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Yusof sent us these wonderful photos. From his email, we know that he lived in Greentown from 1969-1981. Yusof also had this to say:

“The house is one of six detached govt quarters surrounding a palm tree lined field within a circular lane off Jalan Iskandar, named  Lorong Said Tauphy. As depicted in the photos attached, Greentown was indeed green back then, with the fields bamboo hedges and abundant coconut trees. It is really a shame what Greentown has transformed into now. Anyway, I hope these pictures will bring back some memories of the original Greentown to some folks out there, esp. ex Greentownians. Looking forward to more pictures of Greentown then from those who still have the old photos.”

Like Yusof, we at IpohWorld also look forward to hearing from former and present Greentown folks! 🙂


  1. kldin says:

    Greentown was a favourite place to go to during the school holidays in the 1960s. My cousins lived at Fourth Avenue and we used to wondered around Ipoh and its surrounding from Greentown. Coincidentally, my current book writing is about the contribution of Charles Reade, first Government Town Planner F.M.S (of the 1920s era). Greentown was proposed by its Kinta Sanitary Board Chairman, C.F. Green and Reade laid out its original scheme of 58 acres of which nine acres was devoted to open spaces, and quarters i.e. 18 detached, 88 semi-detached, and 9 houses in blocks of three; and also a club. It was laid along the same lines as Imbi housing in Kuala Lumpur; its design was along the lines of the Garden City design principles of Britain. I would gladly used any photos and acknowledge them if any.

  2. ika says:

    kldin welcome to ipohworld and thank you for your posts today. Your details about the old Green town are very interesting and most useful to us as we can update our database. The more information we can gather, the better we can help others.

    Regarding use of our photos old ones of Greentown are very scarce but I shall write more to you by email laying down some suggestions how we can help each other.

    • kldin says:

      Thank you ika. Indeed from the town planning point of view, there are many interesting information, some I include in my book, based on my 20 years intermittent research. I hope to publish the book before end of March 2014. Ipoh would appear in at least three chapters of the book.

  3. Chuah TC says:

    For the 2nd picture on the right, are the girls facing Jalan Iskandar or is Jalan Iskandar behind them in the background?

    I ask because I remember a house, also on a semi-circular road, but is located at the middle of the circumference of a semi-circular road.

    • Mohan RC says:

      Jalan Iskandar is in the background and streched from Jalan Abdul Jalil (near the padang) to 5th Avenue ( after 4th Ave.). I am also an ex Greentownian having lived there for about 20 years up to the mid 60’s and have vivid memories of that beautiful and friendly place.
      Jalan Iskandar was also part of the bus route through Greentown, passing through 3rd Avenue and other roads before exiting via Green Lane.

      • Chuah TC says:

        Thank you for answering my query Mohan RC. It sure helps a lot. My Dad lived in that middle house that I mentioned in my previous comment. He also lived at another house at Jalan Padang. He pointed this out to us when I was about 10 – took us pass those houses in fact. He didn’t say when but I think is must be before WW2.

        Coming from 5th Avenue heading towards Jalan Abdul Jalil, is Lorong Said Tauphy on the left of Jalan Iskandar just after 3rd Avenue? For some reason, my memory is failing me even though I have traveled many many times along Jalan Iskandar.

    • Chuah TC says:

      Hi! Felicia. Mohan RC’s comment certainly helps. I am trying to map out the road system of Old Greentown and realized that I didn’t know Old Greentown that well, even though I should as I grew up in this area. And it’s not just the roads but the road names too.

      At the moment, I am at a loss with Jln Mansor, Jln Abidin (which I think connects with Jalan Abdul Jalil near a small field with a power substation next to it), Jln Sir Chulan and Jln Abdul Wahab – names that I have picked out from other Greentown blog posts in IpohWorld – and also 1st Avenue (which I think is Lebuh 1 on Google Maps) and 2nd Avenue.

      I may have miss out others that I may not even be aware of. So every little piece of information helps.

      • Mohan RC says:

        Chuah TC, glad to be able to help a bit. Lorong Said Tauphy was on the left, coming from 5th Ave. , but it was not the next road after 3rd Ave. There were two smaller roads in between, the names I am not sure of ( 1st & 2nd Avenues? ) . Lrg. S. Tauphy was U-shaped with its ends connected to Jln. Iskandar and had a small field in the middle, on which the girls in the photo are sitting.
        Next, also on the left was a small back lane followed by Jln. Mansor, at the end of which was Jln. Abdul Wahab. Jln. Abidin crossed Jln. Mansor about half way in between to link up with Jln. Abdul Jalil.
        Jln. Raja Chulan was one of the newer roads when the “transit quarters” were built.
        Hope this info helps.

      • Hasli says:

        very good mr Chua TC, and thanks also fo the other Greentownians. It’s bring me back the old memories when I lived there in early 80’s at 3rd Avenue. My longhouse quarters now located Greentown Rumah Persekutuan

          • Hasli says:

            Same with you Mr Chua TC. Iwould like to see and share another old photo about Green Town, especially the old Sturrock Club. I always play football there with my old club in the 80’s..Hope u all don’t mind if I shared it in my blogs.

            • Chuah TC says:

              Yes, please do share any old photos of Greentown, either here or at your blog. As I recall there was at least one tennis court (on the end near Sturrock Club) next to the football field.

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