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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

The year was 20 June 1962, when King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit arrived in Kuala Lumpur. This was part of their state long visit. On 24 June, the Royal couple stopped by Ipoh. (pictures below taken from New Sunday Times, 22 October 2017)


The King wearing his blue Royal Thai Air Force marshall uniform; the Queen wore an apple green Thai national dress.


The royal entourage leaves Ipoh for Penang.


  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia

    That’s a rare photograph of Bhūmibala Atulyateja without his famous dark glasses!

    Yes, their August Majesties were in Ipoh for all of several hours that day. The better place to have spent time with them on that trip was Tanah Rata where they stayed overnight, the King playing his clarinet to entertain all and sundry.

    Anyway, I suppose it’s a good thing that the Straits Times is featuring the royal couple in its pages, even if the occasion is a sombre one. Thanks for calling attention to the photograph.

    • felicia says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered. I don’t know much about the Thai Royalty….certainly didn’t know His Majesty played the clarinet! 🙂

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        And the saxophone.

        Someone did make a recording of the royal festivities in Tanah Rata — but I do not know if it survives.

        The music the King wrote and played is, however, still well known and performed not infrequently. On Youtube, for example, if you look for and play “Friday Night Rag (ศุกร์สัญลักษณ์)” you may find yourself transported back to that night fifty-five years ago.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear sk, thanks for the link to the article.

    It suggests that the King’s musical performance in Tanah Rata was “unplanned” and that the “VIPs present tapped their feet and clapped encouragingly as King Bhumibol jammed with the Radio Malaya orchestra.” In fact, the orchestra had been transported to the Highlands only because the King had indicated he was going to play and wanted accompaniment. The “unplanned” performance took more than a week of planning!

    The article also says that His Most Serene Majesty “led the orchestra in a rousing old-time jazz number.” In fact, that “old-time jazz number” the King played was one of his own compositions. It was certainly not through lack of planning that the orchestra was able to accompany him.

    And thanks for noting that the royal couple left Ipoh for Penang in a military transport, not in a Malayan Airways airplane.

  3. sk says:

    You are welcome Felicia & Ipoh Remembered. Maybe when you were searching, they havent put it up. as it coud have been delayed. It is not immediate.

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