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September 2011

3 Friends at the Grand Theatre

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The quality of the picture may not be that good….but I’m pretty sure that the building in the far right is the back portion of the Grand Theatre (which once stood at Brewster Road and Cowan Street).

Of course many of us remember that the Grand Theatre was also part of Jubilee Park; with that in mind….I’m taking a wild guess as to the date of this picture – perhaps 1930/1931? Keeping in mind that the Shaw Brothers began Jubilee Park around 1932, hence I feel that this picture was before the Jubilee Park was built.

Anyone with other theories? Perhaps someone out there could tell us MORE!

What’s Become of This Place?

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Here’s a picture of the PCADA (Perak Chinese Amateur Dramatic Association) Building, taken on the day of the association’s Golden Jubilee. At the time the picture was taken (some time in 1953) the 3rd floor had been completed.

Foh Sun restaurant used to occupy the groud floor, before it moved. I do wonder what’s become of this building now? Care to tell us MORE?

“Love, Valour and Secrets”

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Written by Paul Callan, this book can be purchased at MPH at RM 39.90. Set in 1890 Malaya, this book recalls some interesting encounters between the Dulang Washers and Miners, as well as the British folk, in the Kinta Valley. The summary (on the back cover) is as follows:

Malaya, 1890 … in the tin-mining camps of Perak’s Kinta Valley, only the strongest and bravest survive … and the strongest and bravest of them all is Aisha, the beautiful solitary Malay dulang washer who labours to support two families.

Fook Sin, the mine’s treacherous, thieving proprietor, sees Aisha as his ultimate prize: the most desirable object he can add to his secret hoard of treasures.

Hun Yee, an ambitious young Hakka Chinese miner, shakes off the opium addiction that has insulated him against the harshness of his daily struggle and strives to win Aisha’s approval by starting a mine of his own.

But for Donald Redfern, overseer and the only European in the camp, Aisha comes to represent something even more important. The human contact she offers in the language lessons she gives him, and the small gestures of compassion she shows to the isolated, homesick man, fuel his dangerous obsession.

MPH asked us to review this book and this is how I find it.

“As a keen amateur researcher of Kinta Valley’s history, I am drawn to this book by its title as in the history of the valley and its commercial mining period, there were always dulang washers wherever there was tin.

The story as outlined by the above synopsis is a without doubt a story of love against a backdrop of harsh living, gambling, prostitution, opium smoking and more. Indeed all the evils that truly faced the immigrant Chinese when they came South to Nanyang to make their fortune and then return home. But central to it all is Aisha a Malay girl from a fatherless ‘padi’ family who somehow manages to stay above the chaos around her. Indeed, more than stay above, despite her diminutive size she somehow has the ability to control the rough and rowdy miners when the need arises.

Isolated among this seething mob of Chinese is the solitary white man with a wife and children far away in another land. For him this is a test of moral strength and the will to do what is right. But that’s enough about the story – what sort of book is this in reality?

Well first of all I must say that Paul Callan has definitely captured the feeling of the times. His descriptions are photographic and the reader has no difficulty in picturing the scene – and that is the sort of writing that I like. If I have any criticism it is that I feel that he has put too much into this first book and that it could have been a little shorter and focused more on the main plot. This might have turned it into that sort of book you cannot put down until you reach the end. Maybe for those addicted to love stories it might be still be that sort of book, but I don’t suffer from that addiction.

Going back to where I started, the history of the Kinta Valley, for an expatriate who has not spent a great deal of his life in Malaysia, Paul has done well with his description of the period. However, as a purist when it comes to recording history I feel that he may have overdone some aspects to add interest and excitement to his story. That of course is perfectly acceptable for a novelist, but not a historian. Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind that any publication that introduces history in an “easy to read” fashion is important, as too much of our history is being lost.

Now, would I buy the book? I think I probably would, ostensibly as a gift for my wife, but also for myself to savour some of Paul’s descriptions of life in the 1890’s. After all, this is an interesting, well written, nicely produced book that is value for money, particularly if you like love stories with a twist. What more can you ask?”

If you read this book I shall be interested to hear your comments. Review by IKA.

A Sidestreet in Ipoh…but Where?

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This was taken by the late Geoffrey Clark, of the 4th Regiment Signals Troop (one the the early British army groups to arrive in Malaya after the Japanese surrendered). Clark served here from about 1945-1947, and sadly passed away in 2006.

Look at the picture carefully…..WHERE do you think this place is? We’re stumped ourselves, but we know some of you out there know Ipoh so well – so, start typing out those answers! 🙂

Now Here’s a Poser!

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This photo was provided by the Cheong family for use in “Ipoh, My Home Town” but it was not used as there were much more appropriate images to use for their story.

The banner reads something like “Professor Shu Tong Zen, Exhibition of his Chinese Paintings including an exhibition of his Malaysian Students’ Work”.

Now the questions are: where was this Guild, when was the photograph taken, who are the people and where does the Guild have its premises today?

No prizes, just the glory of being able to show that you know the Ipoh of days gone by.

Same Street, Different Year!

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Some time ago, we featured a picture from the Jennings Collection – showing part of Panglima Street, which was under water in 1919. Here we have another look at the same street.

This was taken in 1926/1927, when yet again Ipoh suffered another great flood. Notice any difference from the 1919 photograph and this one?

A Portrait of Mr Moss

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We’ve had the great fortune of receiving some lovely photographs from the collection of the late Percival Moss (which can be found on our database, under the title ‘Moss Collection’). Mr Moss was a tailor who was stationed in Taiping from about 1890 to 1910. He was a tailor who sewed uniforms for the Malay States Guides and other military organisations in those days.

