Malim Nawar) and not forgetting the Headquarters in Ipoh City where my father (Ng Nam Sang) used to attend weekly general meetings on Fridays, in the 1950s to1970s,

    I take this fine opportunity in bringing you past happy memories especially to those who used to live in Batu Gajah where I was born and brought up during my childhood days.

    The Perak Hydro Station was long gone after falling into disrepair in the late 1980s. It was dismantled part by part by the Scrapyarders probably based in Ipoh City. The whole area was levelled to the ground for prospective developers, but nothing has happened till today according to my best friend who still lives with his sister at the corner of the old community and is the only house that is left standing in the ‘no man’s land’! The house has still no address; it used Perak Hydro post-room for mail communications in the old days. The tiny land belongs to them.

    Hooray! I have just been told by my friend (using international phone-call) that there are seven new houses being built on the Social Club spot at present. What a splendid good news!!
    My friend, S. Rajalingam and his sister (Nagaveni) are the only two souls living out there in such a remote society. The main road to the site is all gone and ‘bite the dust’! The only excess to the site is either by bicycle or motor-bike. The house is hidden at the small corner, surrounded by trees, plants and tall grass, not visible to anyone by sight unless, by air view downwards. The property is supplied by electricity, clean water from the mains and other mode cons we can think of.

    Perak River Hydro & Malayan Tin Dredging Companies were situated in a vibrant community, full of life. There were all kinds of sports and activities throughout the year namely, badminton, football and hockey.

    I still remember, in front of my old Number: 4 Bungalow across the road, was the Perak Hydro Social Club. Beside it, were the Badminton Court and the Staff living-quarters. The Club was looked after by two Indian chefs in the 1950s and 1960s until they retired back to India. It was later taken over by the Perak Hydro staff member by the name of Thomas Wong. The last time I saw him was in 1985 at the back of the Perak Hydro Power Station – the so called ‘Camp-Settlement’. The football field was situated next to the Camp.

    In my father’s (Ng Nam Sang) memoirs, some of the Social Members were clerks, engineers, store-keepers and maintenance staff.
    The names were: Messrs- K. Baskaran, C. Krishnan, P. Krishnan, Dorosamy, Felix, Fang Inn, Gopal, Marimuthu, Ng Nam Sang, Alfred Simon, , Wong Kong Keng, Wong Swee Ngoon, Thomas Wong and Zakariah.
    I hope some the Ipohworld.org viewers can remember some of the above staff member names (colleagues, friends and relatives).
    I will try to update all viewers in the near future if time permits due to my tight schedules in life.
    I wish all the viewers: “Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014 including the coming Chinese New Year”. May Tranquillity, Good Health, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Happiness, & Peace come your way. Hope your New Year resolutions have been fulfilled in some ways or another.
    Happy reading.

    Raymond NG

    P/S: Comments are most welcome. Thank you.

    • John Wong says:

      Thanks Raymond. Yours was the update I hve been trawling the internet for.
      I am a true AMN being born and bred in Malim Nawar. I know your father well, as does my father, Wong Chi Kit, who sadly had also passed away. I returned to work in Perak Hydro after my studies in ’73 and used to live in the bungalow behind the Haslegraves.

      • Raymond NG says:

        Hi John Wong

        I am very surprised to hear from you eventhough we have not met before in Malim Nawar.
        I am very glad that you know my dad (Ng Nam Sang) who sadly passed away in 1988. He actually retired from Perak Hydro in Malim Nawar.
        I left Malaysia on 3 February 1971 for England, to follow my childhood dreams after taking my dad’s advice.
        I am now residing in Bishops Stortford,Hertfordshire,
        UK,with my wife and son.
        Well, the rest is history.

        Raymond Ng

      • Susheela Loh nee Ponnudorai says:

        Hello John,
        Are you the John Won who lived across from the Ponnudorais in the perak Hydro compound? If yes my sister Shanta would like to get in touch.
        My email address is with Ipoh World.
        Did you have a little girl called Ah Wan?

      • RADZIAH BINTI TAIB says:

        Hi, Mr. John Wong,
        It’s been a long time I’ve left Perak Hydro Malim Nawar Station as a clerk (timescale -1978-1980) with Pritam Kaur and Lim. I was the Malim Nawar police daughter working there. Later I left for teaching college whereby soon I am retiring.
        I still remember Mr. KM Gomukutty, Mr. Bunny Khoo, Mr. N. Bhaskaran and a list of workers. Gomukutty’s son is Salim

    • Rajaendran Marimuthu says:

      Hi Raymond , I happen to stumble upon this site and noticed my dads name — Mr R G Marimuthu . He was an engineer initially in BG & then in Malim Nawar stations and back again to BG in 1968.. We were staying in number 4 bungalow when your parents were staying in number 1 (near to the MTD gate entrance). My younger brother & I use to come to your house to watch movies — use to be shown again the wall. That was in 1968. My father became the Superintendent of BG station in 1972 & we shifted to the Bungalow number 1. Unfortunately he passed away in 1974.I studied in SYS. We have settled in Australia now. The names of your dad & others brought a lot of fond memories.Had a great time there. Take care & regards.

      • Raymond NG says:

        Hi Rajaendran Marimuthu

        I am very glad to know that you and your family have now settled down in Australia. Please convey my special and kind regards to them. Thank you.
        My two brothers – eldest Chong (Christopher) and youngest Weng (Jeffrey) are Australian Citizens, residing in Brisbane.

        I waited until my UK younger brother (Joe) and UK sister (Ivy) have emailed me about their Malaysian vacation after touring Batu Gajah & Malim Nawar on Monday – 26 October 2015.
        There are a lot of changes in the two towns since I last reported on this website.

        My father, Ng Nam Sang, was transferred to Malim Nawar Perak Hydro Station after returning from England in December 1960, followed by the rest of them family in 1964, due to the children’s education. That was the last time I saw you in Batu Gajah.
        I travelled to Batu Gajah by train on weekdays for my secondary education at the Sultan Yussuf School and left after passing my Cambridge School Certificate in December 1966.

        For nostalgic information, your father, Marimuthu bid farewell to my father on Sunday –
        28 February 1960 at 13.30 hours (Malaysian Time) at the Batu Gajah Railway Station when he travelled to England by ship. (Extracts from the 1960 Diary).

        My father was the most qualified and experienced Senior Station Superintendent who indirectly looked after the three Perak Hydro Power Stations of Malim Nawar, Batu Gajah and Chenderoh sites. He commuted monthly to all the Stations and reported all his findings to the Head Office on Friday General Meeting. I occasionally accompanied my father to the Meeting, but sat outside the meeting-room for confidentiality.
        I have kept all my father’s education and engineering Certificates, including the 1960 Diary with me in England, for reference.

        Half of the NG families have now retired except, Jeffrey who is a Veterinary Surgeon, based in Singapore. He was qualified in Queensland & Melbourne Universities in the 1980s.
        We have settled in England (UK) since 03 February 1971. The rest is history.

        I still remember you lived next door to the Wong Swee Ngoon & family. The elder son, Joseph Wong now lives in Kuala Lumpur whereas the youngest son, Wong Weng Hoy is now an Australian citizen. He was Joe’s colleague while he was first in England in the 1970s and early 1980s.
        The only ‘soul’ who is still living in the BG Perak Hydro/Malayan Tin Dredging site, next to the fence and drain, is Rajalingam. His uncle, P. Krishnan was a Senior Shift Engineer for the same British Company.

        That is all I can update you in the Ipohworld’s World website. I hope you will enjoy reading through some of the gossips during your leisure time.

        With best wishes,

        Raymond NG

        • Raymond NG says:

          Hi Rajaendran Marimuthu again,

          Just to let you know that I have located your old friendly neighbour, Mr Fang Inn who lived opposite your house in Batu Gajah Perak Hydro. He celebrated his birthday on 18 July 2015. He and his son, Joseph Fang now live in Kuala Lumpur. (Extracts from Joe Ng’s Facebook).

          He was one of the elite members of Perak Hydro Company Team from 1960s to 1970s. The Malim Nawar Power Station was taken over by the Malaysian National Electric Board, now known as ‘Tenega Nasional Berhard’, in January 1986 after 60 years’ lease (from December 1925 to December 1985). It is now a ‘training centre’ for prospective engineers.

          The Perak Hydro Power Station Company sites were first leased to Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Company, England in December 1925.

          I hope this very brief history of Perak Hydro will bring back fond memories to you and also to the readers.

