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November 2014

Another famous brand?

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It is said that the story of Horlicks began with James & William Horlick from Glouscestershire, who came up with the idea of a malt milk drink (as an artificial infant food).

History aside, what was YOUR Horlicks memory like? I remember drinking this during my pre-school years. Later, this malt drink (and the famous Milo) kept me company during my university days – especially when studying late into the night (coffee never seemed to work!). Was Horlicks part of your life too? Is it still part of your life? 😉

More ‘gems’ from the past

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golden syrup

The ‘experts in the kitchen’ are definitely familiar with Lyle’s Golden Syrup 🙂 It all started out in 1881, when Abram Lyle set up a sugar refinery on the banks of the Thames river. This company, named Abram Lyle & Sons, was run by Lyle and his three sons. Thus the story goes (more can be found here).

I wonder….how much did a 500g tin of syrup cost back then (and, how much does it cost now) ?

“World’s greatest healer” ?

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zam buk adadvertisement taken from Times of Malaya, 6 August 1959

From what I found out, the Zam Buk company came into existence in the early 1900s – in Yorkshire. This balm became “an essential item for the home” before modern medicine took over. (more can be read here)

I don’t know when Zam Buk became popular in Malaya, but I know that some of my relatives swear by it – we still use it now and then! Just wondering, was this balm as famous as ‘Tiger Balm’?

Afternoon Tea?

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afternoon teapicture from Larry Sawyer

Here’s another one from the same donor who sent us those Malim Nawar photos. Looks like these men (and women too!) are in the midst of an interesting conversation. Note also the table layout – I see some teacups and some fancy glasses. Not forgetting the rather unique floral arrangement too 🙂

Family Outing

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1950 013

Back then, some folks in Ipoh counted the cinema halls and the famous Ipoh Race Course as part of their usual hang-outs (of course this was before Parkson and Aeon/Jusco came about!). What I found interesting about the above photo – of the race course nonetheless – is the outside of the Grand Stand. Note the potted plants along the steps. I wonder if the Grand Stand looks the same now. Anyone been to the race course lately?

I believe the little girl in the photo is none other than our donor Ruth Iversen Rollitt. 🙂

The Woes of Flooding…

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In the early 1900s, floods in Ipoh were rather common – possibly due to the silting of rivers because of mining. Later, plans were made to straighten the sharp bends of the Kinta River and divert the River Choh. This would allow the waters to flow into the Pinji River instead of directly flowing into the Kinta River.

But Ipoh wasn’t the only town with flooding problems. At one time, Kuala Kangsar suffered from it too. Below is an aerial view of part of Kuala Kangsar town, way back in 1967.

KK1967floodpicture from: Larry Sawyer

The ‘Original’ Swimming Club?

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Nicholas Jennings sent us this – with the title Ipoh Swimming Club 1962 original.


Could this really be the original club – before the renovations took place? Also, notice the small balcony on the far left..could it be part of the dining area?

More Pictures from Malim Nawar

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We’re glad to know that so many of you out there have been reconnecting with lost friends through our blog – especially on THIS topic about the Malim Nawar power plant!

So, here’s another picture (from Larry Sawyer), showing the plant in the background. If you recognise the people in the picture, do tell us who they are.

Note the flag on the car in the far right – any guesses as to what flag it is?

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