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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Yes, at last Ipoh, My Home Town has gone to the printers.

As you may know, I have been working on a new book for the past 20 months or so, editing and compiling original stories of people growing up in Ipoh over the last 90 years. It is entitled “Ipoh, My Home Town: Reminiscences of Growing Up in Ipoh, in Pictures and Words”.  In hard cover ‘coffee table book’ format,  with colour on every page, there are 64 different stories from a broad spectrum of society encompassing all the main Peninsula Malaysian races, plus Caucasians and even an Iban. Together they represent Ipoh past and present.

There are stories from a “Flying Tiger” who grew up in Market Street in the 1920s, Professor Wang Gungwu, a Greentown boy before the war, Lat (who has also written the Foreword) and a number of others from stage, screen and radio plus of course successful businessmen and women, housewives and mothers, but interestingly, no politicians. Our oldest contributor is 92 and the youngest 12. The book therefore is really a history of life in Ipoh through the eyes of young people. With 276 pages and a wealth of original photographs and illustrations it has been a fascinating exercise for an expatriate, ably supported by his Malaysian wife.

The book will be launched by Tun Lim Keng Yaik on the morning of Saturday 17th September at the Royal Ipoh Club so if you can be in Ipoh that day that will be the place to be. Details of the programme and invitations will be sent out as soon as possible, but if you don’t get one and would like to attend, please just let me know.

Regarding the price, as this is a self funded project we have been able to keep the price down to a bare minimum with no profit taking. Hence the book will be on sale in the bookshops at RM100 and direct from us at RM90 excluding postage and packing. There will be plenty for sale at the launch, but if you cannot make it then you can always pre-order via info@ipohworld.org , providing your postal address. We can then advise you of the total cost as soon as the book is in our hands. 

I look forward to seeing you at the launch.

  1. LMS136 says:

    This is a tremendous effort, long awaited and finally coming into fruition. Well done, ika!

    Looking forward to the book launch in Ipoh and to reading the varied articles spanning
    different generations.

  2. coketai (Sungai Siput Boy) says:

    Hi Ika,

    I am currently reside in Shanghai, China but I really would like to have a copy of this book. Kindly advice me how can I get hold a copy, I don’t mind the postage (I would like to use EMS so that I will receive the book at my door step instead of risk being lost in the post box)

    Also let me know how I can settle the payment to you.



  3. AP@IpohBornKid says:

    To Commander Anderson, congratulations on the launch of your book, Ipoh, My Home Town. Please save an autographed copy for me and I will settle with you personally in Ipoh (Nov).
    Hi coketai – It is good to know that you reside in Shanghai. Very tempting city – I belong to the Shanghai International Culture Association (SICA) as an overseas Director and I hope to meet up with you on my next trip to Shanghai.

  4. ipohgal says:

    Congratulations, Ika and team for a mission accomplished! Can’t wait to lay my fingers on this book.

    Hopefully this effort will help create greater consciousness and awareness among the local populace and most importantly, the local goverment, to do whatever they can to preserve the uniqueness of this city of limestone hills. Once again, well done, Ika!

  5. coketai (Sungai Siput Boy) says:

    Hi AP,

    Drop me a e-mail and I can make an arrangement for our meeting. Kindly ask the administrator (IKA) for my e-mail address.


  6. ika says:

    As a general rule, payment for the book will be made either via PayPal or by transfer to my bank account. Any other methods should be agreed prior to putting in hand.

    Once we have the book I shall work out the Postage and let you all know. For coketai, no problem with EMS (our Poslaju), I shall let you know the cost later.

    For AP I confirm a book will be laid aside.

    I shall update you as we go forward.

  7. UV@Valiantknight says:

    congratulations Ian, a fine effort indeed. I always feel that unless we put down things in print, many precious tit-bits would be lost. I hope this is just the first of many to come from you and others.

  8. hasbi says:

    I knew that if someone could do it, then it must be you. Well done my friend!. Congratulations on the launch of your book, Ipoh, My Home Town.

    Commander Ian Anderson, of all the things you have done, I particularly salute this one, because watching you do it has been fun. Looking forward for the launching date.

  9. S.Sundralingam says:

    Commander Ian Anderson, may I at the outset express my very warm “thanks” to U for the book “IPOH, MY HOME TOWN”. You have enthusiastically worked on it. It’s most gratifying to those who are in the journalist’s profession and freelance writers to know that a member of the public have such an appreciation for producing a coffee table book about IPOH. My salute!