          Best wishes,

          Raymond NG

          • Rajaendran Marimuthu says:

            A lot of fond memories of the good old days.
            I appreciate your updates especially about my dad.
            Thanks for the background history of Perak Hydro Station. I also remember Mr Bunny Khoo in BG.
            I do have my dad’s certs . I thought Ah Hoy settled in England after he finished his Male Nursing qualification. I think I last saw him in BG around 1971.
            Once again thanks & take care.
            Best wishes,

  22. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Raymond
    Thank you for all the updates on the Perak Hydro site in Batu Gajah. How sad that a whole community has vanished. I remember the social club well and also the padang where we used to watch outdoor films and other social events. Also, the small shop in the Kongsi where I used to buy all kinds of sweets etc, also sotong, wah mooi, red ginger and green mangoes (delicious with a pinch of salt, soya sauce and sugar). I also remember Gopal – I think he was an electrician, and we had a driver named Krishnan. Do you remember the Singhs who lived near you and next to the store. I was great friends with Nirmala and Pritam who I went to school with. I used to visit the power station sometimes through the gate with the barbed wire near the store and remember how high up the flight of steps were to reach the offices of my fathers and yours. There was also the MTD workshop which was opposite the Dresser’s hut and there was a small filling station for petrol for cars. It was indeed a thriving village and very self sufficient.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and thank you again for all the updates. I hope that other people will visit this site and relate their experiences as you have.


  23. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Hi Wendy

    Thank you for taking time to read through my ‘bed-time’ story.

    I remember all the places you have mentioned, including the ‘sweet-shop’ which was a ‘stone-throw’ from my bungalow-doorstep and round the corner from the old bus-stop. Your descriptions actually bring back happy memories to my sister and brothers who read the website very often.
    The name, Krishnan was my best friend’s uncle who sadly passed away in the late 1970s.

    The news is just to attract old and new residents to digest my memoirs about the old and present days and what is happening now to the ever forgotten waste land in Batu Gajah.

    Well, I have managed to find a few more names to add to the 1950s to 1970s Batu Gajah Social Club Membership List namely:
    Messrs: Lingam, Narjan Singh, Rowlands & Edward Proud (renowned International Philatelist & Author who is still living in East Sussex, UK). I think Mr Proud is now about 84 years old, very fit for his age!

    I met all of them (names on the 2 Lists) in the past while attending the national and social functions with my father in all the four sites including Ipoh Office/Headquarters.

    Best wishes,

    Raymond NG

    • Larry sawyer says:

      Hi Raymond
      I have a number of first day stamp covers stamped Malim Nawer, from that period. No has mentioned Mr Menon yet. Accountant I think. Lived in the first house on the street by the guard gate. Abdul Quadir, all round good guy and a bit of a scallywag smile. I seem to remember he was a bit of a hero in the wars or against the bandits.
      The train would come from the Kampar end, and preceeding it, the little open line cart, scurrying along. I dont think the train ever did
      catch it.

  24. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Raymond
    I am enjoying your updates and noticed you have added the name Narjan Singh who is probably the father of Nirmala and Pritam. He had quite a few daughters and they lived opposite the Rowlands. Sorry to hear about the passing of Krishnan.

    Am I right in saying that now there is no access at all to the Batu Gajah site. There used to be a road that ran parallel to the railway line and at the level crossing there were two gigantic trees where you turned off to go to Batu Gajah town or St Bernadettes or Ipoh. I have looked on Google maps to try and identify the area but cant seem to make it out.

    Best Wishes

    • pritam Blackstock ( Kaur ) ( Singh) ) says:

      I do remember you Wendy Simon!! We lived in Batu Gajah…..My dad was Naranjan Singh. My sister, Nimmi lives in K.L.
      Please get in touch…….you have always been on our minds…..remeber the swimming pool and your Mum, she was a such an artist.
      Love for now
      Pritam ( Pita )

  25. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Hi Wendy

    I will continue where I left off two days ago.

    The level crossing gate and the road leading to the T-junction, next two the two gigantic trees had long gone.
    They have now been replaced with an overhead bridge road, a few yards down the rail-track before the Train Station. The vicinity is all cleared of trees and obstacles for Health & Safety reasons.
    The only access to the old Perak Hydro/MTD site is by crossing the new overhead bridge, opposite the Indian Temple, and then turn left leading to the old road again and which runs parallel to the railway line. This route will take you back to the raised old level gate in the community. You need to turn right from the gate to the community sundry shops and restaurant (or coffee shop). From there, it is only a few minute’s walk to the Social Club spot by passing through the two rusty fences which separated the two communities.

    There is now a double track railway lines running from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur via Batu Gajah and Malim Nawar since 2005/2006, as far as I know. There is no need for any train to be side-lined at the Station so as to let another train to pass-by first.
    The ‘ancient’ Railway Station had been moved down to the ‘Old Town’ to coincide with the double tracks’ extension. In came the new and modern Train Station which is quite near to the Chinese Temple. The old wooden building station is converted into the town museum.

    There are hundreds of Batu Gajah pictures on the website if you could key into the www. ‘Batu Gajah, Perak’. Then, click on the ‘Images for Batu Gajah, Perak Section’ and you may be able to recognise some of the long gone buildings and places. Even the Sultan Yussuf School itself was shifted next to St. Bernadette Convent School, some years back with multi-racial education in mind.

    Well, that is all I know since my last visit to the area.

    Your comments are much appreciated. Thank you.


  26. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Hullo Readers,

    I continue where I left off previously, according to the two websites.

    My father, Ng Nam Sang once said to me, enjoy life and always remember where your ‘roots’ of life first started.
    By remembering the old days, you will bring back nostalgic events and happy memories to the present day and then pass on your wise inheritance to your children to follow on in life.

    So, I embark on my father’s words of wisdom as most ‘elders’ believe in, by contacting colleagues, friends and relatives all over the world, like me in England and especially from Batu Gajah, Chenderoh, Ipoh & Malim Nawar, by using Batu Gajah, Perak website, Ipohword.org , personal contacts, emails, Facebook and other forms of contacts which ever suits you well.

    For private and confidentiality purposes, I am using my temporary working hospital address as shown on Ipohworld.org website under Comment Number: 23 dated December 14, 2013 which was addressed to Wendy Lewis (nee Simon). You could obtain my email address from Ipohworld.org or Batu Gajah, Perak website.

    So, I am encouraging all readers to contact their once lost colleagues, friends and relatives to resume or renew contacts wherever you are staying, to share your past and present experiences in the three Perak Hydro Power Stations.

    Best wishes,

    Raymond Ng

  27. Raymond NG (Surname: Ng) says:

    Hullo Readers again,

    I will continue where I left off on 12 January 2014.

    My father joined Batu Gajah Perak Hydro in 1935, just after finishing his Higher School Education (HSC), in the midst of an early stage of steam-electricity production in Perak which supplied to towns, cities and Tin Mining Industry.

    According to Mr S. Murugiah’s comments dated February 1st, 2013 in the Ipoh Echo, he used to take food to his father at meal-times when working in Batu Gajah Perak Hydro Station. I did the same chores too for my father in the 1950s. There was no canteen on site, but a small rest-room to have meal breaks. Shift engineers and workers were not allowed to go home for meals even though; their homes were only a few hundred yards outside the security guarded fence.
    During each visit to my father, I always took a quick glance at the surroundings which reminded me about the loud noises caused by the big Turbines which were supplied by in-flowing cold water from the nearby company river. The generated hot water from the Turbines was then diverted into an outlet stream which flowed out into the distant man-made Lake which consisted of few greenery islands. From time to time, the lake was inspected by engineers, using a steel boat with zinc roof top, parked beside the lake for inspection and maintenance purposes. I had opportunities of sitting in the boat on numerous occasions with my father.
    He had to do shifts system, the so called “Shift Engineer’s job” between 1935 and 1960s. He took over the Malim Nawar Station Superintendent Post before he retired in 1974. The Malim Nawer Power Station was taken over by the Malaysian National Electric Board, now known as “Tenega Nasional Berhard”, in 1986.

    I still remember going out with my father on Sunday mornings between 1967 and 1970 in Malim Nawar, to inspect the river sites in the Malay Village (Kampong) along Kampar- Ipoh Road and which supplied water to the Station for generating electricity and consumption.

    Well, I could have written a book on the three Perak Hydro Power Stations, but I chose not to due to others (retired employees) who could do a better job than me.

    I did not take up engineering as a profession due to the dreaded night-shifts’ system. Somehow, fate was not on my side as I had to do night shifts including ‘split-duties’ when I started working in England Hospitals from 1971 to 1977. I only came out of the night shifts’ system when I was promoted to the Regional Eye Unit Ward Manager & Departmental Co-ordinator Post in 1978 until I retired in July 2003.

    Well, the rest is history.

    Raymond Ng

    • Larry sawyer says:

      That kampong was Kuala Dipang. They always had rubber hanging out to dry. The raft was used to keep the channel free and water flowing. It went to the Perak river where sandbags diverted the water into the channel

  28. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Raymond
    Thank you for all the info above which is very interesting. The lake you referred to in Batu Gajah was at the back of our garden and as children we called the island in it ‘Christmas Island’. There was a boathouse at the end of our garden with an outboard motor boat in which my father used to take us to Christmas Island and also to inspect the lake. I also remember the steel boat with the zinc roof!

    My father kept a pistol in the house from the time of the Emergency and as children, we used to beg him to fire it into the lake to show us how it sounded. Apparently he used to keep it in the car when travelling in the 50’s in case of ambush.

    Have you thought of writing a book with all your memories?

    Best wishes

  29. Wendy Lewis says:

    Hi Nick

    I left a message yesterday for you but it does not seem to be there today. Are you the Nick whose parents are Roy and Margaret and who lived opposite us in Batu Gajah? If so, I remember when you were born and as a small child. In fact I think I babysat you once!

