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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We’ve had comments about the (sadly) forgotten cinema at Kampong Simee….here’s a recent picture of the building (see picture below).

Anyone know WHEN this place closed down? What is it used as now? Perhaps some of you out there could share with us some of the better memories of this place……

  1. UV@Valiant Knight says:

    This cinema is still standing as a warehouse in Kampung Simee. I am not exactly sure when it closed down but it must be before the end of the 70s when so many cinemas closed in Ipoh because of videotapes! One could rent a videotape for as little as RM2.00 and watch a movie at home with the whole family and your neighbours’ families as well! Who would pay RM1.40 or RM2.00 for a ticket for each person?

  2. antiquelad says:

    no so sure but heard from the old folks it was a gang war and the victim was a member of the rival gangs watching a movie when the time it happened ..

  3. Tina says:

    I watched a Bruce Lee movie here in the mid 1980s – got free tickets as a primary school student. Remember some people saying then that it would be torn down soon.

  4. Zaim WM. says:

    Bukan ke di sini ditukarkan menjadi Kelab Malam sesudah tutupnya Panggung Wayang Silver Star? Kelab Malam tersebut kemudian ditutup tidak lama kemudian…

  5. Meng Sang says:

    Movies shown at the Silver Star Cinema formed my visual entertainment in the sixties and early seventies. I must have visited the cinema every Saturday night! I still remember the famous Hindi movie featuring the elephant (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5CS4nLI2ZX8). I knew most of the HK and Taiwanese movie actors here. I watched P Ramlee movies. And my father watched English movies with me, his way of making me learn English even thugh he didn’t speak a word of it! Ben Hur, Ten Commandments, The Spartans, She … the list goes on.

    I remember small children watched movies free. I would linger at the entrance, and then walked in behind an elderly (mostly male) patron. When I became a teenager, I would watch the Saturday midnight show by hiding in the toilet after the 9pm show.

    Those were the days!

  6. Linda Susanna Lee says:

    I remember this cinema. Whenever I stayed with my Gran in Kampong Simee, we’d have early dinner and then take a slow walk to the cinema every day, stopping to buy either polar mints or peanuts wrapped in newspaper on the way there (late 50s & early 60s). We’d be followed by my fellow kiddos who lived a few doors away. Gran only had to buy one ticket and a whole pack of us little ones could go in for free. Sometimes I sat on the hand rest of Gran’s seat and at other times I joined my friends on the two long wooden benches that made up the first two rows nearest the screen. You had to cran your neck really backwards to watch the movie and that wasn’t too comfortable, to put it mildly.

    Yes, we went to the movies EVERYDAY. There was a different movie every night and my Gran wasn’t too particular – we watched movies in every language. Even remember an Indian Tarzan film that had me beating my chest making noises like what I heard in the movie! There was another Sophia Lauren movie that made quite an impression on me at that time besides all the cliched Cantonese ones. The same actors / actresses always took the same kind of roles – either as a goody or a baddie. Therefore, as soon as the goody appeared, everyone in the cinema clapped loudly and the badie was always loudly booed……..aaaah ….. To go back to those innocent, colour blind, religion blind days……

    • Dan says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your memories. I lived near there during the 80s and 90s but it was no longer a movie theater when i was around. I didn’t get to learn more about the building either. It’s so nice to hear that the owner would allow all children to go in for free with an adult, but this is unfortunately most likely the reason they closed down. It’s just not smart business to have no restrictions at all. Still, I wished I could’ve been one of those kids who get to sat on their Grandma’s lap and watch a movie in the movie theater.

      When it wasn’t shut down completely, I believed it was an Arcade place, with gaming machines like Street Fighter I, II, Turbo, Pacman etc. Everyday there would be kids there playing these video games. It was known as the place your parents wouldn’t want you to go. I guess this place eventually got abandoned completely.

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