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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

May 2014

March 2012

Interior Decoration Ideas?

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This picture was taken back in the 1950s – around 1952/53. I wonder how many of our Readers out there remember this antique radio. Don’t forget the cabinet which this radio is sitting on! I’ve been to houses where such cabinets are still in use; also take note of those miniature liquor bottles too 🙂

And what about that television set behind this lovely lady? Could it have been a PYE set? What other unique deco can you spot?


This is yet another gem from Huey Foo’s collection, which has been lent to us so generously. The lady in the picture is Huey Foo’s aunt who once lived at Pasir Puteh, Ipoh.

September 2011

Remember This Toy?

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We received this photograph from Sophie. It was probably taken in 1969 and those in the photograph (left to right) are Sophie’s brother, cousin and neighbour. She also told us that:

“The boys are standing facing my house in Jalan Pasir Puteh…..the building behind them used to belong to the late Dato Cheah Fah”.

And what about the toy? Some of you may recall Esso giving away these ‘tigers’ to customers, probably upon purchasing a certain amount of petrol. Did YOU have such a toy? Perhaps some of you had a little ‘collection’ of such toys 🙂

November 2010

Early 1960s – at NTPS Jalan Pasir Puteh

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Here we have Std 5A, from the year 1961.

And here is Std 6A, from 1962.

We were told that among those from this school include our very own Lat! Yes, who would have thought that one day…..someone from your alma mater would end up a famous cartoonist? Is he in one of these pictures? Are YOU in one of these pictures? Who was your favourite teacher back then? Come on people, it’s time for a reunion! 🙂

A special thanks to one of our followers, SK, for letting us use these pictures for the blog.

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