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I wonder if anyone out there remembers this young man (first picture). These pictures were part of an article which appeared in the Star (26th July 2014); according to the writer, this white van (second picture) was usually parked under a tree (around Canning Garden) while the many customers waited in line to be served. I’ve not come across Thum’s Burger (as advertised on the van) – perhaps it was before my time? 😉

Could anyone shed some light on this? We’re curious to know more about this mobile burger stall.

  1. thunderchild says:

    Happy memories of being a regular clientele of this burger van. Started by old Mr Thum and was taken over by his sons. Family lived in Star Park and the van was usually parked under a tree in Jln Lau Pak Khuan in Ipoh Garden, not far from the Stadium. If my memory is correct, they later had another outlet in Ipoh Garden South. This was the first burger van in Ipoh and was very popular amongst the younger generation who couldn’t afford to visit the coffee houses like ABJ etc. The sons studied in SMI and I think one of them was called Peter Thum. I think one of the daughters still run an eatery joint in Bercham hawker centre.

    • Vicky chang says:

      This are my uncle father,they already migrate to oversea,peter thum at Australia,David thum at Ireland,and her daughter run a restaurant at Bercham, my uncle are David thum.

  2. thunderchild says:

    The young man in the photo is probably one of the son, maybe Peter Thum. My earliest memory of this burger van stems from 1976/77 and my favourite was the Egg Burger, a whole fried egg, sunny side up, on top of the beef burger – yummy!

  3. Seri Naga says:

    I remember Thum burger van. They stopped operating from the Van and if I am not mistaken the father opened a restaurant in Yik Foong complex. Then the sons open one outlet in Wolley Foodcourt in Ipoh Garden. They also opened one outlet in Old town hawker centre (now plan B).

    Aroubd 1-2 years ago I saw the son (should be Peter) in O&S kopitiam in Taman Paramount PJ manning one of the stores selling western food. But now he no longer operates there.

    I remember when they open their outlet in Wolley, that is where I tasted my first Pizza which was on their menu. That time Ipoh don’t have pizza hut yet.

      • sk says:

        Hi Tiffany Thum, Thank you for mentioning O&S Kopitiam in Taman Paramount is operated by Thum’s eldest son. There is a lady & a person in a wheel chair . I called the Number listed in Facebook but it was a wrong number for me to verify. The person who answered the call was polite & said someone put his HP number by mistake. Surprised that he still maintains his cool despite of umpteen calls like mine.:)The Har Koe Chee Cheong Fun is the best I have ever tasted. Some of the stalls mentioned by some readers are no longer there.

  4. chuakokyee says:

    To be exact.. the van was parked at jln lau pak khuan opposite Ipoh Garden Post Office. I remembered walking 15 minutes to the van to buy their burger.

  5. Benji Goh says:

    To my memory, and a very clear one, Thum’s van was parked at Jln Lau Pak Khuan, right in front of “Chai Seng”, opposite the post office. One thing that made Thum’s burger GREAT was the patty was deep fried in oil. The good old days.

  6. drokleong says:

    Mr. Thum was the former mines manager of Leong Sin Nam Mines. He started this burger business with his family soon after the mines were sold. The burgers tasted great.

  7. Somsak tan says:

    I remember Thum Burger like it was yesterday. It was my weekly lunch my parents would treat me when I was 6-8 years old.

    I would always have 1 hotdog and 1 burger without fail and the shredded cucumber in the hot dog and burger was the only way I ate cucumber back then. The hot dog was just RM1 while the burger was RM1.50.

    That was where I started my love for burgers and hot dogs. And I was a loyal patron to when they had a stall in Ipoh garden south to the Wooley food centre.

    Wouldn’t mind having that again now.

  8. rosebud says:

    The senior Mr Thum was a family friend. In mid 60s, he had a gun licence & had a shotgun. As a young lad,I had been to his Star Park house with my parents & I addressed him as ‘Thum Kor’ He was a macho tanned guy with pencil thin moustache & a booming voice to match. As a hunter, he used to tell a lot of his hunting tales & I was mesmerized.

    • thunderchild says:

      Rosebud, you are indeed right about the elder Mr Thum. He was a distant relative of mine and he lived in Jln Sagitarius. Your description of him is entirely correct, Macho, tanned, pencil moustache and booming voice – this description brings back fond memories of him. He did have a shotgun licence and I tasted some of his wild deer curry way back in the early 70’s !

  9. felicia says:

    UPDATE: Thanks for pointing out our little mistake – that Thum’s van was in fact parked along Ipoh Garden and not Canning Garden as written. Thank you for all your comments so far. Do keep them coming!

  10. splim says:

    The one in the photo is Peter Thum. Confirmed by his brother David who was my classmate. Really miss their burgers. I think there’s still a stall, Thum’s Western in one of the coffee shops in Ipoh Garden south but I don’t think it is operated by the Thum’s family anymore.

    • ipoh girlz says:

      Thums’ Family already migrate to oversea,non of them are in malaysia except their sister lily thum,
      Peter,David all are in oversea.the store in ipoh garden south is not belong to them.They just using thum’s name to operate the stall.

  11. S.Y. Lee says:

    Old Thum was a good friend of mine. He was the mines manager in Leong Sin Nam & Co. Drokleong should know since he is related to the Leong Sin Nam family. When the mines closed, Thum set up the burger business. No, he did not have a restaurant in Yik Foong complex. He set up a stall there selling barbecued burgers, sausages and fish. I used to go there but when he refused to collect money from me, I felt bad. Perhaps Dr. Leong should write about the Leong Sin Nam Farms. They ventured and pioneered the ham, bacon and other frozen meat industry. I wonder when they stop the business. They were the rivals, if I was not mistaken, of Yeo Hiap Seng on this.

    • Thunderchild says:

      S.Y. Lee, I worked for a few months in the Leong Sin Nam Farms after my Malaysian Certificate Examinations (MCE) in the 70’s.
      The farm was located near Ampang New village and though still named Leong Sin Nam Farms at that time, it was already owned by Yeo Hiap Seng.

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