    Regarding the photographs, I think Ipohworld would probably be interested in them as there is still a lot of interest in Perak Hydro as it was.

    Hope you get to read this.


    • Lesley Moore says:

      Wendy, I wonder if the bungalow that you lived in is the same one that my family lived in.
      Ours was the first one that you came to as you drove up the road from the village. The station was right across the road.
      I remember the day we boarded the train there to leave for Singapore and the journey home to England. My friends were on the road to wave goodbye.
      In front of the house was a sugarcane field. I remember my mother being so upset when my little brother cut through the field to visit a family on the other side who had a talking minor bird. There were a lot of snakes in the sugarcane as there were in the bamboo hedges around the compound.
      When we were there it was guarded as terrorists were abig threat at that time.
      We spent holidays at Penang at the “Lone Pine hotel” and made numerous trips to the Cameron Highlands, each time with guards!
      It was lovely to wander over this site and remember.
      It sometimes feels so far away and long ago!
      Lesley Moore

  30. ika says:

    Now the question is, if two of you think you lived in the same bungalow, do either of your families have a photo (or photos) to share with us all.

    • Lesley Moore says:

      I know I have but I will have hunt. I have a lot of photos actually.
      My mother died recently and they will be her stuff.
      Lesley Moore

      • ika says:

        Well Lesley, please get hunting as soon as convenient. When you find them we would ask you to scan them at 600dpi and email to us on info@ipohworld.org. It is best to mail them in batches of up to around 10 or 12 MB. We can receive more but it slows everything down.

        I look forward to actually seeing some of these places you all talk about with such happy memories.

  31. Wendy says:

    Hi Lesley

    Thank you for your posting. I am not sure either if we lived in the same bungalow in Batu Gajah. I know that you had to cross a small bridge before turning right to the drive of the house and it had 3 large causurina trees in the front garden. Does that sound familiar? Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph. The power station was opposite.



    • Lesley Moore says:

      Lovely to hear from you, Wendy and Ika!
      I don’t remember a bridge or the causurinas.
      I do remember some coconut trees that the gardener use to send a monkey up t o knock down the. Coconuts!
      I have lots of old photos and I will dig them out.
      We also belonged to the Ipoh swimming club. Did you swim there?
      I have often wished that I could go back to see it all again as Malaya is actually the first place I remember as a kid. When we went back to the UK I felt like stranger.
      We moved to Canada in 1958and I didn’t get back to England until 2010 so I’m not holding my breath about getting to Malim Nawar again.
      The photos are in storage as I recently moved but I will seek them out.

  32. Wendy says:

    Hi Lesley

    I wasnt sure if you were talking about living in Batu Gajah or Malim Nawar – please clarify. I also remember coconuts being picked by monkeys and yes we used to swim at the Ipoh Swimming Club regularly as most of the children I knew congregated there particularly on a Saturday. I did return to see 47HNTAMalim Nawar and it had changed so much that I was disappointed so sometimes it is better to remember things as they were when you lived out there. I dont remember your surname but we must have crossed paths at some time. I left there in 1968 when Dad retired and came back to the UK, and like you probably, I still think of the place as my home. Great to share memories with you.


  33. Lesley Moore says:

    Wendy, our house was in Malim Nawar. Our house was across the road from the railway station. I know we went into Batu Gajah quite a bit.
    We’re you there in 1948/49?
    My Dad’s name was Roy Kirman. He coached the football team.
    I have to ask…..did Father Christmas come in a bullock cart when you were there?

  34. Nick Band says:

    Leslie, I have sent a few photos of ‘Santa on a cart’ to Felicia at Ipohworld for her to try to get them to you (or share on the site) from 1959 as a reminder to you.
    Best wishes Nick
    (Eldest son of Roy & Margaret Band, Malay Tin Dredging, BG 1954-1961)

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Lesley

      Yes, we lived across the road from the railway track and we were the last bungalow next to the power station. I was born in 1950 but lived out there for about 18 years on and off. I dont remember your Father’s name but I am sure my parents would have know him.

      Yes Lesley and Nick, I do remember Father Christmas coming in a bullock cart and also once in a dumper truck. Nick, I would love to see your photograph of him in a bullock cart!!

  35. Lesley Moore says:

    Hello Wendy and Nick
    Thanks so much for the photos Nick.
    I have been moving so I am a little behind in responses, but I was down at the storage unit yesterday and I have spotted all the photo boxes. I have a lot of old Malaya stuff. My father was out there even before we went out.
    We sailed back on the Willem Ruys
    Wendy did you have a pool in your yard?
    I had some friends by the name of Roddy and Hamish.
    I think their last name was Stirton
    Does this ring any bells?
    Where do you live now?
    I’m in the Niagara area of Ontario Canada

    • Rod Sawyer says:

      Lesley it is Roddy here and yes Hamish was Don Sturtons son along with Fiona his daughter.If I remember correctly Madge was their mother. Larry is my younger brother and we now live in Western Australia very close to the city of Albany. Who were you before becoming a Moore. Would love to hear from you.

  36. ika says:

    All this talk about photos in boxes is getting me excited. I do hope to see some 600dpi scans before too long. I am sure our other readers will be looking forward to them as well.

  37. Lesley Moore says:

    Do my best. I’m sure there are postcards that were sent back to my mother in the UK from my Dad before they were married so they would be old. I remember one in particular showing the damage that a cyclone caused.

  38. Mano says:

    Interesting to note that cyclones in Malaysia are not that rare an occurrence. As mentioned in another thread, some of us have had first hand experience when one hit Lim Gardens in 1967 causing extensive damage to the Tarcisian Convent School. Malacca got hit by one last Saturday. Now we have evidence of, perhaps, the Batu Gajah or Malim Nawar area having been hit by one. What’s baffling is they occur at different places and at different times.

  39. Wendy says:

    Hi Lesley
    Yes, there was a pool in the back garden and we spent many happy hours in it. There was also a huge water tower just outside the hedge boundary of the back garden. I dont remember the name Stirton, but I knew a Roddy Sawyer and he had a brother, but cant remember his name.
    I now live in the UK in Essex.

  40. Lesley Moore says:

    Yes, that was his name.
    I used to swim in that pool!
    What a small world this internet thing has made!
    Was the bamboo hedge still there then?
    I guess your Dad would have worked with mine.
    My father loved that end of the world. His spent his childhood in Hong Kong and was in Singapore when the Japanese came.
    I remember the raids that the “bandits” made but I don’t remember being very bothered by it. They used to take potshots at passengers in trains so that they had to turn the lights out at night. And then there were train derailments and raids on the villages.
    I love to visit the UK. The countryside and all the lovely little villages are glorious.
    You should get my e-mail address off whomever is in charge of that sort of thing.

  41. Wendy says:

    Lesley, at last we have established that we did live in the same house! Yes, the high bamboo hedge was there when we were there. My Dad was there during the emergency and I remember my parents talking about incidences as I was growing up. Did you know that ‘our’ house was apparently the officers mess during that time? Since my last post, I have remembered Roddy’s brothers name – Larry – and their parents were Eve and Roy Sawyer. Roddy was very tall and dark haired. Do you remember the sentry posts in Malim Nawar where they had to climb a ladder to get to the top and then there was a huge lamp that the sentry used to shine round the compound? Great sharing these memories with you.


  42. ika says:

    I have just sent Wendy’s email address to Leslie. Hopefully you will make contact but please don.t stop writing here as we all find the stories fascinating.

    • Lesley Moore says:

      I came on this site yesterday to find that my little friend had sent a message last year. His name was Roddy Sawyer.
      Would you please send him my e-mail address.
      Tell him it’s Lesley Kirman, now Moore

  43. John Wong says:

    Gee Wendy, memories!
    I was born and bred in Malim Nawar until my father, Wong Chi Kit, left to work in Ipoh HO in 1957.
    I remember the sentry post well, and the bombs dropping on the hills of Kampar. And the bulletholes in the oil tanks.
    Was it you or Roger who gave me a penknife for a present when I was a wee kid?
    I subsequently went back to work in PRH as an engineer after my studies in ’73, and was with them until the LLN takeover.

  44. Wendy says:

    Hi John
    Wow, more Malim Nawar memories – Fancy you remembering my brother Roger! I dont know who gave you the penknife but more than likely it was my him. Where did you live in Malim Nawar? Do you remember the little shop where the sports club now stands? My mother used to buy groceries from there, not far from the main gate where the sentry was. At one time you had to show your pass to get through the main gate and the barrier was lifted. Are you still in Malaysia?

    • John Wong says:

      A penknife at that age is not something I would forget. Tell Roger I remember that.
      I remembered living in the old building next to the sentry post. I also remembered picking up the golf balls that your dad used to hit in the field behind the club.
      BTW through this blog, I have exchanged emails with Anna who was in St Michaels with me and my sisters.
      When I was in UK, I met up with the Palmers, AJ was mentor to my father. I also remember Mr Ferguson with whom I signed a scholarship contract with PRH.
      I am happily retired now and living in Sydney Australia.
      Gee Wendy. It is so good to hear from all of you from a lifetime ago, especially now with Batu Gajah and Malim Nawar stations gone. Keep in touch.