  10. Thunderchild says:


    Many congratulations on the fruition of your project ! I want to lay my hands on the book so please let me know the price incl P+P to UK.
    Alternatively, will the book be available through Malaysian bookshops, e.g. MPH etc ?

  11. ika says:

    Hi Sundra and Hasbi, thank you very much.

    Thunderchild, thank you for your comment and kind words. Once I have the book in my hand I shall be able to provide the post and packing prices which will be posted on this site first of all.

    Regarding MPH etc, yes the book will be distributed across Malaysia and Singapore.

  12. Elaine Scheltens-Wong says:

    Received a mail from my cousin Tiffany this morning, informing me of the forthcoming launching of the book. We noticed the photo our grandma instantly. Can’t wait to read my contribution. I’ll wait for further instructions for overseas orders/postage. Ian, hope your wrist will be strong enough for all the signatures hahah?? Don’t forget my copy as well. Well done Meng Wai for all your support and patience to make Ian’s dream a reality.

  13. antiquelad says:

    Great achievement and congratulations to you commander , maybe we can place some of the copies at the Gopeng Museum too for sale ..


  14. AARON ONG says:

    1st & foremost, congrats to ika and team for getting the book to print.

    Do leave one copy for me. I am attending 17th Sep.


  15. thunderchild says:

    I have taken the liberty of leaving a link to this Weblog, on the St Michael’s Institution Facebook Page. I feel that the work of Commander Ian Anderson in general and the book in particular is very important in reminding the residents of Ipoh past and present, what a great city we have.

  16. ika says:

    Hi thunderchild, that is no problem, the more readers we get the happier we are. And thank you for your kind words, I only do it as I also believe in Ipoh and – of course – I enjoy what I do. Ipoh Mali

  17. tinaooi says:

    Congratulations on your book!
    Keep up the good work on Ipoh.
    Guess nothing beats the varieties
    of good food in Ipoh esp. the
    chicken sau hor fan.

  18. John Too says:

    Well done Commander, for those of us who lived and grew up in Ipoh your book surely bring back so much memories. Congrats on your fine achievement from all ‘Par-lor'(local name for Ipoh)residents.

  19. sybil de roquigny-iragne says:

    Felicitations Ian! (Can’t help sneaking in a French word)
    A mammoth undertaking and with such passion and patience. Sofia must be proud!

  20. Ken Chan says:

    Greetings from Alaska, America’s last frontier! Kudos to you for all the hard work in pulling off this amazing feat. Ipoh’s residents, past and present, would thank you from the bottom of their heart for giving voice to the wistful recollections about their beloved hometown.

    Will touch base with you about the number of copies I need and the postage incurred when I am back in Chicago. Give yourself a pat in the back, you deserve it.

  21. ika says:

    Hi Ken Alaska sounds COLD! Thanks for your kind words but I wont feel confident until I have the book in my hands next week and actually make sure we have no problems.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  22. Gay Hannah says:

    Congratulations Ian on this great achievement and looking forward to reading “Ipoh, my home town” as it was for over 16 years. It’s so important to preserve and record the past and thank you for doing it.

    Wishing you a very successful launching of the book on September 17th and sorry I can’t be there as we now live in Canada.

  23. Sebastian K Francis says:

    Warmest felicitations on this mammoth and heroic task brought to fruition to the pride and happiness of Ipoh folks. ACS 1964

  24. Anthony Ng says:

    Congrats & Well Done Ian for coming out with this fine record of an iconic city and its people! I have moved to Diamond Bay but in my heart Ipoh will always be where I went In Pursuit Of Happiness (IPOH)! See you at the launch!

  25. AARON ONG says:

    ….In Pursuit Of Happiness (IPOH)….

    Wow, Anthony, that’s pretty original. Kudos to you. ika shoulda used this on the book.

  26. ika says:

    Smart casual is the normal way of life in ipoh. Club rules require no collarless tee shirts, sandals or shorts unless the shorts are accompanied with long stockings and shoes (planters dress).

    Book signing will be available to all.

  27. hasbi says:

    Good Morning Ipohworld’s World.

    It’s Today. Congratulations to Ian and co-eds on this great achievement and looking forward to reading “Ipoh, My Home Town”.

