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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We thank Howard Tang Hoy Wah (from Falim, Perak) for this picture. Howard now lives in the US, and was formerly a student of ACS Ipoh. He was also well connected to the Wesley Methodist Church – his brother, Tang Kin Wah, once served as a Methodist Pastor before he too left for the States.

This picture was taken in the 1950s. Are you in it? Do you know anyone in it?

  1. ika says:

    Howard has given us further information about this photo:

    This is Ipoh ACS Primary One Class of 1950. The elder lady on the left was Mrs. Grace Tong, and the other lady is Miss Aw Phaik Cheng(daughter of Mr. Aw Boon Jin(?) married to Mr. Lee Hoo Keat.) The Indian boy seated second from the right is Romesh Roy and seated next to him on the first seat is yours truly (Howard Tang). Standing in the last row the first boy on the left is Miss Aw’s brother Aw Teck Swee. The picture was taken outside the free-standing building that had the first year students. I might be wrong but I think the building is no longer there.

  2. AP@IpohBornKid says:

    I recognized the classroom in the background. My Std I B class (Miss Ling) was on the ground level on the right. Std IA (Mrs Chin – her Ford Consul number plate was AA5522)was upstairs on the left. I will remember Mrs Tong, a kind lady.
    Researching on my old school class photographs, the first photograph to show uniform dressing was 1958 when I was in Form I.
    This wooden building is gone.

  3. Valiant Knight@UV says:

    Howard Tang came back to Malaysia and Ipoh in particular last month and stayed on this January. I only managed to see him for one day when I rushed down to have a short memory awakening time from KL. He has since returned to the US.

  4. Y C says:

    Hello Howard, your brother Kin Wah, now Rev KW Tang, Minister of Pastoral Care, Sedge Garden, United Methodist Church taught me in 1958, I was in Std 3. I sent Rev Kin Wah an email and await a reply. My memory of Rev Kin Wah, discipline and layout of classroom desks set in a curve instead of straight rows. Please convey my gratitude and christian greetings to Rev Kin Wah.

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