  45. John Wong says:

    A few memories from my time working in PRH.

    I did the same training as Ng Nam Sang in UK after my graduation. That was 3 months in Cockfosters (where my Triumph Convertible became a collapsible when the front wheel collapse when the front valance sheared off) and 3 months in Chester ‘Ince’ Power Station, a Chinaman singing the Welsh National Anthem in English in a Welsh pub.

    The pistol that somebody mentioned. We decided to surrender that to the Police. Haslegrave, Bumny Khoo and I decided to have a shooting completion behind the cooling towers. I remembered being concerned over some people cleaning the ponds in the distance and Bunny reassured me the pistol has only an effective range of 50 yds. I won because I was the only one who hit the target. ( I cheated because I cocked the gun and held it with two hands ala Starsky).

    I did the river inspections. Somebody mentioned a girl bathing with a too short sarong ..

    I remember cleaning the drinking water treatment system and swore that I’ll never drink the tap water again.

    I remember the long queues in front of the Dispensary for the daily dose of custom made cough mixture (which of course has a high percentage of medical alcohol).

    I remember an attempted break into the office safe. The burglar used the oxyacetylene torch from the T&E department to try to cut through the safe door, but ran out of acetylene.

    I remember I built a boom bar across the main gate to the station. The local postman went through it … his motorcycle did, but he was hanging over the bar.

    Somebody mentioned that the plane that dropped the payroll in Batu Gajah dropped it at the dhobi’s evidently mistaking the clothes hanging out to dry as the marker…

    So many memories ….

    • Ken says:

      Hi John,

      I think I remember you. I lived across your house in Malim Nawar until 1985. If I’m right, you have a daughter by the name of Michelle?

      I’m sure you will recall the name, Chong Mun Lin. He is my dad. The names Bunny Khoo and Haslegrave, I have not heard in a long time.

      Although a distant memory now, I do remember the dispensary too.


      • John Wong says:

        Of course I remember you and your father. And your mum. How are they?
        I almost gave up hope that any of my contemporaries ever read this blog. Maybe your pa can contribute some memories.
        I was going to write a tribute to the late Cheah Kheng Strong. He lived in your bungalow before you moved in.
        Please give my regards to all.

    • W.t.Wong says:

      Uncle John..! Wong here from Ipoh..! Dad’s Wong Juan Cheng (aka German Wong) who was under uncle Bunny Khoo and assisting him was Uncle Choong Lim Kee..! Uncle Bunny passed on on Thaipusam Day during a holiday almost two decades back.. our closest contact in Ipoh is currently uncle Wong Yoon Choy..who live a couple of streets from where we are now..!


  46. ika says:

    Yes, so many memories and every one a gem. Thank you all for sharing them with us. I think they are so interesting we need to try and collate then into the story of Perak Hydro, Batu Gajah for our database.

    But please don’t stop now. there must be many more memories to share.

  47. Larry sawyer says:

    My name is Larry Sawyer. My father was Roy Sawyer. He was station super from about 1948 on Malim Nawer is my’ heart’ home, and have memories of most of you.Will revisit one day and shed tears.

  48. Larry sawyer says:

    We went to school by armour convoy leaving Kampar for Cameron Highlands. No air in the personal carrier but a machine gun mounted at the front. Hot as anything and the windy road made most of us sick increasing the stink.

  49. Larry sawyer says:

    Wendy was bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding in Malim Nawer and Ipoh. My sister Tess worked in Batu Gajah. I still have the typewriter she used there. i have dim memory of Wendy’s other brother.

  50. Rod Sawyer says:

    I am Rod Sawyer Larry’s brother. Remember Malim Nawar very much. Dad worked with Perak Hydro from 1948 till 1968. I have revisited Malim Nawar once only to find that it was all closed down. Rather sad. Wendy please make contact with Larry or myself as would love to hear from you. I picked Your father out before reading the caption.

    • Lesley Moore says:

      Just found your message Roddy. I hadn’t checked the site in awhile. Wow, talk about a blast from the past. You and I were best buddies in Malim Nawar. My name was Kirman at that time. My Dad’s name was Roy and my mother was Vi. I have a younger brother Lester.
      I’ve got pictures of us all in the garden. You were standing on the road across from the railway station when we left there. I remember you waving. Who would have thought that all these years later we would be in contact with each other through an invention called the Internet.
      My mother only died 3 years ago. She would have been amazed that you could find someone from so long ago.
      Do get in touch again

  51. Raymond NG says:

    Hi Larry Sawyer

    Thank you for your information dated 27 July 2014 on (Kampong) Kuala Dipang left in the Ipohword’s World Section.
    I was born in the same year when your father, Roy Sawyer was the Station Superintendent in Perak Hydro, Malim Nawar.
    Mr Edward Wilfred Baxby PROUD (from England) was an Assistant Superintendent in Malim Nawar too in 1952 and so, he would have been your father’s colleague. I am still in contact with Ted Proud ,especially Christmas time.

    My father, Ng Nam Sang first started as a Shift Engineer in late 1935 at Batu Gajah -Perak Hydro. He had to commute to all the three sites: Batu Gajah, Chenderoh and Malim Nawar during his entire working life for the same Company.
    He retired as a Station Superintendent at Perak Hydro, Malim Nawar in 1974, with great sadness.

    The title ‘Station Superintendent’ was later changed to ‘General Manager’.

    With regards,

    Raymond NG

    • Rod Sawyer says:

      Hi Raymond,
      I remember Kuala Dipang very well as there used to be a little dredge on the river keeping the water way open for the water to get to the cooling ponds for the Malim Nawar power station.

  52. Larry sawyer says:

    There were 2 pools at Number 1. A rectangular pool at ground level. We were not allowed to swim in in much as it was full of leaches. There was a tiny concrete ring which held about 5 children. I have the photo’s. Lesley Moore is probably in them.

    • Lesley Moore says:

      Hi Larry,
      My Dad had that concert circle pool brought in. I should get my e-mail address out to you and Roddy some how.
      I remember Cameron Highlands. I think your family was with us when we went there once and one of the armoured vehicles started going over the edge of the road. It was a good thing it didn’t go all the way!
      Lesley (Kirman)

  53. ika says:

    Larry, It is always good to see new names on our blog. Welcome to you and your brother Rod.

    You mentioned that you have photographs and that always gets us at ipohWorld excited! Would it be possible for you to scan them at 600dpi and let us have them to share with our readers please? If you can, they may be emailed to us at info@ipohworld.org. You will of course be credited as the donor.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  54. Wendy says:

    Hi Larry and Roddy
    So good to hear from you on Ipohworld – how are you both?. Larry, do you remember we shared a birthday party on your 21st and my 18th? Did you keep in touch with Ray from the Australian Army – I often wondered how he was? I remember your parents so well – Eve and Roy – lots of happy memories for me. My parents bought a piano from your Mother when I started having lessons – your Mother was a good pianist as I recall. Also, lots of memories of the Swimming Club where we used to meet up. Hope you are both well and happy.

    • Larry sawyer says:

      I have been waiting for this contact. For your 18th I gave you Sgt Peppers..Beatles. It was John not Ray. Mum had no piano. I have a picture of your Mum and the chimp. I have a picture of your Mum and your little brother at 5 weeks old. I have a original painting by Hazel. I have a movie in which you feature at Tessa’s wedding and another of you at the swimming club. No folk’s, Wendy is not an ex but goes back to early 50’s. Malim Nawer , Batu Gajah and the fact I try to remember the Malay language is a bit of a tragedy for the young ones who had no future in their childhood country. I cook mean Malay, cuisine . Anyway, if you want to chat more Wendy , please continue but somehow I would need your email. PS we are both sprytly

        • ika says:

          Larry, now we discover you have movies as well as photos. Is there any chance of your sending us digitised copies of the wedding, swimming club and more please? our readers would love to share them, of that I am sure.

          Your first photo will go up on this site on Monday. Thanks.

    • Tessa Bulley/Lyte/Sawyer says:

      Hullo Wendy, Larry has told me about this website. Do you remember being my bridesmaid when I married Nevill at the C0fE church in Ipoh. I also worked at Malim Nawar power station for Balfour Beatty when they were putting in new turbines, my boss was George Blackwood. I often wonder what has happened to Mr Menon’s family, I was best friends with his daughters. Mr. Menon was Dad’s chief clerk when Dad was the Superintendent. I remember your parents well, they were always so kind to me. Love to get in touch, Tessa

      • ika says:

        Tessa, welcome to our world, ipohWorld. Having heard about you from Larry it is good to see you here. No doubt Wendy will soon be replying to you and no doubt you will have much to talk about.

        Now the burning question is do you have photographs to share with us please? Your wedding, life in Malaya etc will all be welcome if you would be kind enough to let us have goof scans at better than 300dpi (600dpi is best). If that is possible then Larry, Wendy and around 5000 other readers will also enjoy them.

