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We got this from Charlie Choong some time ago. Was this a dance competition? Was it part of some school event? Well, if any of you can remember this, do tell us. (We’d also like to know WHERE this event took place)

  1. Steven Lee says:

    Could the dancers be girls from Main Convent? Someone once told me that Main Convent girls were taught by the nuns to dance in the past.

  2. felicia says:

    Hi Steven. they could have been Main Convent girls. some of our Readers have mentioned this in other blog posts….
    if so, where were the boys from then?

  3. Kamy Suria says:

    Ini bukan Main Convent
    Ini Methodist Girls School Ipoh
    Jalan dihadapan itu ialah Kampar Road
    Bas tersebut ialah bas Ipoh-Kampar
    Gambar ini mungkin sebelum tahun 1959

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