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September 2014

The Kinta Golf Club

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clubhouse_BGpicture from: Rosemary Palmer

At first glance, I thought I was looking at the entrance of the Ipoh Club. This building however is the Kinta Golf Club, in Batu Gajah! But then again, you can’t deny the similarities, can you? I wonder when this club came into existence…

A Bad Day for Perak Hydro!

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Image (6)


Over many weeks Larry has sent us a host of photographs. So many that they will be a great addition to our database recording his childhood life and times with Perak Hydro in Batu Gajah. You have probably seen memories from him and his young friends on our blog where young friends from 50+years ago met again on ipohWorld’s World.

The above photo caught my eye and I wondered this was due to Communist activity (they often blew up trains) or whether it was a simple accident.

The other thing of interest is the excavator shovelling coal. Yes at one time we had coal fired power stations. Are there any left, and where did we get the coal? If you know then do let us know. I am sure that there are many young Malaysians who do not even know what coal is!

“Fly me to the Moon”

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Malay airlines DC4picture from: Larry Sawyer

I don’t remember this design on our Malaysian planes (long before my time anyway 😉 ) but I’m sure some of you out there do remember this. I’m curious to know what image that is – on the nose of the plane. Is it some kind of bird? Or just a random design?

Do you know them?

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Image (7) new2_edited-1

Larry Sawyer sent this to us. It looks like the inside of that famous power plant (which caught everyone’s attention on the blog!). What we don’t know is: Who are these people in the front row? Could it be the Manager and a guest (with their respective wives)?

I’m also curious to know who the lady in white is…..I do love her ensemble – very stylish, don’t you think! 😉

The Gopeng Pipeline

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Ever wondered what happened to this famous Gopeng Landmark? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to our photographer Charlie, we have these pictures for your viewing pleasure! As the State Government once promised, a section of one of the pipes on its original structure has been saved and turned into a sort of a memorial to past technology and a symbol of Malaysia’s Heritage in the world-wide tin mining industry. gopeng2 gopeng1

And in case you were wondering about what the plaque says…

gopeng3More information about the pipelines and their history may be found at


For the Anderson School Alumni

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AndersonSchoolIpohpicture courtesy of Ruth Iversen Rollitt

Some of you Anderson School Alumni may remember this building. The younger ones may have seen it in their school magazine. Well, this was once Anderson School – before the present building was built.

‘Koay Kak’ at Bercham

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If you happen to drive by Persiaran Bercham Selatan 1 (just behind 7-11), you might see this man hard at work! He may not be as vigorous as the famed ‘Spiderman’, but I’m sure his dish has its own unique taste. Here’s a closer look (picture below)


Our photographer told us that this dish – Koay Kak, as the hawker calls it – costs RM 2.3o (RM 2.80 with egg). Has anyone tried it? If you have…you know what to do 😉

Another Day at the Market!

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We don’t mean to confuse you again, but here’s another photo of a local market 😉 This one isn’t in Ipoh….it’s actually in Batu Gajah (according to our donor Wendy Lewis). Notice the shape of the roof –  quite unique for a market building, don’t you think? Any Batu Gajah folks around? Perhaps they could tell us more.

A Resort in Pangkor

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Wendy Lewis tells us that this holiday resort was in Pangkor Island. Back then (probably the 1950s) there was no air-condition – only fans and mosquito nets!

I wonder if this resort is still there….perhaps it has been upgraded with more modern facilities (besides air-condition, perhaps free wi-fi too?).

Any frequent visitors to Pangkor? Do share your experiences with us 🙂

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