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July 2013

What is Happening Here?

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photo 1 blog


A couple of days ago I happened by chance to meet up with a group of KL tour guides in Old Town. They were with a Perak member of our Tour Guides’ Association and I joined up with them for a while to tell the heritage story as per ipohWorld.

When we were close to Kong Heng they noticed the above buildings, just a couple of shops away, all behind new fencing and asked what was happening. I had to say I did not know but would try to find out. My guess was that they will be demolished! They were shocked and asked why. I have no answer, do you?

The buildings include the old Modern Photo Shop on the left (Market Street) and continue round the corner of La Beaute and the two shops next door in Leech Street.

The signs on the fencing reads RENT!

Can anyone offer me a clue as to the future of this famous old part of the town?

Ipoh’s Finest Transport – The Trichair

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New Transport blog

Yes here it is having just passed over the Hugh Low Bridge. Proceeding at a steady, somewhat leisurely, pace, the Trichair turned left and looked as if it was going to the nearby market. The photo was taken around 10.00 am on 23 July 2013 when I overtook them on the bridge and having pulled over sharply, jumped out of my car and caught them with the iPhone. They were totally unfazed with my performance, with the lady lightly gripping the side bars – completely comfortable in her plastic chair. By the time I had got back in my car they had disappeared into the traffic..

With the Trishaw no longer allowed to ply for fares in Ipoh, the Trichair is clearly the way ahead for those who don’t have cars, but I wonder what MBI would say if a few dozen of these hit the streets.

Vendors Outside the Cinema

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john macauley005a

We thank John McAuley – who was once part of the British Military serving in Malaya, back in the 1950s – for this photograph. Yes, folks it’s none other than the Majestic Cinema :). Although it doesn’t show up clearly, but if you zoom in you can actually see some vendors just outside the entrance of the cinema. Anyone remember them? What did they sell?

‘Chicago’ in Ipoh

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This is part of a matchbox collection emailed to us by ‘Stex Stev’. Do you remember the Chicago Coffee House? I don’t…perhaps it was gone by the time I was born. Or maybe it changed its name? You tell us 😉

However, as the discussion grew it reached the mystery of a bread also named Chicago and Rosebud sent us the following photo – especially for mano.


The Ssssnake Charmer

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snake charmer

Truth be told, I have never seen nor met a snake charmer. But I’ve always wondered HOW he makes those reptiles ‘dance’ to his music 😉

Have YOU seen/met a snake charmer?


Since the above photograph was not taken in Ipoh, we have another one – a different snake charmer but this time from Ipoh. Note: is he feeding the snake an egg?

snake charmer2

We thank Ruth Rollitt for both pictures.

Mr Postman!

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Remember him….your friendly neighbourhood Postman? He used to go around on a bicycle with a large brown bag full of mail. Take note of his uniform too! What else do you remember about him? We’d love to read your comments and memories – especially those (like me!) who are more familiar with electronic mail 😉

We thank Ruth Rollitt for this photograph.

The Tapah Railway Station

By |2013-07-11T10:45:35+08:00July 11th, 2013|Categories: childhood, history, Identify Photographs, Memories|


The photo may not be that clear, but I’m sure you notice the wire fence in front of the station. This is similar to the perimeter fencing which was a common sight at the New Villages during the Malayan Emergency.

Those of you who are familiar with Tapah – is this building still there or have they built a new one?

This photo is from Bob Peers (from UK).

Need a Ride?

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This photograph is from Ko-Chi Wai. Do you recognise the building in the background? At one glance, I’m guessing it’s probably a school, but which school is it? And to the motorbike experts, correct me if I’m wrong – but is this young lady riding a Vespa?

The Simee Police Station

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The picture is not that clear, but this is what the Kampong Simee Police Station looked like back in 1948. Kampong Simee was one of the Chinese villages which came about during the Malayan Emergency as part of the New Village programme.

Just wondering: is this the same police station which is now next to the Hindu Temple (near the Simee roundabout)? If not, where in Simee is this landmark?

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