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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Yes, you read it right! These are the kiddies from the Sam Tet Kindergarten – back in 1980 🙂

See yourself in the group? Maybe you were one of the teachers?

We can’t wait to hear from you 😉

  1. pritam Blackstock ( Kaur ) ( Singh) ) says:

    I am Pritam ( Kaur ) now Pritam Blackstock. I am trying to get in touch with Wendy Simon……we were frinds in the old days of BG. My dad was Naranjan Singh who was an engineer with Perak Hydro Electric station. We grew up in MTD and went to the Convent school. I live in Somerset, England with my husband.
    Would , really, really love to contact you, Wendy, my sister Nimmi….we have always what happened to you and you family….you Mum was such an artist….remember the swimming pool !!
    Love Pritam

    • pritam Blackstock ( Kaur ) ( Singh) ) says:

      Hello there Felicia

      I would really like to get in touch with Wendy Lewis nee Simon. We lived very close together in BG, our parents worked with Perak River Hydro Power Station. We are very close childhood friends. I do not mind if you give her my e-mail address orI could contact her directly if I was given her e-mail address.
      I am now living in UK. Where are you based ?
      Thanks so much for your help.

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