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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We have here a picture of Cedric and an antique car (note the number plate!). This picture of Cedric and the Austin 7 was sent to us by Nicholas Jennings.

Now, what about the building in the background, which is under construction? Here’s a tiny clue: this picture was taken around 1961….so, this building was opened to the public the year after.

I know some of you have the answer already! We’ll be looking forward to your comments 🙂

  1. Ken Chan says:

    That building that is under construction is the now demolished Yau Tet Shin Market. The shot was captured from the rear portion of the building, hence the frontage of the shop lots were not shown. This picture is indeed a treasured piece of Ipoh memorabilia!

  2. S.Sundralingam says:

    Okay let me try….hm….the Austin 7 was produced around 1927 through 1933 in England. These cars were transported to and sold in Malaya when the British ruled. Thus, I feel that the owner of the car is J A S Jennings, the Editor of the Times of Malaya. I stand to be corrected if I am wrong!

  3. Nicholas Jennings says:

    My grandfather, JAS (Jack) Jennings, did love his cars and passed that love on to his son, my father LHC (Cedric) Jennings. But as far as I know, my grandfather never owned this Austin 7. So its provenance remains (for now) a mystery. Any car sleuths out there?

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