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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Let’s see if the Michaelians remember this one (see pictures below):



Recognise the costumes? The actors? The title of the play?

I only recognise Bro Pius Kelly, standing in the back (between the ‘gentleman’ with the top hat and the ‘maiden’).

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered,

      From the costumes, instruments etc. and in the absence of a title, it comes across as if they try to do everything.

      I am confused here as I cannot see a theme emerging unless someone familiar with similar productions takes us through what they are trying to do.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        Well, there have been occasions here where photographs have been posted of events that I actually attended — but this is not one of those cases.

        So, just guessing, I think perhaps this event might have been a school concert, perhaps including a re-enactment of nursery rhymes.

        But as I say, I’m really just guessing.

  1. felicia says:

    Ipoh Remembered, you could be right. This may have been a concert. I’m just guessing myself.
    Hope someone out there can help us out – perhaps one of the actors in the photo could shed more light on this?

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