From his large collection, we have here a portrait of Mr Moss, done by the ever famous A. Kaulfuss.

front view

back view

Do anyone of you have such portraits…perhaps handed down from your grandparents or great-grandparents? We may have gone into digital photography, but there’s nothing like these old gems! 🙂

Recognise This Place?

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note: picture is RTM Copyright

Familiar? Well, for those of you who are still wondering, this is the Perak RTM building 🙂

I heard that there’s some renovations going on at the present site….perhaps anyone who knows more could help us out. Also, we’d like to know a little more about the history of this place.

Remember This Toy?

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We received this photograph from Sophie. It was probably taken in 1969 and those in the photograph (left to right) are Sophie’s brother, cousin and neighbour. She also told us that:

“The boys are standing facing my house in Jalan Pasir Puteh…..the building behind them used to belong to the late Dato Cheah Fah”.

And what about the toy? Some of you may recall Esso giving away these ‘tigers’ to customers, probably upon purchasing a certain amount of petrol. Did YOU have such a toy? Perhaps some of you had a little ‘collection’ of such toys 🙂

Pasir Pinji, in the early 1950s….

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This was sent to us by YKChoong, via email. He also had this to say…

….not sure if it was a Ford or a Peugeot.
I think the foto taken around 1953-54, car was parked beside my parents home
in Pasir Pinji (No. 267, Queen Street to be exact).

I remembered clearly the front portion was rented out to a Indian barber and
used to have my haircut and the traditional massage and pat on the
shoulder/back, and got a twist(left and right) of the neck to complete the
ritual. Not sure nowadays, but my eyebrows were well shaven at every visit.
Intention was to made them more thick and bushy ??

Initially it was the ‘bucket’ system for the sewage collection and disposal
of the ‘night soil’, and our source of water is a deep well right at the
back portion of the house. This was where the kitchen and bathroom were
located. Can barely remembered the neighbours but I could still remember
there was a PIGSTY at the other corner of the block!! Imagine the stench
and the aroma surrounding the area of which all were forgotten, luckily. And
remembered a man leading a big male pig(boar) for mating purposes passing in
front of our house to its intended destination !

Also bullock carts used as transportation for eg. tree logs which were used
as fuel in the kitchen …I was told I had the luxury of siting in a rickshaw to school and also in a
car (Vauxhall) with the back seat converted to a ‘double-decker’
by placing an elevated wooden plank across it. Cannot forget it, the ‘taxi’
driver was a CIGAR smoker and hardly saw him without the cigar, smoke or no
smoke emitting from it.

Dressed for Success?

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I wonder when THIS fashion trend began! The picture was taken from the bountiful collection of the late Percival Moss (some of which can be found on our database, under the title ‘Moss Collection’).

Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this picture – two locals dressed in Western clothing 😉

To our male readers out there….did YOU ever adopt this fashion trend? What about the ladies……I do know some women tried the ‘Jacky Kennedy’ look once upon a time 🙂

Where Did the Cinema Go?

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We’ve had comments about the (sadly) forgotten cinema at Kampong Simee….here’s a recent picture of the building (see picture below).

Anyone know WHEN this place closed down? What is it used as now? Perhaps some of you out there could share with us some of the better memories of this place……

A Concert Not To Be Missed!

By |2011-09-09T09:15:59+08:00September 9th, 2011|Categories: concerts, ipoh, Perak Society of Performing Arts|

For those of you who are wondering about what to do this Friday evening….how about sampling some Korean pop music? Yes, tonight at 8pm at Dewan Leong Wan Chin (Perak Girls’ School Hall) there will be a K-Pop Concert put together by a group of young and gifted Koreans!

This concert is in aid of IPOHBUG – an organisation ‘dedicated to encouraging sports amongst the youth’. As IPOHBUG President William Chang explains, the funds raised will “give Malaysian youths the opportunity to enjoy football, basketball etc. besides building healthy lifestyles and developing good morals through sports”.

For more information, you may contact Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) at 05-5487814 or e-mail them at pspa2011fest@gmail.com

What Building is This?

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I remember playing with lanterns such as the one this lovely lady is holding. It was one of the things I looked forward to during the Mid Autumn Festival…..other then eating mooncakes 🙂

But our question for you guys out there today is: What is the building in the background? Where in Ipoh is it? Or, perhaps it’s not in Ipoh….?

Keep those comments coming 😉

‘Driving Miss Daisy’ ?

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..well, not quite!

This 1914 picture shows the Gunong Cheroh Taoist temple (in the background) and part of Anderson Road (just after where the present YMCA building is).

The one driving however is Freda Jennings, wife of Jack Jennings (Editor of Times of Malaya). She can be seen driving (a lovely white car) along the wooden bridge over the Kinta River. Yes, this same road is still there today – with MORE traffic though – but the wooden bridge has been replaced.

We thank Nicholas Jennings for sending us this picture 🙂

It’s 1980 and Time for IceCream! But Where is It?

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What a treat for a youngster to have an icecream on a hot Ipoh day. Just look at the small boy’s face.

But here is another clue to the location.

And just look at the face of the mother with folded arms on the left. What is she saying to her daughter? Care to guess.

For your further enjoyment, although http://www.ipohworld.org/search8/result.asp?strid=303 is not a good photo, it shows the 1963 version of an Ipoh ice cream man,

We thank ipohbornkid for these great memories of time gone by.

Proposed Refurbishment to Ipoh Swimming Club

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We are often surprised by what drops on to our desk at ipohWorld. These two photographs came from UK and are said to be current proposals to refurbish/upgrade the historic Ipoh Swimming Club.

The new entrance to the club.

 and the view of the pool.

We thought that some of the old-timers that read these blogs might have some views about this and so guys and girls, it is over to you.

Do you like the new vision or do you prefer the old?

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