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December 2014

A “Lady’s Car” ?

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ladies car

Not all car-enthusiasts are men…..I’m sure there are some women out there who also appreciate both the fast sports cars and vintage cars too. Which brings me to this advertisement – was the Austin 7 REALLY a Lady’s Car?

Presents, presents and MORE PRESENTS!

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1963 1998

Just in case you didn’t know, today is Boxing Day – nothing to do with the actual sport, but rather it’s the day where gifts are exchanged and opened. In some countries, today is an official holiday too! The picture above, from Ruth Iversen Rollitt, was not taken on 26th December…but I think fits well with the idea of giving and receiving presents. Ruth tells us:

These pictures are from Christmas 1963 when Father Christmas visited the children at St Andrew’s Presbyterian church in Ipoh. Vivi Iversen (Per’s wife) and son are getting a gift from Santa….I am standing with little Donald in the middle, my mother is on the extreme left.


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Imagine having a picnic at such a place! No rubbish about, no unpleasant odour from the river, clean and clear running water…etc. Blissful isn’t it?


This is none other than the Perak River (at Parit). Yes, folks…believe it or not our rivers once looked like this 😉

picture courtesy of: Ruth Iversen Rollitt

The Once Famous Hotel

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Grand Hotel advertisementadvertisement courtesy of: Nicholas Jennings

Rotarians used to have their lunch at this place – every Wednesday, going by what the advertisement says. Did any of you have a chance to dine here (before it closed)?

From what we know, it had quite a bit of competition from the Station Hotel…

Anderson Road in Ruins?

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Much has been said about preserving our heritage buildings in and around the Kinta Valley. But alas, profit always seem to over ride conservation efforts.

The following photos (taken this afternoon) is yet another incident whereby pre-war shop houses are forced to make way for more modern structures….




One of our local dailies covered this story too. I’m sure some of you would have seen the demolition taking place – along Anderson Road (Jalan Raja Musa Aziz).

Holiday Ideas?

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Don’t know where to go during this long break? How about Kellie’s Castle?

No, we’re not advertising for this place. Rather just showing you what this iconic landmark looked like – way back in 1957!

kellies castle

This is a photograph of Ho Hoo Wan with his siblings and friends, posing just outside the famed Batu Gajah castle. How many of you have visited this place? Has the place changed much since it was first opened to the public?

On that note, is this place really haunted…or is it just one of those myths? 😉

Brushing up on history…

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The history-buffs out there would know this fact: that King Edward VIII ascended the throne of England in January 1936, after his father George V passed away. However, in November that same year, there was “a constitutional crisis” when Edward wanted to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson (a divorcee). Eventually on 11 December, Edward abdicated; and his brother Albert succeeded him, taking the name George VI. (more can be found here)

Times of Malaya 1936

As seen in the main title British Popular Opinion Veers Towards King, this front page highlights the meeting between Prime Minister Baldwin and Britain’s ministers, as well as statements from Churchill, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Mrs Simpson herself; all these happened before the actual abdication.

The picture we have here (sent to us by Nicholas Jennings) is the front page of the Times of Malay, dating back to 7 December 1936 – four days after the death of the Times’ Editor – J A S Jennings. We thank Nicholas for this historic piece 🙂

Another Famous Landmark in Papan

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A couple of months ago, one of our readers – Hasbi – sent us these pictures.

Papan 2

This grand old building is the Rumah Besar of none other than Raja Bilah.

Papan 1

The gentleman in the picture is Hasbi himself with his wife. They had visited Kak Saadiah – the maternal great grand daughter of Raja Bilah. She still lives in the restored, original family house behind Rumah Besar.

If you have not been to Papan this area is well worth a visit.

“Old Memories of Ipoh”

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new exhibition1

new exhibition2

We at ipohWorld are proud to announce our latest photographic exhibition – at 12, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, Ipoh (opposite Secret Garden). This is part of the Family History Week organised by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This exhibition will be from 2 – 6 December 2014, from 10am till 6.30pm at the above mentioned venue. Admission is free!

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