        Come bacl again soon and by the way, do you remember anything about the dredge at http://www.ipohworld.org/2014/08/04/kuala-dipang-1950s/. Larry sent it to us.

  55. Raymond NG says:

    I recently contacted my childhood friend, K. Rajasegaran who now lives in Ipoh City. He is now a Datuk, a prestigious title bestowed upon him for the excellent services rendered to the State for many years.
    His eldest brother, K. Bhaskaran was the Senior Clerk at the Batu Gajah Perak Hydro Power Station. He was later transferred to Malim Nawar in the late 1970s when the Batu Gajah Station was closed down permanently. Both the families are now living at the outskirt of Ipoh City.
    I am told that both brothers will be contributing some nostalgic heyday events into the Ipohworld’s World website soon.

    Well, we will wait and see for the initial output of the interesting events.


  56. ika says:

    Hi Jim, how right you are. I was not there either but it almost feels that I was. With the three photos that Larry has sent us so far the picture gets even clearer and we shall be sharing them with you all soon. We are hoping that he can donate more soon. We always live in hope in ipohWorld!

  57. Larry sawyer says:

    Travelling to and fro to Singapore from Ipoh , at first on Malay Airways DC3, my brother and i on the way home used to excitedly follow the landmarks. Find the railway line and the road. Pick up Kampar…then the biggest find…the smokestacks of Malim Nawer. This was not hard because in the sea of green they showed up.
    I flew into Ipoh in 1968 and was horrified. The green had disappeared, replaced by a patch work of wet brown. They were washing down the hills.

  58. Larry sawyer says:

    Sorry for all the posts. I have a large aerial photo of BJ as well. Wendy that photo is actually Roger 11 days old. I do believe I may have one of Michael?..
    I will leave this alone for a few days. I do have photo’s of the swimming club. My parents may have lived in that house in Tiger Lane for a short period. It was all that was available at the time they moved to Ipoh. They only lived on the ground floor. They then got a modern little place on Tambun Rd, and later one of those classic homes up the rd a bit.
    Dad had no qualifications at all. He was honored in the end with a assoc of the British Royal Institute of Electrical engineers. He could not be considered at the time for higher promotion in Perak river Hydro because he did not have “that Piece of paper”. He was well regarded and fought for a new staff village to have proper sewerage. He also played a large part in quelling a strike.

  59. Raymond NG says:

    I wrote a brief history about my father’s contribution to the Perak Hydro Power Station in the “Ipoh Echo Website” under the heading of: “Recognising Perak Hydro’s contribution to Perak”.

    If some readers remember my father (Ng Nam Sang), you are most welcome to read through the short story in three parts: 1935-1974.


    • ika says:

      Raymond, I put your Echo article on our FB as an extra item of local interest. It got the following immediate response.

      “Little China Hello Raymond, great to read your article on Perak Hydro. A schoolmate worked at PH until he came to UK mid 1970s. Please find time and contact me via Fb message, take care and keep well”

    • Lee Hock Aun says:

      Hello Raymond,
      My name is Lee Hock Aun (Lee Hoo Keat is my dad, Lee Hoo Poh, Lee Hoo Leng and Lee Hoo Huat are his brothers. They all used to stay at the MTD quarters in the 1920’s to 1950’s) beside the Perak Hydro Steam Generators). They have mentioned the name Nam Sang when looking through old photos from Batu Gajah. Could he be your dad? I am bringing my dad and his brothers to the old MTD/Perak Hydro area this Sunday (26 June 2016) but am not quite sure where it is. Is it near the Thong Aik bakery shop? Any GPS coordinates. Thanks very much. Anyway of contacting you Raymond?

      • Philip Tan says:

        Hi Lee Hock Aun,

        I am doing family tree chart on Chua Cheng Liat. Chua Cheng Liat has 7 children and his six child (3rd daughter) is Chua Swee Sim. Chua Swee Sim husband is Lee Hoo Leng. Would this Lee Hoo Leng your uncle? If so, can you reply to me through this email at clgenealogy@gmail.com.

        Philip Tan

      • YEOH Keat Chye says:

        Dear Mr Lee Hock Aun,

        In my family tree, on my wife’s side, we have a Mr LEE Wee Hoe married to an ANG Gaik Kooi, 3rd daughter of ANG Ee Pee. I believe they are your grandparents.

        My e mail is keatmeow@gmail.com and I hope I am able to communicate with you through e mail on some data in the Family Tree.

        Looking forward to hearing from you.

        YEOH Keat Chye

  60. Raymond NG says:

    Enthusiastic Readers of Ipohworld’s looking for Mr. Krishnan, a Senior Electrical & Steam Engineer from Perak Hydro, Malim Nawar, will be sad to know that he passed away in August 2009, according to his nephew-S. Rajalingam who is another childhood friend of mine.
    Mr. Krishnan resided in the centre of Batu Gajah, near the town Railway Station, after retirement.

  61. Wendy says:

    My memory must be playing me up regarding Ray (I mean John) but I do remember being bridesmaid at Tessa’s wedding – she looked lovely – did she marry someone called Neville? Strange as I do remember your Mother sitting at the piano and playing! Interesting reading about your journey to school in Cameron Highlands. Judi and I went to the Convent in Batu Gajah, and Roger and Michael went to boarding school in the UK and came out for summer holidays. Could you get my email address from Ipohworld and we can carry on remembering! I have a photo of the house that you lived in Malim Nawar which we also lived in after you. I am impressed that you cook Malay. I try, but it never tastes the same!

    • Larry sawyer says:

      Hi Wendy
      Once I relook at the movie of the swimming club i should be able to see if it was Ray or John. i might be muddled. I said the little dredge cleaned the water in the channel
      from the Perak river but that was wrong. Maybe the Kinta.?? I will be sending a aerial of Batu Gajah.
      My sis married Neville and they went to Nyasaland, but that is another story. She is in Devon.
      Ipoh swimming club had just the best Nasi Goreng and Mah Mee. The adults went for the Ikan Mollee. For snacks they had long chips and tomato sauce, before chips became popular. We drank fresh orange the adults fresh lime if they were not drinking stinga’s .I was looking at a curry book last night . It was weird that all the curries were different BUT the ingredients were much the same.
      I will try and get your email from Ian

  62. Wendy says:

    ika, thankyou for sending my email address to Larry – so good to catch up with old friends, especially for us ‘children of the East’. Thank you also for making the Ipohworld site so interesting and informative. I do remember vaguely the strange dredge and that we had to drive over a very rickety old wooden bridge.

  63. ika says:

    Hi Wendy, thanks for your kind words and now you can also reminisce with Tessa who joined us today for the first time. It is a small world at ipohWorld.

    • Wendy Lewis says:

      Susheela Loh nee Ponnudorai

      Hi Susheela, yes I do remember your family, wasnt your father the dresser? my parents have gone now and so has Michael tragically in South Africa. Roger is livingin the UK. How about your family? if you go to Judijonesart.com, you will see some of Judi’s art work. Great to hear from you. Wendy

      • Susheela Loh says:

        Hello Wendy,
        Thank you for replying so soon. I am so sorry to hear about your parents and Michael.
        My sisters and I and my younger brother are in the UK. My mum and other brothers are in Malaysia. I lost my husband in 2000 but have two lovely children.
        Good to hear from you.

      • Susheela Loh nee Ponnudorai says:

        Hi Wendy,
        I sent a reply but wonder whether it got lost so here I am again. I am so sorry to hear about your parents and Michael.
        My sisters and I live in the UK and one of my younger brothers lives in Essex.
        We do go back to Malaysia every year and have seen so many changes. The Perak Hydro area is no longer the lovely place it used to be.
        Good hearing from you.

  64. Prema Fairburn-Ponnudorai says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I am Susheela’s sister (Prema) and we remember your family very well. We used to come to your house every Christmas and sing carols together. You may remember that we used to perform a lot at church and for friends and we were particularly good at singing in harmony. So sorry to hear about your parents and Michael. I was in the same class as you and remember Sarojinny, Margaret Freeman and others. I also remember Ong Chee Leng and Indra Nair. I left for the UK in early 1969 with my sister Shanta who is still a very talented artist. I have a group of three care businesses and am the Managing Director of the Cardinal Healthcare Group. Our website is http://www.cardinal-healthcare.co.uk. I have three sons two of whom are talented pianists and also work in the business. I recently visited Malaysia and went particularly to Batu Gajah to see the old places. Very disappointing although the Dhobi’s house is still there! I live in Ipswich, Suffolk (not too far away from you) and would love to reminisce further with you. My e-mail address is pdorai@chcgroup.org. It would be lovely to hear from you and exchange news. Best Wishes, Prema

  65. Richard Saxey says:

    Greetings one and all
    after many months of Googling through Google I at last find a vast sum of info on Perak River Hydro and the plants at both Malim Nawar and Batu Gajah, Seeing names such as Roy & Eve Sawyer, The Dundas’s, Dougie Hemnill, Ng Nam Sang, all names from my childhood. My father was Frederick James Saxey and Mother Edith “Mary” Saxey and we move out to Perak in 1957/8 where my father was assistant Superintendent as Malim Nawar, becoming Superintendent before moving over to Batu Gajah in 1963 until his untimely death in 1965. Mum moved back to the UK and we haven’t been back to Malaya since, but it is and always will be one of the most memorable times of my life to date.
    I have photos of both Malim Nawar and of various people , that I would love to share if someone could tell me how and where to send them to.
    I am planning this year a holiday in Malaya (2 days in KL, 5 days in Penang & 6 In Langkawi) with my wife and friends and if we have time I would love to be able to drive down (only a couple of hours from Penang I believe) and show my wife where I spent my childhood and visit my fathers grave for the first time in B.G. which I believe is still in existence. Thank you all for rekindling such wonderful times and memories
    best rgds
    Richard Saxey

    • felicia says:

      Hi Richard, welcome to Ipohworld’s World! Nice to meet yet another former resident of Malim Nawar 🙂
      Yes, we’d LOVE to see those photographs from your collection…do scan the photos at around 600dpi and email them to us at – info@ipohworld.org
      Or, if you prefer, you can also send us the original photos. Drop us a note at the above email and we’ll send you our mailing address.

