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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We were told that Anderson School once put up this play. Well, so did St Michael’s Institution. We present to you the cast of ‘Lady Precious Stream’ – back in 1980!


  1. Ken Chan says:

    Lady Precious Stream graced the stage in Anderson School in 1959 as part of the school’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Rolling back the years, bits and pieces of memories can still filter through my foggy memory even though I was very young at that time. My elder brother Robert was the school artist and together with a team of fellow students, they produced the props for the play. If I remember correctly, the title role was played by Hew Cheng Sim, a Form Six student from the school. Costumes for this ambitious production was on loan from the Perak Chinese Amateur Dramatic Association that was located on the top floor of the old Foh San Restaurant in Osborne Street. After more than half a century, that is about all I can recall.

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