    See you all at Ipoh Club.

  28. S.Sundralingam says:

    I was there at the Royal Ipoh Club to witness the launching of Ian Anderson’s edited book titled ” Ipoh, My Home Town”. He had toiled for the past 21 months, and today it has bear its fruits. The launching event itself was a like a get-together party, where people of all walks of like, from Tun to Encik, and a well blend society were eagerly waiting for the launch.

    Ian in his speech,noted how the idea derived to write a book about Ipoh. It was in Turkey where he and his wife were watching the sunset, when his wife suggest to him to write this book.

    This book is a collection of personal stories of people experiencing growing up in Ipoh. These short stories are inspired by the memory of the writers. All of them are true accounting of one’s life and legacy living in Ipoh.

    I believe that these collection of stories and old photographs of these families, places which are now recorded and kept intact as a heritage to pass to the next generation. Ipoh, My Home Town, is a book that has documented the efforts, joy, sorrows, triumphs, disappointment and achievements of Ipohites.

    Ian, is a special kind of man, like what Tun Lim Keng Yiak said, we need a Scottish to write our experiences and history. Even tho it embraced must of us, the fact is ” he cared more for Ipoh than most us” To me he is like Tan Sri Mubin Sheppard of Ipoh. We are very grateful to you Ian.

    I hope all schools and teachers buy a copy of this book as a personal collection. Thank U Commander Ian.

  29. J2Kfm says:

    Ian, congrats. I missed this post, the book, the slot for contributions (I have a lot of older photos from the 80’s onwards that I’d like to share) and the launch.
    But, you have given me inspirations to share more than just food stories on my blog.

    If possible, I’d like to purchase a signed copy from you, and I’d like to collect from you by hand in Ipoh. You can reach me at ipohmotormouth(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Thanks, Ian. For doing something for my beloved hometown.

  30. Goh Kooi says:

    Ian congrats again. I heard it has been selling like hot cakes because my wife tried to get me a copy in Ipoh but it was sold out. She will try to get me a copy in KL before flying back to London.

  31. PT says:

    I am anxiously looking forward to buying the book from MPH.
    It took a great someone who was not born in Ipoh, a Scot, to produce a book on Ipoh and its nostalgic past. Truly commendable.

  32. ika says:

    I have stocks in my house in Ipoh. They can be shipped to Peninsula Malaysia for RM100 only, this week, with my signature if needed. Next week we will go back to the standard price of RM100 per book collected or RM110 shipped, from me. They can also be picked up at the Ipoh Echo office (1 Jalan Lasam) at RM100. MPH etc have standard price of RM100 – no signature.

  33. AARON ONG says:


    Just want to congratulate you on the successful launching of the book. Noted that you displayed a box cover of a vintage Meccano set.

    FYI I have 3 complete sets dating back to 70s. Now no longer manufactured as Meccano of Binns Rd London has folded due to the onslaught of modern video and computer games.

    Pity as it was started around the turn of the century, quite a long history.

  34. ika says:

    Thank you Aaron, it was a fun launch and the best I can remember in Ipoh. There was no pomp and unnecesary ceremony, just the big Ipoh family having fun. I enjoyed it despite the obvious pressure.

    I also had Meccano but when I went off to join the Navy my mother gave it all away!

    STOP PRESS: MPH Ipoh are sold out of the book already and have placed an order for more! We still have some.

  35. Thunderchild says:

    I am so happy to hear that the books are selling like hotcakes ! For those of you who still haven’t purchased a book yet, I would urge you to take advantage of Ian’s generous offer in Post no. 38 above.
    Not wishing to wax lyrical about the book but my sister collected 2 copies for me and have started reading it. Her report is “… a bloody good read ! ”
    Unfortunately, I’m out of the country at the moment and can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

  36. Tedin Ng says:

    Hi, I would like to order a copy of the book. As I am in KL I’d have to request the book with shipping. Let me know how to pay and I will immediately do so. Just got to know about this. Thanks.

  37. Ex-Ipohan says:

    Commander Anderson, I have the privilege to have a signed copy put aside for me pending my return to pick it up upon my next visit to Ipoh. What incentive can beat this?! THANK YOU for an idea divinely put to you for this endeavour to have so blossomed in soooo many hearts around the world, just reminiscing about a past, of a little town then, that still warms many a heart today. Thanks, for the memories …

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