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April 2013

The Cowan Street/Brewster Road Landmark

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This is none other than the Grand Theater & Jubilee Park – before the Shaw Brothers renovated it. From the clues in the picture, some of you may be able to roughly guess the year this was taken. What was YOUR early memory of this famous landmark? Were you a patron of the Cabaret? Did you frequent the amusement park? Or, were you one of the many movie-goers?

We thank Edwin Seibel for this picture.

December 2012

The ‘Round Market’ Saga Continues…

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From what the Star tells us, this is the proposed design for the new Yau Tet Shin Bazaar (see picture below).

This new building will be called ‘The Octagon’, and construction of this landmark will be undertaken by One Octagon Sdn Bhd (a private company, which was formed by the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry). ‘The Octagon’ is said to contain 4 floors for parking as well as 14 floors of serviced apartments. More can be read at the Star Online.

August 2012

The ‘Round Market’ Saga

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It was early in the new millenium when the Yau Tet Shin Bazaar was demolished. It now remains an empty plot and has since been turned into a parking lot 🙁 Recently we heard about some plans to rebuild it…

What the Bazaar looked like in the 90s (the Syuen Hotel can be seen in the background, far right).

The proposed design for the New Bazaar.

Has anyone heard the latest news regarding this project? Do tell us more.

October 2011

September 2011

3 Friends at the Grand Theatre

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The quality of the picture may not be that good….but I’m pretty sure that the building in the far right is the back portion of the Grand Theatre (which once stood at Brewster Road and Cowan Street).

Of course many of us remember that the Grand Theatre was also part of Jubilee Park; with that in mind….I’m taking a wild guess as to the date of this picture – perhaps 1930/1931? Keeping in mind that the Shaw Brothers began Jubilee Park around 1932, hence I feel that this picture was before the Jubilee Park was built.

Anyone with other theories? Perhaps someone out there could tell us MORE!

May 2011

In and Around Ipoh….

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We have here a picture of Cedric and an antique car (note the number plate!). This picture of Cedric and the Austin 7 was sent to us by Nicholas Jennings.

Now, what about the building in the background, which is under construction? Here’s a tiny clue: this picture was taken around 1961….so, this building was opened to the public the year after.

I know some of you have the answer already! We’ll be looking forward to your comments 🙂

March 2010

Chow Kee Restaurant, Cowan Street, Ipoh

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This restaurant was said to be famous for Chinese Delicacies and Tanjong Tualang Fresh Water Prawns. Probably one the few air-conditioned restaurants at that time (1970s), it was located at the Yau Tet Shin Market & Shopping Centre; along Cowan Street in Ipoh.

Sadly, the Yau Tet Shin Market is not there anymore (now turned into a car park). Maybe someone out there has been to this restaurant?

A Festival and a Parade – Cowan Street, Ipoh

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It was a bright sunny morning when these men in white went round the town carrying this float. We were told it was in conjunction with the 9-God Festival. In the background is a famous Ipoh food-haunt – Wan Nan Hotel and Restaurant. The restaurant is still there – still crowded on weekends and public holidays (recently, I’ve somehow become a fan of their Dim Sum!).

This second picture was taken further down Cowan Street. It’s the Chingay parade, and we think both these pictures were taken around the year 1947 – we could be wrong, so YOU decide!

Do let us know if any of you out there have witnessed such festivals / parades…especially in Ipoh!

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