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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

December 2014

A “Lady’s Car” ?

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ladies car

Not all car-enthusiasts are men…..I’m sure there are some women out there who also appreciate both the fast sports cars and vintage cars too. Which brings me to this advertisement – was the Austin 7 REALLY a Lady’s Car?

May 2011

In and Around Ipoh….

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We have here a picture of Cedric and an antique car (note the number plate!). This picture of Cedric and the Austin 7 was sent to us by Nicholas Jennings.

Now, what about the building in the background, which is under construction? Here’s a tiny clue: this picture was taken around 1961….so, this building was opened to the public the year after.

I know some of you have the answer already! We’ll be looking forward to your comments 🙂

October 2010

The Family Car!

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Here we have pictures of a family car, taken in the late 1950s in Kampar. These pictures are from Charlie’s personal collection – yes, this beauty (car shown above) was Charlie’s FAMILY CAR!

This one shows the same car…with the hood down.

Oh, what a treat it would be…….to ride in such a car in this modern age!

What was YOUR family car?

August 2010

‘Classic Rides’

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How many of you remember them? The cars, I mean…..yes, the MGA and the Austin 7!

Notice the Austin’s number plate – P 236. I wonder how many Austins there were in Perak back in 1959. Same with the MGAs. Anyone had the pleasure of driving an MGA or Austin? The boy in the dark pants seems to have ‘chosen’ his favourite ride……Nothing like a classic car, eh?

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