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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

No, not another Royal…not the King of Rock & Roll either. We’re talking about the King of Fruits! Yes…the DURIAN!


courtesy of Ngai

This photograph was taken in 1995, according to our donor. From the buildings in the background, can you guess where this place is?

  1. sk says:

    Looks like SMI at the background but not very sure as the opposite building does not look like FMS but looks like a Telekom building

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi sk,

      Nice to hear from you again.

      I have not got a clue where the place was although I would be honest to say that I took the picture. I had been wondering for the last few months.

      I certainly don’t have as sharp a memory as Ipoh Remembered, who has a knack with his dates and years.

      Are you all fans of durians? I used to.

      I still remember when my dad would get his from Osborne Street, which was the place to go in Ipoh during the durian season. Hence the Chinese nickname ‘ Lou Lin Kai’. It was cheap and cheerful especially later on at night because it had to be sold off cheaply before it started to ferment

      I remember him paying about 30 cents to 50 cents for good sized ones.

      Most were grown from seed then. The quality would vary.

      The back street was also very busy. An ideal location next to Jubilee Park. The municipal Council installed bright lighting as a deterrence.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Well, I agree with sk that the cream-coloured building is not SMI. It does look like a school, but I don’t think it’s ACS or Anderson or the Main Convent or MGS, either.

    The Ipoh of 1995 is far from the Ipoh I knew best — but are we sure we’re looking at Ipoh to begin with?

    A nice mystery.

    Thanks for donating the photo, Ngai C O. As you know, Osborne Street was named after the co-founder of Osborne & Chappel, but did you know he used to own a lot of non-mining land in Ipoh as well?

    And felicia: That’s a clever title you devised!

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered,

      It never crossed my mind that I was ever in Taiping.

      I think you all are right.

      I have to try trace backwards. The snag is that I have lost contact with the people.

      My memory kept telling me that we were in Tanjung Rambutan, Chemor and Sungai Siput where we visited the hospital or rather passed by.
      Then an Indian shrine by a fig tree on the roadside and a rubber estate.

  3. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear Ngai C O … Take a look at St. George’s from this point of view. I think you’ll see that you must have been in Taiping when the photo was taken.

    I’m sorry to hear you have lost contact with others who made the trip — but these things happen.

    Reading what articles and comments posted here at ipohWorld helps me to remember. For example, you mentioned Tanjong Rambutan, Sungei Siput, and Chemor: I think I have some memories of those places, including some interesting people from different periods and various walks of life, but it can feel very vague these days, I’m sorry to say.

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered, IKA and Everyone,

      Thanks for the Google view and confirming the picture location, that would have confirmed that I did go to Taiping despite my memory playing on me that it were Ipoh.

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