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December 2017

Recognise Her?

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blog_29 Dec

For those who are still wondering, her name is Lin Dai. Here she is featured on a Shaw Brothers Calendar – for the month of January, 1963.

What we’d like to know is: if YOU had a chance to produce a calendar with pictures of celebrities, who would you feature? You’re allowed to have more than one celebrity-crush, of course…come on, tell us…don’t be shy ūüėČ

All Aboard!

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blog_27 Dec

Our donor Alan Steel shared the following story with us: “Xmas day, we entertained the children from the local Dr. Barnados home. Staff Battersby turned this jeep into a train to take them on a tour.” According to Alan, the one dressed as Santa (in picture) was Battersby himself!¬† ¬†

Famous Names (5)

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blog_20 Dec

Our featured celebrity was educated at ACS, Ipoh. He studied medicine in Singapore and subsequently spent his entire working life in Ipoh. In recognition for his contributions to the medical profession, this gentleman was given the highest award of Honorary Membership (in 1984) by the Malayan Medical Association. Besides his dedication to his job, he also played cricket, rugby, and hockey.

By now some of you may already know WHO our featured celebrity is. He’s none other than Dato Dr. A. W. E. Moreira; the picture shows him (seated on the left) together with his wife Mavis. As you all know, there is a road named after him too!

More Royal Visits!

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courtesy of: Charlie Choong, Ipoh


This was not taken in Ipoh, but we thought of sharing this rare find with all of you. These photos were part of a series, taken back in 1956 (some were faded, some were damaged).

Here we have HRH the Duke of Edinburgh visiting a dredge in Jinjang. The gentleman in the dark sunglasses is George Seddon Рthe General Manager of Anglo-Oriental. We know the photos are not as clear as they should be, but can you recognise any of the other gentlemen?

All ‘charged’ up!

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A¬†rechargeable battery,¬†storage battery,¬†secondary cell, or¬†accumulator¬†is a type of¬†electrical battery¬†which can be charged, discharged into a load, and recharged many times, as opposed to a disposable or¬†primary battery, which is supplied fully charged and discarded after use. It is composed of one or more¬†electrochemical cells. The term “accumulator” is used as it¬†accumulates¬†and¬†stores energy¬†through a reversible¬†electrochemical¬†reaction. Rechargeable batteries are produced in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from¬†button cells¬†to megawatt systems connected to¬†stabilize¬†an¬†electrical distribution network. Several different combinations of¬†electrode¬†materials¬†and¬†electrolytes¬†are used, including¬†lead‚Äďacid,¬†nickel‚Äďcadmium¬†(NiCd),¬†nickel‚Äďmetal hydride¬†(NiMH),¬†lithium-ion¬†(Li-ion), and¬†lithium-ion polymer¬†(Li-ion polymer). [for more click here]

That being said, do any of you remember this object (pictured above)? Have you ever used something like this before? ‘Recharge’ us with your stories….



We Wish You A Merry…You’re 3 Weeks Early!

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Oops, I guess the decor in the malls must have gotten me in the Christmas mood early this year. This here is a photograph taken in 1956 of the soldiers from the 12th Infantry Workshop REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) organizing a Christmas party at their base in Ipoh for the orphans and the helpers of the Main Convent orphanage.

They’ve Surrendered!!! They’ve Surrendered!!!

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Photo courtesy of the late Bro. Vincent Corkery

After the Japanese surrendered in 1945 many Victory Parades were held, in Malaya as well as other parts of the world, to mark the occasion. The largest was said to have taken place in London, on 8th June 1946. Our featured photograph today is that of the Army Cadet Force of St Michael’s Institution, marching through the streets of Ipoh. We believe this parade was held on 6th January 1946.

I’m sure some of you can guess WHICH famous street in Ipoh this is!

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