    • Shukur Yang says:

      Hello Richard. My name is Shukur Yang. My late father, A.S. Yang was a Shift Engineer @ PRH,M Nawar. We were childhood friends then. Remember we built a tree house on a “cherry” tree in front of the gate entrance to your house. We used to play and collect cigrettes boxes, bewerage bottle caps, We studied together @ Methodist English School, Malim Nawar between 1957-1962.I stayed @ the semi-detached near to your house.I remember Wendy whose late father drove a large green coloured car. Hope to hear from you soon.

  66. Maria Joy says:

    Such wonderful stories you guys have there! I nearly cry every time I read every single stories you have written. I grew up in the Perak Hydro in the 80’s. In fact my grandfather Saad Bin Udoh was working there throughout the 70’s to early 90’s if I was not mistaken. I would like to hear more stories from you guys. It is definitely delightful to read.


  67. Vijeya says:

    Hi everyone!

    This thread has been absolutely amazing to read! I grew up listening to stories of my mother’s childhood in Perak River Hydro. My mother’s name is Bathamani, she is the youngest daughter of Suppiah Thevar. My grandparents used to have a canteen/food stall back then. My eldest uncle, Murugiah used to work at the Chenderoh Dam. My mom hasn’t tired of telling me stories of Christmas parties, the lovely wife of the ‘boss’ who plays the piano, and the english men wearing knee high socks with khaki shorts.

    I’m trying to get in touch with some of the pioneers of the Perak River Hydro, and I see some names being mentioned in this thread, ie: Ian Medleycott, Mr Edward W. Proud, Alfred Simon, etc. I am currently attached with the Merdeka Award Secretariat and I’m looking up British nationals who have greatly impacted Malaysia. It would be wonderful to be able to reach out to any of them to honour their efforts and the legacy Perak River Hydro has left behind. Please do drop me an email at vtharzhini@gmail.com with any relevant information.

    Thanks & Best wishes,

  68. Raymond NG says:

    Hi Wendy (Lewis)

    Long-time no hear from you in the Ipohworld’s World website. I think I better make the first move.
    Just to up-date you about the Perak Hydro Number: 1 Bungalow in Malim Nawar. My sister Ivy (UK), two brothers – Joe (UK), Jeffrey (Australia/Singapore) and their families visited the ‘Memory Lane’ Site on Tuesday – 27 October 2015. They looked round the whole place without any guided-tour.
    To gain entry into the building, permission is required from the site Manager or Organiser without any written formality. Joe told the Organiser that our father, Ng Nam Sang was once the Perak Hydro Station Superintendent in the late 1960s until he retired in 1974 after 40 years Long Service.
    This is a poignant building which we once lived in the 1960s; first by your family and then followed by my family till 1974.

    The Bungalow is now renovated to the full and beautifully furnished throughout internally. Outside the garden remains the same. Under the bungalow, the ‘cage’ had been removed leaving the space empty. I called it a ‘Play-Room’ since Joe used to entertain his friends during the good old days.
    The Swimming Pool is beyond repair! There are big cracks all round and there is a tall tree growing in the middle of the pool. No one has attempted to chop it down. Even if it is restored to former glory, the pool requires thousands of litres of fresh water to fill up for proper use. What a shame when it can be used by members of the Company after a hard day’s work, when it is fully restored.

    The place is now used as a Training Centre for the country. It is probably used as an Apprenticeship for Electrical Engineering and other trades.

    I hope the good news will keep your memory intact.

    May I take this fine opportunity in wishing you and your family, “Merry Christmas and Happy & Prosperous New Year”. Hope all your New Year resolutions are fulfilled in one way or another.

    Bye for now.

    Raymond Ng

  69. Wendy Lewis (nee Simon) says:

    Hi Raymond

    Thank you so much for the update of No 1 bungalow and I am so happy that the inside has been restored, but shame about the garden. My brothers and sister had many a happy time in the pool and riding around the garden on our bikes. Also the playroom underneath the house was used all the time, especially when we were in trouble, we used to hide down there – so many great memories.

    I hope you are well and also wish you a very Happy Christmas and New year.


    • Raymond NG says:

      Hi Wendy Lewis

      Thanks for the seasonal greetings.

      I have some nostalgic events which occurred during the heyday and I would like to share them with you and the rest of the readers of Ipohworld’s World.

      I received a beautiful Christmas Greeting Card and letter from Mr Edward Proud this morning. He gave me a very brief history of his stay in Malaya. According to him, he was the Deputy Station Superintendent in Perak Hydro Malim Nawar (1952 to 1953) and later moved to Batu Gajah and served in the same position (Deputy) from 1953 to 1956. Mr Proud was my father’s working colleague and neighbour.
      Mr Proud was the first senior member of the Company to start the weekly free ‘Film Show’ in the Perak Hydro open ground next to the national railway tracks, running from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh.
      The weekly free show was well attended by most of the Batu Gajah population. As we know, it was held in ‘open-air’ and people could look at the canvas-screen on both sides. What a great treat! It was Mr Proud who left his legacy for others to enjoy the entertainment.

      After he left Malaya, the weekly event was shared with the Malayan Tin Dredging Company to screen the ever popular film shows so as to entertain the public at large. We had the habit of munching into our favourite treats like sweet-corns, roast peanuts, fruits or cakes while watching the interesting story unfolded to the end around 22.00 hours.

      The last time I met Mr Proud was in the Strand Stamp Fair at Russell Square, London on 20 November 2015. Each time we met, we talked about Perak Hydro past events which gave us some fond happy memories.

      He formed the famous ‘Proud & Bailey Company Limited in England with another Perak Hydro friend and colleague on 15 September 1961 and it still exists to this day. The Company is well known nationally and internationally and the address can be obtained from the Wikipedia website.

      Well, that is the latest news from me to you. I send my usual Seasonal Greetings.

      Best wishes,

      Raymond Ng

  70. Wendy Lewis (nee Simon) says:

    HI Raymond

    I was very young when Mr Proud was in BG and MN but the name rings a bell as my parents must have known him. I also remember the ‘wayangs’ as my parents used to take us as children to watch in the open air and we had kachang and kwa chee (not sure if that is spelt right) but I am sure you know what I mean. I remember once the projector broke down and we had to go home so disappointed. I did not know that Mr Proud instigated the shows.

    Best wishes

    • Raymond NG says:

      Hi Wendy (Lewis)

      I hope you and your family had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. The same goes to all the readers of the Ipohworld’s World website.

      I waited for some updates from potential Perak Hydro contributors of old interesting stories, but to no avail. Well, I will add something special here for you and the readers to digest.

      First of all, I hope you have not overspent on your hard cash money on Christmas & New Year presents to relatives and friends.

      I wonder how lucky we are getting cash from Bank accounts and cash-machines or using credit-cards these days to spend freely. During the good old days, Perak Hydro employees and workers in Batu Gajah got their fortnightly-pay, dropped from heaven. I don’t mean it laterally! but I will try to explain as I go along.

      During the Christmas season, on one quiet evening, I went through some of my old correspondence and I came across a letter from Mr Edward Proud pertaining to this subject.

      In the old days during the Malayan Emergency period, money and other items were delivered in bags, dropped from small air-plane and not by security-core van, in case of ‘ambush’ on the way to its destination.
      Here is a short extract, word for word, from Mr Edward Proud’s letter dated 2 December 2015, to me:
      “Looking at the other side of the Batu Gajah Perak Hydro Power Station, there were cooling ponds. Beyond there, there was a clearing in the secondary jungle where every 14 days, the money for ‘Pay Day’ (1953-1956) would be dropped by air-plane which I would collect with a group of the local home guard”.

      The exact spot was actually a few hundred metres from your Number: 1 Bungalow where you used to stay with your family in the late 1950s & early 1960s.

      The pay would then be spent on luxury limited food supply at the British Co-operative Store, just outside the right entrance of the Power Station Security Fence. Also, ration-vouchers were used to purchase bread, butter, sugar, rice, etc. Every shopper was given a weekly supply of food ordered. These type of rationed food occurred before the Independence of
      31 August 1957.

