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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

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More Scenes from the Ipoh Swimming Club

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Here’s another set of photographs from the Macduffs, taken in the 1950s (before they left Malaya).

This one shows the boys’ handicap race; Ian is said to be the boy standing 3rd from the left, while Ian and Sheila’s father – Ken Macduff – is the official in the far right (the one with the unique hairstyle).

The picture on the left shows the children standing in line, waiting to use the diving board. The picture on the right is probably the Macduff family.

The Ipoh Swimming Club, 1950s

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These were sent to us by the Macduffs (Ian and Sheila), who also shared some memories of what the Ipoh Swimming Club was like back in the 50s.

Sheila tells us that the sketch of the four boys on the programme cover was done by Pat Power. We are not too sure of the identity of all the boys, but from left to right: Unknown; Ian Macduff; Unknown; Anthony Shuttleworth. Perhaps someone will recognise the other two lads?

From the comments we’ve been getting on the previous posts about the swimming club, we’re glad that some of you have met up with some long lost childhood friends!  That’s one of the most satisfying aspects of running ipohWorld. Hopefully these and some more from Sheila, yet to be posted, will link more of you. 🙂

September 2011

Proposed Refurbishment to Ipoh Swimming Club

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We are often surprised by what drops on to our desk at ipohWorld. These two photographs came from UK and are said to be current proposals to refurbish/upgrade the historic Ipoh Swimming Club.

The new entrance to the club.

 and the view of the pool.

We thought that some of the old-timers that read these blogs might have some views about this and so guys and girls, it is over to you.

Do you like the new vision or do you prefer the old?

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