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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

June 2013

A Day Without the Haze…

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Yes, folks – this is none other than Anderson Road!

john macauley005g

Taken in the mid 1950s, you can see that not only is the traffic light…the skies are clear too! Here’s hoping that the haze situation resolves itself soon.

By the way, anyone know what building that is on the far right corner? From the words, it looks like a hotel….

St Michael’s Church, 1950s

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john macauley003c

For those of you who’ve already guessed this building, give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Yes, this is none other than St Michael’s church – which is along Brewster Road, behind the former Odeon Cinema. What I’d like to point out is the road leading towards the church itself. Notice how it seems almost flat! For those who are familiar with this church would know that the present road slopes upwards. Also notice that there is no wall surrounding the cemetery. Anyone know WHEN these changes happened?

This picture is from John McAuley’s collection.

What Does It Say?

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“Sited at the key junction of Hugh Low Street, Gopeng Road, Tambun Road and Brewster Road it welcomes travellers to Ipoh from all directions.”

Yes, we’re talking about the Sultan Yussuf Fountain (see picture below). While many of you have interesting stories about this unique landmark, we’d like to draw your attention to the plaque. Any idea what was written on it? As far as I know, that plaque is no longer there (or perhaps it’s hidden among the flowers?).


We thank Edwin Seibel for this photograph.

The ‘Magnificent’ 7!

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john macauley007d

No, I’m not referring to the famous cowboy series. I’m talking about this row of shops along Hugh Low Street. At present, seven of these shops have been painted according to the seven colours of the rainbow. This picture however was taken back in the 1950s.

We’re not offering any prizes for guessing, but all the same can you name any/or all of  the seven shops in particular?

We thank John McAuley for this picture.

Specially for the ‘Foodies’ out there!

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1965 ISC

Our thanks goes out to Ruth Iversen Rollitt for this one. Yes, it’s a barbeque party. And for those of you who can identify the venue, you’ve probably guessed it right!

This was taken around 1965. As a food lover (especially when it’s barbeque!), I do wonder if such parties still go on. When was the last time YOU enjoyed a nice cook-out with family and friends?

Book Launch – “My Days in the Sun: A Memoir”

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My Days in the Sun Invitation

Perak Academy and Areca Books invite you to keep 5th July free, for there will be a book launch at No. 41, Lapangan Symphony Business Park.

My Days in the Sun – A Memoir will be launched by Tan Sri Prof Khoo Kay Kim; plus, those of you who purchase this book will have a chance to meet the author too!

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the author – Mark Yoi Sun Soo – presents in his book:

In ‘My Days in the Sun’, a distinguished radiologist presents a candid self-portrait of his first 40 years. Mark Y.S. Soo was born in 1933 into a Cantonese family who divided their time between business interests in Malaya and Hong Kong. As a precocious child, Mark was an eyewitness to the Battle of Kampar, the Japanese occupation of Malaya and the post-war trauma of the late 1940s.

A graduate of Hong Kong University in 1957 and the Lysholm Department of Radiology in London in 1967, Mark Soo reflects on his intimate acquaintance with mentoring surgeons, eminent professors and pioneering radiologists, and offers privileged glimpses of the work practices in prestigious teaching hospitals in four different countries.

The humanistic philosophy of the Chinese sage Mencius, memorized at a young age under his grandmother’s watchful eye, made him a compulsively ethical practitioner in a moneyed profession. Ever the keen observer of life’s subtleties, Mark recounts many of the lessons he learnt, both moral and practical, during his time as a young medic in the Colony’s hospitals, a struggling general practitioner in Ipoh, a mature student of radiology in London and the first Asian Head of Radiology at University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, just before the riots of 13 May 1969.

Married with four children, Mark moved to Australia in 1971, where he still resides. From his traditional Chinese upbringing to his embrace of modern life as an immigrant of Australia, Mark Soo’s memoir conveys the sense and sensibility of an overseas Chinese who has lived in interesting times and memorable places.

In case you are unfamiliar with the area, here’s a map:

Location Map

Those interested, kindly RSVP before Friday 28th June 2013. Reservations can be made through –

Mrs Lee, of Perak Academy (605-5478949 / 016-5518172) contact@perakacademy.com [if you’re in Perak]


Ms Kooi Nee, of Areca Books (604-2610307) arecabooks@gmail.com [if you’re in Penang]

The Pony Express Comes to Town

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Yes, here is the latest attraction to arrive at Falim House Exhibition “A Tin Mining Family”. It is the Mobo Pony Express, a dual purpose toy that can be used as a baby’s push cart and a pedal car,


And there are more good things to come. So if you have been to see us then don’t hesitate to come again. And if you have not got there yet then don’t forget we close finally on 11 August.

Can you spot them?

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john macauley003a

This isn’t a hard one to guess. Yes, it’s another photograph of Ipoh Motors Ltd. What I’m curious about is the street vendor – far right of this photograph (click to enlarge). What was he selling at that time? Can you also spot the petrol pump (below the sign Fargo Truck)?

This photograph is part of John McAuley’s collection. McAuley served in Ipoh in the mid 1950s.

A Tale of Two ‘Parks’…

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Jubilee Park, Ipoh

This was Jubilee Park then….when they first started business. Later, the Shaw Brothers gave it a ‘facelift’ (see picture below).


Today, a night club has opened at the corner of Brewster Road and Cowan Street. But this side of Jubilee Park still remains. Anyone knows what’s going on inside? Are the stalls still there?

We thank Ruth Rollitt for these two photographs.

Name the ‘Event’

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Richard Lee sent us this one via email. This was taken in 1965, during the Sports Day. Any idea what race these boys took part in? Maybe some of you out there are in this very picture 😉 If so, do tell us more about your memorable sports day!


The Perak Hydro Power Station, Malim Nawar

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According to Wendy Lewis (the donor of these photographs), 
her father Alfred Simon (left) was the Superintendent 
of the Perak Hydro Power Station in Malim Nawar. 
On his right is none other than the Sultan of Perak.


These 1966 photographs bring back lots of memories 
- especially for Wendy and her sister, since they 
stood at their gate to watch the entourage. 
Wendy also recalls Peter Channer being the General Manager. 
Do you recognise anyone else in these pictures? 
Perhaps, YOU might be one of the crowd too!
We'd love to hear your thoughts...
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