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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

From what the Star tells us, this is the proposed design for the new Yau Tet Shin Bazaar (see picture below).

This new building will be called ‘The Octagon’, and construction of this landmark will be undertaken by One Octagon Sdn Bhd (a private company, which was formed by the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry). ‘The Octagon’ is said to contain 4 floors for parking as well as 14 floors of serviced apartments. More can be read at the Star Online.

  1. NCK says:

    This looks brilliant. Very characteristic. On its facades and its roof, the tower is full of features reminiscent of the clay roof of the old building. Although there is no zig-zag roof, roofing (that is on the top, and the decorative features on the facades that resemble clay roofs) constitutes the major theme of the design.

  2. NCK says:

    Sorry, on closer look, the light brown things on the tower’s facade may just be the balconies of the apartments. I thought the tower looked like a pagoda with tile roof on the perimeter of every floor. (That would be very characteristic.) The picture isn’t too clear.

  3. IpohBoyInCanada says:

    I noticed that on here, Yau Tet Shin Bazaar is moniker-ed as ‘Round Market’ but when I was growing up in Ipoh it was always known as ‘Pak Kok Lau’ which in Cantonese means octagon.

    To me, the looks of new building did not retain any of the unique characteristics of the old building. But hey, at least they kept the name.

  4. 5candles says:

    I wonder how the roads in Ipoh city are going to cater to the increase in vehicles especially when the public transport system is so deplorable?

  5. ika says:

    Yes Hu, my personal opinion is that I think you are correct. That is what they do in China with great success when buildings are beyond saving. Hence the new buildings blend in with the restored old ones. Dali in Yunnan is one example of this and tourists flock in by the thousand as the town still has a traditional Chinese feel.

    There is a video that demonstrates this at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlyZGK47qp4

  6. Stex says:

    It is a shame that ‘old beautiful buildings’ in Ipoh are being replaced senselessly by characterless buildings.. So little or nothing at all has been done by the major or town planner in ensuring the sense of place be retained.

    Should at least try to host a competition for the architects to re-create buildings that complements the surrounding.

    Is obvious that these developers and town planners don’t care about the historical past of the Yau Tet Shin Bazaar and the sentiments of place making …

  7. NCK says:

    This is the design for a commercially oriented development. Space is fully utilised such that the building is high-rise square-shaped, as opposed to low-rise round-shaped as was the original building. It is also a typical commercial-cum-residential development. A non-commercial development would be a better option.

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