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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow
  1. sk says:

    The stickers dropped out from my Photo Album . It must be a collectors item now. I dont seem to see any MAD Magazine in the book store. Maybe there is a value attached to the stickers now. Any offer ? 🙂

    • S.Y. says:

      SK, if Big Bad Wolf, which periodically organises fairs on the sale of books, is present in your locality, you should visit there. I once bought a Mad magazine Annual (albeit it was four years old) for the price of RM30.00. It was cheap considering the cover price said it was USD30. Other books (new) are sold from RM8 to less than RM20. Mad Magazine Annual, Book on Elvis Presley, etc are slightly more expensive. I was an avid fan of Mad Magazine during my school days but cannot buy them now. Beano and Dandy were also available for sale.

  2. sk says:

    Hi SY, Your info & timing is just perfect. Just google & found Big Bad Wolf has its Book Fair tomorrow at MIECC – The Mines from 8th December – 18th December, 2017 Time 7am 8th December to 11.59pm 18th December 2017. Open 24 hours !
    I havent heard of Big Bad Wolf except from our Primary School Teacher.
    Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre
    Address: Ground Floor, Jalan Dulang, Mines Resort City, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, 43300
    Phone: 03-8945 2055
    Check it Out.

  3. sk says:

    Just googled & they have change their timing from 8th December – 18th December, 2017 Time 7am 8th December to 11.59pm 18th December 2017 to
    9th December, 2017 to 19th December, 2017
    Time 7 am 9th Dec 2017 – 19th Dec 2017. I called 03 – 89452055 at MIECC, they were also not aware of the change of date . I was given another number to call at 03-56144884. Also not aware. Called 0122910998. no respond.

  4. S.Y. says:

    At one of the previous fairs, I noticed quite a number of children visiting it. This is a good sign as the standard of English for the children should be improved. As I mentioned earlier, the price of the books are cheap ranging from RM8 to about RM20 except for the special editions. Considering that the books are in mint condition, they are good buys. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go as I do not reside in KL. Maybe you may be able to get your MAD magazine.

  5. Mano says:

    One Christmas issue, Mad rewrote the lyrics for ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. Unfortunately, I only recall the first verse:

    ‘You better not fret
    You better not jeer
    We’re ‘gonna upset
    Tradition this year
    Santa’s wife is coming to town!’…

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      She won’t use any reindeer
      To pull the sleigh because
      She wants to show you who’s in charge
      So she’s using Santa Claus!

  6. sk says:

    Hi Friends, Made it to Big Bad Wolf. Good to see so many parents & children buying books for them.Good for the children instead of playing Computer Games. Saw one young boy carrying a MAD cover print. Asked him where & told me in Fiction area. Saw many X Men , Garfield but no Mad magazines. Asked the counter & found the last copy. All other Mad prints were sold out. No Beano & Dandy. Asked the counter staff , they didnt know what there were. Well, shall keep this copy & in 20 years, it will be a collector’s item:). Thanks SY for the Book Fair info.:)

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