      I hope the special story will give you and the readers an insight to our time at the Perak Hydro Community.

      Best wishes,

      Raymond NG

  71. Ngai C. O. says:


    Talking about Perak Hydro and Kinta Electric,
    my late brother in law’s father, his eldest son and youngest son all worked for Kinta Electric till retirement whilst my late brother in law worked for Perak Hydro as an engineer till his death due to illness many years ago.

    He was last based in Kampar.

    It was quite common for children to work in the same companies as their fathers (I said father in the context of the time) in established British companies in that era.

    Often, it was also a job for life for many employees with a certain amount of security at pensionable age.

    The employees also enjoyed some perks like free housing, discounted prices of imported electrical goods.

    I recall my brother in law buying a GEC cooker, fridge/freezer, Bush tv etc.

    The Bush tv, although made in UK, used to play up due to its inability to take the tropical heat.

    Of course these days, reliability is almost 100 percent gaurenteed.

  72. Wendy Lewis (nee Simon) says:

    Regarding the first link from Mrs Lee regarding her Father’s photograph, the lady in the photograph is Mrs Medlycott and the man is Mr Peter Channer. Sorry I cant help with the second photograph.


  73. Vincent Simon says:

    I stumbled on this after searching for paintings of my Grandmother Hazel. It’s been a nice surprise to see photos and shared experiences of those times.
    Me, my Laotian wife and our two children are living in a small village in Laos.My children are having a brilliant upbringing with a big Laotian family in a farming community and with Animist Buddhism as the tradition.
    It’s wonderful that you have all found each other from an encapsulated time in the past and shared memories to create a vivid picture of your lives back then. I hope my children will retain memories of their childhood and look back with love and appreciation.
    Auntie Wendy my email is vincentsimon1978@gmail.com
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Vincent

  74. Wendy Lewis (nee Simon) says:

    Thank you Ipohworld for bringing together so many people through your website. Vincent Simon is my nephew and we lost contact over the years, but now we can pick up the threads and I can now email him and keep in touch. Keep up the great work and thank you again.
    Regards to all there.

  75. Sreetharan Nair says:

    My father, Sankaran Nair, worked at Chenderoh Power Station from 1926 till he retired from there in 1959. He was there during the construction of the dam and eventually worked and retired as a turbine driver. I joined as a Special Apprentice from 1972 till 1976. I then worked as a Assist Shift Engineer at Malim Nawar Power Station from 1976 till 1980. With the pending takeover by Tenaga National, I was one of those who resigned and joined the plantations.
    I would like to reconnect with my friends and collegues of the bygone era!

  76. Raymond NG says:

    “Number: 1 Bungalow of Perak Hydro in Malim Nawar”:

    Hi Wendy (Lewis nee Simon)

    At long last, here are the four beautiful photographs of Number: 1 Bungalow at the old Perak River Hydro in Malim Nawar of the 21st century and which has now been fully refurbished with air-condition. Unfortunately, some hugh tall trees shading the wide building, had been felled or chopped down thus affecting the Eco-System which will affect the surrounding area temperature. The photos showing our former residence in the 1960s and early 1970s,were taken by my brother Joe who was on vacation with his wife on Wednesday – 28 October 2015.

    According to the friendly Security Guard, the Bungalow is now used by training Apprentice Engineers and officials. The site is closed at night after working hours.

    By the look of the Swimming Pool site, it is beyond repair and needs to be reconstructed fully from ‘square-one’ back to the glory days. The pipe-line filling the pool, is now completed rusted and shut-off from the main supply system. At the rear of the swimming pool beyond the fence, is the community Water Tower. It is very sad to see the place left unattended and left to rot for such a long time!

    Well, I hope the attachments will bring happy memories to you and your family during the nostalgic days.

    With regards,

    Raymond NG

    IMG_4042.JPG (264K)
    IMG_4040.JPG (226K)
    IMG_4041.JPG (594K)
    IMG_4059.JPG (567K)


    • Raymond NG says:

      Hi Wendy

      It’s me again. I just realised, I sent the same four photographs to Felicia on Good Friday-25 March 2016 by email with attachments, info@ipohworld org. for possible publication on the Ipohworld’s World website.

      Raymond NG

        • Raymond NG says:

          Hi to all Sultan Yussuf School Batu Gajah Students in Year: 1966,

          My best friend and former SYS Student, Ng Yook Wah is organising: ‘Once In A Life Time’ 50th Anniversary Re-union Party in Ipoh City on Saturday – 30 April 2016.

          Venue: Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Jalan Lim Bo Seng, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
          Attendance Fee: RM$100 per person.
          Time: 6PM Malaysian Time (18.00 hours).

          I am appealing on behalf of Ng Yook Wah, to all those who were our school & class-mates to respond to his special invitation. He is looking forward to see you personally with ‘open-arms’. He can be contacted at the following (ASAP):
          His personal Malaysian Mobile Number: +6012-318 5339
          Email address: y.w.ng@thebiggroup.co

          We are also looking for some friends namely: (1) Ariffin (2) Baskeran, (3) Jayapalan, (4) Lin Mooi & (5) Kanair Sigh who started schooling with us in 1962 onwards.

          Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the most important function in my life time due to present medical reasons and not the distance from England.

          I can be contacted via Ng Yook Wah or through Ipohworld’s World website.

          Happy gathering when the day comes.

          With best wishes,

          Raymond NG

          • Raymond NG says:

            Hi again to all SYS Year’66 Malay Medium, Arts & Science Form: V Students,

            I have been informed that there are eleven retired teachers who have accepted to participate in the 50th Anniversary Reunion Party to be held in Ipoh on 30 April 2016.

            I have decided to add a very brief history here to give readers about the old life in the sixties and early seventies.

            There were some students whose parents used to work for Perak Hydro & Malayan Tin Dredging Companies in Batu Gajah before they were closed down in 1976.

            The two sections of the vibrant Community do not exist anymore. Most of them have left Batu Gajah for good and seek better life and prospects in big cities namely, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

            A small minority have gone aboard to follow their childhood dreams of a new life like me in UK as an example.

            So, the reunion gathering is to encourage past Students and Teachers to join in the celebration once in a life time and spread a bit of gossips.

            I will update the event if anything arises before the reunion.

            Raymond NG

            Hi again to all SYS Year’66 Malay Medium, Arts & Science Form: V Students,

            I have been informed that there are eleven retired teachers have accepted to participate in the 50th Anniversary Reunion Party to be held in Ipoh on 30 April 2016.

            I have decided to add a very brief history here to give readers about the old life in the sixties and early seventies.

            There were some students whose parents used to work for Perak Hydro & Malayan Tin Dredging Companies in Batu Gajah before they were closed down in 1976.

            The two sections of the vibrant Community do not exist anymore. Most of them have left Batu Gajah for good and seek better life and prospects in big cities namely, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
            A small minority have gone aboard to follow their childhood dreams of a new life like me in UK as an example.
            So, the reunion gathering is to encourage past Students and Teachers to join in the celebration once in a life time and spread a bit of gossips.

            I will update the event if anything arises before the reunion.

            Raymond NG

  77. Lee Hock Aun says:

    My name is Lee Hock Aun. My dad, Lee Hoo Keat and his brothers, Lee Hoo Guan, Lee Hoo Poh, Lee Hoo Leng and Lee Hoo Huat grew up at the Malayan Tin Dreding quarters in Batu Gajah, where their father Lee Wee Hoe worked as the chief clerk. This was in the 1920’s to the 1950’s. My dad has mentioned the name Nam Sang. Could this be your father Raymond?

    Relatives shall be in Ipoh this weekend and I shall be bringing my dad and his brothers to the MTD area this Sunday (26June2016) but am not sure of the exact location. Anyone able to help me on this? A map would be great!
    Any old photos of the MTD/Perak Hydro in Batu Gajah would be wonderful. I have not seen a single photo of the MTD/Perak Hydro in Batu Gajah.

    My e-mail: hockaun123@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much,
    Lee Hock Aun

    • Raymond NG says:

      Hi Lee Hook Aun

      Yes, my father’s name is Nam Sang who passed away in October 1988.

      The MTD & Perak Hydro sites do not exist any more. The whole area is covered with tall grass or what we call a wasteland.

      Nearby, there are new houses for sale.

      That is all I know.


      Raymond NG

      • Lee Hock Aun says:

        We visited the Malayan Tin Dredging office site at Batu Gajah, with my dad, Lee Hoo Keat.
        There is an old single storey building there. It is the last standing MTD office! Too bad, there is no facilty to post the photo here.

        • Ipoh Remembered says:

          Dear Lee Hock Aun

          You can send photographs or other documents to ipohWorld administrators by e-mail. Their address is info@ipohworld.org. (If you’re sending scans, then please use as high a resolution as possible, up to 600 dpi.)

          Thanks for offering to share your photos.

          Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

  78. azizahm says:

    Hi, I’m doing some research on the Perak River Hydroelectric Power Co. Ltd. (PHREP), specifically on the full name of the last British General Manager of PRHEP before its takeover by CEB in 1982. I believe the name was Medlycott. Is it possible that the lady in one of the photos from Mrs Lee, which according to Wendy Lewis is a “Mrs. Medlycott” be his wife? Wendy, is it possible for you to provide me with Mr Medlycott’s full name, please?

    • Larry sawyer says:

      Of course it is only speculation or sour grapes but my father roy sawyer was considered a worthy person for the job. He was a long time employee of Perak hydro at the working end of the job. He did not get the nod because he did not have the degrees. He had no fancy papers but was recognised eventually by getting a honourary degree from the British institute of electrical engineers. Dad knew the job inside out and helped the workers…eg getting a new housing development with toilets and running water…settling a strike and speaking with the Tunkle Abdul Rahman on current issues.

  79. Raymond NG says:

    Hi Everyone,

    It is with great sadness to report that Mr Edward Wilfred Baxby Proud passed away on 06 February 2017. Our sincere condolences to his family.

    The last time I heard from him was on 06 December 2016 when he sent me a letter & family- Christmas Greeting Card.

    He served four years at Perak River Hydro Company Limited in Malaya. According to him, he was the Deputy Station Superintendent at Malim Nawar from 1952 to 1953 and later in the same position at Batu Gajah between 1953 and 1956. He was my father’s working colleague and friend.

    On return to England, he went into the philatelic trade. In 1961, he founded the Proud-Bailey Company Limited which is still a family run Company.

    The Obituary is published in the April 2017 Gibbons Stamp Monthly Magazine on Page: 12.
    It is also reported in the Proud-Bailey Company Limited Google website.

    He is sadly missed by all concerned.

    Raymond NG

      • Raymond NG says:

        Hi Larry

        Mr Proud was single when he was in Malim Nawar & Batu Gajah while working for Perak River Hydro Company Limited between 1952 and 1956.

        He was always known as Mr Proud, but to his friends, Ted. Wilfred & Baxby were second and third names.

        He got married after coming back to England for good.


        Raymond NG

        • Raymond NG says:

          Hi Readers again,

          I wish to pay the following kind tribute to the late Mr Edward Proud (1930-2017) who was the Deputy Station Superintendent at Batu Gajah Perak Hydro Power Station (1953-1956).

          After sending him a sentimental Postcard showing an aerial view of Perak Hydro Power Station, he replied my letter on 02 December 2015 with the following short interesting extract:

          “Looking at the other side of the Power Station, you can see the cooling ponds which Mr Tyack (Company Chief Engineer) had sowed with imported water hyacinths from Africa in order to camouflage them in 1941. These were only too successful and I believe still infect the Perak waterways. This meant we had a gang of local Tamil ladies trying to keep them clear continuously and one of my first jobs was to walk up there at 7.15 am each morning to check their work!

          Beyond there, there was a clearing in the secondary jungle where every 14 days, the money for “Pay Day” would be dropped by air-plane which I would collect with a group of the local home guard.

          I also started the weekly film-show which was attended by most of the Batu Gajah population on a weekly basis, held in open air and people could look at the screen on both sides.”

          What a nostalgic Story which happened during the ‘Malayan Emergency Period’.

          To me, he had done a very special favour to the two side by side Communities of Perak Hydro & Malayan Tin Dredging Company Limited.

          I still have some more interesting extracts, but I have to leave them aside so as not to bore the readers!

          Raymond NG

          • Richard Saxey says:

            Hi Raymond, reading through all the PRHEP info. I wonder if you would mind allowing me to have your email address or advise Ipoh World to pass it on, as I believe I have a few photos of your father (if there are your father) that you may not have, during the time when my father was part of Malim Nawar and Batu Gajah
            Richard Saxey

            • Raymond NG says:

              Hi Richard Saxey

              Very glad to hear from you.

              You are welcome to my email address by requesting from Felicia of Ipohworld’s World. Just quote this message to Felicia please.

              Thank you.


              Raymond NG

      • Richard Saxey says:

        Hi Larry, if you are referring to My mother “Mary Saxey” who was a friend to your mother and father – Eve and Roy, then I can only assume that the name was definitely Edward Wilfred Baxby Proud .
        Just so many old names to conjure with……good old days
        went back to Malim Nawar in 2015, and in some ways not a lot has changed, but in others it is so different (50yrs passing is something to do with it) I did send a few photos to Felicia to post on here. I am sure if you ask she may forward them on

        best regards

        Richard Saxey

  80. Raymond NG says:

    Hi Felicia

    Received a message from Richard Saxey on 20 March 2017 via Ipohworld’s World requesting my email.

    Please forward it to him as requested.

    Thank you.

    Raymond NG

    • Raymond NG says:

      Hi Felicia

      Thanks for forwarding my email address to Richard Saxey whose father was definitely my father’s working colleague and friend as shown in the attached photo sent to me personally.

      I have now been in contact with Richard.


      Raymond NG

  81. Alan Gove says:

    I am the son of Clifford Gove who worked for the Perak Hydro, I think between 1952 and 1957. Unfortunately he died in 1957 and my mother has also subsequently passed away. They lived in Batu Gajah and my father is buried in the ‘Gods little Acre cemetry’
    Just wondering if anyone new of him as I have very little knowledge of his work at this company.

  82. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia:

    “These 1966 photographs” must have been taken on February 18, 1965, which was the day the Sultan officially inaugurated the extension to the power station.

  83. Raymond NG says:

    Hi enthusiastic Readers,

    I have been requested by some followers of the Ipohworld’s World about Perak Hydro, by personal emails and texts regarding my profile and photos which will trace back to my old days in the three Perak Hydro Stations of Batu Gajah, Chenderoh & Malim Nawar where my father, Ng Nam Sang worked on all the three sites (1935 to 1974).
    My profile and photos appeared in the following according to chronological order:

    (1) Sultan Yussuf School Magazine, Batu Gajah, December 1966 Volume 119 -Form: 5 (photo under initials Ng S.W.).

    (2) Indian Ocean Study Circle Log 2015 – IO Number: 129 on Page 40 (Photo).

    (3) Pitcairn & Norfolk Islands Study Group – ‘The UK Log’ Number: 52 – January 2016 on Pages: 6-7 (Profile and Photos with Mr Edward Proud, Perak Hydro Station Superintendent: 1952-1956).
    4) Facebook (under the name Raymond NG).

    (5) Pacific Islands Study Circle-Philately: PACIFICA Magazine January 2018 Number: 222 January 2018 on Page: 2 (Photo).

    Most of the above information is related to philately.
    You will find my identity is in any of them. My features have changed, but I am the same person concerned.

  84. K.Lee says:


    Better late than never. I was a resident of Malim Nawar[MN] since childhood. Good to know someone is saying in touch. Out shop-Hock Chuan Huat was just a pump station but supplying petrol and lubricants to PRH power station, the Chines tin mines in MN. We stop supplying sometime in the late 1980 when the holding tank sprung leak. We then closed it down after my fathers demise.

    Sometime in late 2010? KTM decided to change their diesel to electric. All this while there was a railway crossing -manned by a guard at the junction where you then turned into PRH station from the main road. KTM decided to build an overhead bridge where the old crossing gate was sited. This bridge was 3 stories high. The stairs has a lane for pedestrians on both sides and a central lane for bicycles. The steps are far too wide and one can easily miss your step and land on your face. The cycle land is used by motorbikes instead and posed a danger to pedestrians. The bridge is also unsuitable for the age 70`s upwards and those with heart conditions. KTM could have modernised the railroad crossing. In London where I am now saying, such railroad crossing is still a very common feature.
    But as we all know, the contractor gets the contract and some councils chaps gets a fat kickback. Thats the bottom line. Malaysia boleh as the saying goes! Not only has KTM built a complete White Elephant for a o/head bridge, they have also ripped out the Malim Nawar railway station. One now has to go to Kampar to hitch for a ride.

    I was back in M. N end of last year. The Overhead bridge has cut the town into two. Where my old petrol shop was sited, that stretch during the day- half the shops are closed. At night it has become a ghost town. I took a walk through the power station, some technicians have even started to keep chickens in the quarters. The bungalows are immaculate and the grounds are well maintained. The power station all but silent. There is a new sports complex put in after you enter the guards station.

    The town is itself in a sorry sight especially on the other side of the railway line. Most people have migrated to larger cities, one an engineers son -Mr.Tan and his brother & 2 sisters are somewhere in Birmingham. Mr. Gomoguti another engineer retired in Batu Gajah has passed away in 2004?. Chia-an engineer who is an authority on planting orchids retired-left for Kuala Lumpur and passed away. The town is more like an old folks home. Ipoh is just another dead town. Its the retailing business and capital that keeps its going.

    The town of Malim Nawar has stood still since the collapse of MTin Dredging, chinese open cast mining in 1985. I saw a very complete Kongsi but sadly some idiot has decided to plant palm oil trees and ripped out everything whats left; of the only open cast mine in Perak. The only dredge standing is on the way to Batu Gajah from MN. Its turned into a tourist attraction but sadly those responsible for its upkeep has done a bloody lousy job.

    Someone just send me some pics of the old MN. It is sorely missed.

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