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October 2014

For the Rotarians out there!

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We’ve featured pictures and articles from various clubs and associations before. This time, we’d like to present (what we believe to be) a page from the Rotary Newsletter. The picture below is a close-up view of the Ipoh Branch meeting details.


Rotarians out there might recognise some of the names. We thank Nicholas Jennings for the picture.

…a ‘long’ drive?

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1953picture from: Ruth Iversen Rollitt

This 1953 photo shows John and B M Iversen (the famed Danish architect). I’m guessing the house in the background was probably designed by Iversen (but I could be wrong)….however, what really caught my eye was the car. Has anyone seen such a model before? I know I haven’t – and I admit, it’s quite a beauty!

The car-experts may be able to tell us more about this model 😉

Remember the ‘ol Typewriter?

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With technology advancing everyday, I wonder how many of us can actually claim to have used a good old fashioned typewriter! This advertisement (sent to us by Nicholas Jennings) is for Royal Typewriters. Was this a very popular brand back then? Did any of you own one (or any other typewriter brand)? On that note, how much did a typewriter cost in those days?

The New Science Lab!

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We received this from Daniel Doutriaux (part of a  series of photographs from an album). These are the girls from Batu Gajah Convent – excited as they explore the new science lab. The year was 1956….do you recognise any of them in the photo? (Or, maybe YOU are in there?) We’d love to hear from the Convent Alumni 😉

Did You Own A Philco Radio?

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Philcoadvertisement courtesy of: Nicholas Jennings

Philco Radios were around as early as 1928. However, the company almost went bust and was later bought over by Ford Motor Company (in the 1960s).  These radios must have had a special place in their owners hearts – Ron Ramirez even has a book dedicated to this radio!  (more about Philco Radios)

Does anyone remember this radio brand? They also had an agent at No.41 Station Road, Ipoh. To those who STILL have them in your homes, do they still work?

Going for a drive…

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Nicholas Jennings (our donor) tells us that: the boy standing on the running board is his uncle Nigel (the third son of J A S Jennings). At the wheel is Eric Jennings (the eldest son), and seated beside the driver is Rose Winnifred (Freda) Jennings. In the background is the family home (No. 50 Gopeng Road) – which Jennings called “Midhurst”. Can our car enthusiasts identify the model of the car?


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I don’t know the actual name of this dish, but I do know that many enjoy eating it – especially for a late supper!


Our photographer visited this stall in Taiping. Apparently, the dish he ate (right) cost him RM 11. I’m sure there are similar stalls in Ipoh which sell this treat. So we put this question to you, dear Foodies – Where in Ipoh can we find this ‘Oyster-Egg’ / Kuih Tiram dish? And how much does the average plate cost?

Are these ACS boys?

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We received the following email from Kong Khen:

“Recently, I found a class photograph of my dad taken in 1940. I’ve identified it as the remedial class of English lesson, from what was mentioned by my dad.

Could IPOHWORLD help to confirm if the teachers were from ACS school.

Dad mentioned that he attended English lesson on the top floor of Foong Seong Building- new town. However the location where the photo was taken seemed to be in a compound.

The photograph is in my blog.”

Can anyone help Kong Khen please? I’m sure there are some ACS Alumni out there who are in this photograph.

Have You Seen…

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…the Papan Mosque? Initially I thought this was part of a typical kampung house, but was sorely mistaken! It is in fact a mosque. This Mandailing-styled mosque was built in 1888 by Raja Bilah. It was later restored and reconstructed by the National Museum (Muzium Negara) in 1999. Has anyone seen it?

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