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November 2014

Another famous brand?

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It is said that the story of Horlicks began with James & William Horlick from Glouscestershire, who came up with the idea of a malt milk drink (as an artificial infant food).

History aside, what was YOUR Horlicks memory like? I remember drinking this during my pre-school years. Later, this malt drink (and the famous Milo) kept me company during my university days – especially when studying late into the night (coffee never seemed to work!). Was Horlicks part of your life too? Is it still part of your life? 😉

May 2013

Play Time!

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Whether they’re quiet, noisy, cheeky, hyperactive, or even the book-worm types…..kids will always have a special place in our hearts 😉

Today, we’d like to share this photograph with you. We don’t know what these boys were up to when this was taken, but I would like to guess that they were probably playing hide-and-seek (note that both kids are behind a pillar). Notice what they’re wearing? Have children’s clothes changed much over the years. I’d say definitely…what say you?

john macauley001d

We thank John McAuley for this lovely photograph!

September 2012

Episode 3: Chong Soon Fan’s Grandchildren – by IpohBornKid

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IpohBornKid shares his 3rd installment with us. Happy reading 🙂

The picture showing the first 12 grandchildren of Chong Soon Fan was probably taken in 1957, during the Chinee New Year. The location is the bungalow, the family residence of Chong Soon Fan.  The background building with the tin roof is the Nanyang Picture Theatre where the daughter of Chong Soon Fan was married.

Among the grandchildren, the eldest grand daughter and grandson came from the Pun family.  Ranking in seniority among grandchildren were as follows:  SFPun, YFPun, SLPun, (FWong,SLian Pun, YV Chong, PL Khoo – all same age), YW Chong, KC Khoo, YF Chong, KO Khoo, YT Chong.

Among the first 12 grandchildren of Chong Soon Fan who now resides overseas are  Dr SF Pun (US), Dr SL & YF Pun (Australia), SLn, F Wong, YT Chong & YW Chong (UK) , KO Khoo (Canada).  At the moment, Dr SF   and Dr SL are proud grandparents., More 5th generation babies will be popping out soon.  After the first 12 grandchildren, many others were born after the picture was taken and at last count, there were additional 3 residing in UK, 1 in Canada and 4 in Australia.

Among the 12 grandchildren there can be found graduates in Medicine, Science, Law, Engineering, IT,Teachers, Nurses and Businessmen.

I would like to invite those of you who are featured in this photograph to give your side of the history.  Later chapters in this series will talk about a day in the life of the Family in in early 1960s, the other grandchildren and  the golden wedding anniversary of Chong Soon Fan.

The number of grandchildren residing overseas reflects the sad picture of Malaysian brain drain to the Western countries since 1950s but it also reflects the global spread of the Chinese diaspora in Western countries.

July 2012

‘Lights, Camera, Action’!

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This is Mano, with part of the cast from the movie ‘Anna and the King’. (Mano played ‘Moonshi’ in the movie)

This picture was taken on location, back in 1999, and we were wondering: WHERE are the ‘Royal Children’ now? Recognise any of them? Or maybe you recognise yourself here?

We’d love to hear from you!

June 2012

January 2012

September 2011

It’s 1980 and Time for IceCream! But Where is It?

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What a treat for a youngster to have an icecream on a hot Ipoh day. Just look at the small boy’s face.

But here is another clue to the location.

And just look at the face of the mother with folded arms on the left. What is she saying to her daughter? Care to guess.

For your further enjoyment, although http://www.ipohworld.org/search8/result.asp?strid=303 is not a good photo, it shows the 1963 version of an Ipoh ice cream man,

We thank ipohbornkid for these great memories of time gone by.

September 2010

“Look at ME….”

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Here’s one for the album!

This picture was given to us by our friend Charlie…..yes, that’s Charlie on his tractor 😉

As children, we played with toy soldiers, match-box cars, teddy bears, dolls, board games, etc. But I do wonder: how many of us had such toys (picture above) when we were little? Certainly Leong Cheok Loong had a mobo bronco, and Ong Wei Mei had a triang jeep.

Care to share your sweet memories with us? Or, perhaps…some of you out there ‘improvised’ cardboards and other stuff for amusement?

1Malaysia Lantern Festival 2010

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This Friday (24 September 2010), there will be a Heritage Unity Walk – starting out at the Ipoh Railway Station. It’s a special event for 700 underprivilaged Perakian children; these children will be treated to games and a food carnival prior to the walk. And since it’s the Mid Autumn Festival, we’ll be carrying lanterns while we walk the heritage trail. The schedule for this event is as follows:

  6.30pm –  Arrival of participants

  7.00pm –  Arrival of Children & Guests
                  Games for Children & Food Carnival

  7.50pm –  Arrival of YBhg Datuk Bandar Ipoh & EXCO Tourism

  8.00pm –  Arrival of Menteri Besar Perak

  8.05pm –  Welcoming speech by MC
                  Welcoming Dance
                  Speech by Organising Chairman
                  Speech by Menteri Besar
                  Official launch of the celebrations by Guest of Honour

  8.30pm –  Start of Heritage Trail of Unity Walk (with Lanterns)

  9.45pm –  End of walk
                  Supper for VIPs

10.30pm –  End

All are welcome to join this event – bring your own Lantern!

Do you know them?

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Noting the response to our previous posting, we’ve decided to put up two more pictures of the said family:

Peranakan or Chinese? We don’t know…maybe someone out there knows….

Here we have a better view of the house. Note also the number plate on the vehicle – PK 3226. That should give you a rough guess as the when the picture was taken.

We await for your comments / feedback 🙂

March 2010

….when we were young…..

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The above photo was given to us by Lennie Brookes. According to Lennie, this is a photo of (her best friend) Norazian Tahir‘s children at a school play. Norazian had married a Police Inspector from Ipoh. If anyone knows Norazian or her children please let us know.

Anyone out there remember being in a school play? I’m sure some of us have vivid memories – I know the Michaelians had school plays every year!

February 2010

Life on a Rubber Estate

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“In 1948 an appalling upheaval took place in Malaya……I was told by the Manager of Kamunting Estate when I made my routine visit that the Manager of Elphill Estate had been shot.” Thus, according to Dr Tweedie, was the start of the Malayan Emergency.

Here we have a picture from that era (somewhere between 1948 – 1960), showing a pair of twins engrossed in their toys. Notice their sand-bagged nursery and a Special Constable stationed outside. Such memories (of life during the Emergency) may not be pleasant ones for some of us, but if anyone out there has some stories for us we’d like to hear from you!

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